Jan 23, 2022
The Boyfriend Thief
Posted by Shana Norris

[PDF] Read ✓ The Boyfriend Thief : by Shana Norris, The Boyfriend Thief, Shana Norris, The Boyfriend Thief Avery James has her life planned out this summer she ll work with a humanitarian program in Costa Rica next year she ll graduate at the top of her class and after that college and medical school Perfect planned total order The only problem getting the rest of the money she needs for the trip before the deadline Hannah Cohen her biggest competition for the valedicAvery Jam [PDF] Read ✓ The Boyfriend Thief : by Shana Norris - The Boyfriend Thief, The Boyfriend Thief Avery James has her life planned out this summer she ll work with a humanitarian program in Costa Rica next year she ll graduate at the top of her class and after that college and medical school Pe

  • Title: The Boyfriend Thief
  • Author: Shana Norris
  • ISBN: 2940012813015
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Nook
[PDF] Read ✓ The Boyfriend Thief : by Shana Norris, The Boyfriend Thief, Shana Norris, The Boyfriend Thief Avery James has her life planned out this summer she ll work with a humanitarian program in Costa Rica next year she ll graduate at the top of her class and after that college and medical school Perfect planned total order The only problem getting the rest of the money she needs for the trip before the deadline Hannah Cohen her biggest competition for the valedicAvery Jam

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[PDF] Read ✓ The Boyfriend Thief : by Shana Norris - The Boyfriend Thief, The Boyfriend Thief Avery James has her life planned out this summer she ll work with a humanitarian program in Costa Rica next year she ll graduate at the top of her class and after that college and medical school Pe


3 3.5 starsWhen I first saw this I thought it would just be something sweet, light, fun read Just something you read to feel good and swoon and grin Well, it did make me swoon and grin but it actually discussed deeper issues than what I had expected.The main character, Avery, was miserable and broken She s a control freak and wanted everything to be planned out Since her mother had left them 4 years ago she developed that kind of attitude, thinking that if she didn t plan everything it will all [...]

Danyelle Leafty

I m still digesting, so review to come But wow I read this in one sitting, because I couldn t put it down I loved that the characters were all human, all flawed, and all had things to learn Hands down, best YA contemporary I ve read in a very, very long time.One of the things that Avery is dealing with is the fact that her mother abandoned the family a few years back Ever since then, Avery has made it mission to keep the family running smoothly and make everything all right Avery is a person who [...]


I have this bad habit of reading books not in my currently reading shelf I m quite stubborn that way Anyways, I didn t regret it because I ended up liking this book It s super cute And in the spirit of gushing like a weird fangirl, IT IS SUPER CUTE I really recommend it Avery is a very organized person and when she was paired in a project with the most hyper, easily distracted, with tons of ideas roaming inside of his head guy Zac in short, her exact opposite things started to get interesting Th [...]

Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ YosbeƸ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

Un libro guilty pleasure Pero cuando uno desea una bonita historia, para apartarse de los mundos dist picos, dram ticos, paranormales, esta es una gran opci n.Avery es una protagonista totalmente insoportable, pero lo peor, es que existen personas as No, lo peor es que, en varias ocasiones me identifiqu con ella Caemos en el error siempre de ver los defectos en los dem s, queriendo acomodar sus vidas y meternos en ella y nunca vemos nuestros propios insoportables defectos Hay personas que le dan [...]


Another complete surprise I m not sure what I expected a cute, quick read with boys haha was all that and a warm, smart story about family loyalty and responsibility, friendship, forgiveness, and trying to open up and take chances again after getting your heart crushed.Avery and Zac were so much fun to follow around and root for Avery being the super everything has its place supposed ice queen and Zac well he was just this grinning, bouncy ball of goodness and energy Both of them made me smile a [...]


Sixteen year Avery James is sort of a control freak Heck, she labels the fridge shelves, and goes postal if someone doesn t put something back in the right place She has her reasons, because even now she suffers the consequences of loss of control First she had no control over her mother leaving four years ago Second, she made a stupid mistake with her two best friends, Hannah and Elliott, and lost them Avery is not about to lose control again She has plans to be a doctor, and factoring highly i [...]

