Dec 04, 2022
The Distant Echo
Posted by Val McDermid

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Distant Echo : by Val McDermid, The Distant Echo, Val McDermid, The Distant Echo St Andrews medical student Alex Gilbey and his three best friends stumble across the dying body of a young woman and instantly become the chief suspects Twenty five years later the case is reopened and it seems that someone is taking revenge [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Distant Echo : by Val McDermid - The Distant Echo, The Distant Echo St Andrews medical student Alex Gilbey and his three best friends stumble across the dying body of a young woman and instantly become the chief suspects Twenty five years later the case is reopened a

  • Title: The Distant Echo
  • Author: Val McDermid
  • ISBN: 9780007217168
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Distant Echo : by Val McDermid, The Distant Echo, Val McDermid, The Distant Echo St Andrews medical student Alex Gilbey and his three best friends stumble across the dying body of a young woman and instantly become the chief suspects Twenty five years later the case is reopened and it seems that someone is taking revenge

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The Distant Echo : by Val McDermid - The Distant Echo, The Distant Echo St Andrews medical student Alex Gilbey and his three best friends stumble across the dying body of a young woman and instantly become the chief suspects Twenty five years later the case is reopened a

Paul O'Neill

This was my first Val McDermid book and it certainly won t be my last Check out all my book blogs at constantreaderpauloneill McDermid delivers a fantastic crime mystery story set in my homeland of Fife, Scotland and she does a great job for presenting the different areas of Fife exactly how they are like in real life The story begins when four lads drunkenly stumble upon our victim, Rosie, after a night out who has been left for dead The book then tells the tale of the murder investigation as t [...]


As she begins the Karen Pirie series, McDermid offers readers a wonderful introduction to another fast paced novel and lays the groundwork for what could be an exciting few stories Scotland, 1978 After a night of drinking, drugging, and partying, Alex Gilbey and his three closest mates stumble upon Rosie Duff, who s been raped and stabbed, bleeding out in the middle of a blizzard By the time the authorities are alerted and brought to the scene, Duff has died and there is little doubt that the bo [...]


He always liked the cemetery at dawn Not because daybreak offered any promise of a fresh beginning, but because it was too early for there to be anyone else around Even in the dead of winter, when the pale light was so late in coming, he could guarantee solitude No prying eyes to wonder who he was and why he was there, head bowed before that one particular grave No nosy parkers to question his right to be there The Distant Echo is the first in the Karen Pirie series The later books in this serie [...]


3.5 starsA carefully woven and paced crime mystery thriller Very enjoyable and I recommend the audio version.

Tom Mathews

This is the book that first got me interested in Val McDermid It s still one of my favorite of hers.


4.5 rounded down mild spoilers ahead Wow I really needed reading this one.First things first, I grade McDermid against herself and against other crime writers I like a lot If I graded her against the average romance m m or else , I d need dozens of stars to find a just balance.There s thick plot, an era and a place portrayed so perfectly as to put you right there, and I never guessed at the murderer, even though the red herring was than just that But then, I rarely ever guess correctly, so that [...]

aPriL does feral sometimes

As a female, what struck me most about this book was the lads I ve been heterosexually married several decades but I still find the lads as foreign as I would find walking about under a blue burqa in Afghanistan So, this book ended up being kind of a National Geographic article for me on a certain level I tried to connect with the lads that the author created as the characters we were to be interested in, since they were the victims of prejudice and nefarious plots, but I found myself thinking a [...]

K.A. Laity

my review from AKnifeandAQuill.wordpress This is my first read by The Wire in the Blood author Val McDermid Don t look at me like that I only got back into crime recently and I tend toward the noirish end of crime AKA everything goes wrong, you know who did it just not what s going to happen to them because of it, but it s bound to be bad rather than the puzzles to solve whodunit end of the spectrum This mostly has to do with how phenomenally lazy I am Plotting a good detective novel takes a gre [...]

