Jan 19, 2022
A Place of Secrets
Posted by Rachel Hore

[PDF] Read è A Place of Secrets : by Rachel Hore, A Place of Secrets, Rachel Hore, A Place of Secrets A runaway bestseller in Britain with than copies sold a riveting historical mystery in the tradition of Kate Morton The night before it all begins Jude has the same nightmare that haunted her as a child running through a dark forest crying for her mother Now her six year old niece Summer is having the same dream and Jude is frightened for her A succeA runaway bests [PDF] Read è A Place of Secrets : by Rachel Hore - A Place of Secrets, A Place of Secrets A runaway bestseller in Britain with than copies sold a riveting historical mystery in the tradition of Kate Morton The night before it all begins Jude has the same nightmare that haunted he

  • Title: A Place of Secrets
  • Author: Rachel Hore
  • ISBN: 9780805094497
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Read è A Place of Secrets : by Rachel Hore, A Place of Secrets, Rachel Hore, A Place of Secrets A runaway bestseller in Britain with than copies sold a riveting historical mystery in the tradition of Kate Morton The night before it all begins Jude has the same nightmare that haunted her as a child running through a dark forest crying for her mother Now her six year old niece Summer is having the same dream and Jude is frightened for her A succeA runaway bests

[PDF] Read è A Place of Secrets : by Rachel Hore - A Place of Secrets, A Place of Secrets A runaway bestseller in Britain with than copies sold a riveting historical mystery in the tradition of Kate Morton The night before it all begins Jude has the same nightmare that haunted he

Charlotte May

3.5 stars rounded up This was a reread so that I could write a review on here Jude is an antiques expert invited to value a large collection of astronomical writings, charts and items, in her hometown of Norfolk, belonging to the late Anthony Wickham in the grand stately house Starborough Hall While there she becomes swept up in the mysteries surrounding the collection, most specifically the memoirs of a young woman called Esther Wickham a woman who seemed to disappear from history This is a swe [...]


Just didn t work for me Very slow pace and plotting, which is a shame as so many of the elements that I enjoy in a book were there a house of secrets, old books and journals, a folly, mystery identities, etc All well and good, but plain old good storytelling was missing.


Only the second Hore book I ve read the first being The Dream House , and I can see a maturity in her writing.A Place of Secrets is a multi layered novel very similar in style to the novels of Kate Morton, with generational family dynamics and disfunctions, multiple jumps between time periods, hidden secrets, and a mystery to be solved from the past in order for the characters from the present time period to move on Very good stuff if that s your brand of reading pleasure, and Hore almost nails [...]


I agree with the other reviews that disliked this book I ve read a couple of Rachel Hore s books, especially enjoying A gathering storm and thought I d give this a go It was as if it was written by a different author entirely I didn t care at all about any of the characters, except Anthony and Esther from the past storyline, and agree with the review that said this was the only thing that kept me reading I skim read it just to finish it, but the revelations at the end were so boring I shouldn t [...]


I don t generally read novels marketed as women s fiction but this was pushed into my hands by a co worker who convincingly raved about it, and so I dutifully worked my way through it Maybe it s too strong to say I was disappointed as I didn t have sky high expectations, but I was certainly unimpressed.For me the story failed to live up to a number of promises The blurb hints at a supernatural element that never appears, and the intimations of menace came to nothing of interest Despite the poten [...]

Avital Gertner-Samet

This book was absolutely fabulous the missing star stems from feeling that some things just worked out too smoothly.Jude was working at an auction house, specializing in Eighteenth century manuscripts when Robert Weekham asked her to go back to Starbrough, Norfolk and assess his family s book and stargazing instruments collection As Jude goes back to her childhood environment, on duty, she unravels the mystery of Starbrough Hall and folly together with the mystery of her unexplained nightmares t [...]

