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Vampire Best Read || [Ethan Radcliff], Vampire, Ethan Radcliff, Vampire Royce Bellamy was over one thousand years old He was a vampire who now was one of New York s finest He s faced with a dilemma his current lover is pushing him to turn her she s one of the cities ADA s Royce already has three vampire beauties running around the city who owed their immortality to him did he need another His current human lover Beth Ann has taken holRoyce Bellamy was over Vampire Best Read || [Ethan Radcliff] - Vampire, Vampire Royce Bellamy was over one thousand years old He was a vampire who now was one of New York s finest He s faced with a dilemma his current lover is pushing him to turn her she s one of the cities ADA

  • Title: Vampire
  • Author: Ethan Radcliff
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  • Page: 403
  • Format: Ebook
Vampire Best Read || [Ethan Radcliff], Vampire, Ethan Radcliff, Vampire Royce Bellamy was over one thousand years old He was a vampire who now was one of New York s finest He s faced with a dilemma his current lover is pushing him to turn her she s one of the cities ADA s Royce already has three vampire beauties running around the city who owed their immortality to him did he need another His current human lover Beth Ann has taken holRoyce Bellamy was over

Vampire Best Read || [Ethan Radcliff] - Vampire, Vampire Royce Bellamy was over one thousand years old He was a vampire who now was one of New York s finest He s faced with a dilemma his current lover is pushing him to turn her she s one of the cities ADA


I am not that into fantasy books but can appreciate a good vampire or shapeshifter story And so I read the story of Royce Bellamy, a 1000 years old vampire cop for the NYPD Although it seems Royce is quite the evolved and superior vampire since he is able to be in the sun rolling eyes He has a lover in ADA Beth Ann who is begging him to turn him so she can be with him for eternity The book is mostly about Royce reminiscing his past how he became a vampire and how he met and turned his three chil [...]


This is a super quick vampire read, I m thinking it took a long time going through the history of Royce to get to current times It was just an ok read for me.


4.5 STARSReviewed by Tracey Lou Parker for Kindle Friends Forever.Royce Bellamy A vampire who is over one thousand years old and a member of the NYPD Always working the graveyard shift Quite fitting really however, Royce was able to walk in daylight without being fried He preferred to catch the evils during the night whilst they are about in abundance.Beth Ann an ADA Totally in love with Royce, she wanted Royce to turn her so they can be together for eternity But he was reluctant to do so, and s [...]


Id give it 3.5 stars Royce is a cop a with an edge, he is also a vampire A Vampire that is rare in the fact that he can walk the daylight In his earlier life, his human life he knew much sorrow losing his beloved wife and children But on the fringes of death het met his sire and begged to become the monster he thinks Vampires are Since Turning his three children he hasn t turned another human His current love Beth Ann would love to be turned but he is determined not to He says love is a emotion [...]

Mary Fazzi

Wow this book is wonderful, incredible and amazing Gets you right into it from the start Royce Bellamy is a cop for the elite force NYPD, but he is also a vampire He lost his wife and 2 kids He is a 1000 yrs old and has 3 prodigies His maker Simone was a kind of wild vamp who didn t care about anything or anyone So he took off on his own Lucinda was the first She is a witch and they were drawn to each other Like a fly to its flame Craziness erupted Then came Magenta a seer She wanted what most w [...]


Being a totally vamp pnr fan, when I was offered a review copy of Ethan Radcliff s first erotic pnr book, I jumped at the chance.The word hot comes to mind It s not the longest book but it packs in a lot of sex, hot sex at that There is a story behind the sex though, and I personally think every erotic book needs a good story to balance things.This book tells the story of the Vampire known as Royce, his a very sexual being It is based in present time, he works as a cop a special vampire branch, [...]

Marcy Barth

I absolutely loved this book I ve read other work from this author but this was my first paranormal experience with him and I m so glad I read it This book is just the beginning in Mr Radcliff s paranormal series Desires of Blood This opens with a seasoned vampire named, Royce Bellamy He has been around for one thousand years and a lot has changed since he was first reborn Even though it starts off in present day the author takes us back through the years in the eyes of Royce to before his new b [...]

Anna Pulla

I am starting off by my review by saying I ve never been a fan of vampire or paranormal books, I don t hate them, just could never get into them This coming from Buffy The Vampire Slayer diehard fan, lol As I had already read other books of the author and the teasers intrigued me, I thought I would give it a try.Well needless to say Ethan has changed my mind, Vampires Desire of Blood 1 was a great read, I enjoy how the author is able to write different genre and each book shows us a bit about h [...]

