Oct 05, 2022
Beautiful Downfall
Posted by Scarlett Jade

[PDF] Beautiful Downfall | by ✓ Scarlett Jade, Beautiful Downfall, Scarlett Jade, Beautiful Downfall Camille Taylor s life fell apart after the tragic accident that haunts her every waking moment She became a recluse only looking forward to each day with the hope of having those dreams A handsome man with dark hair and wicked eyes visits her at night keeping her company as she struggles to get past the sudden death of her beloved parents There is something undeniabCamille Tay [PDF] Beautiful Downfall | by ✓ Scarlett Jade - Beautiful Downfall, Beautiful Downfall Camille Taylor s life fell apart after the tragic accident that haunts her every waking moment She became a recluse only looking forward to each day with the hope of having those dreams A handsome ma

  • Title: Beautiful Downfall
  • Author: Scarlett Jade
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Beautiful Downfall | by ✓ Scarlett Jade, Beautiful Downfall, Scarlett Jade, Beautiful Downfall Camille Taylor s life fell apart after the tragic accident that haunts her every waking moment She became a recluse only looking forward to each day with the hope of having those dreams A handsome man with dark hair and wicked eyes visits her at night keeping her company as she struggles to get past the sudden death of her beloved parents There is something undeniabCamille Tay

[PDF] Beautiful Downfall | by ✓ Scarlett Jade - Beautiful Downfall, Beautiful Downfall Camille Taylor s life fell apart after the tragic accident that haunts her every waking moment She became a recluse only looking forward to each day with the hope of having those dreams A handsome ma

~`*Ella Lee*`~

Okay, so this book started out with our heroine Camille being trapped in her own head with severe depression from watching her parents die 6 months ago in a car crash In her head is her Counseling Angel Casey.They meet up in her dreams for a while with him having the job of getting her back on track with life Blah blah blahey fall in love and have sex in her dreams.Of course, this is against the rules and Casey is called to meet with Jesus He s all like Casey you dummy, you broke the rules d fro [...]

Ikelia 'Bookoholic Anom' Francis

I didn t know how I was going to feel about this book because in the blurb it mentioned GOD and that can be a touchy subject, but it wasn t at all how I thought it would be I m happy about that.Camille recently lost her parents in a tragic accident, which she was apart of and saw her parents die Months later she has isolated herself from all her friends and stays to herself in a dark depression The only time she feels alive is when she dreams of a beautiful dark haired man that slowly helps her [...]


Camille hits some hard times after her parents die She set for cash but she s missing a piece of herself she s afraid she won t recover She falls into a state of depression rarely leaving the house to interact with anyone else There is only one thing that makes her days worth it, a beautiful dream staring a gorgeous strangerCasey was assigned to helped Camille out after the tragic event He meets her at night through her dreams and talks with her about, pretty much everything But there are a few [...]


So I love Scarlett Jade I have watched her from afar on FB, as we are both authors This was my first opportunity to read any of her work, when she had a freebie day on With that being said, I am sad to have to review it as only two stars I think that, had she had a very diligent editor beta reader, this could have been miles ahead What she has here is very promising, but it s only skin and bones to me Had I been the beta, I would have pushed for descriptions, varied language not just she did t [...]

Marilee Salfelder

The story was not believable even for a paranormal romance The worrying was styled too formal, we are going to the store , or you are sure you want to It didn t flow or feel realistic Most people don t speak exact perfect grammatical English exclusively Also, it couldn t make up its mind whether it was a religious book preaching forgiveness, an erotic novel or a book on the horrors of child abuse The jump from prescribed to erotic scenes was weird off putting Every obstacle that came up had an i [...]

Colleen Everly

Definitely a 4 star book I really enjoyed reading this I think everyone wishes they had a guardian angel I found it amazing how they found one another and fell in love I liked how he was her friend when she needed him as a child and that they fell in love as adults even though neither remembered him being there when she was young I found it humorous that God listened to his sister when she was playing matchmaker I loved the wedding vows they spoke to one another, they made me weepy just like goo [...]

Cristal Jatip

I got this book for free on The description of it really intrigued me so that s why I purchased it It had some potential but it just wasn t for me It was weird and awkward and I just couldn t relate There was no emotional connection between the characters for me.

