Dec 04, 2022
Едноминутният Мениджър
Posted by Kenneth H. Blanchard Огнян Йовков

Free Read Едноминутният Мениджър - by Kenneth H. Blanchard Огнян Йовков, Едноминутният Мениджър, Kenneth H. Blanchard Огнян Йовков, Free Read Едноминутният Мениджър - by Kenneth H. Blanchard Огнян Йовков - Едноминутният Мениджър,

  • Title: Едноминутният Мениджър
  • Author: Kenneth H. Blanchard Огнян Йовков
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
Free Read Едноминутният Мениджър - by Kenneth H. Blanchard Огнян Йовков, Едноминутният Мениджър, Kenneth H. Blanchard Огнян Йовков,

Free Read Едноминутният Мениджър - by Kenneth H. Blanchard Огнян Йовков - Едноминутният Мениджър,

Mohammed Alsaleh

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There is this genre I call business fiction The characteristics of the genre are as follows 1 A Simple contrived narrative with a pedantic plod.2 An aim at communicating common sense wisdom for the business world 3 A healthy overlay of positive thinking.4 characters you could care less about because they are one dimensional, mindless automatons sent by the author to fulfill his didactic purposes but do not breath, bleed, or have any life of their own 5 Lots of slogans that would look nice on a p [...]


Is there a word for books that are over one hundred pages long but which summarise themselves in less than one page In this case everything you need to know is on page, luckily not room, 101 view spoiler but just in case, I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate I love Big Brother hide spoiler The rest of the book is some kind of modern fable, presumably because the authors felt embarrassed by the idea of selling their idea on a postcard, that repetitiously repeats that the manager mus [...]

Chad Warner

This short book packs a lot of advice about effective management into an allegorical story The tips are realistic and practical, and not too preachy Here are my notes, mostly quoted straight from the book Manager TypesAutocratic Tough Interested in results Profit minded Organization wins while people loseDemocratic Nice Interested in people People win while organization losesPeople who feel good about themselves produce good results.One minute goal setting1 Agree on your goals.2 See what good be [...]

Trey Piepmeier

The writing is absolutely wretched It s as if it were written for school children Poorly.That being said, I think this is probably a really solid management style I just wish they showed a little respect for the reader The dialog attribution alone is nausea inducing.This is from the same school of thought as Dale Carnegie s How to Win Friends Influence People Which is, basically, if you manipulate people into thinking you care about them, they ll do what you want Of course, it s framed in such [...]

Alex Duncan

A must read for new managers.

Mike Steven

This was on the shelf on the house I stayed at on my holidays and as I m supposed to lead a team these days I thought it would be useful.David Brent could have written this book It s so cheesey and american it s unreal Basically it has three ideas One minute target setting all goals mapped out in less than 250 words with each team member getting fourteen or fifteen or twenty odd or something targets There s also one minute praise It advises you to touch people in a reassuring way during these se [...]

المدرب محمد الملا

Kenneth H Blanchard, Spencer Johnson 106 91


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Shanna Kunkel

Had to read for work Treat people like people and not just worker bees Common sense Managers do NOT use this book that s for sure.

Stefy Davis

Simple, quick and entertaining story about how to manage yourself and be a manager You d think there d be a secret sauce to it, some way to conduct yourself or boss people around in an effective way Turns out, the three steps of managing goal setting, praising and reprimanding are not only a minute each, but couldn t be jaw dropping obvious and right Be precise about what you want to get done and the quality it has to be done by, but give autonomy in how it s done This gives space for creativit [...]

Maamar AMEUR

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Yousif Al Zeera

Nice read and very light Read it while on a bus drive from Manama, Bahrain to Al Medina, KSA.

Dhruv Sharma

I Liked this book and let me try to summarize the takeaway using a small example of a game called Bowling Let s say a person X who is supervisor level of employee is playing bowling and the pins are being place by another person Y who is happens to be a senior management level employee The idea is that the Y will set the pins and X will strike the pins using the ball.The catch here in the game is that there is a curtain in between the player who is bowling and the pins he need to strike this is [...]



