Oct 05, 2022
The It Girl
Posted by Cecily von Ziegesar

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ The It Girl : by Cecily von Ziegesar, The It Girl, Cecily von Ziegesar, The It Girl Popular Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphrey is leaving Constance Billard to attend Waverly Academy an elite boarding school in New York horse country where glamorous rich kids don t let the rules get in the way of an excellent time Jenny s determined to leave her crazy Manhattan past behind and become a sophisticated goddess on campus But first she ll have to contend wPopular Gossip [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The It Girl : by Cecily von Ziegesar - The It Girl, The It Girl Popular Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphrey is leaving Constance Billard to attend Waverly Academy an elite boarding school in New York horse country where glamorous rich kids don t let the rules ge

  • Title: The It Girl
  • Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
  • ISBN: 9780316011853
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Unlimited ☆ The It Girl : by Cecily von Ziegesar, The It Girl, Cecily von Ziegesar, The It Girl Popular Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphrey is leaving Constance Billard to attend Waverly Academy an elite boarding school in New York horse country where glamorous rich kids don t let the rules get in the way of an excellent time Jenny s determined to leave her crazy Manhattan past behind and become a sophisticated goddess on campus But first she ll have to contend wPopular Gossip

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ The It Girl : by Cecily von Ziegesar - The It Girl, The It Girl Popular Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphrey is leaving Constance Billard to attend Waverly Academy an elite boarding school in New York horse country where glamorous rich kids don t let the rules ge


Okay, so I have to admit it Every time I went into the library, there was always the long row of Gossip Girl books that took up two shelves, and I d always scoff at them as I went by I don t watch any of the shows created by this author, and while everyone else is talking about the latest 90210 I m spacing out about painting my nails or something else I deem worthy for attention.However, when I noticed that this other series, a knockoff of Gossip Girl, sitting right next to the Gossip Girl book [...]


I m secure enough in my reader hood to admit to total addiction This is a perfect lavish, white bread, brand name dropping, boy obsessed teen novel.


I ve never read the gossip girl series, though I ve seen the show, so I had a basic understanding of who Jenny was and what happened to her while she was still living in the city the books are probably different She goes to Waverly in hopes of a fresh start A new place, where she can just try to be the best she is And she really does try That s where my problems start with her At least in the show, Jenny was a mean girl She had a backbone and would stick up for herself constantly Now in this boo [...]

Nour Al Hakim

Have you ever encountered a book that makes you want to flip page after page nonstop just to see what happens next Well, The It Girl written by Cecily Von Ziegesar has written an interesting story filled with juicy gossip, great tone, and an amazing passion between the characters Writing from her own experience, Von Ziegesar makes this book believable and entertaining at the same time Published in November 2005, The It Girl is part of a bestseller that young adults will most likely love to read. [...]


I really liked this book Granted, in a guilty pleasure sort of way as opposed to it being amazing literature but that s only to be expected and I m only judging it for what it is light and girly I ve read but didn t enjoy Gossip Girl so I wasn t sure how I would feel about The It Girl but it was way, way better The characters are all really fun and interesting and actually seemed to have a lot depth to them than I expected The narration took a little getting used to it switches characters rando [...]


It was so exciting to see the most human Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphrey get to branch out on her own, getting away from the catty girls at Constance Billard, and having a chance to sort of start over on her own terms Of course, boarding school is full of the same kind of rich, catty, beautiful girls with their own agendas and it seems that wherever Jenny goes, rumors fly around her Her new roommates are interesting and mysterious Brett, the secretive redhead who may be starting something u [...]

Kobra Nevermore

Not normally a book I would go for but I needed something out of the usual fantasy style novels so I chose this.It girl follows a newbie to Waverly, her name is Jenny and she gets put in a room with two of the most popular girls in the boarding school She hasn t had the best start though, her stuff has been dropped off in the boys dorm as the school mistakenly thought she was a Mr not a Miss, and to top it off there s already rumors going round that she was a stripper It girl follows Jenny and h [...]


The brand name dropping in this book is out of this world.Shallow and vapid are the best words to describe the story and its characters Nothing remarkable, but the ludicrous amount of brands that are mentioned in the span of a single page Unbelievable.

Baley Petersen

Original Post thereadersbookblogI am pretty far away from high school popularity I attended high school in a very small town were popularity was incredibly relative I don t recall any one particular girl whom everyone wanted to be or be with, and if that girl existed, she certainly wasn t me My high school experience was such a unique one that I m intrigued by girls who are willing to do and say and wear things outside their comfort zone for the sake of popularity I suppose that curiousity is wh [...]