Jacqueline's Reads



I never read the blurb on this book, just jumped into the book headfirst It was unknown to me that it contained anything to the religious effect I m not real big on preachy books or really care to read a whole lot about, nothing wrong with that, just not my style That being said, I loved this book It wasn t too religious, wasn t about sermons or trying to convert or anything to that effect It was about forgiveness, and being forgiven and moving on from past mistakes.The story starts off with Cam [...]

Krystle ~A Booknatic~

Will review with sky soon Be sure to stop by our blog to check it out thebooknatics Personal thoughts about this book below I thought that this was a very sweet story about a young woman named Camille, who recently lost both her parents in a horrible car accident, then gains an Angel named Casey to watch over and make sure she overcomes her grief He comes to her in her dreams where they both fall in love Only it s not his job to become personally involved with his work he wants her to be able to [...]


This book was really good, it killed me emotionally Camille Taylor is a young woman who lost her parents 6 mos prior to a car accident She was the only one who got to walk away She had been in the beginning stages of grief for the last 6mos Not wanting to move on with life Casey Phillips is a grief angel He comes to people who are grieving and helps them to move on with life He was assigned to Camille He came to her at night in her dreams After working together for 6mos, they fell in love Casey [...]

Donna ~

I can honestly tell you that I chose to read this book for the cover Well wasn t I surprised to find that this book was a story about an Angele I don t usually read books with Angels so I wasn t sure how this was going to turn out for me I must tell you I was pleasantly surprised Camille has not dealt with the grief of losing her parents very well and unbenounced to her she has been having sexual fantasies involving her grief angel Casey Philipps Casey s mission is to help Camille heal so that s [...]


I really really liked Beautiful Downfall It was different, very well written, and like another author I love to read I m looking at you Tina Pollick , made me feel a tad uncomfortable because of my own beliefs mixing with what the author wrote It s a good thing for me That s the only similarity They have completely different writing styles and I love both.Poor Camille Losing both of your parents at once I don t know if I could survive that and I completely got her spiraling down There was a lot [...]


I received a copy of this story from the author in exchange for an honest review Beautiful Downfall was not what I was expecting at all With a uniquely interesting take on Angels, life and love It was a beautifully written story with depth and a great epilogue.The story begins in a dream, where we meet Camille and Casey Told from both of their POV s, it was nice to know what both of them where thinking and feeling as the story progressed Camille is the wonderfully sad and compelling heroine who [...]


Krystle and I will be doing a combined review for this story shortly Be sure to stop by our facebook page and blog to see what we gush about Here are some personal thoughtsThis is a sweet tale of a girl who has lost everything and the only comfort she has to get through the day is knowing that when she sleeps for the night, her dream man will make his return as he does every night Her days consist of therapy sessions and mopping around keeping to herself as she lives frugally off her parents lif [...]


This is not the first book by Scarlett Jade that I have written so I knew it would be great Camille s life is turned upside down on the way home from college for Christmas break Her father is driving and there is a terrible accident in which both of her parents are killed She suffers watching them die and she suffers afterward from guilt that she survived the accident Left totally alone she spirals down into deep depression.The only thing that has kept her going is a young man that appears in he [...]

Genevieve Scholl

Wow, just from the very first paragraph I was hooked It was so powerful and descriptive that it drew me in like a bee to nectar The description of the accident was so well written that I felt like I had lost my own parents While the religious heaven elements weren t something I normally like different beliefs than the author nothing wrong with that , the author was able to write it in a way that even swayed me The characters were all incredibly loveable in their own ways Camille is a beautiful y [...]


Have you ever wondered if you have a guardian angel Camille does She witnessed her parents death and ever since then has not been the same She s lost all her friends and refuses to come out of her house except to go to therapy In her dreams she keeps seeing the most amazing man and finds that she doesn t want to live without him Even when she starts to live her life again, she doesn t want to have to let him go Casey is an angel working for redemption He didn t live his life the way he should ha [...]

Caragh Campbell

This was a book club book from an author I havent read before so I went in very open minded hadnt read the blurb at all And I really liked the book.This had me hooked from the start and I finished in a 4 hr sitting minus the time inbetween where I had to help with chores round the house damn those chores lol I loved Camile from the get go her past, her pain, her thoughts and feelings I was rooting for her the whole way through.Casey I am not a beleiver in angels and heaven but he could convert m [...]


