Sep 29, 2022
Go, Otto, Go!
Posted by David Milgrim

[PDF] Download × Go, Otto, Go! : by David Milgrim, Go, Otto, Go!, David Milgrim, Go Otto Go See Otto work Work work work on a spaceship to take him home Since landing on Earth Otto has made many friends but what Otto wants most is to visit his family Will Otto s spaceship take him up up up so he can go go go [PDF] Download × Go, Otto, Go! : by David Milgrim - Go, Otto, Go!, Go Otto Go See Otto work Work work work on a spaceship to take him home Since landing on Earth Otto has made many friends but what Otto wants most is to visit his family Will Otto s spaceship take him up up

  • Title: Go, Otto, Go!
  • Author: David Milgrim
  • ISBN: 9781481467230
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Download × Go, Otto, Go! : by David Milgrim, Go, Otto, Go!, David Milgrim, Go Otto Go See Otto work Work work work on a spaceship to take him home Since landing on Earth Otto has made many friends but what Otto wants most is to visit his family Will Otto s spaceship take him up up up so he can go go go

[PDF] Download × Go, Otto, Go! : by David Milgrim - Go, Otto, Go!, Go Otto Go See Otto work Work work work on a spaceship to take him home Since landing on Earth Otto has made many friends but what Otto wants most is to visit his family Will Otto s spaceship take him up up


Cute story of Otto, a space robot, who wants to go home but when his rocket fails he makes a wonderful discovery nonetheless.


Very much phonics based, with plenty of words, and pictures, that reinforce each other Perfect for the kid who just isn t catching on to how reading works and is starting to think books are evil.But What s with the ending I often get homesick, but I don t want to just be all ok my new family home are all I need, my past is gone And even if I did want to be like that I couldn t Is it good to tell kids just to forget the past


A wonderful easy reader for those just beginning to read on their own The short, repetitive story reminded me a lot of the format of the Dick and Jane books, except better because Otto is a robot and the book takes place in space I really, really liked this one.


Such a sweet story I had this read to me several times by those just beginning to read.


Amazing how hilarious just a few words paired with excellent illustrations can be.


This book is really cute buutttt the ending was unsatisfying.

Olivia Lullie

Summary This beginning reader book tells the story of a robot named Otto who wants to go back to his home in outer space In order to get back home, Otto needs a spaceship, so he builds one Otto s spaceship ends up crashing down, and he decides to stay on earth where his friends are Evaluation This book was very simplistic with some light humor and well developed illustrations The text was simple and was well suited to be a beginning readers text with the short sentences and large font The illust [...]

Emily Siniard

This book is labeled a Ready to Read, Level 1 book for the children who have learned their sight words and are ready to put them into sentences In this book, a robot named Otto is trying to build a spaceship to go back home This book uses sight words, except for the name Otto The pictures are amazing and that is mostly how the students figure out what the sentences like See Otto go here See Otto go there mean In the end, Otto finds that Earth is his home and he loves it This book is a Theodor Se [...]

McKenzie Creagan

Go, Otto, Go was a pretty boring and breezy read for someone my age, but I can see how children would love this story about Otto and his spaceship I would say that this book is aimed toward beginning readers because there are few words per page and there are many repetitive words This would be a book that I would send home with a kindergarten or first grade student to read on their own to practice reading The pictures within this book make it a interesting read and children can experience the h [...]

Madison Miller

In this beginning level reading book, Otto comes to earth and meets lots of new friends However, Otto misses his family and spends much time trying to build his way back home Otto works and works very hard to build a rocket and head back home When it comes time to head back home, Otto says goodbye to all of his friends, and head around the world as his rocket shoots out of control Otto ends up right where he took off, understanding now that his friends on earth are now his family The language wi [...]

Dianna Lin

Go, Otto, Go was such a great book to read, I can see how the young readers will enjoy this cute story The book is about Otto, a robot that makes a spaceship for him to make it home He has his friends, but he misses his family that he wants to go back home The book follows Otto s journey from making the spaceship, to how his journey went as he took off The book is written in short sentences, which will be easy for the readers to read It is also repetitive, so it will most likely help students to [...]


This cute picture book tells the story of a space robot who lands on Earth, and makes new friends However, when he wants to go home on his rocket, he encounters a problem This book is great for students who are just learning to read as it has lots of repetitive words and is phonics based The illustrations also enforce the text, making it easier for students to comprehend the story and learn the words by using the pictures However, I wasn t a fan of the ending It seemed odd that this little robot [...]

Mackenzie Mitchell

Go Otto go is a book that is perfect for beginning readers It explains how Otto goes through his life as a robot He wants to travel to mars where he thinks he is from He builds a spaceship in hopes that will allow him to travel to where he can find his family He tries his absolute best to get off the ground and be able to fly but the spaceship does not last long at all before crashing and breaking down Once the spaceship crashes he find that he has family where he is and does not need to travel [...]

Hannah Eudy

Otto is a robot who longs to see his biological family but is very far away from them He works to build a rocket but falls short, and stays on the planet he is already on He learns that he has his family where he is his friends Another lesson that can be learned is that even if one work hard on a project, sometimes it does not turn out how it was expected The pictures do a great job of conveying what is happening and contribute to the story, but I would have liked the story to be longer as I tho [...]


Go, Otto, Go Is a simple and cute book that follows a robot trying to get home This book is definitely meant for a younger audience The book has one to two words per page, however the illustrations are very detailed and cute I had a big problem with this book I understand it meant for a younger audience however I really didn t like the message at the end Otto is trying to get home so he creates a rocket to get home to his family He doesn t get home and stays where he is at I liked that he found [...]

