Sep 29, 2022
High Force
Posted by L.J. Ross

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ High Force : by L.J. Ross, High Force, L.J. Ross, High Force FROM THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF HOLY ISLAND Hell has unleashed a demon and he s coming for you Detective Chief Inspector Ryan s worst nightmare has just become a reality Notorious serial killer The Hacker has escaped prison and kidnapped one of his best detectives from her own home His brutality is the stuff of legend Ryan lost his sister and nearlFROM THE INTERNATIONAL [PDF] Unlimited ✓ High Force : by L.J. Ross - High Force, High Force FROM THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF HOLY ISLAND Hell has unleashed a demon and he s coming for you Detective Chief Inspector Ryan s worst nightmare has just become a reality Notorious seria

  • Title: High Force
  • Author: L.J. Ross
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Unlimited ✓ High Force : by L.J. Ross, High Force, L.J. Ross, High Force FROM THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF HOLY ISLAND Hell has unleashed a demon and he s coming for you Detective Chief Inspector Ryan s worst nightmare has just become a reality Notorious serial killer The Hacker has escaped prison and kidnapped one of his best detectives from her own home His brutality is the stuff of legend Ryan lost his sister and nearlFROM THE INTERNATIONAL

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ High Force : by L.J. Ross - High Force, High Force FROM THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF HOLY ISLAND Hell has unleashed a demon and he s coming for you Detective Chief Inspector Ryan s worst nightmare has just become a reality Notorious seria


4 DCI Ryan is off again, after his nemesis, serial killer Keir Edwards, who brutally murdered Ryan s sister in front of him and who has recently been released from jail Edwards has always picked brunettes in the past we don t know why , but this time, the story opens with our favourite redhead, DI Denise MacKenzie in the boot of his car, rumbling off to God knows where Her poor beloved Det Sgt Frank Phillips is beside himself with worry We ve come to know tall, handsome Ryan, his smart, studious [...]

Kate~Bibliophile Book Club

If you follow my blog, you ll know that I ve read and loved the DCI Ryan series, so I was thrilled when Louise said I could read an ARC of High Force I had been eagerly awaiting book 5 since I closed the last page of Angel to be honest so it was a real treat to be able to get back into the series.High Force picks up immediately after Angel finishes I had told myself I ll just read the first few pages and then I ll come back to it I had it finished the following day, it was UNPUTDOWNABLE When you [...]

Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess

5 Words Crime, family, murder, games, superiority.This book picked up right where Angel left off.In the last book there was a definite shift of focus towards Henderson and I was glad to see that continue She is a fiercely strong character.Unlike the previous books, High Force was much thriller than mystery Coming in to the story the reader already knows whodunnit and there s only the question of why to keep wondering about But this is fast paced and gripping, and I did not want to put it down I [...]

Trish R.

Awesome So, 5th book in the series and they just get better and better but I hated it because book 4 was a cliffhanger and I read it 9 2 16 and had to wait all this time to read the next That wouldn t be so bad if I hadn t read 50 or 60 books in between then and now That s why I hate cliffhangers and I wouldn t have read book 4 if I d known it was one.However, I m glad I did read this It was awesome Although, Keir is just so sick and what he does to people is beyond gruesome And I doubt it has t [...]

Joanne Robertson

This is fast becoming such a favourite series of mine that I couldn t wait to read this fifth addition, especially as I only read the 4th book Angel a couple of weeks ago And as Angel left me with such a craving for , High Force was hardly on my kindle when it shot to the top of my TBR folder So The Hacker is back on the loose and this time he is taking no prisoners, well actually, the main problem here is that he is He has kidnapped DI Denise MacKenzie and the team are up against the clock to t [...]


Wow What a thrilling read this was.The DCI Ryan series is one very much of mystery but this book definitely had of a darker edge to it I was well and truly gripped.What a story line The Hacker is a truly sick and twisted individual and I was desperate for Ryan and his team to catch him and put a stop to atrocious killings he was performing The fact that he had taken one of the police s own made it even urgent.My heart went out to poor Denise who was being held in the Hackers clutches You could [...]

Nicki Southwell

This, the fifth in the Ryan series is full of surprises and is the best to date.The whole of the North East s police force are on the lookout for Keir Edwards, aka the Hacker He escaped from the roof of his prison, via helicopter Who organised and paid for it Once Ryan s hears that his nemesis has escaped, his nightmare begins He was responsible for the death of his sister so it is very personal As soon as the news breaks, it becomes obvious that one of their own is missing DI Denise McKenzie, m [...]

