Sep 28, 2022
One Week
Posted by Elisabeth Staab

Unlimited One Week - by Elisabeth Staab, One Week, Elisabeth Staab, One Week HE HAS A LEGACY TO SAVE Michael Hale s company is in jeopardy In the wake of his father s death and transitioning to CEO projects are circling the drain and that may cost him everything Come to find out the consultant hired to fix things is the one who got away many years ago This time he s playing for keeps and he intends to win SHE SHOULD NEVER SAY NEVER ElisHE HAS A LEGACY TO SAVE M Unlimited One Week - by Elisabeth Staab - One Week, One Week HE HAS A LEGACY TO SAVE Michael Hale s company is in jeopardy In the wake of his father s death and transitioning to CEO projects are circling the drain and that may cost him everything Come to find

  • Title: One Week
  • Author: Elisabeth Staab
  • ISBN: 9780991390311
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
Unlimited One Week - by Elisabeth Staab, One Week, Elisabeth Staab, One Week HE HAS A LEGACY TO SAVE Michael Hale s company is in jeopardy In the wake of his father s death and transitioning to CEO projects are circling the drain and that may cost him everything Come to find out the consultant hired to fix things is the one who got away many years ago This time he s playing for keeps and he intends to win SHE SHOULD NEVER SAY NEVER ElisHE HAS A LEGACY TO SAVE M

Unlimited One Week - by Elisabeth Staab - One Week, One Week HE HAS A LEGACY TO SAVE Michael Hale s company is in jeopardy In the wake of his father s death and transitioning to CEO projects are circling the drain and that may cost him everything Come to find


Elise was a former intern for HaleStorm 5 years ago, when her then boss Michael Hale denied her advances after she kissed him After he gave her no reference for a job she was after, she felt betrayed by him in ways than one So when she is hired as a consultant to help the company she believes she is going in to work for Mr Hale, senior but is shocked to find out that Michael is no the CEO as his father passed away Old feelings come back quickly for Elise and she finds herself fighting to be the [...]

Virginia Hill

One Week was quite the enjoyable read I especially appreciated the intellectual quality of the story The dialogue was realistic and clever The interaction between Michael and Elise was a splendid blend of personal conversation, business discussion, respect, and sizzling sexual chemistry HAWT


Ahhhhhh One Week was absolutely not what I expected I was in for quite a shock when I started to realize that this book packed so much of a punch in such few pages.Michael and Elise have history Five year ago things did not end so well Five years later, in walks Elise to save the day his company and it s sparks from the first hello.If you re looking for a quick read with a straight to point plot and a little twist , then definitely dive in and enjoy You can definitely finish this in one sitting [...]


Read 8 1 14Re read 20 2 14When Michael Hale s Father dies and appoints him as CEO of the company in his will, he will o anything to keep his company afloat However someone is out to sabotage him and he brings in someone from his past to get to the bottom of it, someone who has been on his mind since he last saw her Elise Jackson knew Michael once or at least she thought she did but then he betrayed her and she has never really been able to move past it, now their paths are destined to cross agai [...]

Mary Benson

A friend of mine calls Elisabeth a rising star , and after reading One Week I can see why I often stick with the same authors I ve known and loved for years, but I decided to give this book a try after receiving a copy as an early Valentine gift Filled with palpable sexual tension and just the right mix of suspense and humor, it kept me glued to the end I m thrilled that I caught what appears to be the start of a great new series.


What a fun, exciting contemporary romance I really enjoyed Elise Michael s story Elisabeth Staab s take on corporate romances is definitely worth a read Full review to come.

SE Stone

To say that Michael Hale s company has hit a rough patch would be an understatement His transition to CEO after his father s death hasn t been the smoothest, and a number of big projects teeter on the brink of catastrophe So when the contractor hired to help his company out of the jam turns out to be the one who got away years ago, he s determined to gain control in one part of his life and make her stay this time.Elise Jackson walked into HaleStorm with the sole intention of fixing a security i [...]


