Jan 16, 2022
Morte à Primeira Vista
Posted by Peter James

Morte à Primeira Vista Best Read || [Peter James], Morte à Primeira Vista, Peter James, Morte Primeira Vista Tom Bryce did what any decent person would do But within hours of picking up the CD that had been left behind on the train seat next to him and attempting to return it to its owner he is the sole witness to a vicious murder Then his young family are threatened with their lives if he goes to the police But supported by his wife Kellie he bravely makes a statemenet toTom Morte à Primeira Vista Best Read || [Peter James] - Morte à Primeira Vista, Morte Primeira Vista Tom Bryce did what any decent person would do But within hours of picking up the CD that had been left behind on the train seat next to him and attempting to return it to its owner he is the sole wi

  • Title: Morte à Primeira Vista
  • Author: Peter James
  • ISBN: 9789727922055
  • Page: 127
  • Format: None
Morte à Primeira Vista Best Read || [Peter James], Morte à Primeira Vista, Peter James, Morte Primeira Vista Tom Bryce did what any decent person would do But within hours of picking up the CD that had been left behind on the train seat next to him and attempting to return it to its owner he is the sole witness to a vicious murder Then his young family are threatened with their lives if he goes to the police But supported by his wife Kellie he bravely makes a statemenet toTom

Morte à Primeira Vista Best Read || [Peter James] - Morte à Primeira Vista, Morte Primeira Vista Tom Bryce did what any decent person would do But within hours of picking up the CD that had been left behind on the train seat next to him and attempting to return it to its owner he is the sole wi

Richard Kunzmann

I don t easily get creeped out by books these days Not any Not since Stephen King s It permanently damaged me as a child, when I was reading it under the bedcovers late at night, torch in one jittery hand, twice frightened that my mother would catch me in the forbidden act of reading that author with evil in his head Did you know, momma, what was in mine So it s been a while that I got the willies from a book, which makes me very glad that I picked up a copy of Peter James s Looking Good Dead I [...]


An excellent thriller A follow up to Dead Simple, it is that rarity a second book that is better than the first Roy Grace is back and is up against a conspiracy and a high tech computer crime is involved.As an avid BBC Radio 4 listener, I chuckled at the character of the Weatherman and his quoting of the Shipping Forecast Though, I do wonder what non Beeb listeners would make of that This book has a great pace and characters that you can really get behind Can t wait for book 3.

Simon Taylor

After a disappointing first outing in 2011, Roy Grace was rested and given another go in this unimproved follow up.Grace is in charge of a new investigation which has many of the hallmarks of Dead Simple gratuitous violence, graphic sex and offensive dialogue Three characters wet themselves and one defecates, and the murders are simply horrific.Where some superior writers find their plots meandering into the unpleasant, James appears to take delight from the opportunity to write about gore, smut [...]

GS Nathan

Quite a good book and I enjoyed reading it I came across an interview with Peter James in The Hindu and that was what led me to this series I was expecting though, that the Inspector Grace books would become a must read for me, like Colin Dexter s books starring Inspector Morse Perhaps an unfair expectation.The story revolves around a couple who get caught up in an unsavoury snuff video operation run by a group of killers A bit unreal at times, it felt to me, but who am I to say that Also the ev [...]

Joe Stamber

After reading the first in this series Dead Simple I commented that Roy Grace is almost impossible to dislike and he endeared himself to me in Looking Good Dead Sure, he s a bit of a stereotype as far as middle aged ish cops go, but he s just likeable Grace is aided and abetted by a group of characters who are diverse, well thought out and generally do a good job.However, as with the previous novel, James also displays his ability to create annoying characters, namely the whole of Tom Bryce s f [...]


Spoilers AheadHad this novel been less than 150 pages I could have given it three stars but at 336 pages it s simply horrible There is so little story to this story that it could have been squeezed into a short story or a novella at best This is quite possibly the worst paced thriller I ve ever made it through If you edited out all of the superfluous trivia you could have read the whole thing in 45 minutes.Here is the story A regular Joe finds a DVD on commuter train that gives the user access t [...]


