Dec 03, 2022
Something Forever
Posted by M.Clarke

[PDF] Something Forever | by ☆ M.Clarke, Something Forever, M.Clarke, Something Forever A heated moment Desperate decision Life altering choices Max and Jenna are forced to test their relationship Will they be able to embrace the challenges life throws their way Secrets can ruin the foundation of a relationship Will Matthew choose to withhold vital information from Becky that could consume her with doubt about their future When it comes to love Something GA heated [PDF] Something Forever | by ☆ M.Clarke - Something Forever, Something Forever A heated moment Desperate decision Life altering choices Max and Jenna are forced to test their relationship Will they be able to embrace the challenges life throws their way Secrets can ruin the foun

  • Title: Something Forever
  • Author: M.Clarke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Something Forever | by ☆ M.Clarke, Something Forever, M.Clarke, Something Forever A heated moment Desperate decision Life altering choices Max and Jenna are forced to test their relationship Will they be able to embrace the challenges life throws their way Secrets can ruin the foundation of a relationship Will Matthew choose to withhold vital information from Becky that could consume her with doubt about their future When it comes to love Something GA heated

[PDF] Something Forever | by ☆ M.Clarke - Something Forever, Something Forever A heated moment Desperate decision Life altering choices Max and Jenna are forced to test their relationship Will they be able to embrace the challenges life throws their way Secrets can ruin the foun


You are the Stars that shine upon my darkness You are the moon that glows into my heart to show me that I can love again Matthew KnightBe prepared to be Amazed, Wowed, Flabbergasted, and Blown to another world Come take this journey of Max and Jenna, Matthew and Becky a.k.a Becca with me as I did with them But first you are going to need some major supplies.Tissues you will read why , chocolate for sure, comfy chair, blanket, DO NOT DISTURB SIGN ON FRONT DOOR, turn your cell phone off totally Te [...]

M. Clarke

I wanted to stop by to thank you for loving Max Jenna and Matthew Becky Though this is the last installment, there is going to be a spin off, told from Rachel, Becky s sister point of view You can read the prologue sample at the back of Something Forever This book will be called Something Amazing I ll be bringing the characters we love back Also, watch out for a spin off of My Clarity, called My Serenity Both will be out hopefully early 2015 If you re looking for books by me, check out Crossroa [...]


You are about to complete an epic journey of an unforgettably all encompassing and ravishing love overflowing with heart wrenching sincerity and unstoppable passion This is one story that will forever live and breathe in the hearts of those who know just how precious and rare such a love is While endings can be hard to bear, this one will sweep you off your feet and take your breath away It will leave you with a lasting impression of how something good can turn into something great, and if you w [...]


I was given a ARC in exchange for my honest review Where do I start This is very emotional and very bitter sweet I Have been there since the beginning of these characters and it is very bitter sweet to see the final story come to light It was achingly beautiful Heart pounding joy excitement So much happens in this book its hard to even put the thoughts into words and also not give anything away for the reader We start off Where Something Wonderful leaves off and we learn if Jenna is pregnant or [...]


Something Forever was well worth the wait Too bad the book itself didn t last forever.This final book of the trilogy did not dissappoint I have grown to love the main characters Max, Jenna, Becca and Matthew You find yourself wrapped up in their lives and decisions they make You go through all the emotions with the twists and turns the story takes.The sex is hot and steamy but does not take away from the storyline but adds to it The supporting cast of BFFs and family was like icing on the cake T [...]


Looking for love is Great, Findind your love is Wonderful, but Staying in love is Forever As we read the last installment of this incredible series we are left with this great taste of wonderful love and knowing that once you find your true love it will be forever.Jenna and Becky had found their knight in shining armour with the Knight brothers, and they will have obstacles to jump in order to find their HEA.Will Jenna, Max, Becky and Matthew find ever lasting love I can honestly tell you, you m [...]


Ok I ve waited ages for this book.I love Jenna and Becky becca There strong friendship would see anybody through anything , or you would think The knight brothers a lot of hotness there.This book was perfect.I love the emotion Mary got into the story , rawness , lust, love , bitterness Heartache just to name a few.I started reading and couldn t stop , that tells you the story was WOW.I had my fingers crossed and I was hoping some stuff would happen Not giving anything away you will have to read [...]


Something Forever is book 3 in this series Do not read this review if you have not read books 1 and 2 in this series as there will be spoilers.Max and Jenna are engaged There is a cliffy at the end of book 2 which we find out if this is true in Something Forever Max and Jenna are perfect for each other and you see just how amazing they are together here Max and Jenna have some issues they need to move past, but they are the sweetest couple around and Jenna really shines now with confidence in h [...]