I m used to read paranormal romance stories by the talented author Elisabeth Staab so I didn t know what to expect with One Week whom is a contemporary romance book It was interesting to read something different, but I could still see Staab s writing style in it.Staab gives us a predictable love story with intense characters and funny awkward situations like she can so well write What surprised me most in this book was the main character Elise I was impressed by her resourcefulness, dedication, [...]

Jackie (Jackie's Book World)

Review can also be found at Jackie s Book World One Week was such a good story I loved the characters and the plot Stories like this never get old no matter how much one reads them I have read a lot of stories with similar plot before, but One Week definitely got me hooked Elisabeth Staab did a good job with the details in the story that made it believable and relatable to some After not seeing each other for many years, Michael Hale wasn t expecting to see his ex intern and the one that got awa [...]


ARC courtesy of Fido Publishing via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review One Week is a quick and sweet read Got hooked the moment I started reading it and I didn t stop until I reached the final page even if it s already wee hours in the morning I was surprised I really liked this book though it was a little bit shorter than the usual I know that this is the first book in the series and I m curious where the author will take this series Corporate romance always intrigue me Maybe it s the [...]

Talk Supe

Talk Supe review ONE WEEK It s a story about second chances, about two people who almost had it one time but because of circumstances, the first time wasn t as fruitful A few years down the road, things has changed a lot for both Michael Hale and Elise Jackson but the attraction between them is far from diminished If anything, the passing of time seems to have stoked it even and now neither of them are willing to pass up another chance at being together.If you ve read Elisabeth Staab then you l [...]


Michael Hale is now the CEO of the company his father built The company is in a downward spiral after his fathers passing Somebody is out to sabotage him and he has to figure out a way of fixing the hole he s in before there is no company left for him to run.Elise Jackson swore she would never go back to Halestorm, the company she once interned at, Where she fell in love with her boss and had her heart broken at But when her company she now works for sends her to Halestorm to fix a problem that [...]


Michael Hale recently lost his father and is struggling to keep HaleStorm, the family business, afloat One problem after another pops up and Michael finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place He has limited time to provide documents that will help to stabilize his business and he must hire a consultant to ensure his success.Elise Jackson has a whackadoo mother, as well as emotional baggage, and knows the last thing she should do is put herself in a situation that could potentially hurt [...]

Chris Bails

This is my first book by Elisabeth Staab and definitely won t be my last.This is the story of Elise, who works for a company that helps other companies with computer security The company she is helping is one she used to intern for and had a serious crush on the Boss son Michael Michael is now the Head CEO of the company after his fathers death Elise just needs to go in and help them and do her job and move on to the next company to help She at least hopes it will be that simple She was crushed [...]

Sonia Cristina

This is truly, a romantic and beautiful story It gave me great pleasure and joy reading it The premise of an office romance has always been appealing to me, so this was perfect.Michael and Elise met 5 years ago and they developed feelings for each other, when she was an intern at his father s company and very young and something made they go their separate ways Now, his father is dead, Michael is the CEO and the company is having big troubles, one of them needs to be resolved in a week no one co [...]


I don t really read much contemporary, and I know pretty much nothing about the corporate office world, so I was a little nervous about reading One Week However, I love Elisabeth Staab s paranormal books, so I figured I would give it a go I really enjoyed the story I didn t get lost in the corporate talk, and the plot was very interesting with plenty of twists and surprises The characters were great My very first impression of Michael was that he seemed like a corporate douche bag, so it was ver [...]

Tina Larsen

I was given this book from NetGalley for an honest review I absolutlely loved this book Elise Jackson is a workaholic She is good at her job and knows it She has been contracted to fix a company and wouldn t you know it it belongs to a firm she interned for five years ago the one where she fell for the bosses son and he turned his back on her She had hoped she wouldn t fun into MIcheal Hale for it was his fathers company What she didn t know was he recently passed away and Micheal was now runnin [...]


