Nov 26, 2022
Posted by Charles R. Verhey

Unlimited Firecracker - by Charles R. Verhey, Firecracker, Charles R. Verhey, Firecracker A team of eccentric psychics who assist local authorities with difficult cases has reluctantly hired Aideen Cassidy a timid pyrokinetic who has managed to accidentally burn to rubble every building she s ever worked in It takes some real power and talent to melt a slushy machine Now after months of scraping by on the last of her savings and spending every day terrifiA team of eccentr Unlimited Firecracker - by Charles R. Verhey - Firecracker, Firecracker A team of eccentric psychics who assist local authorities with difficult cases has reluctantly hired Aideen Cassidy a timid pyrokinetic who has managed to accidentally burn to rubble every building s

  • Title: Firecracker
  • Author: Charles R. Verhey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Unlimited Firecracker - by Charles R. Verhey, Firecracker, Charles R. Verhey, Firecracker A team of eccentric psychics who assist local authorities with difficult cases has reluctantly hired Aideen Cassidy a timid pyrokinetic who has managed to accidentally burn to rubble every building she s ever worked in It takes some real power and talent to melt a slushy machine Now after months of scraping by on the last of her savings and spending every day terrifiA team of eccentr

Unlimited Firecracker - by Charles R. Verhey - Firecracker, Firecracker A team of eccentric psychics who assist local authorities with difficult cases has reluctantly hired Aideen Cassidy a timid pyrokinetic who has managed to accidentally burn to rubble every building s

Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)

From readingandwritingurbanfantasy.3.5 starsThe GoodA Good DirectionI started this book not knowing really what to expect I was pleasantly surprised to find great characterization, an interesting story, and a spunky heroine I really like the direction this book went because it both satisfied me and raised some questions I hope will be answered in a second book.On FireAideen Cassidy, or Cass, has an awesome power that she unfortunately hasn t quite learned to control That s why she can t find a j [...]

R. Scott VanKirk

Review of Firecracker by Charles R Verhey4 stars out of 5Story Firecracker is an urban fantasy which centers on the life of Aideen Cassidy She is a Zo Blood , a psychic born with special talents caused by the cure to the 88 Virus plague that killed thousands of people around the world That cure was the Zo Vaccine The vaccine has created a few thousand of these psychics Aideen has had a tough life She is a thin, chain smoking, vermillion eyed, red headed young woman, and she is extremely volatile [...]


You can tell that Mr Verhey reads comic books There is absolutely nothing wrong with that You can tell that he puts a bit of himself into the protagonist, and what he wants to be, or qualities he admires, into other characters That is great, too, and a good writer should do that This book is a very visual book, meaning the descriptions are of what the characters see and encounter, as well as physical descriptions of the characters themselves, down to the outfits they pick out for their day It st [...]

Vicki (The Wolf's Den)

An interesting premise, but ultimately disappointing The characters were bland, of plot devises than actual people Cass was ok, I guess, but Li was just confusing Who would openly flirt with someone they want to quit There s being nice or polite, and then there s just filling in as the handsome mentor and love interest who originally dislikes you but learns to overcome their baggage plot trope.The whole story read like an anime to me Very visual, random elements thrown in where it would seem co [...]

cheryl doerr

AwesomeI loved this book I would recommend it to everyone I have never a block this before but it was amt


There were some definite problems with this book and it could have used another editing pass, but overall I liked the concept and it definitely has me intrigued as to where the story will go next I would give this a solid 3.5 stars overall I ll round up for GR purposes as I am interested in further continuing with the series, that is if the author ever publishes it The book ends with clear plans to expand and go further, but as of the writing of this review I was unable to find any information o [...]


Love the Cover graphics Very Good Cass has a gift she can not control, is unpredictable some people feel she is too dangerous.Firecracker by author Charles R Verhey opens with the main character, Aideen Cassidy, prefers to be called Cass sitting in a lobby waiting for a job interview She is desperate for a job and feels this is her last chance, especially since she has applied to this company nine times She has been fired from her previous jobs and she needs money to pay her rent and buy food Sh [...]