Vamshi C

One minute Manager Can a manager finish all his job in just one minute That s what this book claims Blanchard takes us through a pursuit of a young manager to find the best practices of a Manager He meets a very efficient manager with whom he learns three basic principles of One minute manager The book though is a management oriented, the author makes us feel as if we are reading a story The examples shared by the managers could have been better All in all i gave this 4 out of 5 only because it [...]


Laughably oversimplified advice, for the most part very truthful and common sensical, that I m sure works spectacularly in a healthy, homogeneous, and fully functional society that I m having a hard time envisioning in today s world Written in 1981, the type of managerial relationship portrayed here was already gone, it just hadn t evidenced itself yet The advice contained within actually works better for dealing with children, specifically your own, when it comes to the much stressed aspect of [...]


There are some great lessons in this book but I found the format of the Socratic Dialogue to come off as gimmicky This book assumes a team that are all intrinsically motivated and can operate completely independently but even if you are still working on basic staff development there is plenty to take away If you can get past the quirky format of the book, it s worth the hour and a half to read.


One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings, One Minute Reprimands

David Lucero

A helpful book with good times on time management.

Tyler Suzuki Nelson

The One Minute Manager is a short book written by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson Written in a style of fiction, The One Minute Manager presents through example and explanation a method of managing people in a short period of time using only 3 steps.The main idea behind the book is that to manage people quickly and effectively, there are 3 important steps 1 Goal Setting, in which an agreement is reached on the person s responsibilities and then these responsibilities are broken down and re [...]


I would recommend this book to anyone who is overseeing others in a managerial capacityThe One Minute Manager is a narrative about a young man looking for the most effective management skills Through this parable, Kenneth Blanchard and Spenser Johnson seek to show what makes the most effective management approach, an approach that allows for employee innovation and creativity The book includes topics on motivating, appraisals and sanctions as well as goal setting.I believe that the advice offere [...]


Ken Blanchard is a deceptive genius, and his brief books belie brilliance of how he presents his powerful points and themes He is able to share some solutions and questions of life s great mysteries and secrets in simple, consumable, and ultimately useable form In his advisory epistles, he notes rightly, that to the degree that we languish in implementing changes to change and improve our lives, well, the less they impact Specifically he often talks about a 48 hour grace period I ve always appre [...]


I heard about the book a long time back and it has been waiting in my bookshelf for some 1 year now The only reason that the thinness of the book was not able to entice me in reading it was the fact that most of the famous management books that you come across in your life become clich d with time If you have not read them in any chronological order then time and again you are bound to get that feeling of d j vu This book is about a man who is on a lookout for some gyaan learning about managemen [...]

Travelling Sunny

giggle giggle snort OK I totally get why this book would have been so dog gone popular THIRTY TWO YEARS AGO It s a cute story this up and coming yuppie type interviews a successful business manager to find out his secrets for success Then he is sent to interview three of this manager s subordinates, who each give him one of the three secrets to being a One Minute Manager I kept thinking of Dickens Christmas ghosts LOL It s all boiled down to three simple rules Set Goals, Give Immediate Praise, G [...]

Steffen Nielsen

This is probably the worst management book I have ever read It is filled with so many trivial things that most people have already learned in their upbringing which makes the book completely unbearable On the front cover it states that this is the World s Most Popular Management Method I don t believe that is a fact It also says More Success With Less Stress As an old stress victim I take statements like that very serious however it is hardly mentioned in the book how this is achieved The good t [...]


The book is short and humorous, a good read for non readers The book takes solid mangagerial info and gives it to the reader handily in the form of three secrets Managers should cast clear vision and expectations, commend good work, and correct mistakes.The advice to be very practical and while some may consider it far too simple, it can help you a lot IF you actually apply the info which I suspect most managers do not Leadership and management are both critically important skills The one minute [...]

Samir Nammoor


Bilal Rajab

This book provides a core principal that will change your behavior in managing people efficiently.I like the way this book delivered it s message through conversations during the chapters, It was interesting

  • Free Read Едноминутният Мениджър - by Kenneth H. Blanchard Огнян Йовков
    278Kenneth H. Blanchard Огнян Йовков
Едноминутният Мениджър