Michele(mluker) Luker

Max Jenna and Matthew BeckySomething Forever is a sweet conclusion to the Something Great series.Matthew and Becky are still new in their relationship Insecurities still pop up, but with time, they grow into an amazing couple just like Max and Jenna Even though we have watched Jenna grow into a strong and confident woman, this story kicks it in gear with still doubts However with a man like Max, she has no need to worry, no matter what BOMBS are unleashed.This story increases the heat of the ser [...]

Eskimo Princess Jenkins

Where to start This is the final book in the series We have both couples in this book, Becky Matt, Jenna Max and Nicole s wedding.Through out this book we see how spoiled Becky and Jenna are from those two wonderful men Makes me servery jealous We also see just how deep their friendship is Becky and Jenna can answer for the other or totally know what the other is thinking.The sex in this book is just wow Great writing for these scenes As with the other 2 books, the relationships are HOT HOT I al [...]


The Knight brothers are true knights in shining armour Not only are these men handsome, hot and sexy as hell, they are also very loving and giving In Something Forever, we get to see the full picture of the characters relationships including family and friends We also see to what length the Knight brothers will go to take care of Becky and Jenna All of them experience challenges in this book, ones that not everyone could recover from This book runs the gammet of emotions and your heart is truly [...]

Debbie Hanson

This is the final installment of the Something Great series of Max, Jenna, Matthew and Becky s story and I have to say my definite favorite So much happened in Something Forever and had me guessing right to the end This is again told in all four characters POV, and after reading the previous book, it worked for this one.This series is one that had me hooked ftom the 1st chapter I adored the characters, their well written dialogue and banter that had me laughing, gasping and than a little hot un [...]

Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews

Overall Rating 4.5 Rockin The story is told from four different perspectives and alternate between the main characters in the narration Each character infuses his or her interruption of the emotions that they feel as the storyline unfolds Background information what has occurred in previous books is woven seamlessly in without breaking the continuity of the characters new life circumstances or complications.Jenna and Maxwell have finally made it to a point where their feelings are secure about w [...]

Breanna Eichhorn

We first meet Jenna while she is taking a pregnancy test, it came back negative She was very upset and worried because Max wanted a whole van load of kids Becky, Jenna, Nicole and Kate are going to Vegas to celebrate Nicole s big day Matt doesn t want Becky to go because he doesn t want anyone touching what is his Becky and Jenna got a big surprise when Max and Matt came to Vegas to surprise them Jenna has a secret that she is keeping from Max She finally decides to tell him that she is pregnant [...]

Jesey ~ Schmexy GIrl~

Something Forever is the third and final book in the Something Great series by M Clarke We again follow Jenna and Max and Becky and Matthew as their live twist and turn and intertwine.Max and Jenna Everything is going so well for them They are so completely happy and in love, it s so very sweet Jenna I can t even breathe without you Every second you re on my mind Every happy thought is of you Max is also still as hot as he ever was The things he does to Jenna will make you blush These two cannot [...]


Let me rant while I get over my book hangover.Not for everyone since it has some mature content Anyways, this has to be the cheesiest thing I ve ever read this year actually couldn t decide between this and something wonderful at first but I think the lines in this one are pretty tumblrish Could someone like give me or direct me to a real like Knight brother whoever, Max or Matthew, don t really care Every time I read something they say, like.swoon Swooooon SWOOOOOOOONS I just want to punch some [...]


ARC for reviewThe story continues as Max and Jenna are now officially engagement things seem promising between Matthew and Becca as well.As the best friends are looking forward to their friend upcoming wedding, they head off to Vegas for their friend s bachelorette party The guys surprised the girls by upgrading their rooms and spending the night with them.When the two of them realized they are pregnant, they handle the news differently.Jenna is scared to tell Max since he wants kids but planned [...]


im on page 46 and i still have a problem with the POVs but things are getting interesting now, and i like it let s see how it plays out.UPDATER 08 18and we re back with the unnecessary drama between Matt and Becky seriously, this shit is getting wayyyy too old UPDATE 08 18im finished THANK GOD around page 100 it became torture seriously, i was soooo ready for it to get over talk about shit going crazy just keep things going anyways, now im just glad this is done with i could not, for the life of [...]


