Jul 04, 2022
Shadow Rites
Posted by Faith Hunter

[PDF] Shadow Rites | by ↠ Faith Hunter, Shadow Rites, Faith Hunter, Shadow Rites Slaying vampires is child s play for skinwalker Jane Yellowrock But handling the complicated politics of New Orleans supernatural players is another storyJane is keeping the peace between visiting groups of witches and vamps in the city but then trouble comes knocking on her doorstep When her house is magically attacked the wild chase to find her assailants unearthSlaying vampires i [PDF] Shadow Rites | by ↠ Faith Hunter - Shadow Rites, Shadow Rites Slaying vampires is child s play for skinwalker Jane Yellowrock But handling the complicated politics of New Orleans supernatural players is another storyJane is keeping the peace between visiting gro

  • Title: Shadow Rites
  • Author: Faith Hunter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Shadow Rites | by ↠ Faith Hunter, Shadow Rites, Faith Hunter, Shadow Rites Slaying vampires is child s play for skinwalker Jane Yellowrock But handling the complicated politics of New Orleans supernatural players is another storyJane is keeping the peace between visiting groups of witches and vamps in the city but then trouble comes knocking on her doorstep When her house is magically attacked the wild chase to find her assailants unearthSlaying vampires i

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[PDF] Shadow Rites | by ↠ Faith Hunter - Shadow Rites, Shadow Rites Slaying vampires is child s play for skinwalker Jane Yellowrock But handling the complicated politics of New Orleans supernatural players is another storyJane is keeping the peace between visiting gro


4.65 Another Wednesday UF group hunting expedition with Beast I don t know how she does it Faith Hunter has developed this series to a level where she really has to screw something badly in order for her books to get any rating lower than 4 from me She knows how to keep us on our toes and this time we hit the ground running Starting with a bang, Jane was in trouble almost from the first page and this time it was evil magic This did not bode well for the plans for a peace treaty the Master Vampir [...]

Marta Cox

I m writing an early review so will be careful just how much I say This the tenth book sees Jane moving on with her life and finally giving George aka Bruiser a chance I m not sure that she s ready for the l word but she is trying to heal from past hurts and the feelings of mistrust Now this wouldn t be a Jane Yellowrock book if the suspense and action didn t drive it and boy is this such an intense ride Jane is still an Enforcer working for Master of the City Leo but as this story begins there [...]


Expectations of the MOC More of the MOC with Jane, and not in a I m playing matchmaker, don t mind me kind of way More of the Youngers.More of epic battle A different kind of battle between Rick and his despicable ass and Jane s foot Same for his girlfriend More awesomeness coming from Beast REAL REVIEW TIME I try not to spoil, but I do not garantee, so maybe finish the book first okay All right, so I finished SR a few days ago, but I wasn t calm enough to write a review right after Not sure I [...]

Robin (Bridge Four)

This is one of the creepier Jane books, I say that because Jane is seeing magical eyes in people s hands and I don t know about you but I totally find that completely creeptastic, in an I m watching you kind of way.I liked this book than most of the books of this series because there was a lot of action happening all the time Plus Molly and Evan come to town with the kids and Angelina is probably equal parts adorable and scary all at the same time The developments with her character in this lea [...]


Book 10 in the seriesJane Yellowrock is the Enforcer for New Orleans under Master Leo Witches and vampires are talking about possible peace but there are always malcontents and Jane is the one to fester them out The witches are early and mysterious leaving something to ponder in their wake There is a long dead master vamp that isn t as dead as everyone thought Jane is up to her neck once again, but she does it well with snarls and snark.Jane s romantic life has been rough, but she is on the mend [...]

Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)

I almost gave this book 3 stars because that was probably my enjoyment level However when stacked against other 3 star books, this one is far superior This was never one of my favorite series However, I enjoy the Native American aspect and some of the side characters Our h has grown a lot and becoming of a character I like As much as I hate the author for butchering my Rickybo into someone I can t like, I m glad our h has a steady guy now Anyway, I will keep listening to this series.


