Sep 22, 2021
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[PDF] Swaying | by õ Lucinda Blanchard, Swaying, Lucinda Blanchard, Swaying Charlotte has one desire in life she wants a daughter But you can t choose what you have can you Desire soon turns to obsession as Charlotte embarks on a difficult and controversial journey to sway the odds to have a girl How far is she prepared to go and at what cost [PDF] Swaying | by õ Lucinda Blanchard - Swaying, Swaying Charlotte has one desire in life she wants a daughter But you can t choose what you have can you Desire soon turns to obsession as Charlotte embarks on a difficult and controversial journey to sway th

  • Title: Swaying
  • Author: Lucinda Blanchard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Swaying | by õ Lucinda Blanchard, Swaying, Lucinda Blanchard, Swaying Charlotte has one desire in life she wants a daughter But you can t choose what you have can you Desire soon turns to obsession as Charlotte embarks on a difficult and controversial journey to sway the odds to have a girl How far is she prepared to go and at what cost

[PDF] Swaying | by õ Lucinda Blanchard - Swaying, Swaying Charlotte has one desire in life she wants a daughter But you can t choose what you have can you Desire soon turns to obsession as Charlotte embarks on a difficult and controversial journey to sway th

Maxine (Booklover Catlady)

Wow What a tremendously good first novel and it has a special place on my list this year It s my 222nd book read and reviewed which was my book read target for 2016 It deserves a special spot too It is also in my list of shortlisted books for my Top Ten Books of 2016.This book impacted me emotionally in a big way Oh boy What a roller coaster of feelings as I journeyed side by side with the characters in this special book.I felt anger, disgust, frustration, shock, worry, sadness, grief, fear, sur [...]

Mary Grand

A deeply emotional and well written novel that tackles a controversial subject with great insight and sensitivity Ms Blanchard has woven extensive research into a highly readable and gripping novel It is a real page turner and despite being a journey into a world of obsession and extremes , it is highly readable and engaging throughout Highly recommend and eagerly await this author s next book.

Vikki Patis

Gender swaying is not something I ve ever come across before Not wanting children is probably largely to blame, but I imagine it s also a very taboo subject Surely parents don t really care whether they have a boy or a girl They re only happy that their child is healthy, right Well, no Asking myself the hypothetical question which would you prefer, boy or girl , my answer would be a very firm girl I d hate to raise a boy But, since your chances are 50 50, what can you do to put the odds in your [...]

Richard Gardner

A fascinating and well researched novel A woman who is desperate for her next baby to be a girl explores various methods to achieve her goal Her desire however, becomes so obsessive that it begins to take over her whole life At one point it just becomes too much for her long suffering husband The subject is certainly controversial but the author manages to tackle it with great sensitivity Highly recommended.


Please let it be a princess Princess Princess Princess British author Lucinda Blanchard was born, raised and still lives on the Isle of Wight where in addition to caring for her family she enjoys backpacking around Australia SWAYING is her debut novel Selecting a controversial topic on which to build a first novel indicates a young author with courage and creativity Swaying deserves defining before reading this fine novel From the Internet we read, The truth about swaying is that there is a scie [...]

Joan Ellis

HEART STOPPINGThis book will stay with you for a very long time A mother longs for a daughter to complete her family But Mother Nature has other ideas Time for some scientific intervention But we re talking real lives, real emotions here Nothing is certain, nothing is clear cut A tense, taut read Climb aboard the emotional roller coaster It s heart stopping

Vanessa Wester

I have just finished reading this and I feel emotionally drainedWhen I first found out about this book, I had my reservations about reading it, since I knew it would hit a sore nerve However, since I had met the author at the local library and I saw it on a KDP Countdown deal for only 99p I thought I d give it a go.Now, I have to say up front this is a very hard review to write I know that getting a review that is a 3 may be considered by many authors to be a failure BUT let s be clear that this [...]

Caroline Vincent - Bits about Books

In her 2015 debut novel Lucinda Blanchard boldly addresses the controversial subject of gender swaying, trying to ensure the birth of a gender desired baby, by taking all sorts of precautions There even are online forums for disappointed mothers, desperately longing for their preferred baby boy or girl.We meet Charlotte Char as Char enters the last term of her first pregnancy Anxious to have a daughter of her own, she s dreading the thought of having a baby boy However as it turns out, a ovely a [...]

Patsy Collins

This book was a selection in a book club I ve just joined and I wasn t entirely sure if I d like it Not having kids myself I didn t expect to care much for a character desperate to have a girl rather than a boy I found I did care about her though Not so much about which sex her babies were, but about her physical and emotional health and about her relationships with her family and friends.Serious issues aree raised in the book and some terribly sad things happen, but overall this isn t a grim or [...]

Sophie Bristow Harris

This was quite an interesting yet somewhat depressing read The main character is absolutely obsessed with having a baby in the gender of her choice She completely alienates her husband and then wonders why he does what he did, but then by the end of the book she appears to forgive his unforgivable behaviour.There were some comedy moments in this book, but also some quite mood dampening scenes too I was pretty glad to finish this and go onto a uplifting read.

Fran Heath

Swaying is a well researched take on a controversial subject Gender disappointment is a real issue for many people The story is at times funny, and at times moving, but is constantly entertaining.

Jena Henry

Swaying is the debut novel for the author Well written, captivating, well plotted and paced, with full and rich characters it s everything readers want in a book The cover is amazing Whether readers are interested in the topic is a different matter To some, swaying may be controversial Other people may see swaying as a natural option Swaying may also be seen to be a farce, a rip off Some readers may see the heroine, Charlotte as plucky, brave and determine Once again, other readers may find Char [...]


