Dec 04, 2022
Four Sisters, All Queens
Posted by Sherry Jones

Four Sisters, All Queens Best Read || [Sherry Jones], Four Sisters, All Queens, Sherry Jones, Four Sisters All Queens Rich in intrigue and scheming love and lust Sherry Jones s vibrant historical novel follows four women destined to sway the fate of nations and the hearts of kings Amid the lush valleys and fragrant wildflowers of Provence Marguerite El onore Sanchia and Beatrice have learned to charm hunt dance and debate under the careful tutelage of their ambitious mother and t Four Sisters, All Queens Best Read || [Sherry Jones] - Four Sisters, All Queens, Four Sisters All Queens Rich in intrigue and scheming love and lust Sherry Jones s vibrant historical novel follows four women destined to sway the fate of nations and the hearts of kings Amid the lush valleys and fragrant

  • Title: Four Sisters, All Queens
  • Author: Sherry Jones
  • ISBN: 9781451633252
  • Page: 134
  • Format: ebook
Four Sisters, All Queens Best Read || [Sherry Jones], Four Sisters, All Queens, Sherry Jones, Four Sisters All Queens Rich in intrigue and scheming love and lust Sherry Jones s vibrant historical novel follows four women destined to sway the fate of nations and the hearts of kings Amid the lush valleys and fragrant wildflowers of Provence Marguerite El onore Sanchia and Beatrice have learned to charm hunt dance and debate under the careful tutelage of their ambitious mother and t

Four Sisters, All Queens Best Read || [Sherry Jones] - Four Sisters, All Queens, Four Sisters All Queens Rich in intrigue and scheming love and lust Sherry Jones s vibrant historical novel follows four women destined to sway the fate of nations and the hearts of kings Amid the lush valleys and fragrant


DNF.Got just over a quarter of a way through this and couldn t take any It s full of walking cliches rather than characters and way too many modern sensibilities attitudes for anyone to believe it is taking place in medieval times Any historical event or place mentioned merely acts as backdrop or wallpaper and was obviously not well researched There s but I will leave my list of gripes here as I really don t feel like investing any time and effort in this ridiculous novel.If you are interested [...]

Rio (Lynne)

Sherry Jones takes on the intricate story of four sisters from Provence who become Queens in the 13th century Marguerite, Queen of France Eleonore, Queen of England, Sanchia, Queen of Germany and Beatrice, Queen of Sicily After reading Penman s Falls the Shadow, I wanted to learn about Eleonore When the The Sister Queens came out I was excited Sadly, it was pure fluff Then I saw Jones version and was hoping for grit and history The book started a little slow for me Instead of just showing us t [...]


I read this when it first came out I m not sure how to classify it Possibly as an imaginary alternative universe exercise Whatever it is it might be fun to read, kind of like a pretend tale, but it is not historical The characters are given modern dithers and sensibilities, first of all And the entire becomes laughable for that reason Only one of its rather many flaws.I did not hate it, so I did give it a 2 star I did read the entire thing because it was a new to me author, but then regretted wa [...]

Aubrie Dionne

A Rich Tapestry of Courtly Duty, Political Intrigue, and the Fight for Ultimate PowerFour Queens, All Sisters weaves the stories of four young girls all married off to Kings and other powerful men to secure their family s stronghold in Provence, France In planning these unions, their mother hopes they will hold family above all, but the very unions she arranges threaten to tear the sisters apart I loved this book, and I don t read much historical fiction I d always thought of how wonderful it wo [...]

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~*

DNFGot to the deciding page 100, which is my limit when a book is not going to work I have to totally agree with Jemidar s review, way too modern for the times, the girls were very young but acted much older,a lot of time I just plain didn t get what I read Example Marguerite goes to bed snuggles down in the quilts and she prays,but forgets what she is suppose to have done as she plucks a peach from the tree and takes a bite of Provence Sook maybe the author is putting in hidden meanings But to [...]


From Publishers Weekly Jones s excellent new historical after the prequel, White Heart reimagines the world of 13th century Europe and the dramatic true story of four sisters who each became queens Their influential mother, Beatrice of Savoy and countess of Provence, arranges even before the girls births to wed them to powerful men in an effort to ensure the safety of her beloved homeland, which has long been the object of desire of warring parties Marguerite marries King Louis IX of France, El [...]