I thoroughly enjoyed this book I found von Ziegsar was completely in tune with the teenage social scene, and their dialect, customs and ways, so much so it scared me I felt like I was reading an anonymous guestbook of a ritzy, shockingly scandalous boarding school.The plot is full of drama, money, and deception I love how each character is so different, but complements the characters closest to them Brett, a fierce and modern girl seems to bring out Jenny s warm spirit, whereas Jenny seems to gr [...]


I really wish would allow half stars Because frankly Cecily Von Ziegesar deserves a pass mark for her efforts, however, The It Girl doesn t quite deserve a 3 Von Ziegesar manages to write in a steady style I ve never been let down by any of her books, they ve always entertained me enough to want to read the next in the series However, this is no high class literature The books are shallow and trashy, and entertainment only in the sense of the gossip they contain That being said, for her ability [...]

Aiyanna Eileen

Read the It Girl novels when I was in middle school I got up to the 7th book and stopped reading because it just started feeling like one of those soap operas on daytime television Yes, I know you all know what I m talking about Days of Our Lives the ones you can start watching in your teens and they ll still be on when you get married The series was just overly drawn out, however for a middle school student these books kept my interest for quite some time, long enough to read all of the books a [...]

Fiona Gandy

I ve never read the gossip girl book series, just watched the show and was obsessed with it ever since and I still am So I decided to give The It Girl a try and it was quite satisfying.First of all, I loved Jenny Humphrey from the gossip girl series even if most people hated her lol and I thought that a story about her new life at Waverly Academy was beyond awesome.I loved the drama in the book because I mean, Cecily von Ziegesar definitely writes the BEST mean girl drama books ever I also found [...]


SpoilerAlert This is one of the best books I ve read in quite a while This Gossip Girl spin off is far better than the original series After getting expelled from Constance Billiard, Jenny Humphrey applies at Waverly Academy, a prestige boarding school Jenny was admitted late and was forced to share a room with juniors even though Jenny was a sopho Her two roommates are what you would consider popular , but not as popular as their former roommate Tinsley Charmichael She was expelled last spring [...]


If your ready to step up in your reading and experiment on having a good time, this book is for you I recommend it to students who are older The content isn t the best for younger kids though This book is such a good book, i read the whole series The it girl is about a girl who transfers to a new school She gets caught up in all the action some what and people really start to notice her In the book, they have emails between the kids and it s very funny If you are ready to laugh out loud and a gi [...]


Cross posted from my blog post hereMy Review The It Girl is a fun, slightly trashy, guilty pleasure kind of read The drama and scandal contained within, you just eat up like candy, while there is enough of slightly deeper stuff involving the characters inner feelings to make it not completely trashy, and of a worthwhile read.When Hooked Early On In the first chapter when we are introduced to Jenny, you are drawn in because of you know you either know her from The Gossip Girl series, or if not a [...]


Truthfully, there isn t much I have to say I read this book cause it s a cheap thrill and I just need some light fiction right now Even if it s about boarding school Barbies Anyway, It Girl is a spin off from Cecily von Ziegesar s hugely popular Gossip Girl series which has spawned a total of fourteen books, two spin offs, and a TV show.The series follows Jenny Humphrey, the short, ample chested, Serena van der Woodsen wannabe Brooklyn resident in Gossip Girl After getting kicked out of school d [...]

Jamese Smith

Jenny Humphrey is what a good girl gone bad looks like She was sweet, nice, shy, and still hasn t found her place in the world But once Jenny moved to the lower West side in Brooklyn, New York, she felt the need to fit in all because of the school she goes to Constance Billard The girls are walking and talking perfect girls straight out of a magazine, and Jenny thought it was exciting to go to school with socialites, divas, etc Once Jenny met Blair, she thought she had the ticket to it crowd, bu [...]

Prima Akther

I choose to read this book because it looked very interesting and by looking at the cover of the book looks like its filled with lots of drama, and I m really into drama.It also looks like a feminine book which I m into as well I was hoping to be able to relate to it because well I like books which I can relate too.I m hoping to be really into this book, so far I am, because it s really hard for me to be interested in books or perhaps find a book that interests me The main character of this book [...]