I seriously enjoyed this story I read it in one sitting and there was an actual story to it not just some fluff how the girl got hurt and everything is perfect now Elise and Michael worked together five years ago He as her boss, she as the college intern Their relationship was strictly professional, but somehow they fell in love but didnt realize it One kiss destroyed everything or so was thought but now five years later Elise is called in to help fix Michael s legacy His company is falling apar [...]

Clever Girl

A smart, enjoyable story with great dialog, a bit of corporate intrigue and a steamy romance The relationship between Michael and Elise was interesting and exciting with some tender moments To Michael Elise is the one that got away and Elise has been angry at Michael for years They ve got a lot against them, their past, emotional baggage, exes, family pressures, but they also have a deep connection.I really liked Elise She s smart and confident and excellent at her job I also liked seeing Michae [...]


3.5 stars This is an enjoyable corporate romance Elise and Michael have history and when she returns to help him bale his recently passed fathers company out of trouble the sparks start flying There was plenty of romance and laughs as well as some corporate and family drama We are introduced to 1 of Michael s estranged brothers and I am curious if we will see David in the next Halestorm book, or perhaps Tom Jeff, Elise s friend was a good comedic relief in some parts and I overall enjoyed this b [...]

Ndulgent Bloggers

AN ULTIMATE INDULGENCEHere s something you may already know Elisabeth Staab knows how to write seriously good paranormal romance Now here s something you may not know She writes seriously good contemporary romance as well One Week brings the best of office romance, swirls in some bad boy gone good, some good girl gone bad and a time crunch to save the day It also contains some very amusing office product obsessions, witty dialogue and enough charm to have readers cheering on the hopes of happy e [...]


I thoroughly enjoyed this second chance at love story from Elizabeth Staab It was a quick read, fast paced with a well plotted story Ms Staab has a knack for writing really likeable characters Her hero is strong, but not arrogant Her heroine is soft but not a pushover The happily ever after was quite satisfying and the love scenes were as well The love scenes actually fir in the story and helped move it along Well Done,Ms Staab I will definitely read from this talented author I received my copy [...]

Daisy&Gracie's Mom

Loved this book Though I started reading this author because of her fabulous PNR series, Chronicles of Yavn this book has the same careful attention to character detail that draws the reader in, and not just to the two leads, but to other characters as well This detail orientation makes the story believable, right down to the complaints about the really cold weather descriptions that seem to plague the DC metro area Bring on the next one, and hurry, please I ll read whatever she writes with rec [...]


It was very nicely written with great characters, including Jeff, her roommate The very professional and capable work had to be appreciated once Michael got on board with his feelings for her which had to be so difficult as his dad s death, the problems with the company, and with his brothersoh, the soon to be divorced spouse was no picnic either Michael derives a lot of comfort with regards to his growing awareness of our girl The story was mine at that point I loved Michael Great ending Thanks [...]

Lauren Anne

Quite enjoyable very sweet love story Five years ago, after a mistaken kiss, Michael and Elise are back together again where they first met No longer his intern, Elise is praying to avoid Michael for the week that she was contracted to fix a major security issue The chemistry is still there, the feelings are still there, but can they move forward and finally have their happily ever after.Quick, sweet read.

Kylie C

Loved this book Fell in love with Michaels Character.Billionaire boss Michael had fallen in love with Elise years ago, but had kept his distance because he was her boss But Elise has grown up since then.Well written Read this book in one sitting


Awesome BookThis is an excellent romance story with some twists and turns and mystery It s the type of book you can t put down until you ve read it all It s well written and I loved it Can t wait to read .

Cyndy Aleo

Reviewed for RT Book Reviews rtbookreviews book review one week

Nyrae Dawn

Really enjoyed this book A fun, sexy contemporary romance with an unexpected twist Special sale price of 99 cents for the first week of release too

Janette Lopez

First let me say OMG This is well written and has amazing characters I simply love it and cannot wait for A total MUST READ

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