Nov 26, 2022
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[PDF] Download ✓ Seas : by Colleen Oakes, Seas, Colleen Oakes, Seas Wendy Darling Seas finds Wendy and Michael aboard the dreaded Sudden Night a dangerous behemoth sailed by the infamous Captain Hook and his bloodthirsty crew In this exotic world of mermaids spies and pirate feuds Wendy finds herself struggling to keep her family above the waves Hunted by the twisted boy who once stole her heart and struggling to survive in the whimWendy Darling Seas find [PDF] Download ✓ Seas : by Colleen Oakes - Seas, Seas Wendy Darling Seas finds Wendy and Michael aboard the dreaded Sudden Night a dangerous behemoth sailed by the infamous Captain Hook and his bloodthirsty crew In this exotic world of mermaids spies

  • Title: Seas
  • Author: Colleen Oakes
  • ISBN: 9781940716886
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Download ✓ Seas : by Colleen Oakes, Seas, Colleen Oakes, Seas Wendy Darling Seas finds Wendy and Michael aboard the dreaded Sudden Night a dangerous behemoth sailed by the infamous Captain Hook and his bloodthirsty crew In this exotic world of mermaids spies and pirate feuds Wendy finds herself struggling to keep her family above the waves Hunted by the twisted boy who once stole her heart and struggling to survive in the whimWendy Darling Seas find

[PDF] Download ✓ Seas : by Colleen Oakes - Seas, Seas Wendy Darling Seas finds Wendy and Michael aboard the dreaded Sudden Night a dangerous behemoth sailed by the infamous Captain Hook and his bloodthirsty crew In this exotic world of mermaids spies


Received from SparkPressReceived Via NetGalley THE REVIEWWhy this book I liked the first book in the seriesWhat I thoughtThis one wasn t as good as the first Sure it was interesting to see her life with the pirates and to find out that Hook is actually the good guy I just couldn t connect with the story I kept putting it off for some reason and it felt like it took me forever to finish it I m not saying the story was bad though, it was fun and adventurous at parts but at other parts it did drag [...]

Colleen Oakes

A summary Proud and insolent youth, said Hook, prepare to meet thy doom Dark and sinister man, Peter answered, have at thee J.M Barrie, Peter Pan

Stephanie (Bookfever. ♥)

I felt basically the same way about Wendy Darling Seas as I did with volume one, Wendy Darling Stars I liked it for sure, though some parts were a little tedious I did like this book than the first one, I must say I also thought the end was the best part of the whole book And yet again the ending made me say holy crap out loud This book is pretty much about Wendy trying to find her place on the ship the Sudden Night among Captain Hook and his frightening crew But also about protecting her littl [...]

Lisa Mandina

Just like with Three Dark Crowns I was contacted back in August to be a part of a Fall YA Tour Now the books came a little later than planned, so I didn t get to this one before the publishing date unfortunately I also had asked for the first book in the series, but due to the mix up and late mailing, I didn t get it Fortunately, the author does a great job of catching you up on what happened in the last book It s not done in a big info dump at the beginning, although you do get the necessary de [...]

BAM The Bibliomaniac



Received from NetGalley for review He may want me, but he does not have my permission to take me I do not belong to Peter Pan Or any man, for that matter YES WENDY So many times, yes I never knew I could have so many feelings about Wendy Darling, I even hate the name a little less now.Wendy Darling, badass extraordinaire, returns in Seas having escaped Peter s clutches only to be kidnapped rescued by Captain Hook Collen Oakes blew my mind last year with the first instalment in this series, Stars [...]


This installment to the Wendy Darling series packs a serious punch of great writing, storytelling, and especially character development This is a great book A great follow up to an excellent beginning forged in Wendy Darling Volume One Stars I loved this book But god, how am I to survive the wait for volume three Those last few pages like a sucker punch in the gut.Now that the set up is all fleshed out, this second installment lets us get into a lot of dark undertones coupled with an expanding s [...]

Brenda Ayala

Not a lot happens in Wendy Darling Seas In fact, I can break it down into one or two sentences for you without spoiling anything Wendy and Michael float around with Captain Hook, find out he s not such a bad guy, and learn how to beat up Peter Pan There I can say that it really isn t much fascinating than that I m not revealing any major plot points, but I m not really missing any either Everything you need to know is right there Surprising though it may be, the nothing that happens really WAS [...]

