Oct 05, 2022
Red Ink
Posted by Julie Mayhew

✓ Red Ink ☆ Julie Mayhew, Red Ink, Julie Mayhew, Red Ink When her mother is knocked down and killed by a London bus fifteen year old Melon Fouraki is left with no family worth mentioning Her mother Maria never did introduce Melon to a living breathing father The indomitable Auntie Aphrodite meanwhile is hundreds of miles away on a farm in Crete and is unlikely to be jumping on a plane and coming to East Finchley anytiWhen her mother is kn ✓ Red Ink ☆ Julie Mayhew - Red Ink, Red Ink When her mother is knocked down and killed by a London bus fifteen year old Melon Fouraki is left with no family worth mentioning Her mother Maria never did introduce Melon to a living breathing f

  • Title: Red Ink
  • Author: Julie Mayhew
  • ISBN: 9781471400353
  • Page: 214
  • Format: ebook
✓ Red Ink ☆ Julie Mayhew, Red Ink, Julie Mayhew, Red Ink When her mother is knocked down and killed by a London bus fifteen year old Melon Fouraki is left with no family worth mentioning Her mother Maria never did introduce Melon to a living breathing father The indomitable Auntie Aphrodite meanwhile is hundreds of miles away on a farm in Crete and is unlikely to be jumping on a plane and coming to East Finchley anytiWhen her mother is kn

✓ Red Ink ☆ Julie Mayhew - Red Ink, Red Ink When her mother is knocked down and killed by a London bus fifteen year old Melon Fouraki is left with no family worth mentioning Her mother Maria never did introduce Melon to a living breathing f


Red ink is a brilliant coming of age story which I enjoyed thoroughlyAt the start of the book you meet Melon Melon is 15 and has just lost her mother, the only real family she has, and has found herself alone in the world The story follows her as she starts to find out about her past and where she comes from.One thing I really enjoyed about this book was the way in which the story was told It flips between present day and then flashes back to different points in Melon s past so you can learn a [...]


The really short explanation of why I liked this book is I believed Melon A lot if the time when I read books about people in dealing with death I sympathise with the character, sometimes I ll shed a tear, but I don t believe in them.Melon reminded me so much of myself at times it made uncomfortable reading People treading on eggshells, Melon feeling guilty for not being upset enough ALL of the time yeah it put me right back there Red Ink actually made therapeutic reading in that sense.Excluding [...]


Here s a link to myblogfor reviews I picked up a copy of Red Ink by Julie Mayhew in the library after it was recommended to me by a friend This isn t a very high profile book, it was sent to my friend, who also writes a book blog, by Hot Key books , and she couldn t give it praise And after reading it neither could I I didn t know what I was getting into with Red Ink, and I could not expect the effect it would have on me It is without a doubt the best contemporary YA novel I have ever read The [...]

LH Johnson

There s a strange sort of poetry in sadness The poetics of grief, if you will Think about it When sadness, darkness, pain hits us, it hits hard We feel it It s an almost physical impact, this great black nothing that swings out of nowhere and makes us fall out of the rythm of our daily lives And when it s fallen, when we re stumbling round in our grief and our hurt, we re lost because our world doesn t make sense any Yesterday, it did Yesterday it was perfect.But today, it does not.And so, in t [...]

Susy Goldstone

I didn t really feel like this book had much direction I don t know if that makes sense, but there was very little momentum to it, nothing really motivating me to keep reading.It was also littered with cliches which was very off putting Apart from that the writing was ok, but the cliched descriptions just didn t work at all and were a distraction.I liked that it was centred around a different culture Greek but the foreign vocabulary was used in too much excess for me, with very little effort mad [...]

Lucy Dawson

An interesting and in some sections, haunting YA novel.There are some lovely descriptions of Greece and some interesting insights into Greek family culture.The main character can come across as quite selfish and aggressive in parts, and the way she treats her Mother before she dies is very sad I enjoyed this book than I thought I would but wasn t a fan of the ending I won t give it away but I felt disappointed for the main character and what had befallen her It was portrayed as being positive b [...]


There s certainly never a good time to lose your mother, but when you re not yet sixteen and you ve never known your father, it can t be one of the best Melon is a troubled and troubling girl, but a highly engaging and often funny teenager There s a hopefulness here, and a battling instinct that never gets lost this is partly a story about a rite of passage, partly one of survival Julie Mayhew s deftness of touch keeps a dark story moving, stops it from being gloomy Very highly recommended read. [...]