Joseph - Relax And Read Reviews

The DCI Ryan series of books by LJ Ross is absolutely one of my favourite I read, enjoyed and above all LOVED each and every one of them So, I was ecstatic when the author announced the publication of her fifth instalment, High Force Now that I ve read it, I find myself gobsmacked again and wondering how this author manages to write such brilliant, entertaining books time and time again High Force can be read as a standalone, but since the story picks up exactly where the previous book has left [...]


The Hacker has escaped from the maximum security prison where DCI Ryan and the British Judicial System put him High Force, a DCI Ryan Mystery 5, by LJ Ross main focus is Ryan s worst nightmare The way The Hacker escapes wowed me as I had never heard of an escape that way before Ryan s immediate thoughts are for Anna, his fiance , as she is Keir Edwards , The Hacker , premiere type to destroy Plus, Edwards wants to totally decimate Ryan Will there be a direct confrontation, Ryan versus Edwards As [...]


Like all fans of this series, I have been dying to finally see Ryan fight his nemesis, Keir Edwards aka the Hacker this has nothing to do with computers but with his favorite method of disposing of his victims We finally get it here and it is better than I dreamed Ryan is always fighting for justice, but this time it s personal At the end of the last novel we learned that Edwards had kidnapped a member of the team, so the stakes are so high that I don t know how the author will be able to top th [...]

David Gilchrist

Another humdinger from this author, the fifth book in the series A series that goes from strength to strength All the loose ends from Angel are tidied up nicely in this book This book is full of tension and many moments you have to hold your breath and take a step back A fast paced story that keeps you reading to the last page, some gruesome parts, but that is what serial killers do This will be a hard act for the author to repeat, but no doubt she will take on the challenge.


WOW L J Ross has done it again This is another gripping read in this awesome series I know I ve said it before, but honestly this series just gets better and better I think it s partly due to getting to know some of the characters and as the series progresses, making each book almost feel like catching up with old friends High Force picks up where Angel book 4 left off There was no way I could not read this book immediately after finishing Angel and, OH MY GOODNESS, what a start to a book Need [...]


L.j Ross has shown us through the DCI mysteries that she can keep us on our toes with ever new release High Force is a real stand out I felt it is really a good Idea to read the series from the start i feel i couldn t recommend this series

Michelle Ryles

The most eagerly awaited sequel to Angel is here and I for one could not wait to read High Force It had no sooner dropped on my kindle than I had read and devoured it, reading way past my bedtime but powerless to prevent myself from reading just one chapter.High Force picks up seamlessly where Angel left off, and if you ve read Angel you ll know just what a jaw dropping cliffhanger of an ending us Ryan fans were left with Keir Edwards, aka The Hacker , returns to haunt Ryan after his escape fro [...]


When I finished reading Angel back in September of last year I was left on tenterhooks by the author LJ Ross That book ended with the mother of all cliffhangers so I was thrilled to be asked to read and review copy of High Force, book 5 in the outstanding DCI Ryan Mysteries series.As High Force picks up where Angel finishes it s difficult to know where to start my review as you might not be up to speed with the series and I d hate to ruin it for you, so I ll tread carefully.DCI Ryan is back on t [...]

Shell Baker

ErmWOW This book is that fantastic I am actually lost for words, talk about blown away This is the fifth book in the Ryan Mysteries series And most of you know that I am a big fan so can you imagine my excitement when I got the chance to read this Well I couldn t wait to get stuck in Did I mention that Angel finished on one hell of a cliffhanger Well High Force picks up right where Angel finished With one electrifying start the hacker is back After escaping prison and kidnapping one of DCI Ryan [...]

Jackie Roche

Full review to follow.

Ele Wilson

I received a copy of this book free of charge from the author, in return for an honest review.This is the fifth part in the DCI Ryan series of books and I have to say, the plot just continues to thicken The end of Angel DCI Ryan Mysteries, 4 saw The Hacker make an elaborate break from prison, arriving at the door of an unsuspecting DI Denise MacKenzie This left me so many unanswered questions which I needed answers to Thankfully, Ross wasted no time in putting pen to paper and satisfying my ever [...]