Camille is a 21 year old girl who is at a stand still in life after the death of her parents in a tragic car accident In her dreams she is on a beach with Casey, a beautiful man who always tries to convince her to move forward with her life and not waste it She is so incredibly attracted to him but his visits are becoming less frequent but then she starts to take his advice he comes to her during the day So their chemistry, even if he is an angel from her dreams, is incredibly hot and the book s [...]

CatherineWright (Cat's Guilty Pleasure)

For the past six months Camille Taylor has had an angel from heaven, by the name of Casey, to help her deal with the grief of losing her parents in a terrible car crash In the short amount if time they spend together they fall hopelessly in love with one another Casey knows that he can t ever act on his feelings due to the rules of his job Camille realizes it s crazy to be in love with the man in her dreams They make the decision to give into the feelings they have for one another A well written [...]


I have read several books with angels and this was a totally unique and refreshing take on them I liked the story line and all the twists and turns throughout which gave the story depth.Camille and Casey were really great characters They each had their own issues to work through but also helped each other sometimes indirectly Camille is shy and struggles to get through each day Casey is sweet but also the hot brooding type I also really enjoyed Sarah She cracked me up and she was a great friend [...]

Mary Lou Hoffman

Recommended for 18 An angel from heaven has watched over Camille for the past six months He meets her in her dreams to help her cope with the crushing loss of her parents In just six months, they have both fallen helplessly in love with the one person they cannot have Camille knows it s crazy to be in love with a man from her dreams Casey knows it s against the laws of heaven to love his client Together, they tempt fate to reach for the passion, the love, and the dream they want to make come tru [...]


This story caught me off guard, which takes a lot There were things that happened that I never expected I don t want to spoil this story for you, but WOW This will be a favorite of mine for years to come It is beautifully written and flows masterfully I can t say enough about how this book will pull at your heart strings.We meet Camille, she was in a horrific car wreck which killed her parents She was the lone survivor and the rescue workers didn t know how she survived She is struggling because [...]

Ella Medler

A lovely paranormal romance, Beautiful Downfall is the sort of book to make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.Camille has a lot of demons to fight after events in her life leave her depressed, and Casey, too, has to work through his problems.The storyline is essentially a classic soulmates love story, with points of interest brought about by twists in the fates of the two protagonists, and some secondary characters, as well.Talking of characters, they are very well written I especially enjoy [...]

Debbie Shultz

I loved this book, it was so different from every other love story Camille has been having dreams about a mysterious guy since her parents died in an auto accident She finally finds out his name is Casey and he is an angel to help her get through her depression from losing her parents What she doesn t realize it that Casey has always been in her life and so have other angels her parents included Casey and Camille need to fight to stay together after God tests them.You find out that Casey had a t [...]

Cassy Witthar

This was a book chosen for me by a book club I joined I have never read a book by Scarlett Jade before this, but WOW I loved this story It was written beautifully I felt every emotion of the characters and felt I really got to know them This book captured me from page 1 and I couldn t put the book down.You Have Camille who has suffered a horrible tragedy, losing her parents in a traumatic car accident, leaving her the only survivor She is all alone except for, Casey, her Angel sent from Heaven t [...]


Beautiful Downfall is the touching story of Camille and Casey When Camille was a child, she and her parents were in a horrific car accident Her parents didn t survive To help Camille through her grief, God, or The Big Man as Casey calls him , sends Casey to her side to help her heal As the years pass, they fall in love But what future do you have with an angel To truly enjoy this book, suspend what you think you know and just go with it My only criticism with this book is that I feel the ending [...]


Six months has passed since the accident that Camille was involved in that unfortunately had taken her parents away from her but she miraculously survived But how and why There has been angel by her side since the accident and he has finally broken the rules to made contact with Camille But why Camille believes that she ready to move on with her life but is she really ready I thought the book was an interesting one to read There could have been details that could have been used I do suggest a b [...]


I wish I had been a beta reader on this The grammar issues were a big turn off I found it slacking in so many ways It was extremely preachy It consisted of telling the main character they have to forgive all the time because god says so The book was too eccentric and unfortunately something I would not recommend The author should get some beta readers who enjoy reading for reviews or just to check errors She wouldn t have even have to pay Many like myself do it and sadly she needed that here.

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Beautiful Downfall