This was a reread, finding that I had no unread books while I waited for the postman to deliver my last order, and it was a good reread it had been too long since I had spent time with Roy Grace which tells me I need to check my Peter James bookmark to determine what the next couple of books are that I haven t read yet I like how James shows us the workings of a major crime unit in Brighton and Hove quite different in many ways from what we re shown for American units I also like how he takes th [...]

Amanda McGill

A disappointing second novel in the Roy Grace series Tom Bryce is your average Joe commuter On one typical afternoon coming home from work, the person beside him leaves behind a CD Unable to catch up with the owner, he takes it home and inserts the CD into his computer Tom is shocked to see a murder taking place on his computer Tom and his family are now being threatened by the murderers who made the CD Can Roy Grace catch them before Tom and his family get killed I loved the first book in the s [...]

Teresa Proença

Um caso policial arrepiante, pela natureza dos crimes e de quem os comete Um pol cia carism tico, pelas sua fragilidade e cren as Uma escrita cativante, que nos prende e empolga.Gostei muito


I didn t find James second novel as good as the first novel I m very disappointed

Abbie | ab_reads

I read the second instalment of the Roy Grace series Looking Good Dead in two breathless sittings I loved this one even than Dead Simple, it s fast paced crime thriller action at its best.We re straight into a grisly new case with Grace and his team, and this one was seriously grim Crime books often scare me than horror novels because of the reality of it the thought of what real people are capable of doing to each other chills me to the bone Some scenes of this book seriously disturbed me.I a [...]


Eighth book of my holiday reads This is the second book in the series and can easily be read as a stand alone I loved the theme of the dark web in this book A poor unsuspecting bloke picking up a CD of which I could never have imagined what he ends up watching Down to not just handing it in like any good citizen would do, he puts himself and his family under threat I love the bit of romance going on in Graces personal life as well as his working relationship with his colleagues that at times bro [...]


The front door of the once proud terraced house opened, and a long legged young woman, in a short silk dress that seemed to both cling and float at the same time, stepped out into the fine June sunshine on the last morning of her life.Not for the faint hearted yet for all those yucky moments, an eye scorching read with the lead characters coming along nicely.


2nd book in the Roy Grace series by Peter James.I love the way Peter James writes, they are so easy to read and the characters are well crafted and the plots well planned The novel is fast paced and instantly grips you leaving you wanting I liked it that much I started the next book in the series immediately.

Tory Wagner

This is the second in the series featuring Detective Superintendent Grace and as it evolves, the characters are becoming engaging and complex Grace struggles with pleasing his boss and always seems under the gun to prove himself He is a dedicated detective,but can be rather unconventional in his approach to the job, particularly with his interest in the occult While this is a minor feature in the books, it does add to his appeal as man who looks outside traditional paths The mystery surrounds t [...]


PJ writes very well, direct prose, and he imagines his characters very thoroughly Chief Superintendant Grace with his disparu wife attempts to contact her through mediums and PJ builds the host of victims But that s just it My standard for detective fiction is one or two murders If you need than that and apparently PJ does you re not writing at the top of the form.In the case of this specific novel, there s much that appears movie like probably the author is aiming toward film, and who can blam [...]

Carey Combe

Heard him being interviewed on Front Row came across really well so I went and bought his books and not disappointed yet I really enjoyed this book, great characterization baddies ridiculous, but as we don t really get to know them, believable , great story but it was spoilt by the blurb on the back which told you something that happened about three quarters of the way through the book, so a lot of the suspense about what the bloke would do tell or not tell the police was taken away, which was a [...]


This second in the Roy Grace series did not hook me as much as the first one did I would have given it 3.5 stars if halves were allowed However since I did like the first one enough to give it 5 stars, I have bumped it up to 4 stars That having been said.is book seemed to not move along as well as the first, and there was a lot of meandering into useless information Child abuse makes me very uncomfortable, even in a fiction novel, which may have colored my feelings for this book It will not keep [...]


Was it me or were a few paragraphs just simply lifted from his first book The bits about Roy Grace s wife Sandy It was almost word for word Also some of the details were plain wrong Coming from Brighton I know I find James formulaic, pedantic, and unbelieveable I am reading his next one, just because I am from Brighton, and it is nice to read about your home city but as for the writing, the characters and the plot BOOOO.