Daniela Carroll

Go, Otto, Go is about a little robot named Otto who is trying to go home He makes himself a little rocket ship to take him home, but when he tries to take off something goes wrong and he isn t able to leave the planet However, Otto isn t upset because he realizes that he is already home with all of his friends I found the book to be very cute, and I would definitely use the book in a kindergarten class I would use the book for multiple reasons, first I would use it as an easy reader that my stud [...]

Ryan Henry

Go, Otto, Go is a very adorable children s book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it I liked how it was about him wanting to go home and not giving up I enjoyed that there were plenty of words and there were quality illustrations It was written very easy for students to read and is a good book to use for phonics This would definitely be a book that I would use in my classroom The illustrations and writing pair very well together The illustrations especially add so much dimension to the story and [...]

Taylor Madison

Otto tries to build a rocket so he could go home Go,Otto,Go is a good book for beginner readers since there are only a few words per page and they are not complex The illustrations help out as well if the reader does not understand what a word is they can look at the illustrations to figure it out I thought the book was okay and it was a little boring to read since it was really easy However, I would see me using this book in a kindergarten or preschool class to help teach the students about har [...]

Becky B

An easy reader about a robot who builds a rocket to go home, but the rocket doesn t work quite as planned.Easy readers are not known for having much comedy or plot or anything beyond easy to read words This one features some cute and unique illustrations they are done colored woodcut style And the plot has a surprising amount of heart in it s ending, along with some humorous twists and turns getting there It made me smile Gotta keep a look out for Otto books Pick this one up for your favorite l [...]


Go, Otto, Go Is the perfect book for young readers as it has many words and images that reinforce one another This Science fiction picture book is about a Robot named Otto that travels to planet earth and makes many friends but is building a spaceship to get home to his family This picture book has vivid illustrations that capture the readers attention and allow young readers to follow along I would recommend this book for kids just beginning to read, in the Kindergarten level because there a no [...]


This book is adorable It is about a little robot named Otto that is always on the go trying to find his way back home It is a very short book, that has the words Go and Otto as the main words This book is made for very early readers, and would be a great book to have in a kindergarten or first grade classroom I would change the fact that there are only two words predominitely though and granted that was the intent of the author, but I think that that would have made the book even better.

Emma Davis

Otto lives on Earth with all his new friends He loves it there, but he feels that his home is in outer space In this easy read book for young emergent readers, we see lots of repetition, as Otto works to get to his home in space Parents can enjoy teaching their children to read with this book In the end Otto learns that his home is where all of his friends are After Otto sees the world and crash lands back on Earth, he realizes this David Milgrim tells an excellent short story about persistence [...]

Isis Uribe

Summary Otto is a robot that looks for his home in a spaceship that he built He goes to multiple locations until he crash lands and realizes he was home the whole time.Activity For an activity, I could have cutouts of a spaceship and robots for the children to color and decorate how they like and provide a drawing for a representation of Otto s home This could be posted throughout the classroom.Citation Milgrim, D 2016 Go, otto, go Simon Spotlight edition ed Ready to read pre level 1, rising sta [...]


Otto the robot wants to go home In this sweet beginner book Otto finds out his home was where he was all along Home, sweet home I liked this book for beginner readers The word use is appropriate and repetitive The pictures are very vivid and capture emotion The pictures alone are great for engaging students in meta cognitive thinking beyond the text Grades pre k to kindergarten this text is great for working on word building, inference skills, and comprehension skills with meta cognitive thinkin [...]

Sunah Chung

Otto, a robot, builds a rocket to go home After bidding farewell with friends on Earth, Otto is heading to go home Long story short, he comes back home where his friends are on Earth This book is targeted to very young readers Illustrations are simple and clear with short sentence structures Same words and repeated to helping readers guess the meaning of the words For instance, when a robot goes up riding on the rocket, texts are up, up, up When the robot goes down, texts show down, down, down.

Alexis Zappitelli

This story shares the adventures of young robot, Otto in search of going to find his home Its starts off showing Otto looking at a portrait of two older robots with a child Otto also looks through a telescope to what he appears to be his home which leads him to go on the crazy, humorous adventure on his rocket to lead him back home This crazy adventure ends up leading him to nowhere which so happens to be his real home This story has very few words which makes it appropriate for emergent readers [...]


This is definitely not one of my favorite books It s a good book for beginning readers because there are only a few different words throughout the story The story doesn t really have a point It s rather boring The illustrations are fun though They are cartoon like and cute Others may enjoy the story and other stories that David Milgrim wrote about Otto, but I did not I give this book a 2 out of 5 stars because I didn t enjoy the story, but I enjoyed the illustrations.

Jennifer Zamis

GO otto go is a very sweet story about a robot who gets stuck away from home but finds new friends in an unfamiliar place I have read some reviews where readers are unsatisfied with the outcome of the book because of the ending However I believe that it is teaching students that it is okay to make new friends and be comfortable with new surroundings Sometimes change is inevitable and its okay to embrace it I do not believe its teaching students to forget the past.

Maeghan Librarian

Tons of clear, white space for easy reading no distractions immediately around the words Except for two pages where the text is on top of a cream background, the background of each page is literally white Those two cream backgrounds, and one spread with mountains, are the busiest of all the pages in the book, but still pretty readable and nicely arranged.Great repetition throughout, and nice message.

Helen Costulis

Go, Otto, Go is a great beginner reading book The story has great pictures with little words on each page Otto is a alien robot that wants to go back to his home, outer space He builds a jet pack, but it breaks and he returns back to land Although Otto is sad that he is not back home, he is happy with his friends on Earth.

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Go, Otto, Go!