Boring, repetitive, predictable, lame, waist of my dayThe writing in this one is better than the previous 2, but it s still bad I don t know if the author took a vacation and just wanted to include some places she s been but it felt like an advertisement At one point they re discussing how u can purchase a time share at the resort And enough with the me to syndrome Everything that happens to one character happens to another, the exact same thing If that s the case why do we need 4 perspectives, [...]


I loved loved loved this book I waited what felt like forever and I m so grateful for the chance to read it.It was perfect, beautiful and so full of emotions I won t spoil it, but Jeezwhat a ride Can t wait for everyone to read it It was so great to read about Jenna and Becky s journey, their friendship and their relationship with the Knight s brothers.I laughed and cried, I swooned a lot and felt so close to all these charactersI was so sad when I read the last page because I m truly going to m [...]

B at Spare Time Book Blog

OMG you guys, I read this book in one sitting In a matter of hours I was sucked back into the lives of my favorite people Max, Jenna, Matthew, and Becky have a lot going on This is a must read when it comes out Full review to come soon Everyone searches for that moment when Something Wonderful turns into Something Forever This story has captured my heart and will remain their for many days to come.

Skarlen Sabaris

I want to cry, I love happy ending I really like the way the author shows beyond what happened with the future just like in My Clarity which was written by the same person I believe this is a wonderful serie passion, love, a lot of money, happiness it s really nice I loved it Can t wait to read Something Amazing spin off to.


I don t like being mean about story but this one was awful You read a chapter about Max Jenna then the next chapter it s exactly the same story but it happens to Matthew Becca There was so much potential from the synopsis but no Everything is fixed at chapter 5 and then it s just boring I had to skip a few chapter, mostly the one in Jenna s POV in order to finish the book.


Great ending book to a wonderful series I was completely blown away by the story line with Becky and Matthew I loved how at the end everyone s family had grown in multiples This book reminds me so much of my group of girls


Recensione in anteprima sul mio blog pleaseanotherbook.tumblr pRingrazio infinitamente M Clarke Mary Ting per avermi regalato la meravigliosa opportunit di leggere questo libro in anteprima in cambio della mia onesta opinione e di continuare a tenermi in considerazione per qualsiasi suo nuovo libro Ti adoro, grazie infinite Something Forever l ultimo volume della serie create dalla penna di M Clarke lo pseudonimo di Mary Ting con cui scrive romance molto particolari, che sconfinano nell erotica [...]


This is the conclusion to the Something Great series We have followed these characters through many highs and lows over the course of Something Great and Something Wonderful.Jenna and Max are preparing for their future and facing some new challenges They have already overcome so many obstacles, and now they are really coming together and gaining a stronger foundation And Jenna continues to gain confidence, but she still has some lingering fears too Most of the time Max does his best to soothe he [...]

Cyndi Becker

4 Lollipop StarsIf I was mostly focused on Jenna and Max in Something Wonderful, I spent my time reading Something Forever with a focus on Becky Becca and Matthew What can I say, I m an angst junkie This is the final book in this series but M Clarke has a spin off for us so don t fret I m sure we ll get to see of the Knight brothers in the spin off Something Amazing.Because we already have a good grasp on who the characters are, Something Forever allows us to focus on the plot and the story li [...]

Jenny Brightman Harris

It s here folks all the secrets come out in this book The question is will these couples make it or will all that comes out break them once and for all Max and Jenna are now back together and planning for their future but what if their future has another plan for them all together In this book even though Max would like to wait a few years to have kids with Jenna she finds out she is pregnant and she is scared that he won t accept the baby right now Jenna knows she needs to tell Max but what hap [...]

Katie Harder-schauer

I was hired to provide post publication proofreading for this book The only aspects of the story that I influenced were the spelling and grammar If you feel that my connection to the book makes my review untrustworthy, so be it, but this is my honest review.I do not particularly enjoy reading books that make me feel dissatisfied with my marriage, and this book kind of did that to me I realize it s fiction so the relationships should be idealized to an extent, I just personally prefer stories abo [...]

Take Me Away To A Great Read

Something Forever was so perfect, I held my breathe until the very last page Romantic, heart breaking, and sexy, with some of the best book quotes ever With this book you will finally find out if Jenna is pregnant, and if Max will support her or if he thinks she is just trapping him in a relationship Jenna keeps this secret from Max and with good reason Max is not the most supportive person at first Will Jenna marry Max or has a baby messed everything up Will Jenna think that Max is doing it jus [...]

  • [PDF] Something Forever | by ☆ M.Clarke
Something Forever