Aug 08, 2022
A Crown Imperiled
Posted by Raymond E. Feist

A Crown Imperiled Best Read || [Raymond E. Feist], A Crown Imperiled, Raymond E. Feist, A Crown Imperiled The penultimate volume of the mighty Riftwar CycleWar rages in Midkemia but behind the chaos there is disquieting evidence of dark forces at work Jim Dasher s usually infallible intelligence network has been cleverly dismantled nowhere is safe He feels that the world is coming apart at the seams and is helpless to protect his nation Quiet palace coups are underway in RolThe penul A Crown Imperiled Best Read || [Raymond E. Feist] - A Crown Imperiled, A Crown Imperiled The penultimate volume of the mighty Riftwar CycleWar rages in Midkemia but behind the chaos there is disquieting evidence of dark forces at work Jim Dasher s usually infallible intelligence network h

  • Title: A Crown Imperiled
  • Author: Raymond E. Feist
  • ISBN: 9780061468414
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
A Crown Imperiled Best Read || [Raymond E. Feist], A Crown Imperiled, Raymond E. Feist, A Crown Imperiled The penultimate volume of the mighty Riftwar CycleWar rages in Midkemia but behind the chaos there is disquieting evidence of dark forces at work Jim Dasher s usually infallible intelligence network has been cleverly dismantled nowhere is safe He feels that the world is coming apart at the seams and is helpless to protect his nation Quiet palace coups are underway in RolThe penul

A Crown Imperiled Best Read || [Raymond E. Feist] - A Crown Imperiled, A Crown Imperiled The penultimate volume of the mighty Riftwar CycleWar rages in Midkemia but behind the chaos there is disquieting evidence of dark forces at work Jim Dasher s usually infallible intelligence network h

Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller

Unfortunately, A Crown Imperiled didn t do much to improve my opinion of these later Riftwar books.I ve torn apart the first book in this trilogy A Kingdom Besieged for its lack of plot advancement and over dependency on nostalgia for the original characters The lack of plot advancement continues in the second book with a vengeance, where all notable events can be counted on one hand made worse by diction that refuses to use contractions, making every sentence annoyingly drawn out much like the [...]

Brandon Zarzyczny

I really enjoyed this book, but I found a big problem with the writing editing of it I believe that Raymond E Feist somehow swapped two of the characters Pug and Magnus for an entire chapter In Chapter 4 page 77 101 the characters Pug, Amirantha, and Sandreena are exploring the home island of the Pantathians snake people The chapter ends with a smallish cliff hanger Pug took only a single step outside confronting him was a completely unexpected sight Six tall pillars of light in a diamond config [...]

Bob Milne

With this, the second volume of The Chaoswar Saga and the second to last volume of the entire Riftwar Cycle, Raymond E Feist doesn t necessarily advance the story, but instead elaborates on the significance of the events in A Kingdom Besieged, and builds some necessary and much appreciated depth on the part of the characters While it left me impatient to move on with the story, to advance things towards the ominously titled Magician s End, it was largely satisfying in terms of securing the overa [...]


So here we are at the penultimate entry in the epic Riftwar saga I m glad to see Feist is continuing his return to form with this book being strong from start to finish Everything is finally starting to come together with I believe most of the major players appearing I m very glad for the return of Nakor, one of my favourite characters in the series.The book had some flaws though It needed a much better editor to go over it with a fine tooth comb There were quite a few words missing, sentences h [...]


OK, so, I don t think I ve ever felt the need to include spoilers before and I ll mention when I m about to get into them , and I ve never given Feist a rating below three stars But, seriously, he was phoning it in on this one It s billed as the penultimate book in the RiftwarCycle I think it was And I think maybe he s finally fatigued with the whole Midkemia thing and is just churning these last ones out to be done with a contractual obligation And before I get to a specific negative critique, [...]


Book Two in the series and this review will sound an awful lot like the last one which isFeist has held on too long to these characters and this world Having him try to create a crisis that will top the previous 95 of them leads to confusion on my part as to what the hell is going on, why are these characters doing that or acting that way You ve got every country on the continent in war and yet there s actually no reason for the war that s been explained Maybe the war is a distraction but the wa [...]


This book was terrible Not terrible because of the re hashed story line, but terrible because of the atrocious editing.I tried to first ignore the errors Then I tried to remember just to mention the errors in my review But after a while the errors were too plentiful and my mind too soft Besides that, I figured no one would believe me, so I grabbed a notepad and started keeping track of a few.There are many errors than the ones I list below I guess there is a big continuity error that many have [...]