So the first thing to say here is I liked it A lot It may not look like it in the rest of this review but I am glad to have finally read this I found myself reacting all the time to this book and that my friends is rare And when I say this I mean it in a good wayt when we feel like grabbing the book and throw it out the window or something.The Good I felt a real connection with Li and Cass in my mind I m always calling her Cassie, sorry Not that I m either a _______ whatever Li is or a pyro like [...]


The story of Firecracker follows Cas, a pyrokinetic with a very tenuous control of her powers She starts her adventure unemployed, running out of money, and praying that her next job interview goes well so she can turn it all around Her last hope for a job is with PsychTeam, a group of psychics that consulate with authorities to help find missing people and solve other crimes When she arrives for her interview she meets Li, a mysterious guy who really doesn t seem to like her It takes the interv [...]


2 FIRECRACKER In Firecracker, survivors of a deadly virus developed psychic talents because of the Zoe vaccine Aideen Cassidy is among those that developed a higher form of cranial activity , and her talent is, you guessed it, pyrokinesis Only, this talent seem like a curse because she can t control it and she keeps on causing fire accidents in her workplace She gets such a reputation in Metro Detroit that nobody wants to hire her any Down and broke, she is determined to prove her worthiness in [...]

Stephanie Wolf

5 star, edge of your seat, page turning thriller When Aideen Cassidy filled out an application for a job with PsychTeam, she didn t know what she was in for All she wanted was a job so she could pay her rent and eat She had been fired from other jobs too often Her special talent was not helping Being able to start fires at random was not any benefit to any job.Agent Li nicknamed her Firecracker, which seemed appropriate, between her fire igniting ability and her looks red hair and red eyes, what [...]


3.5 StarsFirecracker is a fantasy story that revolves around a young girl named Aideen Cassidy aka Cass She is a pyrokinetic psychic who is a freak amongst freaks Cass is desperately looking for a job and when she walks into the offices of PsychTeam hoping she will finally get one, she has no idea what she s getting herself into This book was very interesting, I loved the constant reference to Chinese culture and how Verhey used it to make the story all that interesting I m quite used to female [...]

Jeffrey Poole

Just what every secret agency needs a trigger happy fire starter Poor Cass is broke, down on her luck, and since most people don t want to hire someone who can burn down your place of business without really trying, she was unemployed As a last resort, she tries for a job at a little known agency known for hiring special people like her.Successfully landing a job at PsychTeam, she struggles to fit in with a misfit team of people with gifts as unique as hers, all while trying to help stop an evil [...]


When is the next book in the series coming out Please please tell meCass is a pyrokineticher emotions has lead to some explosions around her Due to this gift , she was cast away from society With no friends, no proper place, no job and unpaid bills and rent, Cass desperately tries to get the job in an organization After some initial problems, Li Hung, her interviewer, employs her Little did she know the dangers of her job.Li and his company call themselves as PsychTeam, as they are all psychics [...]


This was a fast paced scifi book that tells of a time future alternate present following a plague that led to a vaccine creating some people with psychic powers Enter our heroine, Cass She is a fire starter down on her luck.A good natured young woman who lacks control of her emotions and her talent She finally gets an interview for a job for those with psychic talents Little does she know what the job is really about, or what is happening in the world that leads to her being hired.This book has [...]

Jaime Jeffrey

This book was just okay Nothin to jump up and down about It wasn t really original and in parts of the book, I found myself thinkin about Firestarter by Stephen King The author did an excellent job w how Psy s got to be extra but it wasn t a book that grabbed me So we ve got this sad, 20 somethin girl, barely makin it in life She joins up w PsyTeam who, I m still not sure what they did other than fight this 1 particular creature, which ends up being 6 of the same creature We got a cute boss who [...]


A great debut book Cass is a pyrokinetic who doesn t have control of her powers or her emotions and has a habit of accidentally burning down her workplaces when she gets angry When the book opens she s about a day away from homelessness and making one last attempt to find a job with a team of psychic sleuths She s hired, but it quickly becomes apparent that there is a lot than she realized occurring in the psychic world Charles Verhey created realistic, sympathetic characters and a unique, well [...]


I picked this book up on for a cheap price for my Kindle I did not have high hopes, but ended up enjoying the story line and really liking the characters portrayals The book is about Cass who is a pyrokinetic A pyrokinetic who cannot control her gift Out of work and down on luck because of previous fire mishaps in her life she just needs a break She is chosen by a group having psychic powers as their newest recruit She does not understand what she is getting into assuming the group works to aid [...]


