Aug 18, 2022
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Unlimited Zombie - by Joyce Carol Oates, Zombie, Joyce Carol Oates, Zombie Meet Quentin P the most believably terrifying sexual psychopath and killer ever brought to life in fiction The author deftly puts you inside the mind of a serial killer succeeding not in writing about madness but in writing with the logic of madness Unlimited Zombie - by Joyce Carol Oates - Zombie, Zombie Meet Quentin P the most believably terrifying sexual psychopath and killer ever brought to life in fiction The author deftly puts you inside the mind of a serial killer succeeding not in writing about

  • Title: Zombie
  • Author: Joyce Carol Oates
  • ISBN: 9780452275003
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
Unlimited Zombie - by Joyce Carol Oates, Zombie, Joyce Carol Oates, Zombie Meet Quentin P the most believably terrifying sexual psychopath and killer ever brought to life in fiction The author deftly puts you inside the mind of a serial killer succeeding not in writing about madness but in writing with the logic of madness

Unlimited Zombie - by Joyce Carol Oates - Zombie, Zombie Meet Quentin P the most believably terrifying sexual psychopath and killer ever brought to life in fiction The author deftly puts you inside the mind of a serial killer succeeding not in writing about


I HATED this book It was excellently written and it did what it was supposed to do scared the crap out of me This is a character study of a social deviant I don t want to spoil this for anyone who reads it, so I won t give away the ending, but definitely not something you read while lying on the beach catching your tan No escapism here You come face to face with the evil and cunning of the sociopathic and psychotic mind Be prepared to bathe in Dettol and then curl up in bed under the covers next [...]

Paul Bryant

This fairly wretched novel is JCO shooting dead boys in a barrel I dunno, it seems like taking the easy option to me you takes your Jeffrey Dahmer you remember him, he was a lonely boy who wanted a gay sex pet to do his every bidding, and he read a book on brain surgery and he thought that if you drilled the right hole in a man s head it would stop him from realising you were a dangerous psycho and leaving, so he practised on a few guys who unfortunately like died which was not Jeffrey s intenti [...]


A ruthless, blindingly ugly, revealing character study of a sexual psychopath.Joyce Carol Oates, I now officially forgive you for the tedium of We Were the Mulvaneys This book was all that Mulvaneys was NOT brilliantly written, brave, and maybe most importantly brief.It became clear to me after reading this book that Quentin P is based at least loosely on real life serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, which is interesting from a historical perspective But I enjoyed reading this being clueless about tha [...]


Damn, Joyce, I didn t know you rolled like that.


Short, dark, and very scary like a tipsy 2am Uber ride home that instead drags you into macabre neighborhoods and makes you question exactly what your ultimate payment will be and maybe whether somebody slipped a touch of rohypnol in your margarita Things are OFF Way OFF.So You up for being freaked out and mesmerized for 200 pages Do yourself a favor and do NOT read the publisher s blurb or other reviews I walked into this book entirely blind and assumed because of the title that I d see dead pe [...]

Jim Elkins

How to Avoid Being BourgeoisThis is not terrifying or monstrous, and it is not a shocking revelation It does not take us into the mind of a serial killer It is not harrowing, and it s not disturbing It is a strained and earnest attempt to imagine the kind of life that would decisively overturn bourgeois values But it doesn t do that, because the imagining of the Other is already part of middle class American life Even the most surprising lines pale as soon as they re read, because it becomes cle [...]

Heidi Ward

I generally like Oates s dark fiction her short stories are particularly good , but I chose not to finish this one I d meant to read Zombie for a long time, and was disappointed to find it utterly repulsive when I finally got around to it but not in the way you might imagine.I thought I knew what I was getting into when I picked up a book told from the POV of a sexually depraved serial killer dabbling in icepick lobotomies Browse my library and you ll see it takes a lot than that to put me off [...]

juan carlos

Amantes de los asesinos y psicopatas, esta es su novela Ya que conocer s a Quentin y su obsesi n por convertirse en el amo de un zombie que le cumpla todos sus deseos carnales, pero para alcanzarlo deben existir muchos muertos Para que leer zombi 1 Por que es un ejercicio narrativo interesante, ya que la autora nos pone en la piel y en la mente de nuestro psic pata y como este justifica sus acciones Es una mezcla entre horror psiquiatra, humor negro y rarezas familiares 2 El protagonista sabe ll [...]