Tara Chevrestt

I was totally enthralled with this book, riveted for all 400 plus pages The book opens when the young sisters of Provence are young, the oldest being 12, the youngest a baby Their mother is carefully grooming them to be queens.Margi is the smart queen Eleanore is the warrior queen who can hunt as well as any man Sanchia is the pretty one with little in the brains department Beatrice is the babyd as a result may have to fight a little harder for respect.Margi marries the King of France only to di [...]

Lisa Yarde

Marguerite, queen consort of France Eleonore, queen consort of England Sanchia, queen consort of Germany Beatrice, queen consort of Sicily Four remarkable women made even so by their sisterhood and the struggles each faced Author Sherry Jones reveals deep seated rivalries and startling secrets about the sisters and their courtly lives in the medieval world of Four Sisters, All Queens.Despite their shared heritage as the children of Count Ramon Berenguer of Provence and Beatrice of Savoy, Margue [...]

Meg - A Bookish Affair

Marguerite, Eleonore, Sanchia, and Beatrice are all sisters and all queens They all knew from very young ages that they would be married off to men who could increase their family s prestige and power Talk about pressure I m not sure that I could function under that much pressure I guess it s a good thing that I live now and not in those days The fact that all four of these women become queens is fascinating.Being one of three girls, I m always fascinated with sister stories That is a really, re [...]

Erin Al-Mehairi

Here is full review on my blog, or a partial below the link hookofabook.wordpress 2012Review If you love historical fiction as much as I do, than likely it s because it takes you away to a new place, a new world, and a new time The BEST historical fiction novels are so phenomenally written with intricate details, robust characters, lush scenery, and have a way of really making you feel the passion behind the novel Four Sisters, All Queens, a novel by Sherry Jones about four thirteenth century s [...]


This story was intriguing and somewhat tragic toward the end What the four young women s mother intended for good to have each of the sisters marry well and hopefully bring about peace between warring countries didn t necessarily turn out that way All were ambitious in their own way All were also very powerless because they didn t have a choice regarding their husbands They reigned in the shadow of their spouses and often weren t taken seriously by the men in their lives even though these women [...]


Note I would have given this 2.5 stars but overall it was a decent read I was really looking forward to this book because the subject matter was completely new to me and it seemed to be well received on However, I ended up being horribly disappointed by the over the top unnecessary drama the author seemed the need to add I know there are ongoing arguments over how much fact is required in historical fiction, but for me, I want facts History is interesting enough without authors having to add mel [...]

Cel Jel

I enjoyed reading this book, for the story line carries you along The fact that the four sisiters were married for political reasons, and lived very different lives, with very different husbands was well portrayed in the book The complexity of relationships in families were shown, with one sister only receiving kudos post mortem by her others, once they relised her sacrifice for them There was only one hiccup to my enjoyment, the use of a word in a way that I thought did not match the situation [...]

Miss Melly

Ms Jones does a fantastic job of capturing the sister s relationships to their mother, their husbands and each other Each chapter changes from one sister to another yet you never resent leaving one sister to explore the life of the next I loved every minute of this book.A first class novel.

Amanda Lila

To be honest, I enjoyed this book a lot It had some very good characters Reading about four sisters becoming queens is interesting, for sure


This is another gem I found through my groupHistorical Fictionistas Sherry Jones was nice enough to join our group for the discussion, which helped to add to my enjoyment of this book Four Sisters, All Queens takes place in 13th Century Europe and follows the lives of the Savoy sisters The countess of Provence, Beatrice of Savoy, is an ambitious mother who begins setting the foundation for her daughters lives as soon as they are born in an effort to ensure the safety of her homeland Due to her e [...]

Suzan Tisdale

Four Sisters, All Queens follows the lives of four women from 13th Century Europe They are the daughters of Beatrice of Savoy, Provance, France The story follows the lives of Marguerite, Queen of France, Eleonore, Queen of England, Sanchia, Queen of Germany, and Beatrice, Queen of Sicily This is a beautifully written novel and cannot be considered your typical historical romance There are no damsels in distress, no knights in shining armor rushing in to save the day There is no regency setting w [...]


FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS, by Sherry JonesI could not put this down And truth be told, this is the book I ran to when I had any moment to spare Incredibly detailed, with not only the history, I was completely sucked in by the lives of these four sisters Initially raised as boys as their mother would call them Marguerite, Eleonore, Sanchia and Beatrice lived lives that would forever cross What I particularly loved about this book was the way the author held my interest and curiosity about the hist [...]

