Sep 28, 2022
Dragon School: Initiate
Posted by Sarah K.L. Wilson

☆ Dragon School: Initiate ↠ Sarah K.L. Wilson, Dragon School: Initiate, Sarah K.L. Wilson, Dragon School Initiate Magic comes to Dragon School Can it be trusted With First Flight behind her sixteen year old Amel believes she can finally settle into her studies and learn to be a Dragon Rider But when a friend is brutally injured another has a dark secret and Amel is entrusted with a vital message she must question where her loyalties lie Worse Magikas have arrived at Dragon Magic c ☆ Dragon School: Initiate ↠ Sarah K.L. Wilson - Dragon School: Initiate, Dragon School Initiate Magic comes to Dragon School Can it be trusted With First Flight behind her sixteen year old Amel believes she can finally settle into her studies and learn to be a Dragon Rider But when a friend is

  • Title: Dragon School: Initiate
  • Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson
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  • Page: 189
  • Format: Kindle Edition
☆ Dragon School: Initiate ↠ Sarah K.L. Wilson, Dragon School: Initiate, Sarah K.L. Wilson, Dragon School Initiate Magic comes to Dragon School Can it be trusted With First Flight behind her sixteen year old Amel believes she can finally settle into her studies and learn to be a Dragon Rider But when a friend is brutally injured another has a dark secret and Amel is entrusted with a vital message she must question where her loyalties lie Worse Magikas have arrived at Dragon Magic c

☆ Dragon School: Initiate ↠ Sarah K.L. Wilson - Dragon School: Initiate, Dragon School Initiate Magic comes to Dragon School Can it be trusted With First Flight behind her sixteen year old Amel believes she can finally settle into her studies and learn to be a Dragon Rider But when a friend is


I positively adore stories involving dragons, and when I enjoyed the first book in the Dragon School series, I decided I would try to overcome my evasion of serial stories and follow this one If Dragon School Initiate is any indication of how this series is going to continue growing, I m positive I ll soon forget about my dislike of serial releases.The first book in the Dragon School series introduced us to Sarah K.L Wilson s wonderful world, leaving us wanting Picking up shortly after the firs [...]


I loved this sequel It was better than the first and I loved that one too So, where we left off in the last book, Amel is now training to become a dragon rider And we see her progress, and her struggles but Amel is strong and doesn t let things get in her way But changes are happening in her school There are secrets messengers and glimpses of betrayals Amel isn t sure who she can trust, but she will do anything to keep her friends safe, Savette and Leng, from all dangers and harm And she is luck [...]

Jodie "Bookish"Cook

Book ReviewTitle Dragon school Initiate Author Sarah K L WilsonGenre YA FantasyRating Review So, after the dramatic turn of events at the end of First Flight I could wait to see what kind of adventures Raolcan and Amel would be getting up to in this novel This novel picks up a week after the end of First Flight and we see a strong friendship forming between Raolcan and Amel, however the trainees that progressed to be Inducted are now being pressured to learn four months worth of lessons in just [...]


The second part was just as good as the first one It is action packed, and puts Amel on a path towards becoming a Dragon Rider where she has to succeed or die, which is kind of a pressure, especially if you re already at a disadvantage because your leg doesn t work I love the way her disability keeps playing a part in what she does and thinks it s easy to erase it when convenient, but that doesn t happen And I just adore Raolcan who s always there to inspire some courage in Amel when she herself [...]

Bill Tillman

Dragon School InitiateWhen you witness great storytelling I sit back to say well done Sarah Wilson has a rare gift, drawing you in myself included Amel Leafbrought and her dragon Raolcand leave the Dragon School on a desperate mission heading for the Ruby Isles Along the way, Amel stumbles into a plot hatched by the Magikas read Wizards to kill the riders and turn their dragons to Magikas control.


This is a lot like the first book A nice and quick read Perfect when you want just something to tide you over for a little while.You get a good little story I still feel like this cover doesn t pair up with the book That is honestly my only complaint about this This is an ARC review.

Lela Eder

Awesome This story keeps getting better and better I cannot wait to read the next ones when they come out Woot


Dragon School Initiate is book two in Sarah K.L Wilson picks up where book one left off Amel, having passed her first test, is now an Initiate at the Dragon School Things have continued to be fast tracked as the students and Riders are being prepared for something big that is coming For now, they still have the option to choose what happens to them continue forward and become a rider or bow out and become a servant Amel spends a lot of time with her dragon, because she feels comfort and peace wi [...]

