Aug 08, 2022
The Reluctant
Posted by C.S. Splitter

[PDF] Download ↠ The Reluctant : by C.S. Splitter, The Reluctant, C.S. Splitter, The Reluctant As a private pilot and business owner with a beautiful wife and home Tom seems to be living an idyllic suburban lifestyle Naturally all is not as it seems His consulting business is failing he is behind on payments for his plane and his wife is working way too many hours While money is a constant issue his life is also lackluster and ordinary In his boredom Tom fAs a private pi [PDF] Download ↠ The Reluctant : by C.S. Splitter - The Reluctant, The Reluctant As a private pilot and business owner with a beautiful wife and home Tom seems to be living an idyllic suburban lifestyle Naturally all is not as it seems His consulting business is failing he is b

  • Title: The Reluctant
  • Author: C.S. Splitter
  • ISBN: 2940011269349
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Nook
[PDF] Download ↠ The Reluctant : by C.S. Splitter, The Reluctant, C.S. Splitter, The Reluctant As a private pilot and business owner with a beautiful wife and home Tom seems to be living an idyllic suburban lifestyle Naturally all is not as it seems His consulting business is failing he is behind on payments for his plane and his wife is working way too many hours While money is a constant issue his life is also lackluster and ordinary In his boredom Tom fAs a private pi

[PDF] Download ↠ The Reluctant : by C.S. Splitter - The Reluctant, The Reluctant As a private pilot and business owner with a beautiful wife and home Tom seems to be living an idyllic suburban lifestyle Naturally all is not as it seems His consulting business is failing he is b

The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon)

The Reluctant Seemed More Like the Willing to Me This was every bit of Bubba Snoddy Bubba and the Dead Woman meets Donovan Creed Lethal People This is an enjoyable self pub Indie from C.J Splitter I ll be honest up front, others may read this and score it higher than I, I rate it 3 3.5 on the Hugh rating system there s a link on my profile because view spoiler the hero turns into a vigilante or, rather, starts working for a vigilante organization There s nothing wrong with this within the confin [...]


Four Stars Are you ready to delve into the mind of a man Tom Crayder is hoping for a quick, routine flight in his small Cesna plane He is a private pilot, who thoroughly loves to fly Today his cargo is a man named, Tiny, who for the record is not so Tiny Tom, desperate to make ends meet and keep up with payments on his plane, occasionally transports passengers and items for cash for his friend, Jake The money is good but the jobs often fall into that grayish area Tom isn t certain of the specifi [...]


Title The ReluctantAuthor C.S SplitterPublisher Published April 2011 by C.S SplitterGenre Thriller SuspenseFormat EbookISBN 0011269340Tom Crayder is living the American Dream He has a wife he loves, a house to call a home and his very own plane to go with his fulfilled dream of being a pilot But like many know, the American dream isn t always as carefree as some might like to believe.Tom s consulting business is failing, he s behind on the loan payments to his plane and his wife works too much A [...]


Ok, I know I got a great read when a few sentences grab my attention and compel me to read this book It is not something I would normally read, but tonight, as I was doing my job, bits and pieces of this book jumped out at me Curiosity won over and I found myself going BAKWARDS in the book to see what in the world was going on, then giving up and starting it from the beginning AND I M GLAD I DID.This is a GUY book, first and foremost, so I did question myself a few times as to why I kept reading [...]

Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This story is about Tom Crayder a failing consultant and unlikely events that change his life When I m reviewing a bout, I typically go in cold I may read the summary but by the time I actual read the story I may have forgotten what the story is about I like reading cold, because my view on the story is untainted I m also not looking for events that the summary may elude too With that said, I literally had no idea what I d got [...]

Nora Weston

Tom Crayder loves the gray area you know, that dingy realm hovering in between right and wrong that includes omitted details about how he spends his time, and especially, who is spending time with him His feisty wife, Jenny, has not a clue he s aching for adventure, love on the wild side, and money yeah, he really needs money The fun begins with a plane crash No, scratch that, because Tom hates the word crash, so let s say The Reluctant Crayder Chronicles 1 starts with a forced landing Accordi [...]


