Sep 29, 2022
Don't Tempt Me
Posted by Lori Foster

Don't Tempt Me Best Read || [Lori Foster], Don't Tempt Me, Lori Foster, Don t Tempt Me Love comes along when it s least wanted Jason Guthrie has no time for entanglements between helping out his widowed brother and teenage nephew and getting his hometown back on its feet his days are spoken for But his nights are another story And when his lovely new neighbor Honor Brown reluctantly accepts his help in remodeling her house Jason finds himself wishingLove comes alo Don't Tempt Me Best Read || [Lori Foster] - Don't Tempt Me, Don t Tempt Me Love comes along when it s least wanted Jason Guthrie has no time for entanglements between helping out his widowed brother and teenage nephew and getting his hometown back on its feet his days are s

  • Title: Don't Tempt Me
  • Author: Lori Foster
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Don't Tempt Me Best Read || [Lori Foster], Don't Tempt Me, Lori Foster, Don t Tempt Me Love comes along when it s least wanted Jason Guthrie has no time for entanglements between helping out his widowed brother and teenage nephew and getting his hometown back on its feet his days are spoken for But his nights are another story And when his lovely new neighbor Honor Brown reluctantly accepts his help in remodeling her house Jason finds himself wishingLove comes alo

Don't Tempt Me Best Read || [Lori Foster] - Don't Tempt Me, Don t Tempt Me Love comes along when it s least wanted Jason Guthrie has no time for entanglements between helping out his widowed brother and teenage nephew and getting his hometown back on its feet his days are s


I ve been a Lori Foster fan for a while now and Don t Tempt Me was a great addition to her collection Honor and Jason meet when Honor moves into Jason s neighborhood, which is what I would call a recovering neighborhood There are a lot of fixer uppers at good deals and commerce is beginning to grow Honor is loving her first home and is invested in its success She is willing to work hard and learn She is also very used to having only herself to count on so when her sexy neighbor Jason wants to he [...]


3.5 Life Lessons Learned Stars 1 2It s Live People underestimate the power of reading romance novels, in my opinion I have mentioned this in past reviews This format allows authors to showcase so many situations of why people are the way they ared then have them learn to remedy these issues and move forward Now all books may not be masterpieces of literatured some may tell their stories better than othersBut if you allow the messages to sink inere are life lessons to learn.Lori Foster is an acco [...]

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Blog Review sweptawaybyromance review 4.5 Hunky Neighbor Stars I really loved this book, classic Lori Foster Where to begin Don t Tempt Me starts when Honor moves into her new fixer upper house with the help of her BFF Lexie Right off the bat her sexy neighbor Jason, his brother Hogan, and his adorable teen nephew Colt start to intrude in her very private, quite, and busy life, and things get a little bit crazy for her Now about The Guthrie Brothers and Colt ey are very friendly, generous, carin [...]


I was so eager to jump into another Lori Foster story but this one just was a so so read for me I am not quite sure what exactly made me find it just blah but I did I actually had a hard time becoming fully engaged with the characters Jason Guthrie was the hero, and he became Honor Brown s neighbor when she moved in next door to him Jason also had his brother and nephew living with him as well.The bottom line is that I found this an ok read but I wasn t excited about it It won t make me stop rea [...]


2.5 starsOoh boy, what to say about this one To be honest, I just want to say, lacking effort Foster s writing is a bit like Shalvis with its easy readability and tendency to stick to a formula It s a formula I greatly enjoy but this one, especially with the main couple, felt completely uninspired I don t feel like I really grew to know the hero at all and both the hero and heroine came off a bit ho hum I got way from the secondary couples and especially the secondary romance, in which about 30 [...]

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DON T TEMPT ME is one of the special books I ve read from Lori Foster It s a Contemporary Romance set in a small town and the story features two couples in a single book While I ve read many Foster books before, DON T TEMPT ME was one of that hooked me from the very first page I immediately fell in love with Honor Brown and Lexie Perkins As best friends, they certainly get along, but they also couldn t be different to one another While Honor is a little reserved and independent, Lexie is seen [...]

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This review was originally posted on un Conventional BookviewsDon t Tempt Me is all about new beginnings, courage, friendship and family.Sometimes, you grow up with a great family surrounding you, other times, you just have to make your own family surround yourself by people you love and who love you back The latter was the case for Honor in Don t Tempt Me Because she moved to stay closer to her dying grand dad, Honor really didn t have much tame for herself Between her job, going to the nursery [...]