Allie Arana

What an exciting follow up to the first book in the Dragon School series In this second installment to the adventuresome story of Amel, a handicapped girl who is set on becoming a Dragon Rider, we find that life is about to get complicated While she was able to beat all the odds and accomplish riding Raolcan, the dragon bonded to her, she has many challenges to face Amel and Raolcan continue to develop their bond and strengthen the trust between rider and dragon They have a symbiotic relationsh [...]


I wish I could sit down and read all the stories in this series I really enjoy them and I end up impatiently waiting for the next book Amel is back and things are going quite haywire Something is going on in the world and it is causing unrest at the Dragon School Amel is torn between helping both of her friends, and finding it hard with no idea with what s going on When Magikas arrive at the school they bring change and a horrible uneasy feeling Amel with her trusted dragon will have to outwit t [...]


This book continues about a week after the end of the first book and it continues with the same fast and intense pace My biggest problem here is giving a fair review without any spoilers I refused to read the summary, so I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen from the beginning, and I absolutely loved being surprised all the time.In the first book, it is pretty obvious what was going to happen and most of the book was in preparation and anticipation of the great event, but here things [...]


I received an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.Okay, so I didn t know that this series was going to be episodic in nature until I actually picked up this book I know that this style of writing is becoming prominent, but I ve been hesitant to read it because I feel like I would have issues with it However, since I enjoyed the first book in this series, I decided to approach the second book with an open mind, and it lived up to the first book The time gap between the ending of the f [...]


I was already looking forward to this book and I was not disappointed at all This book is everything I could have hoped for and written perfectly It s actually a pity that I already finished it within less than a couple of hours.This book continued where the previous book stopped and it tells the adventure of Amel after her first flight What stands out in this book is the perfect balance between Amel s disability and her role in this fantasy story, that unfolds and doesn t wait for her The story [...]

Nancy (The Avid Reader)

Sixteen year old Amel has taken her first flight and survived Trouble is brewing on the home front Leng has returned to the school injured with a very important message that he thrust into Amel s hands right before passing out A message that she cannot read only a Dominion Evoy or a Purple Dragon can read it Amel must keep the message safe until she can safely deliver the message to the right person Amel and the other students are told by their teachers that they are to pack up and move out but [...]


Say what now Between Sarah K L Wilson and Jennifer L Armentrout, I just can t I don t know what to do with myself Okay, so Amel passes her first flight with Raolcan which is great She saves the life of Savette, another initiate, who was also quite possibly the nicest trainee to Amel, in the process of passing her first flight However, things are progressing faster than the school wanted and was prepared for While Amel and other initiates aren t full Dragon Riders, there s an all hands on deck fe [...]

Ann O'Nymos

Book 2 continues where book 1 ended After their first flight, Amel and others who made it are now Initiates and get a crash course in Dragon Rider because there is no time to loose Something is going on And now Amel gets her first duty as Purple Messenger, although unintentionally Will she do the right thing even when people pressurize her We also learn a little bit about the structure within the society as there are Magikas arriving but can those magic users be trusted I am quite surprised how [...]


Dragon School Initiate continues the story of Amel begun in First Flight Amel continues to learn in her lessons and from Raolcan However, a message arrives that changes things immensely, not just for this pair, but for all of the Dragon Riders and initiates.As the kingdom prepares for war, and the initiates are split up between experienced dragon riders, Amel begins to suspect something nefarious going on in the group she is with Will she be able to remedy the situation on her own I read this [...]

Maria Arcara

Amazing continuation of Amel and Raolcan s story I picked this up as soon as I knew it was available and dropped what I was reading at the time because I couldn t wait to see what was going to happen once Amel was an Initiate The exciting plot kept me totally engrossed the entire time I know I said it after the first part, I m in love with these characters, and it s still completely true Amel is so honorable and compassionate at the same time And her strength not just physically accomplishing so [...]

Judith Cohen

Magic comes to Dragon School Can it be trusted I totally adored First Flight, book 1 in Sarah K L Wilson s Dragon School series Now, with Initiate, the story continues and we see that the HEA of book 1 might actually be ever after The publisher s blurb does a good job of summarizing things without spoiling anything, do just leAce it to me to say that Amel continues to be an outstanding character, and it s a pleasure to watch her continue to develop Added to a strong supporting cast and a wonderf [...]

