Aug 06, 2021
The Texan's Reward
Posted by Jodi Thomas

[PDF] The Texan's Reward | by ð Jodi Thomas, The Texan's Reward, Jodi Thomas, The Texan s Reward Years ago Texas Ranger Jacob Dalton bailed an orphaned girl named Nell out of trouble times than he could count But now the kid he once called Two Bits has grown into a beautiful young woman and is in trouble than ever before [PDF] The Texan's Reward | by ð Jodi Thomas - The Texan's Reward, The Texan s Reward Years ago Texas Ranger Jacob Dalton bailed an orphaned girl named Nell out of trouble times than he could count But now the kid he once called Two Bits has grown into a beautiful young woman and is i

  • Title: The Texan's Reward
  • Author: Jodi Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781101099612
  • Page: 287
  • Format: ebook
[PDF] The Texan's Reward | by ð Jodi Thomas, The Texan's Reward, Jodi Thomas, The Texan s Reward Years ago Texas Ranger Jacob Dalton bailed an orphaned girl named Nell out of trouble times than he could count But now the kid he once called Two Bits has grown into a beautiful young woman and is in trouble than ever before

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[PDF] The Texan's Reward | by ð Jodi Thomas - The Texan's Reward, The Texan s Reward Years ago Texas Ranger Jacob Dalton bailed an orphaned girl named Nell out of trouble times than he could count But now the kid he once called Two Bits has grown into a beautiful young woman and is i


I have been reading Jodi Thomas s popular Wife Lottery series for many years now and when I finally stumbled upon the final story of the batch called The Texan s Reward which stars Jacob Dalton and Nell, I was pleasantly surprised by the results of this book Many years ago, Texas Ranger Jacob Dalton befriended a young orphaned girl named Nell who he fondly calls Two Bits and they had been the best of friends ever since But years later, Nell is now a full grown woman and Jacob is having even pro [...]


Skim read Did not finishNot much happens in the way of relationship until 90% of the book The characters spent very little time together throughout the book The plot was very uninteresting too Very little happens.The heroine wants to marry another man because she doesn t want to burden Jake Jake refuses to let her marry Then at the end of the book, Jake turns around and tells her that she should consider marrying the other man See what I mean This isn t at 50% into the book, but the end Come on [...]

Dawn ♥ romance

Nice conclusion to this historical romance series I liked the plot, especially all the misfit characters banding together The action was sometimes a bit slow and the heroine was a little too stubborn However, they talked out their problems so overall a good story When a bullet leaves Nell wheelchair bound, she refuses to marry her long time special friend Ranger Jacob.

Mimi Smith

3 starsI have to admit I was disappointed in this book Mostly because I got to love Nell in the previous books and the romance between her and Jacob Dalton seemed very interesting Oh, wellHere s the story In A Texan s Luck, Nell suffers an injury and is unable to move freely, she s in a wheelchair Her life is also endangered by the bullet still lodged in her back, near her spine She s in pain Having pushed Jacob away awhile ago she decided to buy herself a husband, placing an ad Hearing about th [...]


i can gladly say that this one was absolutely the best in whole series i looved it D and ended up reading the whole book with a big grin on my face at some point the book was actually very sad because Nell the heroine cant walk coz of an accident that happened in book 3, but she doesnt give up the thought of ever walking gain and so she tries and tries sometimes its sad to look her struggle but its worth the feeling you get at the end of the book when shes finally able to run again Dthe hero oh [...]


I really liked it Possibly the best in the series.


This is the final book in the Wife Lottery Series The whole series is wonderfully written with an interesting storyline and lovable characters Jacob Dalton, a Texas Ranger, comes home to Nell to stop her from marrying a man, any man She put an ad in some papers for a husband, by name only, so she can have a last name and they can run her properties Nell was in an accident in the previous book and is now confined to a wheelchair She thinks that she has no hope for a happy future, and doesn t want [...]


The fourth book in the Wife Lottery series by Jodi Thomas Nell, or Two Bits , was introduced in the previous books She was injured and unable to walk Now she has decided she wants a husband, in name only, to help her with her properties and has put out an ad to find one This brings, Jacob Dalton, Texas Ranger, and good friend, back to town I have loved this series but like many I felt let down on this addition to the series Not sure exactly what it was but I just didn t feel as connected to this [...]

Carolyn F.

I have no idea why I didn t enjoy this book very much The romance between Nell and Jacob is sweet but it seemed something was missing Nell was attracted to Jacob but he always looked to her as a sister When he felt something for her it just didn t seem to flow from anywhere that I could see, just blammo I m attracted to you No wonder she doesn t trust it I don t know if there are to this series but I m taking a break from it.


Sad sad sad I almost gave it 2 starsI liked the main characters earlier in the previous 3 books but here, their arguments, stubbornness and sadness is just overwhelming The book was mainly 2 themes Nell struggling with her condition Dalton being lured in then pushed off S then there is some secondary characters who all had sad stories


I cannot say enough good things about this book The main and secondary characters are well developed and worth knowing Jacob Dalton and Nell, Two Bits, have been in the wife lottery trilogy, making this the fourth book I know that I will be revisiting these great books again.