Brenda H

Four friends are returning home after a night of revelry Taking a shortcut through the local cemetery, they discover a nearly dead woman As three remain to comfort and try to help the woman, the fourth races off to get help from the local police This sets into motion a series of events that will change these young men forever and haunt them the rest of their lives.The police are suspicious of the young men and begin to take their lives apart Talking to their friends, searching their home and tur [...]


My first encounter with a McDermid novel after reading this one, I rushed out and bought three others including A Place of Execution, the TV miniseries of which I much enjoyed a few years ago In 1978 four male St Andrews University students, best pals, the self styled Laddies fi Kirkcaldy , take a short cut on their drunken way home through the snow from a Christmas party and stumble across the still just alive body of a local barmaid despite their best efforts, by the time help arrives the rape [...]


I think this was a GR recommendation based on my love for Tana French a murder mystery based in Scotland instead of Ireland Karen Pirie who is introduced as a minor character in this first book, but apparently becomes the star of the series is a cold case detective, which appealed to me, too.From the book jacket, you know that the story starts on a cold December night in 1978, when four college friends stumble upon the body of a dying 19 year old bar maid named Rosie She s been raped, stabbed, a [...]


A classic cold case The difference between witnesses and suspects is often difficult to define and this is a classic case of the witnesses a crime being treated as suspects, not just by the police but by the community in which they live Twenty five years later the truth begins to emerge and it it is not until the final confrontation between the perpetrator and the innocent witnesses that the last piece of evidence falls into place Confession under Scottish law the author tells is not enough to c [...]

Stephen Clynes

This novel is an enjoyable read that draws you in and makes you wonder This book has 561 pages and was written in 2003 It is a crime thriller described with a very extensive vocabulary, yet it is so easy to read The Distant Echo deals with suspicion and how easily mud sticks This book shows how easy it is to believe that someone is up to no good and to think badly of them As the tale moves on, you become suspicious of all the students and new events appear to back this up Your suspicion grows as [...]


Bad nicknames, murdered lass, working class Scottish louts, torture of homosexual youth, angry manhating lesbian, missing evidence, revenge killings, shocking twist, paint chips.


The Distant Echo by Val McDermidKaren Pirie series Book 14 starsFrom The Book It was a winter morning in 1978, that the body of a young barmaid was discovered in the snow banks of a Scottish cemetery The only suspects in her brutal murder were the four young men who found her Alex Gilbey and his three best friends With no evidence but her blood on their hands, no one was ever charged.Twenty five years later, the Cold Case file on Rosie Duff has been reopened For Alex and his friends, the investi [...]

Сибин Майналовски


João Carlos

St Andrews, Fife, Esc cia Um Eco Distante 2003 mais um excelente livro da escritora escocesa Val McDermid n 1955.Em 1978, numa madrugada fria de Dezembro a neve cobre a lind ssima cidade universit ria de St Andrews tamb m conhecida pela Casa do Golfe , na rea de Fife, na zona Este da Esc cia, onde quatro amigos, estudantes Alex Gilbey Gilly , David Kerr Mondo , Tom Mackie Weird e Sigmund Malkiewicz Ziggy regressam a casa depois de uma noite de festa e muito lcool e se deparam com o corpo de uma [...]


Set in St Andrews, Scotland in 1978, four university students, drunk and on their way home from a party, stumble onto, literally, the body of a woman, Rosy from the local bar She s lying in an ancient Pictish cemetery It was Alex who stumbled and to his horror, when he landed, was face to face with a dead woman that he not only knew, in fact he d invited her to the party Horrified, Alex took off in the blizzard and was lucky enough to find Corporal James Lawson to report the murder So it is that [...]


I think McDermid achieves with her one off characters in this book than some writers of crime fiction manage over the course of a detective s serialised career Other than the Wire in the Blood series, this is my first Val McDermid book not having had any of her stand alone novels individually recommended to me, they just never made it onto my radar seriously, I m having that radar decommissioned but even the appeal of Tony Hill and Carol Jordan as crime fighters didn t prepare me for the ease w [...]