Books, Vertigo and Tea (Danielle)

I was hesitant to request an ARC of Seas because honestly, I was unaware this series existed I had not read volume one bad girl Tsk tsk But I was too intrigued not to So I was pretty stoked when I received a copy and quickly downloaded this onto my Kindle and dove in Fortunately, I felt that enough background was provided regarding previous events it seemed safe to proceed.This was a truly fun and adventurous retelling, and my first involving Peter Pan restraining from commenting further here No [...]

May͛a [semi-hiatus]

This review contains potential spoilers It s half rant, after all.3.5 starsIf I had to grade this book using the educational system at school it would be deemed astisfactory I find second books in trilogies to be really important installments, so I was curious to see how this one would turn out I liked it waayyyyy better than book one, and it was enough to keep me reading and turning the page.Let me first make myself clear The lack of Peter Pan in this book cleared my skin and whitened my teeth [...]

Ale Gomez

4.5 Quiz me quiera, pero no tiene mi permiso para poseerme No le pertenezco a Peter Pan Ni a ning n otro hombre, para el caso Me gust demasiado, aunque quiz un poquito menos que el primero por la falta de presencia de Peter Pan pero me ha encantado como la autora nos explica y muestra en cada libro partes esenciales de Nunca Jam s y al tratarse en este caso de los piratas fue incre ble, eso de descubrir junto con Wendy el otro lado de la historia del manipulador juego entre Peter y Garfio tan s [...]


Ese final Ese final Creo que es la segunda vez que me pasa algo as con un libro, me ha dejado con el yisus craist en la boca, necesito ya el tercero el libro me encant de principio a fin, a pesar que tarde varios d as en leerlo, lo disfrut much simo, los personajes han tenido un cambio y una evoluci n tremenda, Colleen Oakes te sumerge dentro de la historia y te absorbe por completo No s cu l de los dos me ha gustado m s, pero ambos los he disfrutado enormemente, est autora sigue aferr ndose en [...]

Lucy A. March

I have to admit, after an eager year s long wait for the follow up to Stars , I m a bit disappointed While the descriptions were lovely, the writing overall is fair enough to warrant four stars I considered bumping it down to three, based on my level of personal enjoyment for this one, but for quality reasons it really deserves four , and it was certainly interesting in its way, there was much left desired So I ve decided the easiest way to do this review is to divide it into three parts 1 I lik [...]

Heidi Goehmann

There is something about Wendy that makes my heartache, but also that leaves me inspired to be a braver version of myself Middle novels in a series can kill and I actually loved this one than the first The unraveling of Hook s character was exceptionally done and the supportive characters were full fledge fantasies coming to life, while feeling slightly like people you may know in your own life Looking forward to the finale Oh, one last thought THAT CLIFFHANGER


I loved Seas better than Stars, and it s all because of the much awaited Captain James Hook He might be a villain, but he s portrayed as a human with his flaws and all And I adore him.Yes, I love a good villain Wendy also takes a strong stand in this book and I love her for it.

Nickie Brunner

I think I might have liked this one better than the first book I like that Captain Hook is actually a good guy and Peter is the bad one


I may be done with the series.The first one was a guilty pleasure read but the second one took away the guilty and just made me feel like I was wasting my time on a bad book I really loved the first one, solely because I loved dark Peter but this book was all about Wendy I didn t love Hook and learning his back story.No longer the retelling I m looking for.

Alicia Moore

So this second book in the Wendy Darling series is my favorite so far I loved spending my time braving the seas on a bonafide pirate ship with crusty sea pirates, bargaining with mermaids, and getting the inside scoop on ancient Neverland lore AH, so good Wendy is slowly, but surely coming into her own and I must say I enjoy this Wendy WAY than the one in book one So naturally I can t wait to find out what book three has in store Very happy with the journey this retelling series has taken me on [...]

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛

POTENTIAL SPOILERS This one was as good as the first, if not better The first half is slow, yes, but the build up of the world and the different pirates was really good and I found myself getting invested in everything, like the story about the original Lost Girls Actually, all the backstories in this one were really good, especially the one about how Neverland came to be and why Peter Pan is as crazy as he is I m hoping he gets redeemed in the third book or something Pretty much everything I ex [...]

