Sep 29, 2022
Voice of the Planet
Posted by Michael Tobias

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Voice of the Planet : by Michael Tobias, Voice of the Planet, Michael Tobias, Voice of the Planet None [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Voice of the Planet : by Michael Tobias - Voice of the Planet, Voice of the Planet None

  • Title: Voice of the Planet
  • Author: Michael Tobias
  • ISBN: 9780553283679
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Kindle
[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Voice of the Planet : by Michael Tobias, Voice of the Planet, Michael Tobias, Voice of the Planet None

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Voice of the Planet : by Michael Tobias - Voice of the Planet, Voice of the Planet None


Gripping A cautionary tale suffused with ecological concerns and man s responsibility for the environment Though filled with philosophy, ecology, geology, biology, history, and other weighty subjects, this book is also filled with humor and wit.This book is to put it mildly way out there An ecologist journeys to a Buddhist monastery high in the Himalayas to find a computer which is the personification of Gaia This computer teleports the protagonist to every corner of the globe spheres have corne [...]


I first read this book just after high school My copy came from a used bookstore I long ago learned to ignore the quote from Shatner on it, and never really researched the TBS miniseries based on the book Something I think if I did see it, it would ruin the book for me.The book defined my early views on Gaia, our living planet, and my views on the destiny of mankind For years after I read the book, I would re read part of it, never really getting through the whole thing again, until recently I s [...]

Merebear Thompson

Raises some very good points about the environment, the Earth, and Man s place amongst the other animals I didn t like the awkward sexual tension unnecessary and strange The book hits you in the face with human problems and how we are treating our home, then leaves you with a hole in your heart, crying like a baby, and you don t quite know what the hell happened A good read one I think everyone should read the arguments are from both sides and you find yourself agreeing with one, then the other, [...]


be ready with a dictionary but this book is one hell of a journey through common sense


Voice of the Planet is different not bad just different and not a book that I would have picked up was it not for a friend that recommended it to me Voice of the Planet is a book about how fragile our Earth is and how we have impacted it to its detriment I found myself thinking about the story quite often after I had put it down I am an environmentalist I can appreciate any book that takes the reader right to the brink of what the earth will become if we do not change our ways However, I found i [...]


This wasn t a bad little environmental novel, where mother earth speaks directly to one guy, I think, in order to get him to help save the planet.I recall the cover of my paperback mentioned William Shatner, and I am now reminded that there was a TBS special a mini series apparently based on this book If I d known that Faye Dunaway was also in it I would have gladly upgraded Not sure if it s too dated now or not It might could be compared to the recent still old Ishmael, the talking gorilla out [...]


I m not quite sure what to make of this novel I couldn t put it down for the first two thirds, but then it s started to feel drawn out I kept thinking, OK already I think William gets it It s not a surprise that idea of Gaia inhabiting super computer I m guessing it was startling in 1990 It certainly was predictive of the massive environmental problems we face now, and how complex they are.Overall, an enjoyable novel, but not revolutionary now.

Ron Rayborne

One of my favorites I read it while on my breaks at work some years ago In part, it helped shape my own thoughts about the real purpose of space travel which I write about in my own book to get off a planet that we ve ruined and move out to the stars I hope that s not the case I do want to think of space travel as a great thing someday but not at the expense of the planet.


If Mother Earth could talk, this is what she might say


Gaia and the computer goddess William Planter Take a journey through time and space searching for a solution to how man can live ecologically sound Fun building of relationship between William and Gaia

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Voice of the Planet : by Michael Tobias
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Voice of the Planet