Nov 26, 2022
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Shipwrecked Best Download || [Siobhan Curham], Shipwrecked, Siobhan Curham, Shipwrecked This is the first book in a major new series Lost meets Gossip Girl I jump at the sound of a whispered voice over my shoulder But when I turn round all I see is sand and the towering green wall of the rainforest I guess it must have been the breeze but I can t help shivering I have the weirdest feeling that we re being watched Grace Delaney and her fellow dancThis is the first book Shipwrecked Best Download || [Siobhan Curham] - Shipwrecked, Shipwrecked This is the first book in a major new series Lost meets Gossip Girl I jump at the sound of a whispered voice over my shoulder But when I turn round all I see is sand and the towering green wall of t

  • Title: Shipwrecked
  • Author: Siobhan Curham
  • ISBN: 9781405264570
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
Shipwrecked Best Download || [Siobhan Curham], Shipwrecked, Siobhan Curham, Shipwrecked This is the first book in a major new series Lost meets Gossip Girl I jump at the sound of a whispered voice over my shoulder But when I turn round all I see is sand and the towering green wall of the rainforest I guess it must have been the breeze but I can t help shivering I have the weirdest feeling that we re being watched Grace Delaney and her fellow dancThis is the first book

Shipwrecked Best Download || [Siobhan Curham] - Shipwrecked, Shipwrecked This is the first book in a major new series Lost meets Gossip Girl I jump at the sound of a whispered voice over my shoulder But when I turn round all I see is sand and the towering green wall of t


The tag line of Lost meets Gossip Girl has no impact on me, I ve never seen Gossip Girl and gave up on Lost after episode 2 I picked this book up for one reason only Siobhan CurhamReassuringly Siobhan Curham writing remains brilliant You just want to read Shipwrecked As a first book in a series there is a good balance between setting up the next book while having a gripping story for the reader to enjoy this time round Personally I m really looking forward to reading what happens next.I wasn t a [...]


Das Buch erinnert ein wenig an die Serie Lost Nur stranden hier Jugendliche nach einem Unwetter mit einem Boot auf einer einsamen Insel F r Spannung sorgt ein Mythos rund um die Insel, der durch seltsame Vorkommnisse verst rkt wird Eine Frage besch ftigt alle Sind die Jugendlichen alleine oder ist da noch jemand Und spielen alle das gleiche Spiel Die Jugendlichen sind ein wenig klischeehaft, aber gerade die Oberzicken bringen ein wenig Abwechslung in die Gruppendynamik Das Ende des ersten Teils [...]

Franzis Bücherseelen

Anders als erwartet Wenig abenteuerlich daf r viele kleine Zankereien und Dramen unter den Jugendlichen , sowie eine kleine Liebesgeschichte Trotzdem gute Unterhaltung f r zwischendurch

SJH (A Dream of Books)

Siobhan Curham is the author of the wonderful Dear Dylan and Finding Cherokee Brown both of which I have previously enjoyed Her new title Shipwrecked is aimed at a slightly older teen audience and is the first in a saga Described as Gossip Girl meets Lost, the tagline made the book sound extremely promising and I was looking forward to a thrilling and sizzling summer read Grace Delaney along with her friends, are en route to perform on a South Pacific cruise ship when a storm hits, leaving them [...]

Liz Jager

I read Shipwrecked in 2 days over the weekend past The set up is handled well and effortlessly by Ms Curham as expected and I relished knowing that the kids who seem so very cultured and bitchy would soon be stranded on an island There is much bitchiness and shenanigans and it s handled well within the context of the book I liked the voodoo vibe too and I like how the characters find out about that It s creepy in places thoroughly approved of this too and I liked how the main character actually [...]


It could have been 1000000000 times better if the heroine wasn t so weak Frustrated the hell out of me Cruz should stand up for her.The Flea was perfectly realistic.Belle, god, she annoyed the shit out of me Fudging weak 3 stabbing Jenna and her so called best friend in the eye stars


For book reviews and , please visit my book blog, The Book StopI read Shipwrecked during our scorcher of a Summer, and it was the perfect Summer read, I must say I love all books involving a shipwreck, but this one just blew me away I was not expecting it to be THAT good I read Shipwrecked as part of the Shipwrecked Readalong with Sophie and Zoe It was great chatting about Shipwrecked, and we all seemed to have the same opinion, we loved it The plot of Shipwrecked is very interesting At the begi [...]


Shipwrecked by Siobhan Curham is darker than her previous two novels, Dear Dylan, and Finding Cherokee Brown However I think I enjoyed it Shipwrecked is what I would look for in a Young Adult novel with equal amounts of sass, adventure, drama, and romance I like how Curham manages to make sure that there is an equal amount of girl boy time to girl friend time Shipwrecked follows a dance crew as they become wrecked on a desert island while they travel to a cruise ship to perform Curham really de [...]


