Sep 28, 2022
'Salem's Lot
Posted by Stephen King

☆ 'Salem's Lot ↠ Stephen King, 'Salem's Lot, Stephen King, Salem s Lot Thousands of miles away from the small township of Salem s Lot two terrified people a man and a boy still share the secrets of those clapboard houses and tree lined streets They must return to Salem s Lot for a final confrontation with the unspeakable evil that lives on in the town ☆ 'Salem's Lot ↠ Stephen King - 'Salem's Lot, Salem s Lot Thousands of miles away from the small township of Salem s Lot two terrified people a man and a boy still share the secrets of those clapboard houses and tree lined streets They must return to Sale

  • Title: 'Salem's Lot
  • Author: Stephen King
  • ISBN: 9780965772419
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
☆ 'Salem's Lot ↠ Stephen King, 'Salem's Lot, Stephen King, Salem s Lot Thousands of miles away from the small township of Salem s Lot two terrified people a man and a boy still share the secrets of those clapboard houses and tree lined streets They must return to Salem s Lot for a final confrontation with the unspeakable evil that lives on in the town

☆ 'Salem's Lot ↠ Stephen King - 'Salem's Lot, Salem s Lot Thousands of miles away from the small township of Salem s Lot two terrified people a man and a boy still share the secrets of those clapboard houses and tree lined streets They must return to Sale


There was a time once when vampires were ruthless predators and not the misunderstood brooding and essentially harmless creatures Ahhhh, good old scary times Vampire stories have been around for a long time after all, people love a good scare, and what is terrifying than a monster showing up at night and sucking the life essence out of you But leave it to Stephen King to turn the terror up a notch, add a whole new layer to it How Simply using the winning formula that he continues to employ in t [...]


Well this is annoying times two I just wrote a review and lost it, and then there s the other issue.What other issue Oh, the one where my 14 year old self of infinite wisdom and experience remembered a boring tale lacking truly epic blood and guts from what should be a vampire tale in a small town If that 14 year old could have had his way, then 80% of the novel would have been excised for being too character driven, too focused on hundreds of characters only set up to be knocked down in gruesom [...]

Mohammed Arabey

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I was a bit of a wimp before I entered my teen years I stayed away from anything vampire My first vampire experience was Love at First Bite, and not knowing it was a comedy yes, it was before you could Google I put on a brave face for the friend that invited me and entered the movie theater terrified by what I would see Luckily the evenly tanned George Hamilton awaited me with some mighty impressive disco dancing The scary blood suckers would have to wait to frighten me Next was Fright Night.n n [...]


Vampires.Years after I first read it, I can truthfully say that this is still on a short list of scariest books I have ever read King at his best An American re telling of Dracula, King stays close to the vampire myth but with some of his own storytelling thrown in and some subtle changes that make for an original novel I cannot help but think that Barlow helped to usher in a new generation of vampire literature, of which we have now been inundated for the past few years.


I hate vampires I hate them and I hate books about them I hate the way they re romanticized and sexualized and just generally presented in modern fiction That s why I loved this book King doesn t shy away from the fact that vampires are creatures of horror and he presents them as such They are vile, violent, and everywhere, and that s the way I like them.The characters pitted against them, particularly the priest, are compelling and almost too human to face the vampires And, in the end, they don [...]


The last time I picked up a King novel, my inclination towards critical analysis of a text was still just a budding obsession Now it is an enduring preoccupation Try as I may, I cannot overlook the subtle slips in King s plot arrangement and characterization any the inevitability of women being cast in the molds of the lover or the victim of abuse or the tactless ingenue is a veritable threat to my fangirlism This is not to mention the tropes of the magical negro and other assorted cliched repr [...]

Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

City folk have a distinct misconception about small towns We tend to believe that they are tranquil and innocent That the denizens are wholesome and full of family values But, we don t see the hidden rot that lurks beneath the sleepy facade.Stephen King does a lot to shatter that myth with Salem s Lot This a horror novel about a vampire who destroys a town from the inside out This is a horror story about the darkness that we don t see clearly or maybe we ignore about our friends, families, and n [...]