3.5 stars


This was definitely not your usual romance novel well except maybe for the finale I enjoyed every bit of it even it there were parts I was scared for the heroes But you can enjoy that too, you know I liked both hero and heroine even if half of the time they were making decisions for each other and making each other miserable by the result I liked storyline too It was an adventurous detective kind of story even if there was love in the air not much was found in the plot and I personally find tha [...]


Dang it This book got me WAY too close to crying at the end There s not much to say, it was really good, the whole series was really good This book, out of all of them in the series, was a little Western than Romance and it worked perfectly It left me sad because you spend the whole book series getting to know the characters so well, and then it just ends and you catch the tiniest glimpse of their future, and their growing old together, and even now it just makes me want to cry P.S As in all of [...]


Great series Glad to read Nell and Jacob s story Always liked these characters I rather enjoyed the strays picked up in the story I didn t love the plot of the dangers to Nell, but the rest was great I especially enjoyed the epilogue and learning where all the characters lives went I would ve liked a little info on the other characters from the first books of the series included somewhere.


Not as good as the previous entries in the series Heroine was really rather annoying.


Best ending to any book I ve ever read If you read romance for the sex scenes, this series author is not for you.


Nell was an orphan who was taken in by an old madam, Fat Alice, who owned a house in Clarendon, TX She took Nell in claiming that Nell was the daughter of one of her girls Nell was now in a wheelchair having taken a bullet meant for one of three women rud to have robbed Zeb Whitaker after knocking him out, leaving him for dead in the middle of nowhere All three women swore they never took a single coin The three women were Nell s adopted family and she was trying to save them when she was shot i [...]

Peg Hughes

I have just finished the Wife Lottery series and I wish I d never read it and then I would have the pleasure of starting with book 1 and enjoying this magnificent series again.This was a wonderful series The first three deal with the 3 women thrown off the wagon train when one is ill They have to fight off Zeb Whittaker who trues to steal their horse and wagon and abduct Lacey They believe they ve killed him and confess to a local Sherrif He fines them self defence and allows men to offer to mar [...]


Loved these 2 but couldn t help but feel cheated with no love scene after all they ve been through But besides that it just kinda fell a bit flat I loved two bits but in becoming nell, she lost some of that spunk Just because she s a lady now doesn t mean she can t still tell it like it is Just alright for me however I look forward to trying from this author.


Heartfelt but emptyI liked it but I feel like it never got up to full steam as the others in this series And the steamy scenes left me wanted something other than Al the potential for pain.


Didn t expect much since I liked original trio better but it was still disappointing Heroine seemed like she didn t know what she wanted from the man, and there was far drama which only spread the story in all directions scaterring what was left of the plot.

Anna Schno

it was an okay read Not the usual western it had some nice and interesting twists.

Phylisha Stone

I will be reading the rest in this series Jodi Thomas can write


This final installment in the Wife Lottery series was diaappointing to a point that I felt nearly insulted by how little the characters ressembled their initial portrayal in the first three books.As usual, Jodi Thomas blended out every other main character in the books but the two lovers themselves, Lacy, Bailee and Sarah being only mentioned.This was even extreme in this installment than the first three I get it, Ms Thomas apparently loathes side stories Living in a world of romances that are [...]


Almost Everything about this series is almost Great ideas, well written, but too many things mentioned in the story that are left hanging It s almost a really good story It s as if the author like so many these days never goes back through and reads the book with an eye toward things the reader will be curious about I d rather the author not mention those things if I ll be left wondering about them I mean, can t they ask or hire friends or someone to read the book and make notes about hanging ho [...]

Diah Didi

The end of Wife Lottery Series I was curious how things were going to end in this book, especially since Nell and Jacob already made their appearance from the very first book, I loved them instantly.As the story went, I felt like I could slap Nell on her face But I realized that if I were in her shoes, I might do the same, refusing Jacob s marriage proposal.It s a bit funny when one by one people started to show up on Nell s porch There were so many new characters in this book Started from the n [...]

Becky ♡The Bookworm♡

So heartwarming This book is the last in the Wife Lottery Series and it s officially my favorite of the four I laughed, I cried, I was on the edge of my seat This book had all the excitement and drama of an old fashioned western Jacob is beginning to see Nell in a new light since an injury took the use of her legs When he learns she s placed an add for a husband in name only, he rides three days to talk some sense into the stubborn girl he s known for ten years Two Bits, as he s come to call her [...]


I randomly picked up this book after I found out some other users on the historical romance group recommended her books This was the first one I ve read by Jodi Thomas and I really liked it I see now it s part of a series, and I will def go and try to read the others in the series I ve read a ton of pretty terrible romance novels with terrible plots and characters I guess I have a pretty high tolerance for not so great literature This book, though, was not one of those It was a great story, with [...]


Surprise, surprise I loved Ranger Dalton Ha Me and my cowboys.In spite of my love for the good ranger, however, I almost gave this 3 stars instead of 4 Even though none of the other books were what you d call steamy this one felt extra chaste I know part of that was due to the heroine s condition but I still wanted a bit lovin I also found the whole I love you but you deserve better than me plot device a bit tired And this isn t a biggie but, I was bummed about what Farrow was really up to I kn [...]

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The Texan's Reward