The press release for this is bang on when it describes this book as gossip girl meets lost A group of teen dancers are shipwrecked onto a tropical and oh so slightly sinister island and the story follows them as they adjust to their new settings The story is told from the point of view from Grace Grace and her friends are hilarious to follow as they find themselves shipwrecked The group immediately splits into cliques, the bitchy rich ones in one corner, the nice but poor scholarship students i [...]


At first I thought this book would be one of those typical teenager type of books, and to some extent it was, but I think it was still interesting because of the twist Every chapter leaves you on a cliff hanger, and I kept wanting to know The plot line and characters were very typical teenagery and I think that was what made it amusing to read Overall, I think this was a fun and amusing book This type of genre is quite new to me and I m glad I gave it a try

Katie (Kitkatscanread)

Thank you to Electric Monkey for sending this to me for review Oh my God this book was so good Blew me away how fantastically entertaining it was It really makes me want to play Sims Castaway now damn you So many fantastic characters Eep Honestly can t wait for the sequel DVideo review to come


Es w rde 5 Sterne bekommen,aber der eine Stern wird f r den Gruselfaktor abgezogen


Und was f r Dinge w rdest du auf eine einsame Insel mitnehmen Seiten 301Cover DIESES Cover finde ich so passend, zwar auch f r dieses Buch, aber noch lieber f r Soul Beach Geweint Eine kleine Freudentr ne auf Seite 299Inhalt Ein Traum geht in Erf llung Grace und ihre Freunde von der LA Dance Academy werden die Sommerferien auf einem Kreuzfahrtschiff im S dpazifik verbringen, um dort in einer Show aufzutreten Doch pl tzlich zieht w hrend der berfahrt ein Unwetter auf und l sst das Boot kentern Di [...]


I wrote some notes about this book as I was reading The first half I wrote about half way through, and the second half were written once I d finished the book I m going to put them both under separate spoiler cuts, but I don t know whether the first one counts as spoilers or not because I hadn t finished view spoiler Love Cruz, like Grace, Dan s an asshole sometimes but seems okay, the Flea is fantastic, Belle is sweet but mildly annoying, hate Cariss and Jenna obviously, Todd is a major douche, [...]


FINISHED THE BOOK SECTIONI just finished the book and I m actually blown away My mind is wrecked As in shipwrecked Wasn t expecting the book to be this good.I thought it was going to one of those bad young adult clich novels I was totally wrong Although it was a cliche but it was a brilliant cliche.So le me give you a rundown on what s going on in this storyE STORY LINE SECTIONWe have a dance crew right Grace main girl , Jenna bestfriend , Cariss bitch.but she is , Todd Grace s girlfriend , Ron [...]

Stefanie M

Da ich Geschichten ber Schiffsbr chige und einsame Inseln sehr gerne mag und auch die Fernsehserie Lost liebe, musste ich dieses Buch einfach kurz nach dem Erscheinen kaufen Ein weiterer Pluspunkt war, dass die Protagonisten auf eine Tanzakademie gehen, was sich f r mich sehr gut anh rte Von dem ganzen Tanzen bekommt man immer wieder am Rande was mit, aber es steht definitiv nicht im Mittelpunkt Das war jetzt nicht so schlimm Ich hatte nur irgendwie erwartet, dass man noch ein bisschen was von d [...]

Jennifer Heine

Meine MeinungDas Buch war lange lange auf meinem SuB, aber am letzten Wochenende, als es sooo hei war, hatte ich keine Lust den Kindle mit den Garten zu schleppen, sondern nahm einiger B cher meines SuBs Dabei war unter anderem Shipwrecked und Watersong Fangen wir gleich an Grace und ihre Freunde gehen gemeinsam auf die LA Dance Academy und haben sich an einem Ferienworkshop beworben F r sie geht es auf ein Kreuzfahrtschiff im S dpazifik Sie sollen dort tanzen und die Reisenden unterhalten Doch [...]

Anya (An Awful Lot of Reading)

My second Siobhan Curham book was very easy to read and get sucked into Curham has this easy reading and flowing narrative that just rolls over you and draws you in And with a mad and adventurous story as this, the story telling has to be great Luckily, it really was Told from Grace s P.O.V, the group of dancers get stuck on an island on their way to the cruise ship for which they are the entertainment The lot of them make up quite a stereotypical group, from the rich brats, the jock types and t [...]


Review by BethI had the pleasure of reading Finding Cherokee Brown by Siobhan Curham in March and so was super happy when another of her novels found its way through my letter box Shipwrecked is entirely different from Cherokee though and is the beginning of a brand new series from the author I believe the Shipwrecked novels are also aimed at a slightly older audience which is all good for me.Described as Lost meets Gossip Girl I didn t find myself hooked by the synopsis I am NOT a Gossip Girl f [...]

