Sep 28, 2022
Scarless & Sacred
Posted by Bethany-Kris

[PDF] Read à Scarless & Sacred : by Bethany-Kris, Scarless & Sacred, Bethany-Kris, Scarless Sacred Secrets and wars leave the deepest scars Evelina Conti has always worn a mask She is an Outfit principessa respected and adored She wasn t allowed to be anything else Her father went from a grieving husband to the Outfit boss and now that Riley heads the family Eve is suffocated than ever No matter how much she hates it the Conti princess still has a role to pSecrets and wars [PDF] Read à Scarless & Sacred : by Bethany-Kris - Scarless & Sacred, Scarless Sacred Secrets and wars leave the deepest scars Evelina Conti has always worn a mask She is an Outfit principessa respected and adored She wasn t allowed to be anything else Her father went from a grieving

  • Title: Scarless & Sacred
  • Author: Bethany-Kris
  • ISBN: 9781988197029
  • Page: 349
  • Format: ebook
[PDF] Read à Scarless & Sacred : by Bethany-Kris, Scarless & Sacred, Bethany-Kris, Scarless Sacred Secrets and wars leave the deepest scars Evelina Conti has always worn a mask She is an Outfit principessa respected and adored She wasn t allowed to be anything else Her father went from a grieving husband to the Outfit boss and now that Riley heads the family Eve is suffocated than ever No matter how much she hates it the Conti princess still has a role to pSecrets and wars

[PDF] Read à Scarless & Sacred : by Bethany-Kris - Scarless & Sacred, Scarless Sacred Secrets and wars leave the deepest scars Evelina Conti has always worn a mask She is an Outfit principessa respected and adored She wasn t allowed to be anything else Her father went from a grieving

S.M. West

5 Madness Most Discreet STARSThis entire series is one big power play and I love it The third book in this series is Theo DeLuca and Evelina Conti s story While all is quiet and it appears as though things are settling down within the Chicago Outfit, it s really the calm before the storm The war is not over and the power struggle for the big boss man s seat is still very much in play as jealousy, greed and violence continues to breed and fester among the ranks.If I had to sum this book up, I cou [...]

Sasha elle a.k.a. Mrs. Liam Callahan!

4.5 I like it rough Nutella jars Flirty eyes and sensual touches , this game they played was just the beginning The tables have turned and someone new is ruling will they find each other before the war makes them do something foolish yes I m a rhyming legend Evelina Conti or Principessa had been playing her part for a long time and now at the age of 22 she was getting tired of wearing her mask especially when a certain Devlish DeLuca starts whispering such sweet nothing into her ears When it cam [...]


My 1st 5 star for 2016 Yay No one in this life walked around scarless I m so glad to be back with the Outfit, although they seems to be the most messy bunch of mafia with non stop political agenda, back stabbing, and whatnot It also seems like in all 4 books of The Chicago War series the heroes and heroines are all within the Outfit families From the sound of it, it might be a recipe for repetitiveness because most of them have the same dilemma, but Bethany Kris manage to make each story unique [...]


5 STARS Ok I have to start by saying THEO, THEO, THEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWow that man was just SO SEXY The things I would let that man do Family was sacred Something pure, something that should have been held close and protected at all costs Something untouchable something loved So SS is about Evelina Conti and Theo DeLuca s story.What an amazing couple they were together.Really liked that we got to read how their relationship developed and why Theo was the way he was Especially liked that we got to le [...]


4,25 STARS In this life, family is the most important thing, which I think you already know But what you might not realize is that the family are also the people who make up the life you choose Running from those people when they have no one will stand for them means you are leaving them behind, and with it goes any honor you left.Theo DeLuca is wanted dead I am not kidding He barely survive this time Let s start from beginning After reading Deathless Divided I accidentally on purpose skipped Ad [...]


Scarless Sacred, The Chicago War 3 is live Theo DeLuca Evelina Conti I thought you didn t want to be the princess any I m just waiting to take off the tiara And burn it, Theo muttered I ll let you light the fire Eve, you already did Releasing Monday, January 11th 2016Live at the following vendors Scarless Sacred iTunes itunesle us book id10Kobo kobo ca en ebook scarBarnes Noble barnesandnoble w scarlARC signups forms d 1bt64 Because I like my coffee how I like my sex Harsh, hot, and [...]