Well written, great plot, with some unexpected twists The Reluctant is the first in what promises to be a series of novels about Tom Crayder, a pretty much average, generally well intentioned guy who is as prone to making ill advised decisions as the next person His great joy in life is flying, so he buys a plane He can t really afford the loan on the plane, so he takes on some questionable work for a rather shady contact to help him make the payments Things, as you might predict, kind of snowba [...]


Tom Crayder is an average man he has a happy marriage, a son in college and runs his own business He is also a pilot, and when business is slow he takes offers from an acquaintance named Jake, who has his deliver packages and transport people here and there Tom recently met a woman named Lorena while on the shooting range and has been carrying on a mild flirtation with her one day it starts to turn serious, and he agrees to go to her home and take her for an airplane ride, and he would see where [...]


Let me start of by saying that this book is not my normal reading material I m 99% paranormal but after having some interaction with C.S Splitter in an online group, I decided to go ahead and buy it Why you ask Because he cracks me up on a regular basis and I thought that if his writing style was anything like his personality, I would not regret the buy Did I Nope The Reluctant showcased some of his own quick wit and self deprecating humor with the main character Tom Crayder This book was not on [...]


Ladies and Gentlemen buckle up, put your seat backs in their upright positions, and prepare to take flight C.S Splitter s debut novel, The Reluctant, is going to take you on one thrilling ride A ride with twists and turns on every page One that, when you re finished, you ll beg to ride again.First person narrative is tricky to say the least The main character has to be one that every reader can relate to The descriptions given by the character have to be vivid, as if the reader is seeing them wi [...]


Tom Crayder is a happily for the most part married man who is just looking to rake in some extra cash to pay off his massively large debt To do this, he loans out his services as a private pilot he owns his own plane thus the massively large debt to the local crime boss His main stipulation is that he will not transfer drugs anything else is free game.The author, C.S Splitter, did an awesome job of bringing his main character, Tom Crayder, to life He is just a normal guy trying his best to get b [...]


Title The Reluctant Crayder Chronicles 1 Author C.S SplitterGenre Action Suspense ThrillerThis is another first time author for me C.S Splitter writing is first rate, the character descriptions were nicely done and his word flowed smoothly The plot was easy to follow and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the book C.S Splitter next book in this series is The Willing book show 13, and I am definitely going to purchase it so I can see what happens next in the Crayder Chronicles 2 Tom Crayder is [...]

☕ Kimberly

my rating 3.5 The Reluctant by C.S Splitter is the first book in the Crayder Chronicles This adult fiction offers suspense, mystery and murder delivered with a touch of humor I enjoyed this easy flowing read and finished it in just a few hours It isn t often that I read a book from a male point of view and I found it to be refreshing.The tale is told from the POV of our protagonist Tom Crayder A middle aged, married man, whose wife Jenny works too much as they struggle to make ends meet Jenny is [...]


If you enjoy fantastic, quick paced storytelling, complete with realistic details, self deprecating internal commentary and an anti hero who is real guy, then you will love this book The descriptions of the situations, an unusual amount of realistic and orienting detail make the reader feel as though they re right next to Tom throughout the story The writing itself is concise, but exceptionally well done, and the characters are very real Although the action adventure isn t usually my cup of tea, [...]


Tom Crayder is a happily married businessman who d rather be flying So whenever he gets the chance to make a few bucks under the table by flying clients around, he jumps at the opportunity Things begin to spin out of hand when one job crashes er, forcibly lands him in the field of an unhappy farmer Then Lorena, a mysterious beauty, enters his life to complicate things further, and his week starts to get a little too interesting.Things I liked well written, well edited, sparkling humour Plus hear [...]


C.S Splitter writes a face paced thriller There is a lot of detail on flying here that I found interesting for the ladies, he does offer an insight into the way we males think There is a lot here that a guy can identify with, writing style, world view, what we would like ladies to be like He does avoid having his lead character, Tom Crayder, engage in the impossible physical stunts many other thriller writers seem to insert into a story I found the first 75% of the novel to be pretty enjoyable t [...]


