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Healed By Love
Posted by Melissa Foster

[PDF] Healed By Love | by ☆ Melissa Foster, Healed By Love, Melissa Foster, Healed By Love HEALED BY LOVE is a USA TODAY BESTSELLERIn HEALED BY LOVE Nate Braden has loved his best friend s younger sister Jewel for as long as he can remember but between their age difference and his respect for Rick he s always kept his feelings at bay Now he s back in Peaceful Harbor and Jewel is no longer sixteen years old but there s an even bigger obstacle standing inHEALED BY LOVE i [PDF] Healed By Love | by ☆ Melissa Foster - Healed By Love, Healed By Love HEALED BY LOVE is a USA TODAY BESTSELLERIn HEALED BY LOVE Nate Braden has loved his best friend s younger sister Jewel for as long as he can remember but between their age difference and his respect

  • Title: Healed By Love
  • Author: Melissa Foster
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[PDF] Healed By Love | by ☆ Melissa Foster, Healed By Love, Melissa Foster, Healed By Love HEALED BY LOVE is a USA TODAY BESTSELLERIn HEALED BY LOVE Nate Braden has loved his best friend s younger sister Jewel for as long as he can remember but between their age difference and his respect for Rick he s always kept his feelings at bay Now he s back in Peaceful Harbor and Jewel is no longer sixteen years old but there s an even bigger obstacle standing inHEALED BY LOVE i

[PDF] Healed By Love | by ☆ Melissa Foster - Healed By Love, Healed By Love HEALED BY LOVE is a USA TODAY BESTSELLERIn HEALED BY LOVE Nate Braden has loved his best friend s younger sister Jewel for as long as he can remember but between their age difference and his respect


Nate Braden has been in love with his best friend, Rick s, sister for years But he never made his move because at first she was too young and then he was enlisted in the military so he didn t want to tell her how he felt before he returned, too afraid he wouldn t return from war But his dream of finally telling Jewel the truth died the day Rick was killed during a routine mission he had ordered But Nate had promised Rick that he would take care of his family and that is what Nate intends to die [...]


I did try to finsh it because I used to love friends to lovers stories However, the repeat of their internal struggle was too much.

Catherine (The Sassy Bookster)

Nate Braden has always been in love with his best friend Rick s younger sister, but he would never break the bro code, so he s kept silent about his feelings Just when he s ready to come clean about his feelings for Jewel, tragedy strikes and he s left with a lost opportunity and a guilt that overshadows everything else It s been two years and Nate has left the military to return to Peaceful Harbor, Maryland and help with the family business while he figures out his future and he ll be checking [...]

Ren nerdychampagne

I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI m in love I m dying in love Character development at its finest I m in love.YOU CAN ALSO READ MY REVIEW since a few days ago but well AT NERDYCHAMPAGNEThis is my first Melissa Foster book mainly because I haven t read the other two in my Kindle and those have been there since, like, forever I m sorry.Let me make this review short.It s short, lovely and romantic and sweet and quiet First off, the characters were beautifully flawed Sometimes, whe [...]

Rosie Amber

Healed By Love is from the Love in Bloom series and is 13 of The Bradens These books can all be read as stand alone books, so don t worry that you need to start with book 1 in any of the series which branch off from this.Melissa Foster s books are easy read hot romances, with sexy men, strong women and HEA endings In this book we meet Nate Braden, a 27 year old ex soldier with a huge bucket load of guilt and a long standing secret love for his best friend s sister.Jewel Fisher is 22 She works at [...]


On the one hand, this was a sweet ok, treacly romance with well developed characters that you ve read a thousand times before , and a conflict that drove the story using mostly whiny inner monologues On the other, it was an over written, under edited pastiche of the genre I m being too hard on this book, but Jewel was unbearable Nate s only flaw was misplaced guilt, so he was kind of boring But final straw for me was that the conflict could have been solved on page 2 if everyone involved had act [...]


Nate has been in love with his best friends daughter, Jewel for the longest time Though five years younger than him, it didn t stop him for falling He watched her grow over the years, and never quite could get her out of his head Out of respect for Rick, his friend Nate wasn t about to see where things could go but that didn t stop him from thinking about her all the time.Grief hits the family when Rick and Jewel lose their father Stepping up to the plate to help handle his family before Nate an [...]