Eric Leblanc

This book was initially going to get a 4 stars from me It is an enjoyable Silverthorn style story, where you follow many different characters on their various endeavors that are direct follow up from the previous book You get Martin trying to defend the city of Ylith, Hal and Ty escorting a princess in the woods while being harassed by pirates, and the magic users Pug, Magnus, etc trying to understand what the heck is behind all this.However, this book came down to 3 stars for editing reasons I [...]


Whilst I ve enjoyed the last few of Feist s books, they have been slightly underwhelming More comforting that exciting A Crown Imperilled and its predecessor A Kingdom Besieged to a slightly lesser extent seems to be a return to form But and its an annoying but it seems to be because Feist is falling back on previous character types Nothing has come close to the magic of Pug, Thomas, Arutha and Jimmy the hand of the original trilogy, and it s as though Feist has realised that So whilst we don t [...]


First Off, Just to get it out the way There was a LOT of errors in this book, I wont take the time to write them all out as I ve seen other reviews doing, but yes the editing in the book is terrible, and I do hope some people get fired because of it Unlike other readers, I m quite new to the world of Midkemia, But I ve read them all quite recently and have it all fresh in memory I really like how they have followed Hal throughout the book, and always enjoy the references to their ancestors deeds [...]


Oh Mr Feist, how you re slipping light spoilers ahead I am a big fan of Feist s work, and I ve read every book in the cycle But the last six books have had some issues that took me some time to work out The biggest problem with this series is the lack of character development In the earlier books, and even up into the Conclave of Shadows trilogy there is engaging and deep character development and growth.In the past six books a combination of unoriginal characters and the great reliance of Pug t [...]


I really loved this book but SPOILERS I had one major problem with it First, I readily admit that a friend emailed me a copy of the UK ebook I m not sure whether this ebook was a bootled, an ARC, or the actual released version, so my problem may be moot when it s released in the US Let me start by saying, yes, I plan the buy a copy of this book once it s released in the US, but this friend knows I ve been a fan of Feist s Riftwar Saga since the 80 s.In Chapter 4, we encounter Pug, Sandreena, an [...]

Jason Kahn

I had read a lot of negative comments about this book, mainly regarding editing errors and typo s, which is why I waited until it was available on kindle for a cheaper price Having read it, I can understand some of the complaints There were some obvious mistakes, words missing here and there, etc And also some places where the scene shifted in ways that simply did not make sense This might have made a difference if it were the first or second book in the series, but it s like what, the twenty so [...]


The second to last book in this epic saga Feist is trying to come up with answers to all the hints and plotlines that have been dropped over the years I liked most of the books in this series some then others and this one was no exception Off course it follows the Feist manner of story telling with lots of capable young men, independent women and some magic to top it off Since the story is nearing it s end, some of the longer lasting characters start reminiscing events in previous booksl in all [...]


Feist is my favorite author The original Arutha and Jimmy are some of my favorite characters in the book world This book though this book was absolute garbage From spelling errors, grammar errors, and even an outright mix up of characters that throws the whole read off Feist mixes up the characters actions from previous books, as well Attributing the cr che destruction to Pug and Magnus instead of Calis and his Crimson Eagles Get your act together, Feist.


after the stupid mistake of mixing pug and magnus up, i had to just skip thru the book this story is just being rehashed over and over again another jimmy, characters coming back from the dead remember macros its just a boring read now hopefully, it will just end with the next book time for mr feist to write about another world cause this one feels like im reading the same trilogies over and over again sigh.


As always, Raymond Feist keeps the pages turning, chapter after chapter, with amazing characters you never want to see die Been reading his books for so long, his NEW books are as comfortable as a good cup of coffee in the morning or after a good meal I am already wishing the next book was out so I can continue the story.

Danail Yovev

Amazing beginning, amazing end, but in the middle not so epic Arkam is a lovely character

Eric Parker

The dangers facing Midkemia continue to build and have finally reached the nexus A wild ride with many twists and new and old characters alike.

Brett Boerner

First off, the storyline of the book was engaging and it was good to read about some of my favorite fantasy characters as Feist wraps up the final few books of his Riftwar Cycle begun many years ago with Magician The plot gets deeper and deeper and it has become increasingly obvious that the characters face the greatest challenge ever encountered by Midkemia I won t go into any details to avoid spoilers, but you ll want to read this book if you care about how this world handles the continuing co [...]