Sandra [the fucking book fairy]

Would you do anything just to get something Would you go as far as stealing someone s boyfriend just to get what you want Avery James was smart.She was hardworking and protective of her family.She was the president of the math club.She was on the list of being valedictorian.Avery was an achiever.She was ambitious.She wants to go to Costa Rica for the summer to volunteer for a medical mission.She was a little short on money though despite the fact that she worked her butt off sometimes literally [...]


So, I had a lot of issues with this one in the beginning, almost to the point where I DNF Meet Avery James Avery only wants one thing in life and that s to raise enough money to go to Costa Rica for the summer in some sort of high school humanitarian trip Problem is, Avery s family doesn t have any money Her father is a single parent after her mother ran out, and he s struggling to support Avery and her little brother This leaves Avery stuck working at a hot dog food place for every penny Then t [...]

Debbie I Heart YA Books

When I first saw the cover, then read the title and summary for The Boyfriend Thief, I said, okay, this is going to be fun and cute Well, I definitely judged this book wrong Shana Norris is an amazing author She s delivered the most heartfelt and powerful story in what I call the domino effect When a selfish person chooses their wants or desires over love for others, just one selfish act can tip the domino, hitting the next person, and causes pain, hurt and destruction And on and on, until one p [...]


I did like this, though I kept feeling it was approaching being much stronger and deeper and then veering off again The underlying premise wasn t believable at all, but that wasn t that big a problem, except that Hannah was actually a important character than the ultra bitchy queen bee role she played Elliott also turned out to be a bit over the top ly perfect, rather than just the good guy he clearly was I think what frustrated me was the sliding in and out of over simplification of the very r [...]


Surprise, surprise This quick and easy read topped my expectations I was expecting something fluffy and light and forgettable something following the typical YA romance formula OK, it does follow the typical YA romance formula and it is somewhat fluffy and light, but surprisingly it was also really good No insta love and no love triangle because that is what I expect from a typical YA romance and the dialogue was clever and spot on I wouldn t go as far as saying these characters are complex or h [...]


This was one of the first ebooks I bought many years ago and finally read it It was really cute as I expected A little unrealistic but I make exceptions if they have an out there plotline since it is one I just happen to love for some reason When someone else hires you to get with someone I really wonder if it has ever happened in real life LOL But it always makes an entertaining plot Avery James is a perfectly organized straight A student on her way to being a doctor She wants to take a trip to [...]


No ha sido una historia perfecta, en mi opini n faltaban un par de p ginas mas para darle el final que se merece y no hacer que todo sea tan precipitado, pero a n as me ha gustado, nunca viene mal una lectura ligera y esta, en ese sentido, ha sido la elecci n perfecta.Me gustar a poder leer el libro de Hannah, porque est claro que tiene mucho que ofrecernos.Avery y Zac son geniales Especialmente Zac, estar como una cabra pero es adorable y no se merece lo que le sucede.


Original post at One More PageAvery has her eyes set on her life plan she plans to attend a summer program in Costa Rica, graduate the top of her class during senior year and then head for medical school She wasn t going to let anything get in her wayexcept her dreams hang on a very critical issue she needed money to get into the program in Costa Rica Then her biggest rival for the valedictorian position and ex best friend Hannah gives her an offer she will pay Avery five hundred dollars if she [...]


Ever since reading Shana Norris Troy High, which was hilarious as well as very sweet, I ve been eagerly awaiting her next book, so when I heard about The Boyfriend Thief, her newest YA, I knew I had to read it as soon as possible, if not sooner Thankfully, The Boyfriend Thief was exactly what I was hoping it would be and romantic, witty, and utterly delightful If Avery James had one wish for the summer lying ahead of her, it would probably go towards her dream destination an expensive humanitar [...]

Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue)

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This review can also be found at The Starry Eyed Revue.Boyfriend thievery isn t a topic I would usually be interested in, but I ll admit that my curiosity was piqued by the premise of The Boyfriend Thief, especially because Avery doesn t sound like the type of character to commit such an atrocious act And once it was revealed who exactly wanted to pay her to do the stealing, I was on board.Avery is the kind of pro [...]