Cyra Schaefer

Likes I think the thing that I liked the most about this series is that Peter is the villain and the pirates are the heroes I liked learning about life aboard the Sudden Night and seeing Wendy and Michael create relationships with the different pirates I feel like the only pirate that was actually scary was Smith, the first mate, and I think at a certain point in the book, it becomes all for show.I like how brave Wendy has to be in this book She has to be brave with the pirates for Michael She h [...]


Thank you to SparkPress for the advance copy via Netgalley The review that follows is my own opinion Colleen Oakes is a masterful storyteller I loved the first book in the Wendy Darling series and I was not disappointed with the second Oakes paints a lush portrait of a wondrous and dark Neverland where our heroine, Wendy, is caught between a vicious boy who is obsessed with her and a crew of violent pirates Wendy is a fabulous character despite her fear she s braving an impossible situation, she [...]


Oh man oh man oh man oh man this book.This book has very little Pan, and lots of pirates which is fine by me It felt a little slow at times but the development of Hook s character made it all worth it Wendy really comes into her own as she is forced to deal with a ship full of asshole pirates and she discovers the truth about Peter and Neverland It was nice to see her hold her own against Hook and to see their interesting relationship develop.Glad I continued reading this series I need book thre [...]


This book is a little slower than the first, but there is so much character development I love how much Wendy has grown and have brave she has become but she s not been turned into so superhero warrior She s still a normal girl but her love for her family makes her brave, something I find very relatable The chapter with the mermaids had me skin crawling and that ending, what I need the next book now


Noooooooo What is anything I need NOW Review coming soon ish.


We already know Peter to be an unreliable narrator, so it s no surprise that Hook is not so much a monster but just a man Pirates, however, aren t always the best people to trust so Wendy has to navigate a tentative agreement with Captain Hook, avoiding Peter, finding a safe place on the ship, and keeping herself and Michael alive It s quite fun to read, to be honest.While Stars explored Neverland itself, Seas explores the history of its inhabitants What really happened between Hook and Peter Ho [...]

Kelly Sierra

I love Colleen Oakes She has this knack of taking classic stories like Peter Pan or Wonderland and creating bold new stories that make the females the real heroines of the story Most of the time these are darker retellings, that take the original hero and makes them the villain, and vice versa This series is a reminder of that When we last saw Wendy, she had been taken by Captain Hook and his pirates, along with Michael, leaving John behind Wendy had realized that Peter was pretty much a psychop [...]


Received Via NetGalley for reviewOh my God, I freaking loved this novel I had a lot of expectations about this book because I already knew that my favorite pair wasn t going to end up together Yell at me and do whatever you want in every retelling of the story of Peter Pan, I always always hope, that Wendy doesn t take the decision to return home and in fact stays with her first love.But no talk I applied to read the second novel after finishing the first two months earlier, and even then I did [...]


A large silver hook reached out and caressed it s way across her cheek, the metal bone cold Welcome aboard the Sudden Night, Miss Darling That was how Wendy Darling Stars ended, and how this book begun After fleeing from Peter with one brother in tow, the other still entranced and at his mercy, Wendy and youngest brother Michael are saved from Peter by the arrival of the Sudden Night and it s captain, Hook.A bittersweet moment.The Sudden Night is a magnificent ship, a beautiful fortress in the w [...]

Martha Elena

2.5 EstrellitasOkey primero kheeee D view spoiler Tiger Lily y Hook son pareja wtf Estos se llevan el premio por la pareja m s rara del a o hide spoiler Si tuviera que describir con una palabra este libro seria Tedioso Porque he de admitir que su historia es buena y me gusta, pero tiene que pasar much simo relleno, sobre todo en la primera mitad o un poco m s, para que algo realmente interesante pase y que todo el asunto avance y tenga esas geniales revelaciones Que vamos a mi no me interesa sab [...]


Rese a completa bit 2uaQamcFrases del libro bit 23zrIDAMares, el segundo volumen de la trilog a Wendy Darling nos transporta de nuevo al maravillo, oscuro y misterioso Nunca Jam s, en esta nueva aventura nos embarcamos al lado de much simo piratas, Wendy, Michael y Garfio en una aventura para no solo detener a Peter Pan, sino salvar Nunca Jam s de algo much simo m s oscuro y poderoso de lo que pudimos imaginar, Colleen Oakes ha creado un retelling de la m gica historia del ni o que nunca creci y [...]

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