Click Banner to Enter Giveaway Ends 4 5 2016 There is a tour wide giveaway for 1 complete set of the Jane Yellowrock series all 10 novels , plus one 100 or Barnes Noble gift card Blog Giveaway 1 copy print of SHADOW RITES by Faith HunterJane once again is caught up in a magical mystery There has been random magical attacks made against Jane s household and spells placed on powerful allies that cause them to randomly attack Jane and her crew must unravel the mysterious magic users plot before the [...]


Dare I hope that visiting vampires means April, 2016.


The action starts immediately in Shadow Rites, book 10 of the Jane Yellowrock series A magical attack on her house throws Jane into high gear as she tries to find and fight the two witches who are responsible before the Witch Conclave happens to avoid it turning into a major disaster Jane has fought magic users before however it seems that a lot of residual magic has built up in her body causing some issues So this fun new complication related to all the whammies Jane has sustained from previous [...]

Katie Michaels

4.5 StarsEvery time I pick up another book in this series, I remember all the things that make it awesome From the amazing characters, to the fantastic world building to the dense storytelling and non stop action I didn t want to put it down It was a great ride from beginning to end.The story centers around Jane s efforts to prepare for the big meeting between the vampires and witches That would be bad enough, but something or someone is targeting Jane with magic What seems at first just a scan, [...]


This is a Shadow Rites Review based on an advance reader copy provided in exchange for a fair review Book release on April 5, 2016.I spent a couple of weeks trying to write an intelligent and witty review for this phenomenal book before coming to the inescapable conclusion that I m by far a much better reader than I am a writer So, I think I will just tell you why I liked this book so much, and why I think you, dear reader, absolutely MUST give it a try.The publisher s description of the story i [...]

Douglas Meeks

Once again I find myself enjoying a book but trying to figure out if it was really 5 Star materiel or not I LOVE this series and Jane may be the most seriously scary heroine in the genre but while Dark Heir left me breathless, this one was not up to that level it seemed to me.This book while action oriented as all the books in this series are, concentrated a bit on the interpersonal relationships between all the people in Jane s life than past novels While this really was something that was ne [...]

Maria Dimitrova

Buddy read with the Wednesday UF Group Or maybe I should say Thursday since lately we ve been starting late snarls Beast like Stupid real life Jane Yellowrock is one of those series that slowly grows on you and gets better with time There s an improvement of both plot and characters throughout the series with a couple of slower and generally lower quality books here and there and it nicely prepares the reader for this instalment Shadow Rites starts with a bang and from the very first encounter w [...]

Rachel V.

The Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter is one of those rare series where each book is better than the last Shadow Rites starts out immediately with action The witches are back in this one with some new ones stirring up a lot of trouble Jane has a lot on her hands with getting ready for the European Vampire visit and she doesn t need the added stress of evil witches casting deadly spells but that s what she gets I think Jane is finally getting used to the fact that she now has family, a lot o [...]

Iris (Paranormal Cravings Book Reviews)

Rec ARC from publisher for review pcbookreviewsI think the balance is right then in the previous books I love the mystery, action, interaction with the family and drama don t get me wrong but I do enjoy some sort of romance in my books In this edition you can expect of the MOC with Jane, of the Youngers and of course of from Beast.This is the tenth novel of the Jane Yellowrock Series and this series is still going strong I received this ARC copy of Shadow Rites in exchange for a honest revie [...]

Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

At A Glance So much black magic and brink of death scenes Loved The Good How many ways can I say that I love the kits Angie Baby and Little Evan are my favorite characters So freaking creepy and cute at the same time Angie Baby scares the crap out of me but how can you ever look at that angel face and not love her Too much power for a little girl you say, bah So she makes you go to sleep with a simple thought Who cares So she can take out every witch, vampire, and supernatural creature around by [...]


This counts towards my 2016 Cliterary Genius A to Z book challenge Letter s.


Hello Bruiser and Jane It s been far too long Shadow Rites picks up shortly after the last book and doesn t come to play nicely Jane and Beast are still rattled from their electrifying jolt , and are having issues reconnecting But, in true style, the bad guys aren t going to wait for her to be 100% before knocking on her door like demented girl scouts trying to sell poisoned cookies Jane and company are about to face some evil of a far greater level than they could have ever expected, her myster [...]


rating 3 stars The first book in the jane yellowrock series I have given a 3 star for a long time After all the hype and expectation, this book was a major disappointment Oh the plot was brilliant though inane and not what the readers had expected or wanted At this point I won t give any spoilers but you ll see for yourselves what I mean This book was just a filler for whats to come next, a kind of pause between the hot and heavy action that occured in the preceding book and the figurative shit [...]