Dan Schwent

When writer Ben Mears moves back to Salem s Lot, a sleepy Maine town he spent a few years living in as a child, he has bitten off than he can chew Salem s lot is home to an ancient evil Can Ben Mears and his friends stop the vampire in their midst before falling victim to his lust for blood One of the great things about getting older is that old books magically become new books after ten years I forgot most of the wrinkles of this one so I figured it was a good time to give it another read Sale [...]


I just finished a re read of this book with the Horror Aficionados group here at I m so glad that I participated Remember little Ralphie Glick I first read this book in junior high or high school It s been about 30 years since then, unfortunately I ve read The Stand and IT a couple of times each, but I never did pick this one up again Finally, that has been rectified and what a payoff I forgot how well this story wrapped its arms around the reader and refused to let them go We meander through th [...]

Will M.

A novel about a creepy town and deadly vampires This should ve received 5 stars from me, but I was a bit disappointed with this novel.I swear I wanted to love this novel, but it was an okay read for me An okay read from the King I m 100% sure that something is wrong with me, and not the novel.My main problem with the novel would be the fact that it took almost 350 pages for it to become really interesting The character and plot introduction felt 150 pages longer than it should ve been Aside from [...]


Full review now posted If you re looking for vampires with some bite, look no further.There are few monsters as enduring as the vampire For well over a thousand years, mankind has told itself stories of preternatural beings who look like us, and perhaps even used to be us, but who now live by draining the life from us Sometimes, these are just campfire stories, meant to give us a chill and a thrill before we drown them out with reality But other times, we can t help but believe our own stories I [...]


I don t read a lot of horror, so it s taken me a bit longer than most to recognize the genius of Stephen King Belated as it might be, I am finally making my way through his surprisingly versatile oeuvre At this point, I think I ve skimmed off much of the cream, having read several of his undisputed classics The Stand, It, Pet Sematery, etc Now I m ready to bore down into the second level Salem s Lot is definitely a step down from King s best, most enduring novels That being said, horror done by [...]


WARNING The following lyrics, and police account are sickening and grotesque not for children Though no spoilerse man is mentioned in the book briefly during a discussion between Father Callahan and Matt Burke in his hospital room, filled with books on vampiress s about the real one behind the myth If you are easily made sick to you stomach, just don t go there,reallyjust move down to the regular review.I need a victim to do things sickeningI just want to make you bleedMy knife is gashing your [...]

Edward Lorn

This is the greatest vampire novel ever written Forget Stoker, ignore Rice, this is it Why Because the vampires herein are not your friends They are not your lovers There is nothing remotely lovable about Barlow s children of the night They simply want to fucking drain you view spoiler Like many people, my first experience with Salem s Lot had to do with Tobe Hooper s amazing made for television adaptation The mute Nosferatu like Barlow of Hooper s version is nothing like the mustachioed Dracula [...]


Stephen King s take on vampires I didn t enjoy this book as much as CARRIEE HEROES An author Of course Self insertion much Notably the only character who has good sex in the novel I m not complaining about the self insertion but I want you to know I notice what you re doing, Mr King Ben Mears A priest Irish American A drunk Fed up with the suffering, abuse, rape, and hate he sees every day When can he fight the Big Evil Human evil is boring, apparently This character elicited no small amount of [...]

Ashley Daviau

I fall in love with this book and its characters every single time I read it It s both heartbreaking and terrifying and that s a huge part of why I love it so much I always have a hard time enjoying vampire novels and I definitely think that stems from my love of this book King does vampires in such a horrifying way that nothing quite lives up to Barlow after reading this book Despite finding him utterly terrifying, I absolutely adore Barlow as a character In fact, I think he may just be one of [...]


I stayed up till nearly 4 am on a weekday to finish this book I would have to admit that Stephen King and his weird ass books hold the record of keeping me up late into the night, regardless of the day of week I want to read all his books but I have to spread them out because I just do not think my psyche can take a marathon of his books, though it would love to In Salem s Lot, King writes about a town fallen victim to vampires I will admit, I am one of those overly excited fans of vampire liter [...]


In Salem s Lot , one of his most well known novels, Stephen King masterfully explores the effects of evilness on unsuspecting and or less innocent people through the introduction of vampires He presents a vivid cast of characters to his readers, including the main protagonist, Ben Mears, an author who is haunted by his own past and discovers several obstacles on his quest to find peace Matt Burke, an aging teacher confronted with the largest challenge of his life Jimmy Cody, a doctor Father Cal [...]