Ruthie Taylor

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsMelissa Foster has built a whole world around the families that feature in this interlinked series of 12 or 13 books so far I have not read them all, but they stand up well to being read alone The story is easy to read, inevitable in its outcome, but so enjoyable in the telling I may have needed a tissue or two, but that is nothing new for Ms Foster s stories Her characters are well rounded, have clearly understandable traits [...]


This is the first book I ve ever read from Melissa Foster I actually don t know the order I need to begin with her books, as there are a lot of them and a lot of overlap in some series.Healed by Love drew me in with some sweet characters that I quickly became invested in The hero and heroine have much emotional baggage to let go of, but they really do work things out with good communication.Sweet read, and not too difficult on your lady balls.4 stars.

Sterna Kruger

It s a Melissa Foster Novel and it s a Braden nuff said It s already my favourite until the next Braden s story of course Sigh.I have had the pleasure of being a part of almost all of the Braden s lives Yes, even If I m on my couch only reading their story I am still absolutely there, don t judge And what a journey it has been Miss Foster, you have introduced us to such an amazing family and their friends, sharing their stories of heart ache, forgiveness, fear and love in such a special way that [...]

Nancy Stopper

I have read a number of Melissa Foster books stand alone as well as many of the Snow Sisters, Bradens, and Remingtons I have loved most of the books she s written, but honestly, this book really touched me in a way the others haven t There is so much that is so real about this book The fact that both Nate and Jewel have been nursing feelings for each other for so long, and these feelings are wound around their feelings of loss and grief, gives this book a depth than others I ve read haven t had [...]

Mignon Mykel

4.5 5 starsReceived a review copy in exchange for an honest review full tour post with excerpt s quote s can be found at original posting mnonmklreviews 20Melissa Foster is expanding those Bradens HEALED BY LOVE is book one in the Peaceful Harbor, Maryland Bradens, and features Nate the Bradens of Peaceful Harbor will focus on Nate and his five siblings While reading this book, I couldn t help but think how in the world does Melissa keep coming up with all of these stories One would think that a [...]

Alexa Nichole Demers

Melissa Foster has created and built a whole world that surrounds a family and their relatives The books are intertwined with other relative which gives you a huge reading experience We get to live with different Bradens and others in different places and each of them have their own unique story While I have not read them all, they all stand up well as being stand alones but you can also see past characters and how the relate and interact.Nate and Jewel have such an emotional journey in this boo [...]


Healed by Love by Melissa Foster is book 25 in the Love in Bloom Series, Book 13 in The Bradens Series, and Book 1 in The Bradens of Peaceful Harbor Series Nate Braden has five siblings and they are the second cousins to The Bradens.Now that that s out of the way, let me say what a great start to this new series Nate Braden is ex military and has been pining for his best friend s little sister for longer than he thinks he should have, but does she feel the same Jewel Fisher is Rick s little sist [...]

Books and Spoons

Nate and Jewel s story is an emotional journey Jewel has had so much loss and sorrow in her young life, she has lost both her father and brother She has dedicated her life to help her family, locking emotions inside, holding control on all the fronts, to avoid any further loss in her life, as long and as much as possible She never really took the time to mourn for her brother, and lots of pain, sorrow, and sadness is locked inside her heart.Nate loves Jewel, and everyone in town knows it, except [...]

Shelley Youngblood

Healed By Love is a part of Melissa Foster s Love in Bloom series, book 25 It is a part of the More Bradens at Peaceful Harbor stories It can be read as a stand alone or as a part of the series.In this story, you meet Nate Braden and Jewel Fisher For as long as Nate can remember he has been in love with his best friend s little sister, but there are multiple reasons why he can t pursue her Whether it be age, timing or the sheer respect he has for his best friend Rick, he is doing everything he c [...]


So first, confession timeis is my very first time reading a Melissa Foster book It definitely won t be my last, not by a longshot Since I haven t read any others, I can safely say that you don t need to have read any other Braden book to be able to enjoy Healed By Love Let me tell you these characters, both main and secondary, are down to earth, very well developed, and right from the start I felt like I was coming into a family As for the leads, it s your classic brother s best friend tale one [...]

Stephanie Keyes

Nate Braden has harbored a long time love for his best friend s little sister, Jewel, for practically his entire life Even when he was stationed in Afghanistan with Jewel s brother, Rick, Nate clung to her photo the way other soldier s did to pictures of their wives Now, Nate s finally home without Rick His feelings are still as alive as ever for Jewel, but how can he be with her when he made the call that resulted in Rick s death This was my first introduction to The Bradens series and this is [...]