Emma Mitchell

My god This series just gets better and better The characters get stronger, the plots sinister, and the criminals vile WOWSERS It s going to be hard discussing the plot line on this as I don t want to spoil it for anyone who has yet to read this series however it is clear from the blurb that DCI Ryan and the team are up against one of the most despicable criminals, one who is intent on destroying Ryan and in his attempt to do so, has abducted one of Ryan s officers As the team pull together, [...]


There was something non relatable for me in this book Not that I relate to serial killers or police officers, just that I had a feeling of thin veil covering some of the facts in the book They are looking for a place that the killer is keeping his hostage and I know that it was explained in the book that the police wasn t able to trace the killers origins before Police had evidence against him and that was enough for conviction so they didn t look any further and his school taking out a court or [...]

margaret chalmers

Sky high dramaA five star nail biter I read it in two sittings If, like me, you have read the whole seriesd if you have not then get them, you will have come to know and love the main police heroes and Anna who is not a token whimpering female victim but a magnificent brave intelligent woman worthy of her gorgeous Ryan Red head Denise also grows in power with every book I cared for them all and they did not disappoint Finally up against the evil creature who destroyed Ryan s sister and other inn [...]

Ms Kathryn Pizar

High Force.high dramaNot a lot of books have me saying Phew at the end, but this one certainly did Full of drama and suspense which follows on from Angel, and with the chillingly evil Edwards murdering women who resemble his mum, and Ryan and his team along with Frank in a blind panic, and Anna as well doing their utmost to find Denise before Edwards murders her too A great plot that galloped along at a rate of knots, and one that I really couldn t put down That most of the locations were real h [...]

Misfits farm

DCI Ryan has an adversary who has escaped from jail via helicopter A man who likes nothing than to taunt Ryan and murder victims along the way This time he has an usual guest Denise who is a DI as his prisoner Louise always writes so that you can picture the scenes as this series to me would make an excellent drama, albeit a little gory in parts A lead that has a personal life and background which gives him the character I love, and you get to know him and how he and his team work along the way [...]

Brian Whitehorn

A bit of mixed bag, if I m honest I enjoyed the book, but it never totally gripped my attention The bad guy was an interesting character, but I thought was disappointingly underused The book suffered because I never believed they main characters where in any real danger I must admit it was the first DCI Ryan Mystery I have read, therefore some of the things I thought where missing, might have been covered in previous instalments.That being said, I would give the other books in the series a go.


So when we left the team at the end of Angel the stakes really couldn t have been higher for one of them Captured and in the hands of Ryan s greatest foe, The Hacker, the action opens exactly where the previous book signs off and, as a result, the tension and fear factors are off the charts.It is really hard to talk about this without giving away too much about the previous novel, but it is fair to say that The Hacker, aka Keir Edwards, is planning than just revenge against Ryan when he takes t [...]


Wow a brilliant read from LJ Ross the intrigue of what over the next page the excitement and thrill of what comes next from I started reading I couldn t put this book down, I even wrote to the author to threaten her if someone died lol it s that kind of book were you get to love the main characters and don t what anyone to hurt them but sorry you have to read it to get to know what happened Can t wait to read the next book when it s released

Karen Farrow

Yet again LJ Ross has written a fantastic book which has kept me on the edge of my seat The fact that I have, over the previous four books, become invested in the lives of the characters, I needed to know what happened The whole way through the book I was compelled to turn the next page The book completely lived up to the previous ones and I loved the fast pace I am hoping that book six is on its way

Ed Napiorkowski

In my opinion this volume was not as entertaining as the earlier works The pace is slower and the plot less compelling Perhaps that is because in this volume the story line revolves around all the main characters too much In some books that isn t a problem but when the story is about a serial killer and when all the main characters are preserved I found the progress to slow and far too predictable, especially the ending with all main characters drawn in and involved at the same time Really

Alexina Golding

Omg Angel was such a cliffhanger ending, which luckily I read decently, so didn t have too long to wait for High Force.This was an emotive, tense read Especially nearing the end of the book The Hacker is on the prowl and no one is safe There is so much clever plot to this book, and Louise pulls it off to an excellent high standard A thoroughly action based book with such brilliance My favourite in the series to date


Getting better with each bookI could not put this down and at the same time I didn t want to finish the 5th book in this series All the books have been a great read engaging the reader with the twists and turns of the plots I have recommended L J Ross to several of my friends My problem now is do I read the last two books now or savour them for later I am not sure I can wait very long to find out what happens next

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