More reviews at The Bookish ThoughtWhen I see the title, I kinda hope that this is one of those book that have cute romance, interesting plot, and lovable character Unfortunately, I only got cute romance The plot is actually interesting, but its predictable We all know that this book will end well And the characters, well, lets just say that Avery James didn t make it to my favorite characters list.I dislike Avery at first She s a neat freak, and she d do anything to make everything perfect, und [...]


Rating 3.5 5It is always a pleasure to be surprised by a book and getting bitch slapped for judging it beforehand Because this was NOT the cute little book I thought it would be.Sure enough, it had cute moments, but the characters weren t that superficial one dimensional teenagers you expect to encounter in this kind of books Favorite quote I was a boyfriend thief, I reminded myself A boyfriend thief couldn t get personally attached to her work It was a business agreement and nothing I wasn t t [...]

Karla Mae (Reads and Thoughts)

Let me kick this of with my reaction on the cover Well, the cover is so cute cute as the story and i like the casual boy and girl shoes, its just so cute The Boyfriend thief is about Avery James, a typical teenage girl who has a very un typical nature of being organized She works at a hotdog stand to earn money for her dream to attend a Humanitarian Program in Costa Rica Then her biggest rival Hannah, offered her to steal her boyfriend Zac Greeley Since she is short in money, she accepted it, on [...]


The Boyfriend Thief is what I would call a typical teen book Good girl who s a control freak and try to project an image of perfection in every way possible Bad girl who s actually not that different from the good girl, but a falling out between the two of them a few years back made them ennemies Cute, Funny, oh so wrong for her type boy who may just be what she needs after all Will she learn to let go of her control and live a little Will the boy learn that maybe he s than the funny guy Will s [...]


RECENZE NA BLOGUKdyby tu byly p lhv zdi ky, dala bych i 3,5 Kn ka nebyla patn , ale p ece jen to bylo odza tku naprosto p edv dateln a dn p ekvapen se nekonalo Nav c, i kdy je p b h jin , tak trochu mi to p ipom nalo knihu Poslouchej od Sarah Dessen Avery mi ob as p ipomn la Annabel a Zac zase Owena Mo n je to blbost, proto e ka d kniha je pln o n em jin m a Poslouchej se mi celkov l bilo v c, ale n kter situace si tam byly hodn podobn Po d je ale Blb s zka o fajn kluka p jemn oddechovka

Lenore Kosinski

I thought I would get annoyed by Avery s issues, but in the end I just felt empathy for here was really screwed up, and I don t think she really knew how much And she didn t get off with a slap on the wrist The chemistry with Avery and Zac was superb, adorable shrugs It was deeper than I had been expecting With not perfect characters all around I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I loved this book The heroine and Hero were lovely 3 dimensional people who I fell in love with I laughed, I cried, I couldn t put the book down.The only thing I regret is not knowing how to make the lime, cherry and grape slushie that the hero of the book can make.I read it the first day I got it I ve started reading it again now.


Ach Tot ln kli e a v dob , kdy mi bylo 13 bych z toho byla asi hodn na v tvi P esto se to etlo skv le, asi d ky tomu, e jsem zrovna m la obdob , kdy jsem pot ebovala po dnou d vku romantiky a naivity Byla jsem hodn nam kko a kn ka se mi moc moc l bila i kdy asi v t in p ijde jako blbost.

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner

Zac is such a funny guy I love him I thought it was cute he wanted to be a comedian when he grows up He could clearly make me laugh I would steal him from Hanna for free Avery was an Ice Queen but surprisingly I liked her She wanted to remain in control and Zac was her total opposite They were a good match Fun summer book.


Everyone is messed up in their own way The funny part is no one wants anyone else to know, so we work so hard to hide it This was such a cute story I loved that Avery was so jaded and Zac was just Sac


It s quite hard to enjoy a book with a protagonist so irritating and whiny, and every other character as interesting as a night spent clipping your toenails I yawned my way through the majority of it This book was awful Just plain awful.

Tina *The Book Slave*

Such a cute YA book Loved it


DNF 30%This is just horribly boring The characters are supposed to be in high school, but come off as middle schoolers This book is not for me.

Katie Klein

Team Zac

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The Boyfriend Thief