One of those coming off age stories, where teenager find out their life has been based on lessGood start, killing off one of main characters at beginning, and going from there.Likeable.


Very enjoyable I have recently read Julie Mayhew s Mother Tongue which I liked, probably because there are not many books written in English for teenagers which are set in Beslan I loved Melon s anger, her fury at the fact that her mother and her family were not normal and the problems this caused her at school My mother died when I was 10 years old, so the feeling that other people are dancing around the subject, not talking honestly and directly about what has happened was a feeling I remember [...]

Anastasia Vârlan

An honest novel which I enjoied and believed Some moments made me feel worried sick due to the clean, warm writing I was admiring from the beginning to the end of the book.


DNF Fifty pages in, I just wasn t feeling anything, and didn t warm to Melon or her voice.


Check out my review over on my blog here A huge thank you to HKB for sending me this novel in exchange for my honest review This was another novel I read back in the summer, but don t take my late posting of this review as a sign that I disliked this novel, quite the opposite After finishing this novel, it was difficult to compose my thoughts on this novel without just word vomiting about how amazing and wonderful I think it is and how everyone should read it right now So after a few months have [...]

Steve lovell

Here is an account of a few years in the life of Quoyle, born in Brooklyn and raised in a shuffle of dreary upstate towns Hive spangled, gut roaring with gas and cramp, he survived childhood at the state university, hand clapped over his chin, he camouflaged torment with smiles and silence Stumbled through his twenties and into his thirties learning to separate his feelings from his life, counting on nothing He ate prodigiously, liked a ham knuckle, buttered spuds And here commences E Annie Prou [...]


A friend who worked in a bookshop gave me a box of uncorrected proofs from Hot Key Books I love YA books, so in I dived Red Ink was the first one I got my hands on, and I really enjoyed it It is both a thoughtful and, at times, emotional read.There are three threads to this story and the narrative switches well between them.Firstly, there is Melon s story as she comes to terms with her mother s sudden death in a traffic accident.Melon herself is a great narrator She is not the most popular teena [...]


The synopsis for Red Ink by Julie Mayhew is great Fifteen year old Melon s mother is killed when she is run over by a bus and Melon now has no family to speak of I picked up this book to see what Melon would find out about herself after her mother s death, what family she might find and how she would deal with having a name like Melon The story is told in a non linear fashion showing flashbacks to when Melon s mother was still alive Also, time and again, we are told The Story the story of how Me [...]

Joséphine (Word Revel)

June 14, 2013Full review is up on Word Revel.____________June 13, 2013Initial thoughts Melon lost her mother to a London bus that knocked her over and killed her With no family contact left behind, all Melon has is her mother s story She knows that even though she was born and raised in London, her original roots lie in Crete Her whole identity and existence has depended on that story It is her knowledge of it that allows her to live day by day after her mother s death As she pieces the story to [...]

Colleen Scidmore

This book was about a 3.75 star.Melon is dealing with the grief of her dead mother who was hit by a bus Melon and her mother lived in London but her mother is originally from Greece So Melon has no family really in London except for a great aunt who has wanted nothing to do with her mom Even the family in Greece seem to have wanted nothing to do with her mom Maybe because her mom got pregnant at 15 with Melon by a neighboring farm boy and broke her dad s heart That s always The Story Melon heard [...]


What did you like about the book A 15 year old second generation Greek girl living in London, Melon hates her name She hates hearing her mom s Story about why she HAS such a strange name But when her mom gets hit by a bus, she tries to cope with her grief and it leads her on a journey to find out the truth about her mom s Story This is a very well written short book in two parts The first and longest slowly unravels the story of what led up to the events of the day on which Melon s mom is killed [...]

Sinéad O'Hart

Red Ink tells the story of a fifteen year old girl coming to terms with awful loss, and trying to rebuild her life, and herself It takes us from London to Crete and back again, describing the differing landscapes with such precise and poetic language that we can feel the streets under our feet, see the sparkling blue sea, hear the passing traffic, smell the warm dust in the air The writing in this book is a living thing It is the voice of our narrator for the duration of the novel, we are her It [...]