Jennifer Reed

I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest ReviewADOW RITES is a magical, explosive, action packed ride In each book Jane grows as a character and in power Jane and Eli are busy getting ready for the European Mithran to come to town Now they have another threat in New Orleans Somebody is using magic against Jane and the rest of the Vampires During the search for this witch, they find the vampire, Ming Zoya of Mearkanis, who they thought was dead During this search, Jane is knocke [...]


Book InfoMass Market Paperback, 368 pagesExpected publication April 5th 2016 by RocOriginal Title Shadow Rites Jane Yellowrock, 10 ISBN 0451465970 ISBN13 9780451465979 Edition Language EnglishSeries Jane Yellowrock 10Other Editions 1 Source Netgalley EARCBook Buy LinksBNBOOK SYNOPSISJane Yellowrock has her hands full in the latest novel in the New York Timesbestselling series that captures the essence of urban fantasy SF Site.Slaying vampires is child s play for skinwalker Jane Yellowrock But ha [...]


5 Stars I know it s only January but I foresee Shadow Rites as being a 2016 favorite pick Outstanding Full review to follow closer to the release date.The Jane Yellowrock Series is in my top 5 of all Urban Fantasy It s also one of the top series I recommend to everyone.What I liked Well, absolutely everything I loved this series from the very beginning but Ms Hunter has made it better and better with each new book novella This series has so much going on in each installment but, Jane Beast is on [...]

Anne - Books of My Heart

This review was originally posted at The Book Nympho I love the Jane Yellowrock series and Faith Hunter is an awesome person I love Eli He is the bestest brother EVER I enjoy Jane s ability to piss off Leo and when she orders him around Just saying.The last few books I kept thinking we would see the European vampires and waiting for it Instead, Jane is learning and growing She needed this time, and so did Leo, to make and better preparations This book is a step forward in their readiness It was [...]


This was a well done continuation of the Jane Yellowrock series I enjoyed most of the book, although at times all the strange different magical energies Jane is dealing is getting to be a bit too much just confusing and nothing ever seems to be resolvedjust added to This book is mainly about the witches and vampires in New Orleans coming to some sort of accord It was a good read, but also a bit long at times I think the pacing was a bit off and the story covered a very short time frame which mad [...]


I received this books as an ARC This is book 10 of the Jane Yellowrock series In Oder to enjoy this series fully start with book one SkinwalkerJane is preparing for the Witch Conclave and trying to solve the mystery of who is attacking her and her family She works for the Master vampire Leo Pellesour as his enforcer This is a series where we get to see Jane learn about her gifts, her interaction with vampires, witches, humans, werewolves and other supernats.


I received an advanced copy of this book form NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The Jane Yellowrock books just keep getting better and better Her family expands, she battles evil forces outside and inside herself and becomes stronger for it I always look forward to the next installment.

nikkia neil

Thanks Berkley Publishing Group and netgalley for this ARC.Finally we get some real bonding in this awesome new Yellowrock book I love this series and it keeps my attention still.


4.5 5 starsThis was a great addition to the Jane Yellowrock series Jane is doing pretty well and growing her business with the Younger brothers Things are going good between Jane and Bruisereir relationship isn t forefront to the story but it s in there enough to let you know that things are proceeding well between them Thankfully, although there s a brief phone convo with him, Rick doesn t show up in this book and good riddance.Jane is very busy trying to get things prepared for a conclave betw [...]


I m so glad we have two spin off Nell books to tide us over until Jane I NEED MORE JANE.

Sheyla ✎

Fantastic Shadow Rites is another awesome book in the series It was exciting Full of intrigue The politics between witches and vampires are becoming super important, since Leo needs to make some alliances before the European vamps come to town Jane is in charge of the security for the next witches conclave meeting but someone doesn t want this to happen Jane is magically attacked at home Of course, this happens multiple times through the book She has no idea who s behind it but she s able to pie [...]

  • [PDF] Shadow Rites | by ↠ Faith Hunter
    115 Faith Hunter
Shadow Rites