Elfina Renee

That s right just slide another bullet into the chamber Do you feel it, the cool metal heating in the palm of your hand Can you hear the metallic sound as the round goes in No that s not your imagination playing tricks on you, that s the incredible talents of Bethany Kris bringing this five star mafia read to life Some would say Theo Deluca is broken, despite his past he s not He ll use every jagged edge to carve out a spot proving he s the cure Others will say he makes the perfect patsy, how hi [...]


BLOODY HELL, Bethany How do you do this I am just in awe this is even better than theok, well definitely close to itpolitics beyond measure of comprehention, hidden agendas, secret plots in murderd an unlikely love affair that will blow your body, mind and soul.Theo Deluca and Evelina Conti, unconventional players started out as supposed pawns and the means of sacrifice in the brutal mafia war, but the changes would set their own course as the insinuated pawns learn the rules fast and turn them [...]


4 Family StarsGobsmacked Seriously Every time I finish a book in this series I am utterly gobsmacked at the twist and turns the story takes The relationships in The Outfit are so complex and constantly changing that I m left with my mouth hanging open about half way through each time Scarless Sacred was no different Evelina Conti, Adriano s sister from book 2, is the daughter of The Under Boss who s become The Outfit Boss since the war has ravaged The Family She s always been expected to be seen [...]


4.25 stars I was so scared to start this book Thank you Radmila for your fantastic review, which made me read it You are the best So, why was I scared I didn t like heroine or hero in first two books.And I thought, that they will make this book terrible But, God, how big fool am I It is Bethany Kris One of my favourite authors She wrote Russian Guns and Filthy Marcellos With great series like that, why would this one be different Never again I will doubt you,Bethany Never again.But, back on the [...]


Brilliant Just brilliant and such a close second to Adriano and Alessa s book which was beyond fantastic I keep on gushing about BK s characters and again she excelled with Theo and Eve I love that she gives each character their perfect partner, warts and all.Love love LOVE this series so hard.

Anesha †Curious & Obsessive Bookworm†

Theo and Evelina s story _ Yes Since book 1 The torture I had to endure The looks, the little mentions that gave me pause It was gonna happen It was just the wait.Reeling this read in with FIVE Endless SACREDLY Blazing STARS When his tongue snaked out to wet his lips and his hands slide across the steering wheel smoothly to take another turn, Evelina s throat went dry He handled his car easily, like he was holding onto feathers when in fact, the Stingray had one hell of an engine under the hood [...]


5 STARS This was amazing This was one of the best reads I ve had in a while This was so fucking good I cannot form words to describe how much I enjoyed every aspect of the story the characters even the complex ones , the action, the relationships, the romance Everything I bloody cried in some part and was really emotional in others I wanted to crack someone s head open and I wanted to hug someone too So many conflicting emotions So it s been decided that this books is one of my top reads by Ms B [...]


5 Beauty always was a little dirty Stars Since my opinion on top is out of the way lets get started ARC graciously provide by the author for an honest review Scarless Scared is by far my favorite book in the series We continue with the issues inside the Outfit and start to make sense of everything that is happening and why it s happening Theo is the a man that looks out for himself He is number one, no one takes care of him but him He hides himself well, but also gets thrown into being the scape [...]


Well I liked this one but my fav always will be DamianThis story is about Theo and Evelina and every story from Bethany is unique so is this.I feel like there was too much going on at some point and I was lost but if you like mafia and hot alpha male try this

Varied Books

5 super I was completely engrossed stars 3rd book in a 4 book Mafia series Each book features a different main couple He Theo was so in love with this woman Eve Because she didn t give a damn about his monsters, and she wasn t out to chase them away She didn t think he was broken She didn t fix him like someone else might try to My love for this book is for than just the romance between the MC My favorite couple is still Adriano and Alessa from the 2nd book I really liked Theo Eve and felt thei [...]


No one in this life walked around scarless Wow just wow Bethany Kris, you are incredible I ve been following this series since the first book came out Ever since, I get excited waiting for the release of another one.What got me drawn to this series in the first place was the beautiful cover You know the saying right Never judge a book by its cover well, this series is as good as the cover itself.With every book it got better and better and whenever I see that coming soon page, I start counting d [...]