Abby Mzzz

Red Ink is definitely one of my favorite YA books this year It had everything a good book needs a tragedy to the main character and a great storyline The main character is 15 year old Melon who doesn t have much self confidence in her body, especially hates her name and has a dead Mum One of the things I liked about Red Ink is the way it was written the story jumps back and forth between what happened before her Mum s death to the days since, which kept me interested in what was happening as the [...]


There is much to love in Red Ink The writing is delicate and lyrical without being overstated Melon is a real fifteen year old and the school setting, her troubled relationship with her best friend and feelings of shock, denial anger and betrayal following her mother s death are portrayed so beautifully, with enough restraint that when she finally experiences cathartic grief, we are with her I did think it was slightly contrived that her mother s boyfriend would have been given custody but manag [...]


Melon hates her name And she s pretty angry at her social worker mom for getting hit by a London bus and dying But she has The Story She has heard it so many times as she grew up that she uses it as a sort grief therapy writing it down Her mother was estranged from her family and even though they went home to Crete regularly, so Melon has minimal support She s not happy that her Mum s boyfriend has moved in and it trying to get her to open up Her best friend abandons her and she has a grief coun [...]


When fifteen year old Melon Fouraki s mother is struck down by a London city bus she finds her self lost and alone Her only guardian is her mother s boyfriend who has agreed to raise her until she of legal age As Melon begins to learn about her mother s she soon realizes that her family s history may not be what she always believed I wanted this book to better than it proved to be I found the character of Melon uninspiring She came across a little to whiny and self pitying even for a teen who ha [...]


When her mother is knocked down and killed by a London bus, fifteen year old Melon Fouraki is left with no family worth mentioning Her mother, Maria, never did introduce Melon to a living, breathing father The indomitable Auntie Aphrodite, meanwhile, is hundreds of miles away on a farm in Crete, and is unlikely to be jumping on a plane and coming to East Finchley anytime soon But at least Melon has The Story The Story is the Fourakis family fairytale A story is something RED INK is a powerful co [...]

Stephanie Tournas

Melon Fouraki is 15 and she has just lost her mother, run over by a London bus She has no father, and her mother, Maria, was estranged from her aunts in Britain and her relatives on a melon farm in Crete Yet all she feels towards her dead mother and her mother s devastated fiance, Paul, is anger It doesn t help that her best friend Chick abandons her She manages to begin writing down The Story of her mother as a way to satisfy her grief counselor The Story was her mother s tale that explained Ma [...]


I loved the writing of this book Julie Mayhew is clearly a talented author and has a great sense of style The way the past, future and The Story are woven into each other is really well done.And allthough I loved reading the book and couldn t put it down, it also had some flaws The fact that Maria starts laughing when Melon tells her she s being bullied, the or less sadistic reaction of Maria when she s dressed to go out and Melon clearly admires her beauty, the way she never says to Melon she [...]


This started off okay although I thought the chapters of The Story were way too pretentiously written purple prose is not a good thing but I wasn t fond of the sudden jump in direction and mood halfway through I don t really get why scattering her mother s ashes made Melon s feelings change so drastically It s okay to think your mother was a bitch, Melon I did I mean, come on, they had conversations like this MELON I m being bullied at schoolM Because of your name They tease you because you have [...]


A quite shocking novel in so many ways, not just because of the tragic death of the main character s mother The language, just as the story, shocks through its directness, the way Melon lashes out in her grief, in her frustration over the way she is treated by others, including her now dead mother While I felt so much for Melon, I could also easily relate to the frustrations others felt towards her I have to admit, there were moments I didn t like her very much myself All this showed me what a p [...]

For Books' Sake

When Melon Fouraki s mother Maria dies suddenly in an accident, Melon is left with no family to speak of Grieving, and with only her mother s beloved Fourakis family fairytale to provide a link to her past, Melon begins to pick through her childhood memories in an attempt to relocate her place in the world.Throughout actor turned author Julie Mayhew s d but novel, Red Ink, we see Melon adjust to life without her mum, moving in first with the parents of a friend, then with her mother s boyfriend [...]


Red Ink is a realistic, coming of age story revolving around Maria and her mother The prose and form of the novel was its strongest points, multiple stories from various points of time weaved together Maria and the other characters were realistic but I couldn t find myself to empathise with them, and with little noticeable character development it felt like I was reading 300 pages of a teenager getting angry That said, the author is very good at creating interesting relationships between the dau [...]

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