First in a new series by Foster and all I could think about is OMG I can t wait for Amazing new characters who I absolutely couldn t get enough of Jason is an all around good guy and keeps busy fixing and building things for the people in his town He is also is helping his widowed brother and nephew get back on their feet by living with him see good guy When Honor moves into the rundown house next door he feels not only protective towards her but he also wants to help even if she doesn t want i [...]


I was looking for a sweet, easy, moving, contemporary romance and that is just what I found in Don t Tempt Me.Honor is moving into a real fix me upper Use to doing everything on her own, Honor is taken aback when her hot neighbor, his brother and his brother s son come over to help She doesn t know how the ask or accept help which makes their first encounter quite rocky.Honor puts everything into fixing her home, Jason can t help but be impressed with Honor s focus and conviction but he and his [...]

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I couldn t handle the hero in this one And not because he was the worst misogynist ever or anything like that But that s a bit of the problem He was one of those low key, well meaning types that s still so irritating and also you can t call them out on it because they ll be all but I was helping Ugh, no, deal with plenty of those assholes in real life, I don t need them in my fiction He was of the woman living alone but there s bad guys, she might get hurt she totally needs a man Literally any m [...]


ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewSo I have a confession to make, this is the first book that I have read from Lori Foster I know, I know come it took me so long to finally read a book from this author Well the answer must be that I must have been living under a rock or something LOL Well, as of right now all you Lori Foster fans out there just gained another reader to the club after I practically devoured Don t Tempt Me.Don t Tempt Me was the perfect blend of temptation, lo [...]


Don t Tempt Me is the first book in Lori Foster s new Guthrie Brothers series I thought this was a sweet, easy read I enjoyed these characters This book focuses on Jason and Honor s relationship then Sullivan and Lexie s Honor moves into a fixer upper in a up and coming neighborhood She is used to doing things on her own So when her hot new neighbor Jason , his brother, and his nephew offer to help, she is shocked and a little reluctant to accept their help Honor is determined to improve her ho [...]

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Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 starsDon t Tempt Me by Lori Foster is very different from anything I ve ever read by her and that s not a bad thing, but if you are looking for the normal type of romance you get from her this is not it Don t Tempt Me is on the sweeter side of romance although there are plenty of sexy times and while the men are hunky, strong, and alpha they aren t in your face alpha like her normal heroes That all being said, I loved this book in that it [...]


Better than Lori s usual, but still has the basic sameness of her books Instead of being a virgin, Honor hasn t had sex for two years and has a slutty friend The slutty friend Lexi is 100 times fun but despite her equal billing on the description we spent very little time with her and her match, Sullivan Lori tries to craft some reason why Honor is being so nuts about her Big Secret, but ultimately having a sick dying grandfather is a crazypants thing to hide and she has a hard time convincing [...]


I usually love Romance by Lori Foster and have read many of her older books that I just love This one just doesn t do it for me The hero, Jason, has insta lust the moment he meets the heroine, Honor, that even his annoyance with her arrival in the neighborhood can t temper It s a rough area that the city is trying to rehabilitate and Jason doesn t feel she should live there, alone anyway Honor has bought this fixer upper on her own and is so proud of that accomplishment It needs a lot of work an [...]

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As much as I love Lori Foster, this one just didn t click for me I know you can t please everyone, so don t take my word for it Definitely try it for yourself.The writing, as per usual is spot on and the characters were all super nice except for Lexi and Hogan but they have their own brand of charisma wink wink and they all had great characteristics that made them likable characters My problem was that the heat and flare of chemistry that LF books are known for, that spark that leaps between the [...]

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Coffee dates with Don t Tempt Me First Date Don t Tempt Me opens with Honor Brown driving a moving truck with her snarky BFF, Lexie Perkins Honor has just purchased her first home, made possible by a program from the city to reinvigorate a neighborhood that has fallen into decline Her new home was abandoned and is dire need of some TLC As they pull up the truck, they glance at her neighbors home a well maintained beauty with three Gods in the front yard and one of them is shirtless Lexie cracks [...]


Having never read a Lori Foster romance before, even though a few of her older ones are on my TBR list, I m not sure if my issues with this book are due to her general writing style, or are just unique to this book.This is definitely a contemporary romance in the vein of a Kristan Higgins, or a Jill Shalvis but not as cutesy , but honestly felt like a New Adult romance to me Even though our main characters are all in their late twenties and early thirties, Honor comes across as naive, young, an [...]