J.K. Grice

Maybe the greatest vampire novel of all time Certainly one of the scariest stories I ve ever read I loved everything about this book The audio version is also excellent, narrated by Ron McClarty The best vampire book since SALEM S LOT would have to be by Michael Rowe.


I find Stephen King repetitive, his characters not all that likable, his endings BAD But I like silly potboilers featuring vampires Don t judge me I m an vampire fanatic, and Salem s Lot is one of the undead classics, I was bound to read it Ok, I was bound to listen to the audiobook, if I were to be precise Hiking on a trail in Carpathians same Carpathians that count Dracula had his monstrous castle in , getting soaked to the bone oh how I hate the treacherous mountain weather , with my ankles n [...]

Reading Corner

This was my second Stephen King read which I really enjoyed I thought it was much better than Carrie as the story was better developed and enthralling The idea behind the novel was basic in one sense but incredibly gripping and for me, unpredictable until someone spoiled it However, this did not ruin it as there was still many mysteries lurking in the background that evolved into something even scarier.There s a constant third person narrative switch, between the residents of Jerusalem s Lot or [...]

Paul O'Neill

Loved it the second time around This book is soooo tense It s everything you need in a horror book This book remains the only book that I ve had a physical reaction to I was that spooked that I jumped a little and dropped my book kindle Too bad everyone on the train seen me do it King at his best.


I ve missed reading King s books He really knows how to tell a story This story is set in the 1970s and it shows, not only because of the homophobic statements, also because of the very homogeneous population, the most exotic person in the town being an Austrian immigrant I ve always says King can write creepy small towns well This was a very intriguing story that had me gripped despite the slightly awkward love story slightly cringeworthy dialogue but I would recommend this book for sure It had [...]

Anish Kohli

You read a book, you like it, you want to talk about it Sometimes want to gush about it Write a review about it But then there are books that leave you unsure of what you feel about them and how much you really liked them And what to write in a review, if you did decide to write one One such book is Salem s Lot.I am confused I know not what to write in this review and so I will look to my dear Author to guide my hand and I shall use his words to complete mine Let s start by saying that there is [...]


Following the death of his wife, author Ben Mears returns to Jerusalem s Lot, the town in which he spent his childhood, to continue work on a novel However, it wouldn t be a Stephen King story if there wasn t something sinister lurking in a small town Did I mention this takes place in Maine King has noted that the idea for Salem s Lot came from a thought he had while teaching Dracula to his high school class what if the famous vampire landed in America and terrorized New York City Luckily, Uncle [...]

Graeme Rodaughan

Vampires are my personal boogieman.I remember seeing Salem s Lot the movie, with David Soul as Ben Mears, when I was fifteen years old, and I truly believed in the existence of vampires for at least a week after watching that movie d maybe, I never stopped believing Sometime in my early twenties, I picked up a copy of Salem s Lot and read it for the first time So it s been a while, close to thirty years between reads.Some people may say that this book begins as a slow burn, but I didn t find it [...]


Brilliant Just Brilliant I wasn t even born in 1975 when the book was published, yet i connected with the story and the characters They didn t seem old fashioned and out dated Stephen King sure knows how to captivate the reader and scare the shit out of them in his typical way Aptly, we had a couple of nights of thunderstorms here and suffice it to say i had to check the windows to make sure they were closed properly.

Kat Kennedy

Salem s Lot is the first and only Stephen King novel I ve ever read.To be honest, this is a short review because I didn t finish it The problem wasn t that King wasn t a compelling writer who has obviously honed his craft Every single chapter was interesting and immersive I found myself drawn into the world he was spinning and deeply intrigued by the mystery of it all.However, I suppose I couldn t read it because this book is what I imagine it would be like to live with ADHD It bounced around fo [...]


The Stephen King Discussion Group is doing a re read of his works from the beginning to the end It s been a long time since I have really immersed myself in Uncle Stevie s world, but a rate of a book a month, I am all in My goal is to read and review each one with as much honesty and reflection that I can give Salem s Lot is the second novel by Stephen King, originally published back in 1975 It is a medium length book My paperback reprint has 653 pages and my Kindle has 452 pages, which is an er [...]

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