Mary Gilligan-Nolan

I ve read a lot of good Val McDermid books, but this one, it just frustrated the hell out of me I struggled to get through it and seriously thought I d give up on it on than one occasion But, as a fan of the author, I persisted The gist of the tale is that back in 1978, four students, on their way home from a night of drinking and drugs, come across a dying girl in the snow They recognise her as someone they know, raise the alarm, try to save her life, but she dies and they become suspects imme [...]


Bettie s Books

Irina Vérène

Rating 2 Sterne bis 56% gelesen Inhaltswarnungen Mord obviously Blut Vergewaltigung erw hnt, nicht on page sexuelle Inhalte angedeutet, nicht graphic Gewalt Selbstjustiz, u.a auch homofeindliche Gewalt view spoiler Bury Your Gays Trope hide spoiler Suizidgedanken versuch Alkoholkonsum view spoiler Kindesentf hrung hide spoiler Ich garantiere nicht daf r, dass die Liste vollst ndig ist, da ich nur aus dem Ged chtnis aufgelistet habe, was mir so aufgefallen ist.DisclaimerIch habe via NetGalley ein [...]


In 1978, four young university students are suspects in the murder of nineteen year old Rosie Duff With no real evidence against them or anyone else, suspicion would follow them and change their lives forever Twenty five years later, the case would be re opened as a cold case This time, however, they would begin dying under suspicious circumstances Clearly someone has decided them guilty of Rosie s murder and is exacting retribution I thought this book was very well written and easy to read It h [...]


I read Val McDermid years ago and can t remember why I never resumed the brilliant series of Carol Jordan and Tony Hill maybe because the TV series started However I was recommended to read Out of Bounds, which I found was the 4th instalment in the Detective Karen Pirie series and, being me, I always have to start at the beginning if I know it s a series, so I eagerly started this.It begins with one of the greatest prologues I have ever read, and I was hooked completely.I won t cover the plot, a [...]


This is the first in the Inspector Karen Pirie series, which I read after I d read 2 Pirie only appears sporadically in this book so although I knew the killer at the outset it still felt like a new to me story, also because of McDermid s skill in storytelling and creating character depth outside of the murders themselves Short summary a bar maid is found raped and murdered by four pals on their way home from a night of drinking and mischief making Of course they become the prime suspects, and 2 [...]


I was surprised this was the start of a series with a new investigator since most series do not have the inspector start out as of a secondary character Usually, you will find an inspector in the background a few books in This is one thing I did not like in this book Actually, I never care for the book with the main inspector not figuring into the main part of the story I do not wish to pretend the author s premise here, but maybe she is working Karen Pirie in to build up to involvement as th [...]


Less violence gore than the Tony and Carol books, but also less suspense Still a nice dose of Scottish Noir.


This book starts in 1978 when four drunk college student friends, literally stumble over the body of Rosie Duff, an attractive server at their local pub In the absence of any real investigation the police concentrate all their efforts on the four boys Alex, Ziggy, Mondo and Weird None of them are prepared for the personal attacks from Rosie s brothers or the prejudgment by the local citizens Eventually, with no evidence tying them to the murder, they are sent home and never charged We then meet [...]


This was a good lead in novel to a series set in Scotland said to feature Insepctor Karen Pirie, she plays a rather minor role in this first book, as her fellow officers investigate the murder of a young girl, with 4 friends being their prime suspects The book opens during the time of the crime, then about half way through, skips ahead 20 years, when the unsolved murder is reopened, as a cold case with some possible new evidence, and the son of the deceased insisting that the murder be solved Mo [...]

Glen Stott

This is a complicated examination of the emotions of love, hate, grief, and revenge It covers over 25 years in the lives of four very dissimilar boys, Alex Gilly , Sigmund Ziggy , Tom Weird , and David Mondo drawn into a friendship during their high school years When they are in college they discover a dying girl whom they knew from their favorite pub Alex, the protagonist, runs for help, but unfortunately, help arrives after she has died Rosie was raped and then stabbed in the stomach and left [...]

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The Distant Echo