I can t exactly pinpoint what exactly it was that intrigued me about Swaying, but I was intrigued nonetheless If you ve read any of my other book reviews, then you know that this isn t my usual genre However, I really did want to read this book Not only because it was written by an author I ve now gotten to know, but also because it was on a topic that I d never heard of To be honest, I had no idea that swaying was even a thing, or that there were people that genuinely dealt with gender disappoi [...]

Amanda Sayer

This was a free book I picked up from I had never even heard of the Author and now I am left wondering why I really enjoyed this book, it was easy to read, the characters were relatable and it was about a subject that I hadn t really thought about before I didn t know gender swaying existed really before I read this book but the way the book is written it is obvious that Chars desperate for a baby girl If you get the chance to read this then do You won t regret it.


Swaying, for those not familiar with reproductive terminology, is a term used to mean swaying the odds of having a baby of the sex you want in your favour Writing a novel about such a very controversial and emotive subject is an extremely brave move Battle lines are likely to be drawn up on both sides of the argument and very strong opinions declared This is not a novel for the faint hearted The author, having meticulously researched the subject, wades courageously into a sea of strife and does [...]


Swaying is the moving story of one woman s fixation to have a baby girl.Charlotte Char is pregnant and is desperately hoping for a little girl, so when baby Luke makes his entrance into the world she s secretly devastated When she finds an online support group for other mothers who are disappointed with the gender of their babies it opens up a whole new world for her to explore Topics such as gender disappointment, swaying, diets and what can only be described as diy science experiments quickly [...]

Jo Sorrell

Just when you think you ve read every story plot there is to read, along comes Swaying Swaying means in once instance to influence a person or course of action In this case Charlotte and Ian want to start their family Char becomes pregnant and she really REALLY wants a girl She researches to see if there are measures to be taken that would sway her odds to having a girl Well, according to web searches, blogs and communicating on sites with other mothers who have this same desire, there is The pr [...]

Sarah Dahl

The author explores what an obsession in this case about the gender of her unborn child can do to a woman, her relationships, and life choices It is well written but I couldn t connect with the topic, and found her motivation, where her obsession stems from, unclear A theme like gender obsession has to split the readership into those able to relate and probably liking the story, which is the inner journey of the narrator , and those who can t Controversial topics can t please every reader, and y [...]

Kim Walton

Southside Book and Writers Club book of the monthThis book was hard for me to read and much harder for me to review Swaying deals with a mother s wants and needs, concerning the sex of thier child The man character Char, went through great lengths to conceive a girl, even thinking about terminating a pregnancy because the sex of the child was not what she wanted.Charlotte was obsessed with wanting a girl, this obession ruined her marriage and almost destroyed her life For readers who are interes [...]


As a woman who was challenged in the realms of fertility herself I have PCOS I found this book s main character a bit annoying and selfish at times, but I think that this says about my own journey and feelings about children than anything else I personally think you should be grateful for any children you have, regardless of sex, but I had two boys, which I wanted, so maybe I would have felt differently had I been expecting a girl This book is controversial, well researched and very interesting [...]

Phyllis Goodwin

Though historical fiction is my favourite genre, I was drawn to this book by the Cover and the sub title Once I started reading I was hooked and wanted to learn about the outcome It opened my eyes to the dubious advice on this and other subjects on the internet and how gullible people can be manipulated.It is funny and sad in places but the author shows us a deeper, frightening thread of how an obsession can destroy our relationships and in some cases can lead to disaster The book is well writte [...]


I actually don t know how to rate this novel On one hand, I read it practically all in one sitting when I dedicated time to it but at the same time I think it was to get it out of the way Charlotte, the female protagonist, was annoying and I genuinely don t know how someone didn t slap her to her senses The husband in my eyes deserved a medal Honestly, the writing style was ridiculous Huge chunks of time passed without any real clue until she told you the ages of the kids Personally I wouldn t r [...]

Angela Rigley

I agreed to read Swaying in exchange for a review even though it is not my usual genre I did not realise swaying existed and am impressed by the amount of research the author must have done Charlotte s obsession with wanting a daughter rules her life and you wonder if she will ever succeed, or if her husband will put up with her fixation on using all the different methods she learns about The dialogue flows well, leading the reader on to hoping all ends well A good read.

Lel Skokan

Great This book is great Nut only did it give me ideas on gender swaying but it also made me feel less alone in wanting a daughter It s also a great read on how to be thankful for what you have I like the style of the writing and how long the book is, it s not super short like many others I find for kindle.

E Wiltshire

Could not put it downWhat a fab book Could not put it down It played like a film in my minds eye It took me on a rollercoaster of emotions, something a book hasn t done for a long time


Lots of ReflectionThe author did a great job with the storyline Regardless of how you felt about the subject or characters, you wanted to keep reading to see how this madness would end Overall, an interesting read.

Alison Scheppel

An interesting read The reality of the situation was well summed up in the book Ending a bit disappointing as I felt the issues were resolved too quickly, but otherwise a good, easy flowing read.

Louise Malyan

A very thought provoking book that brings out a range of emotions and at times inner conflict Very well written, characters easy to follow and relate to.


Deeply rooted in a tragedy that happened in the past, this novel is about the urgent desire for Charlotte to mother a daughter She has always dreamed of becoming a mother a mother to a baby girl She has dreamed of their closeness and of the girly things they would do together, just like her mother and she had done She really wanted to perpetuate the female line than anything Happily married and ready for motherhood, she becomes obsessed with trying to shorten the odds of giving birth to a son t [...]


I was shocked to read this was the author s debut novel I loved this book As much as I read it is difficult to find a story that is unique and interesting, but this one was definitely both I read a lot of mystery suspense novels but have been in the mood for something concerning families, relationships and the complicated issues that we all deal with on a daily basis Those issues vary so from person to person which is why I find them so interesting This was definitely one of those books Not an [...]

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