Aideen Cass Cassidy is a pyrokinetic who can t hold a job As a last ditch effort at finding a way to pay rent, Cass tries to get a job with PsychTeam, a team of eccentric psychics who solve cases the police can t solve Shortly after starting, Cass starts dreaming about a young girl who needs her help and a weird shadow starts coming after her and her PsychTeam mentor, Li Hung, wanting them dead If the shadow succeeds, many will die and the world could very well end Can Cass and Li save themselve [...]


I m rather embarrassed to admit that I put off reading this for months purely because I thought the cover looked rubbish and the blurb, combined with the erroneous young adult tag some people have left, made it sound like a shallow cringefest probably involving a beautiful mary sue who refuses to believe how awesome she is.Firecracker is nothing like that.I really liked the character of Cass She s not perfect, in fact she s a bit of a screw up, but the way she wears her heart on her sleeve and t [...]


I enjoyed this book, it was different than most paranormal books I ve read Just enough character development to get you hooked and hope that a sequel is coming I want to see what happens to all the characters, especially Cass Verhey drew me in with all of the mysteries and intrigue I m almost always able to anticipate the ending of a book and while I picked up several clues I was still in for a surprise.I will definitely be watching for any new books from this author I think the character develo [...]

Laura of Lurking

A fantastic novel, I thought this was a very fresh take on psychics, paranormal abilities in our world and how it came to be The characters felt alive, the fact that they could all make mistakes and were not infallible was a nice change The plot was complex and felt almost like a who dunnit, you knew Cass, the protagonist, wasn t getting the whole story from anyone and were constantly trying to work out the events before they unfolded The plot, however, is not a mystery so much as a human story, [...]


I really enjoyed this story The main character Cas is so scared of herself that she just can t realise her potential To make matters worse Li, who Cas has a typical crush on, seems to be with one hand inviting Cas in, and on the other trying to slam door in her face The mystery of Li s past explaining his unfathomable behaviour is held in suspense throughout the book The emotional damage to the characters involved makes Firecracker a good read The side characters are just as interesting, if the [...]

Lissa Gromley

This was an incredible book I honestly have no complaints about it, and I loved Aideen She wasn t perfect at all and she had a lot of growing up to do She did just that throughout the book, learned incredible lessons of value and self control, and learned how to work with others I also appreciated the fact that her partner, someone I disliked in the beginning, also developed into a likable character The book had suspense, action, thriller, and at times uncertainty There were multiple times my he [...]


I enjoyed this The characterisation is very good as is the plot It s about psychics with various abilities mixed in with humanity in something akin to the present day It works well and is a very good read Cas is the main character and she is definitely flawed, but seems to bounce back and slowly builds into a believable heroine Lots of Dark Secrets and a few interesting side plots that are clearly building into the next edition.


I really loved this book The concept was great, the world building was smooth, the characters interesting and well developed I could easily see this as a TV series, but I like it just fine as a book While the book certainly leaves plenty for a sequel, it is complete in itself Still, I hope there are I will gladly pay to read them, and I don t pay for books often.


This is a good paranormal sci fi story with humor, suspense, and plenty of scary parts Firecracker is well written with good character development Aideen Cass Cassidy, while slightly immature and quite flighty but still likeable, is the heroine of this book There are still so many questions and the epilogue makes me hope that there will be a sequel someday.


Aideeen Cassidy joins the psychteam, but her talent of pyrokinetics is a bit much for most people She is training under Li and has a semi love hate relationship She doesn t have much control over her power but is in desperate need of money The team needs her because evil has come back and she might be the link to help destroy it.

Nicki K.

I liked this a lot, but felt like the ending was a bit anticlimactic I m not really sure if this is a standalone I guess if it s the first in a series, the ending is understandable But I don t know I hope there s I really like the world building and characters And, really, that epilogue just left me needing 4 5


WOW This story is awesome It grabbed me from the get go and made me not want to put it down The characters are very developed and the storyline has a great balance of funny, suspense, and action with a ton of mystery I absolutely can not wait for the next book to come out and I hope it is soon A Book Junky s Obsession Blog wp p31luD 8P

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