Julieaka trouble..

Byjulie beckfordon January 13, 2017Format Kindle EditionThis is a new genre for me to read But I really enjoy reading books by this author Ethan Radcliff His writing style gets better with every book he writes The story Vampire is about a 1000 year old Vampire Royce that is a day walker He s lost his wife and children and feels that he s incapable of feeling love But Beth Ann teaches him that nothing could be further from the truth Follow the story of him and Beth Ann As well as the 3 children h [...]

Rhonda Kretzschmar

This is the first book in Desires of the Blood series Meet Royce Bellamy, a 1000 year old vampire He s part of an elite police force in New York And he s a Daywalker he can get around in the day time.He has turned only three humans into vampires known as his children They are Lucinda, who is a Sorceress Magenta, who is a Witch and Dahila, who is a Fallen Angel.Vampire is the introduction to Royce and his children It s very intriguing Hot sex, mystery, and love all rolled into one captivating tal [...]

K.C. Riley-Gyer

When I got this, I didn t know what sort of writer the author is It wasn t until I d finished the book that I discovered he is an erotic writer This, of itself, is not a bad thing but I prefer my reads to be on the story than the sex.His writing is good but lost a star for the use of the c word Just because people use it, doesn t mean I want to read it.If this is your sort of read then get this book.


Really enjoyed this readI love vampires so I was very excited to get my hands on this book It s the kind of read that just sucks you in I started it and couldn t put it down I love the story and the fact that we get the history of the characters I can t wait to continue on to the next bookis is a definite one click


1000 years have done nothing to tame the blood thirst of Royce Bellamy, but his memory of human existence keeps his demons at bay.Being a vampire is not something Royce wanted, or would wish on anyone, but it is his reality After a tragic turn of events Royce is turned by another He is given life immortal and struggles throughout his years with his own desires and conscience He needs the blood of others to subsist, but does he dare bring others into this world with him Beth Ann only knows one th [...]


This book is the story of Royce Bellamy, a vampire who is over 1000 years old Royce is sexy, funny, a daywalker meaning he can walk in the sunlight and craves sex He is an elite member of the New York Police Dept as well The story takes you back to when Royce was turned and brings you along his journey Royce has seen and felt it all, including the pain and sorry of losing his wife and children During his time he has turned only three humans into vampires known as his children they are Lucinda wh [...]

Teresa Adams

Vampire is an Erotic Story about a 1000 year old Vampire name Royce Bellamy.He currently is a member of the NYPD Keeping his human friends safe from unforeseen threats Though Royce is able to walk during the day he prefers to be out at night.Ethan takes you back to when Royce was turned and taught ways of being a Vampire then goes out on his own While he is out he meets 3 women and he turns them making them his Children.Lucinda the Sorceress, Magenta a Witch, and Dahila a Fallen Angel.Then there [...]

Stacy Stewart

This is not my typical genre to read but it was another well written book by Ethan Royce Bellamy is a 1000 year old vampire who has found his happiness with a human by the name of Beth Ann He refuses to turn her due to his three children the women he turned because of what changes when you become immortal He believes that when you are reborn as a vampire then you lose all ability to feel emotions especially love Love is the one thing he misses But it is Beth Ann stays loyal and proves to him how [...]

Angie Thomas Tucker

Royce Bellamy is a cop on the overnight shift for NYPD but he is also a vampire, a vampire who has great control over his desires and needs and can walk in the daylight unlike most, but he is also a good vampire wanting to rid or control the other vampires who cannot control their temptations and bring harm and chaos into the world for the better of the world Ahhhh and the beautiful women of the story he has encountered and BITTEN and turned them now into vampires, my favorite being the beautifu [...]

Samaris Creech

Royce has been a vampire for centuries and has learned many things he is also one of the few who can walk in daylight making him a lethal weapon Royce has decided to make his immortal life about seeing justice served and helping humanity In the 21st century this makes him an excellent cop Beth Ann is the woman he is currently involved in a power house of a woman who also fights to see justice done Her love for Royce makes her want to become like him but he refuses to turn her His previous childr [...]