Olivia Monahon

The It Girl is the first book in the It Girl Series It is written by the same author who wrote the popular book and tv show series Gossip Girl The story is told through the eyes of Jenny Humphrey, Callie Vernon, Easy Walsh and Brett Messerschmidt, who are all students at the prestigious Waverly Academy The book starts through Jenny s eyes, as she leaves her cozy home in Brooklyn and her status as the It Girl at Constance Billard Highschool She then meets her new roommates Callie and Brett The ye [...]

Asia A.

The It Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar is a contemporary novel set in Rhinecliff, NY at the luxurious Waverly Academy Boarding School Cecily writes about protagonist Jenny Humphrey, a character who is determined to break free of her risqu past and start all over She comes from Constance Billard Academy, the school where the bestseller Gossip Girl series takes place I really liked this book because it was contemporary and I could relate to the characters I also like how the author vividly describes w [...]

Margo Mchugh

The It Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar is about little Jenny Humphrey seeking a fresh start and a new school because she was asked to leave Constance Billard in New York City Jenny spent most of ninth grade on the fringe of popularity As soon as she takes off towards Waverly Academy boarding school, she s always full of surprise s It was only the first night and Jenny was caught after curfew, on the edge of being expelled Beside all the drama Jenny also found a love for art, and a talent for Field H [...]


Actual rating 2.5I really enjoyed watching Gossip Girl but I have not read the books This is a spin off series that follows Jenny Humphrey What I enjoyed about the Gossip Girl series was seeing the type of lifestyle that the characters had, I love seeing this type of socialite world I did find this book to be a little slow in places There are a lot of characters which I found really confusing at first as they all have really strange names This book is a quick read and it isn t really anything sp [...]


Jenny Humphrey has left a school to enter Waverly Academy In my opinion, it was a bad choice because people in this school gossip, and they think that guys are the greatest things ever I admit that I gossip in my life as well, but for Jenny, she was willing to do anything just to become the IT girl Does it really matter what you become I really want girls to know that being yourself is the most beautiful thing ever You dont always have to follow everyone else and the most important thing is bein [...]


Couldn t put it down An adorable little book about the continuing story of a Gossip Girl series character after she leaves the Gossip Girl series Wouldn t recommend it for every reader, of course, but it was a wonderful little story and left me wanting , hence I have continued reading The It Girl series and it gets better and better While at her old school, Jenny was a kind of fumbling oops I didn t mean to be bad girl with a sort of bad rep She was actually expelled from her last school because [...]


The first time they mentioned Jenny s apprearance they talked about how big her breasts are Ok, expected, possibly even a crucial detail, fine But by the 40th description of them, I was getting a little creeped out I mean I am sure that a well endowed 15 year old at a boarding school does have them as an identity marker and they are noticed like 760000 times a day but seriously dudes really, really, every chapter has a paragraph where the narrator is like OMG BIG BOOBIIESS I m ok with the drinki [...]


I got into this series kind of by accident I wasn t really aware when I purchased that it was for a younger crowd I bought the first three books as a boxed set online , but I was immediately drawn to the characters and kind of lived vicariously through them in the two weeks it took me to get through the first 6 books I quickly sided with Jenny and Brett, although, I guess since I m older 30s , I wanted to bonk Jenny upside the head a couple of times for her density on the boy front I also immedi [...]

Hannah Reed

I didn t think I d like this book series, simply because I wasn t a massive fan of gossip girl at all, but I found myself thoroughly enjoying this book and a lot of others in the series I loved how fun the characters in this book were, and how they had a lot depth to them than I expected them to Strangely enough I genuinely found myself caring about almost every character in this book, which surprised me because I expected them to be bland and predictable These books will probably remain simply [...]


When i first read the first chapter i already liked the book and how she wrote it like an average teen life This book made me want to go to boarding school, with all the other new different kids there Even though u might think it may be boring reading about rich kids going to boarding school but its really intresting there s a lot of action drama when i read this book and the second book notorious i was soo addicted to the series i brought them all Reading this book was really good i could never [...]


I was a big fan of the Gossip Girl series of books, but Jenny was never really one of my favorite characters from the series I was unsure of how much I would like the book, because it focuses on her new life in boarding school Surprisingly, I loved it I loved the New Jenny and I love the other characters von Ziegesar develops Brett and Callie are the girls everyone wants to be friends with, and Easy is the boy every girl wants to date I like the subplots that are developed and that the book focu [...]

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