Jan 28, 2022
Thin Reflections
Posted by Graeme K. Talboys

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  • Title: Thin Reflections
  • Author: Graeme K. Talboys
  • ISBN: 9780955760624
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
Free Download Thin Reflections - by Graeme K. Talboys, Thin Reflections, Graeme K. Talboys, Thin Reflections None

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Free Download Thin Reflections - by Graeme K. Talboys - Thin Reflections, Thin Reflections None

Olga Wojtas

This beautifully written book has created a memorable character in Charlie Cornelius, a nine year old waif left alone during the London Blitz Courageous and determined, she navigates her way through not only the ravaged city but also different realities She confronts heartbreak and danger but also finds kindness and true friendship Graeme Talboys is one of those rare writers who can convey real feeling and horror without ever resorting to cliche or crudeness This book is the first of a quartet, [...]

  • Free Download Thin Reflections - by Graeme K. Talboys
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Thin Reflections