Colin Mitchell

An excellent read Good length, fast pace and difficult to put down.

Charlotte (Buried in Books)

The second novel to feature Roy Grace I enjoy the setting of these books because I love Brighton The story was a bit hard to handle in places though, rather gruesome because it handles snuff movies.What would you do if someone left a computer CD on a train Would you hand it into lost found at the station, or to the police Would you try using the CD to see what s on it What if that CD led you to a website where you saw someone murdered and the people running that service knew you d seen it and co [...]

Sally Eastwood

I am realky starting to like Roy Grace and this series of books I love that it is set in and around Brighton as I live in West Sussex and am amused to read about places I recognise and know I look forward to reading in the series and getting to grips with the whole Superintendent Grace and his team.

Elke Vekeman

Het heeft veel langer geduurd om dit boek uit te krijgen omdat 1 het een papieren boek was en 2 ik veel dagen had waar ik niet kon doorlezen Deze Peter James heeft me weer eens niet teleurgesteld goed opgebouwd, subtiele humor en heel veel spanning Er mocht naast mij een bom ontploft zijn tijdens het lezen van de laatste dertig pagina s, ik zou niet van mijn stoel gekomen zijn.

Dane Cobain

It s Roy Grace time again, and there s no need to point out that I ve been reading these out of order because I m already aware of that Luckily, they still work as standalones, and so it depends what kind of reader you are Some people will want to read this in order others, like myself, will prefer to read it by picking up a book at a time whenever you happen to see them in a charity shop But either way, you should read them.Peter James books intrigue me, and after reading just a couple of them, [...]


Tom Bryce, company owner, picks up a CD on a train that somebody has left behind Tom fully intends to hand the CD back to its rightful owner but before he does, he looks at the disc to see what is on there, which proves to be a huge mistake He witnesses a murder on the CD but he is unsure what to do especially after the perpetrators realise he has the disc and they trace Tom Tom has the support of his wife and he goes to the police, which has massive consequences for both him and his family.Dete [...]

Stephen Clynes

Tom Bryce finds a CD on a train and inserts it into his laptop Then the trouble starts and Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is on the trail to solve a murder and This novel is set around Brighton and has a good plot with a plausible background This entertaining story gives a nice insight into the work of the Police High Tech Crime Unit and how criminals may use computers Looking Good Dead is another crime thriller in the DS Roy Grace series Although the main character in this series is DS Roy [...]

Richard Thompson

For sum reason I can t find an edition with the proper cover oh wellWe were underwhelmed with the first Roy Grace novel mostly because we didn t find any of the characters in any way likeable but the plotting was solid so we decided to give the series a second chance Second chance, last chanceIn the second book, the one character we had some home for DS Glenn Branson turns into to complaining, out of control idiot He has taken a police fancy driving course, and practices by driving around Bright [...]

Ian Mapp

I can t begin to say how much I enjoyed this book.I have read a lot of crime thrillers but rarely have I been as engrossed as I have with this one and yet when I read a slagging of it on alan partridge writes a pot boiler I had to agree I suppose the ending is abysmally bad.The second in the roy grace series we have a lot happening here A young lawyer s body is hacked up and found in a field and a young family man finds a cd on a train, which when he loads into onto his computer stumbles on a s [...]


Having discovered two copies of this book on my bookshelf I figured it may be a good idea to read one of them I have come to the Roy Grace series by Peter James a book late apparently, this being the second in the series although Looking Good Dead seems a perfectly good stand alone read, as the references to DS Grace s marriage and disappeared wife are referred to enough times throughout to know his background Even though I did kind of enjoy this book, a have a lot of gripes about it as well The [...]

Steve Cann

I ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this second book in the Roy Grace series the follow up of course to the cracking Dead Simple.When Tom Bryce takes home an unmarked CD disc that was left on a train seat puts it into his computer, little does he know that what he finds on it will turn he his family s lives upside down propelling them into a very dangerous terrifying chain of events that will ultimately threaten their very lives.Once again, Peter really ramps up the tension as the story builds all t [...]

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