Another fantastic book in the Love in Bloom series Melissa Foster has don it again with another great read This can be read as a stand alone as it is the 1st of the Braden s of Peaceful Harbor.All of the characters are very likeable and well written They grow throughout the book and heal old wounds through love Jewel is dealing with the death of her father and brother who both died years ago She feel that now being the oldest sibling, she has to help her mom at home and in a sense put her life o [...]


Another Melissa Foster Series with those amazingly sexy Braden s We get to meet the COlorado Braden s cousins in Peaceful Harbor, MD They sound every bit as good looking sexy This book is centered around Jewel and Nate Nate grew up knowing Jewel s family, because he was best friends with Jewel s older brother, Rick Rick and Nate entered the military together, and were overseas together Unfortunately Rick didn t make it home Nate and Jewel had been hiding their feelings for one another for so lon [...]

Stephanie M

Nate and Jewel come from a small town, where Nate was best friends with Jewel s brother Rick Nate has loved Jewel for years but kept his feelings hidden Back from his tour, Nate is plagued with the guilt of the loss of his best friend Rick, but continues to fight his feelings of love for Jewel Jewel is in her 20 s and has not been interested in pursuing a relationship like most women her age, instead she focuses on caring for her 3 younger siblings while her mother is working and taking classes [...]

J.B (Debbie)

What do you do when you fall for your best friend s sister You run like hell and join the army That s exactly what Nate did But, as Jewel blossomed into a beautiful young woman, Nate could no longer keep his feelings for her in check Jewel herself has feelings for Nate and the passionate feelings her evokes in her hit like a thunderbolt The complication Nate feels responsible for her brother Rick s death Healed by love explored some hard hitting issues, such as grief, loss, guilt,trying to move [...]

Jessica Figueroa

Nate and Jewel known each other for a while but she was his best friends younger sister and he wasn t going to get into it Its been year and his best friend died during a routine check and Nate is going through survivor guilt feeling like he had something to do with it Its been two years since the death of her brother and Jewel is having a hard time deal thing with and has come up with routines and such to keep herself busy not leaving much time to have a life Nate is holding the secret of his p [...]

Laura Frost

Healed by Love is part a series of contemporary love stories by Melissa Foster This time we meet Nate Braden, a former solider returning home without his best friend War is hard enough when you do not have to send those you have grown up with into danger, but Nate does not have that luxury Nate has loved his best friend s little sister for as long as he can remember, but there have always been obstacles in his way, first their age, then the war, and now that has returned home, survivor s guilt i [...]

Isha Coleman

Healed By Love captured all of the elements of romance Unrequited love, heartbreak, coming of age, second chances and loss Jewel was just as feisty as she was naive Nate s inner struggles of guilt, pain and the horrific things seen and experienced while within the military caused him to close himself off Melissa Foster has created a classic love story with modern day drama Never ceases to amaze me how she can take an emotional story and make you feel so much while on the journey Yet always leave [...]


The way you live your life is sometimes predicated on things that have happened in your past It can take a sledgehammer to break through and that is exactly what it took for Jewel to let go of her past and learn to live again Of course it took Nate to break through after he had broken through a couple of whoppers in his past Like sending his best friend and Jewels brother on a mission which caused his friend his life How these two come together after loving each other their entire lives even tho [...]


This Peaceful Harbor Braden didn t disappoint and is a wonderful addition to the Love in Bloom series Melissa Foster does it again This book is well written and flows nicely and just grabs your attention right from the beginning Jewel and Nate are so relatable with their struggles and so easy to love I was so wrapped up in their emotions that I couldn t help but cry and even laugh with them It was like I was living their story Nate and Jewel s love and chemistry for each other are off the charts [...]

Donna Morrison

Loved itI love all of Melissa Foster s books But besides the Seaside clan the Braden s are my fav Doesn t matter what set of Braden s They are a loving, sexy, compassionate group of people you will fall in love with and it will make it very hard to ever pick a favorite Get your copy today


Review to come in June

Didn t finish after page 33 I do not like this writing It is extremely explainy and way too repetitive Both characters have monologued nonstop about only one thing how much they both want eachother but have to force themselves suppress their emotions each time they have a romantic thought about he other It s dual point of view writing so I have to listen to not only jewel monologue about how much she loves Nate, but I have to listen to Nates repetitive feelings too Jewel constantly monologues ab [...]

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