Kathy Hiester

In many ways I loved A Place of Secrets I felt the fundamental story worked even though it was a little sluggish and the story was so charming that I felt bound to continue to find out how things turned out There were some interesting sub plots including an intricate sibling relationship However this book was totally ruined by poor editing I have never read or edited a book with so many mistakes.2 Stars

Elise McCune

A Place of Secrets is just the type of book I like to read Jude works as a valuer at a London auction house and is successful in her job Her husband Mark was killed in an accident a few years go and her relationship with Caspar isn t going anywhere A collection of 18th century books offers Jude an opportunity to combine work and a visit to her family in Norfolk Rachel Hore very quickly establishes Jude as a warm, caring woman dealing with great sadness There are twists and turns and one of my fa [...]


This was probably the worst book I have ever read, I would give it 0 stars if I could Very badly written with corny dialogue, and the plot is terrible The only link between the past and the present are some convenient dreams and many many coincidences It was a seriously awful book, stick to Kate Morton if you enjoy family history mysteries.

MaryannC.Book Fiend

I give this 3.5 stars.

Jennifer Hodges Young

This starts a little slow but once it gets going it is really well done You slowly come to see how it all fits together in a tight puzzle.


OK, so she doesn t write great literature, but Rachel Hore writes some of the best love stories with a historical mystical twist ever she s firmly on my list of top ten authors This one isn t published in the UK until 5th August, and thanks to Liz for passing it on This one has all the elements I ve loved in her previous books the strong modern heroine, the gorgeous love interest in Euan, the extended family with secrets, the supernatural bits, the finding of a diary from the 1700s the foundling [...]


I choose to read this book based on the beautiful cover, and did not regret picking it up It s a charming story about Judith Jude who works as an antique appraiser She goes to an estate to valuate astronomical books and equipment There she finds an intriguing journal written by a girl named Esther who seemed to have been wiped from the family tree Jude is determined to find out the secrets of the past I liked the characters, each one had a unique character My favorite character is Esther You fee [...]

Christina Rochester

Okay so I m going to be a grumpy cow about this one most likely because I m still in hospital and now have a cannula in the back of my hand and I ve spent half the morning being sick But hey ho.I wasn t as keen on this one compared to other Rachel Hore books I ve read A Place of Secrets seemed to be a lot slower in its story and the ending felt a little too convenient It just seemed that things tied together far too well and that gave things an unrealistic feel for me Plus I felt we never really [...]


An enjoyable read centred on a lady who works for an auction agency in London and lands a job selling the effects of an ancestral pile in Norfolk I know nothing about astronomy so cannot say whether the story was accurate or not, however it was a nice easy family history mystery with a side story of romance and family secrets as well.


It felt there were too many twists and turns and all got a bit confusing I liked the style of writing and the characters but it just lost its way for me

Julie Goucher

This book had a complex storyline and it takes great skill to weave the threads of the book separately then coming together to bring the story to conclusion.The central character is Jude, who works at a London auctioneers house and by chance answers a ringing telephone in her office The caller wants a valuation on a fascinating collection of early astronomical books and equipment which have been passed down through his family On establishing that the seller is living in Jude s home town , where [...]


I received this book from Librarything Early Review Program and with so much going on in my life I ve gotten behind on my ER s so I picked this one up on audio and am very glad I did as Jilly Bond s narration was really good, so this will be a review of the book and the narration Recently widowed antique appraiser Jude is trying to get on with her life but she can t stop thinking of her husband so she decides to take a working vacation to look at some old astronomy texts and equipment and this i [...]


This is one of those where there are 2 independent, and yet connected, stories are taking place throughout the novel In this case, it s a story taking place in present day England and another story taking place in 1700s England The main storyline is about Jude, an auction house appraiser, investigating the history of some manuscripts and astronomical instruments found in Starbrough Hall, a large estate in the small community where Jude s sister, niece and grandmother live The two stories are tie [...]

Lynn Spencer

3.5 stars This book had a lot of potential, but as I read, I kept getting the feeling that the author wasn t entirely sure what she wanted it to be.The present day portion of the book involves auctioneer Judith Jude Gower coming to a rural country estate to review a collection of books and items related to an 18th century astronomer By happy coincidence, her sister and niece live in the area, so Jude can spend time with them As Jude goes through the documents, she learns that the astronomer had [...]