Gisela (Gigi) Sedlmayer

When i got a free copy of the first book Dragon school First flight , i just had to go on and bought the book I was hooked I needed to know, how it would go on In this book, magic arrived in dragon school Could she trust the Magikas But she was told to trust them and do their bidding.Amal bounded deeper with her dragon, when one dragon rider came back badly hurt She tried to help him, but the Magika s told her, they will do it She didn t trust them, particular when she overheard a conversation b [...]


There was nothing like sleeping against a hot dragon to make you feel chilled to the bone the second he moved away The imagery in Dragon School Initiate is like comfort food to the reader Amel s character continues developing and I am loving getting to know her dragon Raolcan I find the mysterious Leng intriguing and I am eager to learn about his story in the books ahead Wilson, as always, writes fast paced stories that are written in a way that is simple to read even in the intricate details o [...]


This is the second book of the series and oh my did I enjoy this book as much as the first There was a little bit adventure in this book and whilst book one was about setting the story and the characters, this book is where we get to see the story develop into what is going to be a fun and exciting read.My only downside to this book is that it was shorter than the first I was really enjoying it and getting into the story and suddenly there were no pages to turn However that is because I was re [...]


I received a free copy of this book from the author I had the opportunity to review or not.The second book of the Dragon School series is every bit as good as the first In fact, it is even exciting The danger that has all the first flight students being rushed through their studies gathers in intensity They are forced to leave the school and head out in different directions Amel would be heading to the Ruby Isles with her dragon and an injured friend The trip is filled with unexpected danger, m [...]

Gayreth Walden

Fantastic Book 2, the story continues The riders of the Dragon School are ordered to leave and that includes the initiates and their young dragons Not long after leaving the school Amel and her dragon Raolcan, learn a terrible secret A full dragon rider, Leng, is incapacitated by a serious wound and Amel must care and protect him Amel has a crippled leg and is an inexperienced rider Somehow she must take care of her friend and flee to safety and warn the rest of the dragon riders of the secret s [...]

Leigh Smith

This is the second book in the Dragon School Series In this short story, something big is going on that is causing the courses for the students to be cancelled and them being thrown into their future roles with virtually no training We continue to follow the journey of the same student with a disability that creates it s own complications, in addition to continually being mocked and teased and bullied about it These next few days will prove to be the toughest she s ever experienced Magic, myster [...]

Kalli Bunch

This book shows the depth of Amel s innocence And Amel really is too trusting of those around her She doesn t know much of the people or the world around her She has certain expectations of those in certain positions, and has to learn the hard way that those views are often incorrect However, her disability plays in her favor in some ways She isn t viewed as a threat In fact, she is deemed as little than dirt Sadly, she doesn t seem to disagree all that much, but that doesn t last long Amel ref [...]

Sairaika Naidoo

A defying read Magic comes to Dragon School Can it be trusted Everything is happening so fast that I can t keep up but that is good Whoa was it a good, short and quick read that keeps you on your toes Love reading the character s adventures and navigation of this whole new world I enjoyed returning to Dragon School and reading from the MC s perspective A pleasing, stunning and awesome read Do not miss this series Full of dragons, dragon riders, magic, secrecy, conspiracies, loyalty, honour and b [...]

Rachael Hansen

love it just as much as the first I cant wait for the Dark Prince I definitely will be picking it up when it comes out Leng returns hurt and Amel receives her first mission as a purple dragon rider Purple dragon rider are also known as the messengers Amel and the other student are order to leave the school without many details and are separate into group With Leng being injured he is left in Amel care I have a good feeeling about them getting together D I love Raolcan and with each chapter I r [...]

Cali Jewel

Emotionally thrilling, action packed, gripping and highly intriguing continuation of the epic adventure began in book 1 First Flight Amel is finally bounded with her dragon best friend and ready to start her studies with her first flight behind her only to have her world turned upside down and inside out by deceit, betrayal and dangerous people looking to over through everything in her world Can she live through the coming war and keep the few friends she has recently made This highly entertaini [...]


Well hello second book of action packed punches.In this read which is far too short, I need answers the world is fleshed out much with magic beyond that we see at the school shows up It s great seeing Amel find her feet around the school and with those who keep on doubting she ll make it Her growing relationships with those around her is great to see Not to forget that while she can dither on making a decision when needed she can be decisive and get things done I m a lucky fish and received an [...]

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