Jess Swann

Au d but je n tais pas tr s enthousiaste mais plus les pages d filaient, plus je me suis retrouv e charm e par l histoire L h ro ne, Grace, travers laquelle on suit l histoire, est une jeune fille amusante et profond ment gentille Au contraire de sa garce de copine Jenna, elle sait voir au del des apparences et se montre ouverte et tol rante Notamment avec Belle C est int ressant de la voir s affirmer au fil des chapitres, au d but, elle est plut t mouton vis vis de celle qu elle consid re comme [...]


2.5 stars out of 5.Lost meets Gossip Girl Apparently I personally find this tag line ridiculous as well as way off the mark.I thought that Shipwrecked had such a promising premise A bunch of teenagers, on their way to perform on a cruise ship, end up stranded on an island where strange things start to happen.This book started out so well, I enjoyed it for perhaps one third of it But once they ended up on the island things started to go downhill.I just wish that for once some teenage stories coul [...]


This is the second time I have read Shipwrecked and I absolutely LOVE this book I love Grace too She is lovely strong character and a good friend I did not like her boyfriend Todd Ugh He was sooo cocky and just a TOOL I LOVED Jimmy the Flea If I ever got Shipwrecked on a weird island I would sooo want him there He was just hilarious I quite liked Dan too although I would have liked to get to know about him Maybe we will in the next one Which I am psyched for ugh Jenna and Cariss were so mean an [...]

Lycidas Bookworm

Ok so i randomly got this book, because i was hungry for new books and very desperate.And to be honest it turned out to be a pretty good book A lot of things happen to keep you entertained, just before you get bored and i love the love stories that have been going on, turning a love triangle into proper relationships that make you grab your bed cover in jealousy of the perfection At times i didnt like how the relationships between the characters were so extremely immature, guessing their age is [...]

Marion Grassie

I was very kindly given this book by the author following a mix up by Many thanks to Siobhan Curham That being said, the following is my considered review of the book.The story takes place in a detailed and beautifully described tropical island setting I would describe it as a gripping YA adventure with touches of comedy and romance.It follows a group of young people, a dance crew en route to a performance, as they become victims of a storm in the South Pacific and become shipwrecked on a desert [...]


Just right This book was quite a disappointment with great potential for characters but it was wasted The characters were not likeable at all and at a certain point I got sick of them The story itself was interesting but the incidents taking place between the characters just made the book worse I dislike how the main character is such a pushover and when her friends say stuff about her or anyone she just imagines good comebacks and then doesn t say anything but just pities herself If she is as s [...]


I picked this book up on a whim and ended up enjoying it very much It was exactly what I expected mindless but fun entertainment All the characters are fairly black and white one half of the group that s stranded on the island consists of nice characters who are really good people, and the other half consists of mean girls and not too bright jocks I liked the characters I was supposed to like, and spent sufficient time rolling my eyes at the others There is a romance in there too, but it s of a [...]


all i have to say is that this book, is nearly perfection and im not exaggeratingipwrecked made me realize that a book doesnt have to have those deep words with deep constellations, for it to be amazing to read it s the plotd that is what shipwrecked have a plot that reels me in deep inside and plucked me so much emotions that if shipwrecked were a person i d hug it so hard because im so in love with it and the things to love there are the people, accurately, Cruz huehueheuehehe and believe me [...]


This book was going okay Nothing extraordinary, for sure, but it was okay and I was interested in the characters, they were good.But.I get a strong feeling that the author drew inspiration from a certain unlikely source an animated movie, about ten years old Dream Works Animation a bunch of animal BFFs get stranded on an island, far away from their New York City zoo you know itIn this book, the islanders spell out HELP with wood, hoping that they ll be seen from above and rescued Then the P gets [...]


I wasn t sure what to make of the whole Lost meets Gossip Girl statement I m a huge fan of Gossip Girl Lost not so much The plot of Shipwrecked grabbed me immediately though I found it completely unpredictable which is always nice It kept me reading, devouring page after page I found Siobhan Curham s writing in Shipwrecked quite chilling It was completely different to Finding Cherokee Brown, which shows just how talented a writer she is I m so glad Shipwrecked is a series, because it ended on qu [...]

Ellie D'angelo

i really liked this book and was really spooked out at some bits, like the voice in Grace s head The only thing for me was that the mean girl forgotten her name at the moment was a real cliche popular, rich, bitchy girly girl i was disappointed that her character remained that cliche the whole way through the book I would have liked to have seen some development from her Then again, this could happen in the next book Anyway, i enjoyed it than i thought i would, and am eager to continue reading [...]

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