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Original Review frow A Court Of Coffee And BooksReceived a copy from BEA Chicago 2016 and met the author Somedays you just need to prop your feet up with a glass of wine and forget all about reality With this never ending doom of an election, clown sightings and people being grabbed like six packs, you need something cheesy and uplifting to change your mood That s where L Foster comes in Love never comes into your life when you are looking for it I can say this first hand So, trust me I know Hon [...]

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I loved Don t Tempt Me could not put it down Jason Guthrie was very busy with his business, having his widowed brother Hogan nephew Colt living with him helping improve the neighborhood keeping it safe Honor Brown is his new neighbor who moves in next door she is busy as well Honor herself hasn t had an easy life because of her past she has trouble trusting others, leaning on them relying on them to help her She doesn t want to be a bother to anyone, she wants to be independent We also get to me [...]

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Really enjoyed this one Review to follow Arc kindly offered in exchange for an honest review More reviews and book talk at You can find me here too


This book was AMAZING and sweet and just plain perfect It had every element that I love in a Lori Foster book I was mad that I had to go to a family picnic to stop reading LOL I really loved Jason and Honor as a couple and I hope that maybe this is the start of a new series.

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I will have to say right away I loved DON T TEMPT ME Readers get two very complex stories in one great book You will meet Honor Brown, a sweetheart of a girl determined to make it on her own, so much so that she equates accepting help as showing weakness After losing her mother, she is dropped off at her grandfather s home by her father who then disappears Her aunts and cousin always made her feel as if she was taking advantage of the old man even though that couldn t be further from the truth J [...]


Lori Foster is so great at creating communities in her books that I want to be a part of, and Don t Tempt Me is no different the location and characters just pulled me in This is the first in a new series and after reading it I can t wait for .DTM is such a heartwarming and feel good story Jason is an upstanding guy, a hard working family man He s smitten with Honor the moment he lays eyes on her Honor s starting a new phase in her life She s just bought a new house next to Jason, his brother Ho [...]


Don t Tempt Meby Lori FosterLori Foster really knows how to make fans swoon, whether her heroes are mixed martial arts stars, cops, PIs or amazing brothers she never lets us down And now with the debut of her brand new Guthrie brothers series she does it again and she s giving readers two HEAs in one read Don t Tempt Me is a fast paced thrill ride that includes drama, suspense and plenty of breath stealing heat between the sheets Her couple, the secret keeping, wall erecting, wary heroine and op [...]

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Don t Tempt Me Was Sweet and Sexy, but Powerfully ComplexWhat s tempting than a sexy, hunky handyman that lives next door How about a whole neighborhood of single, sexy hunks With Lori Foster s latest stand alone novel, Don t Tempt Me, my first question is, WHERE IS THIS NEIGHBORHOOD AND HOW CAN I MOVE THERE When Honor Brown moves into her new to her fixer upper, she is than a bit overwhelmed by all of the work to be done and by all of the sexy men who live nearby But it is her next door neigh [...]

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Hotness Rating 3 out 5I love Lori Foster and because of that I had certain expectations going into this read Let me tell you I was not disappointed This book does lack the dangerous vibe you often get reading a book written by Ms Foster but it doesn t need it Don t Tempt Me has just enough dramatic events to make it interesting And we get a bonus When I started this book I thought it was about Jason and Honor By the end I was excited to get to know not one, but two great couples And there is def [...]

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Don t Tempt Me is such a completely adorable story Honor Brown has had a harsh life Her parents left her and now her grandfather is on a downward spiral After she buys her own house next to Jason Guthrie with his brother and nephew she knows she s in trouble While she tries to do all the restorations for her old house herself Jason wants to do nothing but help This causes a whole slew of issues between the two of them since Honor doesn t want to seem weak and Jason is beginning to care and for [...]


4.5 stars I enjoyed this book a lot Lori Foster is one of my favorite authors and I will read anything she writes This book tells the story of Jason and Honor Honor has moved in next door to Jason to a fixer upper She was dealt a rotten hand in early life but was fortunate to be raised by her grandfather whom she loves and who loves her She works hard as a hairdresser and does alot to take care of her granfather who is living in a facility Jason works hard at his business also and has his brothe [...]

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