Johanne Poirier

VampireRoyce Bellamy is not your average vampire, over the years he was able to sustain sun He is a cop and live amongst human, and he has adjusted not to feed on them You may consider him as a new breed of vampire He does have a woman the he cares about Beth Ann and she s human He had a harem of women and he even transformed three of them Lucinda, Dahlia and Magenta, who are his prot g es.Beth Ann loves him to a point that she wants to be like him eternal and spend the rest of her life with him [...]


This book is the beginning of a three part series dealing with supernatural creatures Actually, a little reminiscent of True Blood in that these supernatural creatures have come out and people know about them and they have, for the most part, assimilated into society I like the authors take on vampires slightly different then the classic, but not completely different like other books have been I felt this book was written too quickly I was not able to connect with the characters and feel apart o [...]

Amazeballs Book Addicts

Vampire is a great read It is a paranormal erotica We get it has a vampire, a fallen angel, a witch, a human and lots of sex That all put together makes for a good story that you won t want to put down Royce is a vampire Beth Ann is Royce s current human lover Royce is a police officer and Beth Ann os a ADA They make a great team in and out of bed Royce doesn t believe in love and doesn t want to change Beth Ann over to a vampire I loved that we get flashbacks into the past and learn about the o [...]

Crystal Loomis

We ve all read the stories on how Vampires are terrifying, chilling, cold hearted, sparkly, and everything in between Meet Royce, an over one thousand year old Vampire who actually misses being human Being a vampire means you have no feelings You don t feel love the way humans do, you don t care, you feel empty Royce had felt that way for the longest time until he met Beth Ann Now all he wants to do is keep Beth Ann as human for as long as he can, he doesn t want her to have his same fate As he [...]

Lea Winkelman

wow Royce is a sex god for sure an vampire that can never be satisfied without then one orgasm, and to have 3 beautiful sexy children of his my goodness what a lucky man, I have read many vampire books and this is one is one of my favorites the fact that Royce changed himself to become a true man worthy of Beth Ann and that he truly cares How he changed 3 special women to be his children each with a gift all there own the confrontation of Lucinda and Beth Ann had sparks for sure the ending was [...]

A.J. Storm

If a 1000 year old vampire can be sexy, then Royce Bellamy fits the bill He is dominant, sensual, and is basically a good guy when it comes to what s wrong and right in the world.This books gives us a tour of his life and the three women he made his family This was excellent because so many times those details are left out of the book.Like a fine wine, I am a connoisseur of vampires I thoroughly enjoyed Mr Radcliff s take on the paranormal It was hot, very stimulating, and made me salivate.

Chianti Summers

Get lost in the world of vampires with Royce Bellamy Ethan Radcliff doesn t only give you a hot sexy vampire, he gives you an expansion of sexy characters to include a witch, a sorceress, a fallen angel and a human lover that wants to turn Royce Bellamy is a powerful weapon in the world Ethan Radcliff gave characters that are hungry for each other and the amount of heated erotic sex scenes will blow your mind Great start to the series and I must continue.


Finally a mind blowing paranormal erotica book that literally blew me away So yeah I definitely loved the book lolA sexy thousand year old vampire with a never ending need for lust and naughtiness Women who just adore and want Royce so badly.I will definitely be reading the other books in the series and this was the first book I ve read of Ethans and your definitely one of my new favourite authors.


I kindly received this book as an ARC in return for an honest review Vampire by Ethan Radcliff introduces us to Royce Bellamy a vampire , Beth Ann his current lover , and the only 3 women humans Royce ever turned, Lucinda, Magenta, and Dahlia If you enjoy vampires, witches, seers, angels fallen from grace, and best of all, steamy sex scenesis book is for you This has promise to be a great series


Vampire was a sexy exciting fast read Royce a 1000 year old vampire is hot and sexy This story blends his past with the now amazingly well For a quick read I felt the charachters were well developed individuals and look forward to of them in future books If you love vamires and erotica this is a must read


What a fantastic book to introduce his series of Erotic Paranormal I ve read a few books in the genre and this one was right up on top The characters Royce and Beth Ann are amazing, the sex is steamy hot Just finished Warlock Book 2 in this Erotic series Now waiting for Jackal Don t miss out on these amazing reads


Excellent I love paranormal books and I am a huge fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood That being said, Royce is a vibrant vampire I definitely want to read about Great book Ethan Radcliff A fabulous must read for paranormal fans I am absolutely getting the rest of the series Excited to find out the stories for all the women in Royce s life

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