Alexia Cambaling

Out of the four sisters, I grew attached to Marguerite and Beatrice for a number of reasons.Marguerite s been portrayed as the tragic queen The one whose husband ignores her for her mother in law who abuses her She made me feel sympathetic and I could understand why she turned to another later on.Beatrice, she s the complicated one The one who plays by her own rules The one who just ones to be part of the sisters because she has always been the outsider While they all ignored and never helped he [...]


Steeped in fascinating historical detail, immerse yourself in the emotional lives of these four incredible sisters Easy to read, follow and relate to It was wonderful to read in conjunction with author participation at thank you Sherry for enriching he read.


I really enjoyed this book, it was a slow start but by the end it was a page turner The characters are wonderful and I love this time period so I was enjoyable all around for me If you enjoy historical fiction I highly recommend this book.


Four Sisters, All Queens tells the tales of the four daughters of Ramon, Count of Provence and his wife, Beatrice of Savoy Raised like sons the daughters were educated which was highly unusual in a time period when women were considered nothing that chattel All were considered beautiful and important marriages were in their futures The book belongs mostly to two of the daughters, Marguerite and El onore since they married Louis IX of France and Henry III of England respectively These two were [...]


In the 13th century, the Count and Countess of Provence had four daughters each of the daughters eventually became a queen, bringing acclaim to their Savoyard family dynasty The two oldest, Marguerite and El onore, married kings when they were very young and spent most of their lives as queens dealing with treachery, family dynamics and competition for their husbands respect Sanchia and Beatrice each married kings brothers, each of whom was power hungry as well.I have not read a lot about 13th c [...]

Ravin Maurice

While it took me a while to get into this book, once I did I could not put it down This book is the story of the four daughters of Beatrice of Savoy Marguerite, Eleonore, Sanchia, and Beatrice And they are four very different women with very different paths, but all interesting stories Written in alternating chapters from their four perspectives, with an introduction by their mother, this is a very complex and rich book The lush descriptive details and characters personalities made this book ver [...]


I am a huge lover of fiction set in medieval Europe, but I did not love Four Sisters, All Queens Sherry Jones had an interesting idea focus on four sisters who wore the crowns of England, France, Germany, and Sicily But I feel she bit off than she, or perhaps anyone, could chew To deal with decades of history of such a huge area of Europe is beyond difficult in a narrative setting especially in just over 400 pages The way Jones handled it was to give the audience flashes in time, throwing in ti [...]


Reading some of your reviews people,I came to the conclusion,that WOW some of you are rude Most of you,negative commenters,haven t even finished this book and then write review based on few pages you read Just keep your poison to yourself.And btw calling the author names,shows,how REALLY intelligent you are.I ve read this book and loved it s sharp and very smart style.Needless to say,it is very well researched.The usage of English language is very smart and appealing and characters are extremely [...]

♥ Marlene♥

This is what I wrote when I was about half way down.I m 54% done with Four Sisters, All Queens And I am bored Why I should have just stuck with Philippa Gregory It started slow, then it picked up and now I am confused with all the names and bored again Dec 17, 2013 05 17AM Okay so I am confused cause what happened was there were some parts that were really interesting and well written, but a lot of parts that were so boring.I do not think I have ever experienced that so much, as I did with this [...]


I really enjoyed this book It was a fascinating portrayal of the four sisters I enjoyed the emotional characterization of their personalities the dynamics amongst themselves, their parents, their husbands, their children, their in laws Their mother states family comes first, family is everything Throughout the novel, the angst at times of each sisters test of familial loyalty their husbands and children immediate family vs their sisters and extended family first And poor Beatrice The family tree [...]

Heather Webb

Sherry Jones has written a fascinating tale of four sisters, starkly different in their personalities and desires, but all made queens with the help of their cunning parents during a tumultuous time in European history Ms Jones has a knack for weaving fanciful details within a page turning story For lovers of strong female characters, medieval histories, or a good old fashioned engrossing book, I strongly recommend FOUR SISTERS, ALL QUEENS.


Only read 75 pages so I won t give it any amount of stars so not to swing the review low However, after 75 pages I was completely bored There are SO many characters and somehow it is written in a very uninteresting way I read from other reviews that it gets interesting at the end but, for me, the writing wasn t good enough for me to drudge through until I got to that point.

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Four Sisters, All Queens