The Relucant is a deceiving book It starts out looking like an action adventure story that could continue in that vein, or possibly take a turn and become a cautionary tale with the protagonist s life spiraling out of control based on arguably questionable decisions Instead, it does something different Or maybe not How the decisions the protagonist, Tom, makes in this book will play out in the future aren t entirely clear But at least in this book, they lead to action adventure and many tension [...]

Lee Holz

In Tom Crayder author C S Splitter has created an interesting, multi faceted and thoroughly engaging protagonist Tom is braver than most, calmer in crises than most and all in all a good guy At the same time, he is prone to the temptations of money, women and general ego gratification One of his best traits is that he is aware of, and tries to resist, these temptations, not always successfully I also like his sardonic and self deprecating humor The choices he makes in the face of temptation prop [...]


I thought this book was interesting I had read a couple of other reviews on this and I kept thinking some bomb was going to drop somewhere in the story line I was surprised how Tom main character went from a aiding and abetting position to doing true crime himself I thought the author s writing style was good and that he was funny I especially liked the part where he referenced Chevy Chase I think I may have actually laughed out loud I don t watch westerns so those references went right over my [...]


A great book and an easy read.C.S Splitter creates very believable characters and dialog and that is the number one reason why I was able to get into this book so easily and devour it so quickly.In fact, after finishing this book I was craving and jumped into the next one The Willing within a matter of days.The action scenes are well done and at times very intense, the humor is well placed and actually caused flashbacks to conversations of my youth.I recommend this book and series to anyone who [...]

A.B. Shepherd

3 and 1 2 stars.I m not going to be as effusive with my praise of this novel as some of the other reviewers have been Overall a good and interesting story, with action, adventure and a bit of humor I like the twist with Lorena My only true criticism is that there is way too much info about flying contained herein Stuff about flaps and air currents and things like that that only another pilot would care about I did enjoy this story and would be interested to read of the adventures of Tom Crayder [...]


This book is a very easy read I love reading books such as this that keep me on the edge of my seat wanting Tom is a character who just doesn t seem to know how to keep himself out of trouble Although I didn t like Lorena at first for luring Tom in, I quickly began to fall in love with her just as she showed how strong of a person she is I will definetely be recommending this to my fellow book lovers

Barbara Tarn

I read Book 2 first, so I already know what to expect I love Tom s voice and humor and am enjoying my a ha moments like A ha, this his why in The Willing he Yeah, I don t have a problem with spoilers So I know I m going to enjoy this ride and recommend the title along with its sequelI suggested a pilot friend to try it, and he thanked me after reading the first 2 pages we ll see if I lose him by the time he gets to the end of the book

Craig D

An interesting twist on the thriller genre I am intrigued enough to keep reading the series but was turned off by language and adult content A little bit goes a long way.

Sahana D

Very enjoyable book The writers voice was funny and believable I didn t expect to warm up the the main character as much as I did Interesting plot that s full of action Short but sweet.

Nancy Schober

What a delightful romp part Date Night meets Harlan Coben The perfect thing to gobble down in one greedy gulp on a sunny Sunday in the garden.


I love a good smartass That s probably why I married my wife It s also probably why I dug the hell out of The Reluctant by C.S Splitter In fact, I thought so much of it I pestered Splitter until he agreed to sit down for an interview about his work The Reluctant is the first in a series called The Crayder Chronicles about brace yourselves a guy named Tom Crayder Who would have thought, right I m not exactly what genre to put it in it s not really a Mystery, and it s kind of a Thriller, but I m j [...]


You ve heard the term food porn If not, it s gratuitous pictures and descriptions of food This book could best be termed as pilot porn Seriously I don t care in the least to know the minute details of how to fly and land a plane I don t care At all If you took out all the gratuitous descriptions of flying a plane, you d probably be left with about 50 pages of actual action The story was alright, but I had a hard time liking any of the characters, especially the main one I wouldn t read any of t [...]

Cindy Smith

a little heavy on the aviation details


Quick and easy , interesting read Took unexpected twists and turns that really keep me turning the pages Loved the characters

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The Reluctant