This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For

I m not quite done with the book yet 75% , but I already know that there is no way I can give it a higher grade than 2 stars From a story plot standpoint I would probably end up giving it 3 or 4 depending on how the ending turns out , but I ve just had it with the egregious internal continuity errors It s one thing to have continuity slip across books in a series which has spanned about 30 books in over 25 years it s another to have major internal inconsistencies within a single book, a problem [...]

Veronica Morfi

Bring me the next one rigth now In the second book of Chaoswar Saga and the 29th in the Riftwar Cycle we follow the story story right were it felt off in the previous book Martin is holding Ylith against the Keshian attack that drove him away from his home Miranda and Nakor are back Yay, for their return, Nakor is one of my favorite characters, so much fun and crazy They land in Ylith and after meeting Calis, the elf prince and Arkan, a dark elf trying to stop an uprise of his race, they all hel [...]


en kroon in gevaar is het tweede deel van de laatste trilogie van Feist in zijn langlopende fantasyreeks over Midkemia De wereld is in beroering gebracht, maar de drijvende kracht achter de chaos weet zich nog goed te verbergen Een grootschalige oorlog tussen Kesh en het Koninkrijk is gestart, terwijl er in Rillanon en Roldem staatsgrepen worden voorbereid Jim Dasher moet alles op alles zetten om erachter te komen wie hier achter zit ten , en dat terwijl zijn spionagenetwerk op slinkse wijze is [...]


Feist is one of my favorite authors and I always look forward to his new books His first Midkemia novel Magician is one of the first scifi fantasy books I ever read and I ve been hooked since then Unfortunatley this novel is not one of his better ones The story is still interesting and I enjoyed reading about some of my favorite characters in the series However, as many reviews will tell you, there are some major editing issues that you will come across There were quite a few words that were not [...]

Michael Clifton

With any fantasy series, sooner or later the freshness begins to suffer However, with his Midkemia fantasy novels, Raymond Feist has managed to keep my interest with book after book Feist has a knack of introducing new characters, reinventing old characters, and keeping you guessing concerning his plotst such an easy task when considering this all occurs within the parameters of a fantasy series now approaching, what Twenty years old I will admit that the past couple of Feist novels had begun to [...]

Clay Kallam

I ve been with Raymond Feist and the world of Midkemia almost the whole ride since 1982, and with the publication of A Crown Imperiled Harper Voyager, 27.99, 469 pages , he is one book removed from wrapping up the saga of Pug the magician and the battle against the undefined evil known as the Dread A Crown Imperiled, which is book two of the Chaoswar Saga, is book 28 of the Riftwar Cycle, which actually began in the mid 1970s as a role playing game at the University of California at San Diego An [...]

Joel Flank

War has come to the Kingdom of the Isles, and they re ill prepared for the surprise attack from the Empire of Kesh The sons of Crydee are in the thick of things, with Martin leading the defense of Ylith, after failing to hold Crydee to the invaders, and his older brother, the new Duke is forced into a world of assassins and intrigue in the allied kingdom of Roldem While being hunted, he must also secure the safety of Princess Stephanie, while Martin needs to turn the tiny garrison which was left [...]

Alek Dembowski

I had trouble getting into this book 6 chapters in and I was having difficulty really caring about many of the characters That changed around chapter 7 or 8 but many of the new characters feel like much older characters slightly re imagined At this point the series is proving that history repeats itself, if not in the events, in the characters James is another Jimmy, 5 or 7 generations descended from Jimmy the Hand, Martin and Hal are very much like aspects of Aruthra and some old friends though [...]

Sue Cartwright

I ve loved all of Raymond s books and this is no exception Despite the errors which I skipped through regardless to keep on with the story, and the dramatic and abrupt ending, it was another great read I m only glad I didn t finished this book before the last in the entire series, The Magician s End Riftwar 4 , became available I will be sorry to come to the end but then I intend to start again from the beginning The first book, The Magician latest edition longer than the first is such an epic s [...]


It took some time, but it seems that Feist is finally back on track After several bad books, his final series is slowly getting back to the level of Magician and the Empire trilogy A Kingdom Besieged was clearly the introduction to what is going on in A Crown Imperiled, and I cannot wait to read Magician s End, and for that I have to wait another yearSo, A Crown Imperiled A lot of action, a lot of links to previous books, Pug, Nakor All ingredients for a good novel There is just one big editoria [...]

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