4.5 stars




4 Harsh, hot, and a little bit of pain STARS No one in this life walked around scarless.Wow, esto si que es mafia Tengo sentimientos encontrados por este libro Por un lado me encanta toda la intriga, manipulacion y secretos que se manejan en esta guerra de poder Pero por otro lado creo que la autora se enfoco mas en la guerra que en la historia de amor Los 2 libros anteriores tuvieron un balance entre la guerra y el romance, pero aqui la historia de amor quedo en segundo plano, es mas casi no ha [...]


5 Stars Have you ever started reading a book and you wished to never finish it in the good way of course Yup this is the case with this one In my review i will NOT tell you almost anything about the plot, or i will not reveal you any spoiler just because i do believe that each and everyone should read this one To begin with, in case you want a book about organized crime and romance this is the one for you It is really well written and most of all it feels real Reading the book you get the feelin [...]


Ever since I reached that paragraph in chapter five, a question continued to haunt me for the rest of the book.Serena s black Mercedeswhat black Mercedes Didn t Damian turned that into scrap metalNow I m good They re killing whoever gets in the way without a thought because of greed and misplaced loyalty The Outfit had cut too many scars into the people they called family, especially Theo and his older brother Dino A little rough around the edges Cold in his heart Bloodthirsty on the streets and [...]


4.5 starsAnother great book in the Chicago Wars series The plot had plenty of surprising twist and turns and I can t wait for the final book Breathless Bloodstained The romance was hot but I wouldn t say it was the main focus of the storyline HEA view spoiler HFN hide spoiler Cheating OW OM view spoiler No cheating or OW OM But there is a fake arranged engagement by the heroine s father who is the head of the mafia to another man Also it is implied that hero was a manwhore but I am not sure if i [...]

Spoiler Whore of Pettysburg

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4.5 Rules Breaking Stars Received an arc by the generous Bethany Kris for an honest review She did it again people Another amazing story, another amazing couple, another amazing book Once again, we are thrust straight into the heart of The Chicago War And,in the midst of it all, Theo Deluca and Evelina Conti find each other.To say that Theo is a complicated character is an understatement While reading the first two books, he has somehow flown under my radar, but with this book he came at me full [...]

Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*

This series just sucks me in deeper to the outfit and the I read about these characters the I realise that no one is safe, no one can be trusted.This is the story of Evelina Conti Theo De Lucca Like the previous book in this series, they are a couple who are not meant to be, a match between them would not be seen as a favourable one by her father or the outfit Evelina is tired of being a principessa and wants to be her own person, live her own life away from the expectations of her father.Evel [...]


Full 5 stars And once again, the author has outdone herself, this book was even better than the previous ones The hero and heroine were great characters, I loved them both very much The couple of the second book is still my favorite though The story was very well written, with lots of action and suspense, it was fantastic The author has a great talent to make her characters come alive, even if she sacrifices some interesting persons along the way, of whom I wish they somehow would have gotten th [...]

Ari Reavis

I couldn t read this book fast enough It was awesome, as usual Theo has a place in my heart for the way he tried to get Eve for years I felt so bad that he was being used as a scapegoat for the Outfit s problems, but I definitely liked the outcome of him figuring out who was doing what Eve evolved from the princess who followed the rules to the girl who was willing to risk it all to get what she wanted Lots of action and manipulating The sex was veryyyyy hot Theo likes his sex with just a little [...]


Bethany Kris does it again She delivers great characters, action, drama, suspense, romance, and angst within the criminal brotherhood focused in Chicago To date, this is my favorite book of The Chicago War series I loved the emotionally charged ride and not knowing who would remain alive before I read to the end of the book The plot centers around made man Theo DeLuca and Evelina Conti, daughter of the Chicago Outfit boss This story continues on where Reckless and Ruined left offs, amongst the d [...]


This series just keeps getting better This story is Theo and Evelina s, and we get some background into what Theo and Dino went through as children The Chicago war is still raging on, and no one knows who to trust or whose side to be on Evelina has been the perfect mafia princess her whole life, and Theo has been a rule breaker throughout his When their paths collide, they find themselves trying to figure out how these two very different personalities can align, but it s not as difficult as they [...]

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Scarless & Sacred