A Place of Secrets was a bit of a impulse purchase for me I was in the mood for a fun, quick and somewhat mysterious read and when this popped up I knew it was what I was after This is the kind of book I think of as an airport read It s entertaining and engaging but not too taxing or time consuming.This book served as my introduction to Rachel Hore and I feel like next time I m stuck in bed ill and don t want to strain myself with anything too literary I would happy pick up another of her offeri [...]


I read one other book by Rachel Hore, A Gathering Storm, which was ok for me, and this is pretty much how I feel about this one I was a bit worried when I saw it had a fair few negative reviews, but it wasn t bad, actually it started out very promising A beautiful library in the country, an abandoned folly, strange dreams, old manuscripts and 18th century amateur stargazers, it drew me in and I couldn t wait how it would all tie together It isn t precisely a dual timeline story as such, but secr [...]


I think there are a lot of great ideas in this story and I like the idea of several timelines running alongside each other Rather than a dual time romance it is a quad time romance.The women involved include Jude, a modern career woman working for an art auctioneers, her sister Claire, single Mum of 9 year old Summer, then there s their Mother and their Grandmother then the story of Esther Whickham an 18th century orphan adopted by an astrologer which comes to light when her journals turn up, s [...]


You ever have that book that, for some reason, takes you forever to complete Yeah, that was this one It was good, I just kept getting distracted by another book that needed read for book club And Netflix And life.Unlike some other books I ve read lately with female protagonists, I actually liked this one She had a personality, wasn t unbelievably weak or smart or clever Just real And I liked her relationship with her sister because it was believably complicated.The situation she was in was also [...]

Marsha Hubbell

A Place of Secrets by Rachel Hore was a runaway bestseller in Britain This was my first introduction to the author s work, and I found the historical mystery riveting and difficult to put down Auction house appraiser Jude Gower takes a call at work meant for a coworker and soon leaves London for her dream job at Starbrough Hall, an estate in the countryside, examining and pricing the manuscripts and instruments of an eighteenth century astronomer and his adopted daughter Jude s arrival brings ba [...]


I have just read this on holiday where I enjoy a light romantic romping story but I was irritated from the start I thought the language laboured, lazy and lacking in variety Too many adjectives attached to speech Then we get to the guts of the story the far too conveniently interwoven stories in fact Utterly implausible Leaving out half of the links might have made it a much better book for me The love story was actually unnecessary too, likewise the formulaic relationship between sisters and th [...]

Tracy Terry

A multi layered read, A Place Of Secrets chronicles the modern day story of Jude alongside the unfolding tale of Esther, an 18th century astronomer, whose journals Jude happens across when searching through some old manuscripts in her role as researcher for an auction house This is a wonderfully mesmerising story of how the past can effect the present, of whether dreams can be passed down through the generations My only real criticism being the myriad of coincidences that on occasion verged on t [...]


I enjoyed this bookhaving said that I read another review that mentioned how everything worked out a little too perfectly, which normally is something i like,happy endings and all, but it did make me laugh a little how well everything tied together and everything had an explaination that magically was discovered i also felt the ending dragged on a little too long as everything unfolded But yes, i gave it four stars because i loved the premises I love stories that take place in the present but te [...]

Jeanene Palmer

This is my first Rachel Hore readher books have been on my Wish List for quite some timeShe is a fascinating writer in that this story is very balanced and within that balance she brings new secrets to bring a greater balance My mind compared her writing to a Chef who will make a fine dinner The planning, the ingredients and the making of each dishThen the presentation of each of those dishes from the china, glasses, wines, lovely fresh food and watching the guests delight in every morsel A quie [...]


Enjoyable read Interesting story with several mysteries to solve Dragged a bit A little too long on descriptions of everyday activities A few too many coincidences tying together the plot Overall a solid three stars Similar to Susanna Kearsley or Kate Morton.One thing that bothered me the main character, Jude, is supposed to be a professional researcher looking into the history of a book collection, but constantly needs suggestions from other characters about where to look for information.

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A Place of Secrets