Jonathan Janz

It would be wrong to say I enjoyed this one I didn t But then again, I wasn t supposed to Joyce Carol Oates has created a novel so eerie and unnerving that the words enjoyment, escapism, and entertaining are totally inapplicable But it is a masterfully written tale with the kind of skillfulness you d expect from Oates, who is a phenomenal writer I m not going to write much about this because I ve got other books waiting for me tonight, but what I will say is that you should only read ZOMBIE if [...]

DeAnna Knippling

An unpleasant book, taking you, with absolute lack of Hanniballian romance, into the petty, insignificant mind of a serial killer The main character only wants to dominate pretty men he s as cheap and tiresome and disorganized and lame as a middle aged guy leering at you in a Denny s To destroy the romance of serial killing it s like that scene in Sandman where Morpheus takes away the illusions at the Cereal Convention, only the illusion is actually taken away, not handwaved as one of Morpheus s [...]

Ana M. Román

Ha sido una lectura dif cil Era como estar en un rinc n de la habitaci n viendo como suced a todo Se me contra a todo el cuerpo en las escenas desagradables, lo que es pr cticamente todo el tiempo, y a veces me daban ganas de cerrar los ojos como si en lugar de leyendo estuviera viendo una pel cula.Siempre me han intrigado las lecturas narradas desde el punto de vista de una persona con alguna enfermedad mental Adentrarme en la cabeza y descubrir la forma de pensar de una persona as , ya sea bre [...]


Joyce Carol Oates snared my attention in her old short story, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been In her novel, Zombie, 1995 , she writes in a first person narrative of a psychopath who has a crush on various youthful men, and uses devilish means to capture them and use them as sex slaves In turns, quizzically funny and nasty, the writings are merely scribbles and with various doodles in the borders that take on sinister meanings as you read the story As a reader I am a little put off by va [...]

C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons

Read cjlistro 2012 05 Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a bit of an obsession with serial killers So after a conversation about Jeffrey Dahmer the other day yes, the glamorous life of a psych grad student , I recalled a former lit professor having mentioned this evilly wonderful novel by Joyce Carol Oates, one of the underappreciated literary greats The novel s protagonist happens to be based heavily on Dahmer, who had similar zombie making inclinations I read it in about two days flat [...]

Mairéad (is roaming the Undying Lands)

March 8th, 2015 IM DONE FINALLYYYYY1.5 stars.I just can t with this book It just left me rubbing my eyes wanting to get rid of all the disturbing imagery I thought I knew what I was getting myself into but not really Besides the way it was written annoyed me and becoming , the subject matter itself is so surreal Like you seriously grabbed a serial pedo killer and reached into his her brain I don t think I ll ever look at a killer the same way ever again.cially thanks to Quentin I actually finish [...]


It made me uncomfortable than anything I ve read recently The first person narration is unnervingly believable it was not what I might have imagined a serial killer s voice to be, but it is now A lot of reviewers seem to think that great books cannot be this upsetting While I disagree with that premise and do consider this a very good piece of writing, I can t give it stars It just isn t shiny I have since given it stars Distance helped me heal.


Very disturbing, creepy story told from the pov of a psychopath I ve read alot of horror thrillers and little makes me flinch but a few scenes in this made me cringe Unusual writing style which added to the story My first by Joyce Carol Oates and not really what I was expecting and in a good way I disliked it The ending was a bit abrupt.


Going beyond the psyche of the monster, Joyce Carol Oates invites herself into the mind of a murderer, thus making him downright human again A wholly disturbed and unpleasant human, but unmistakably vulnerably sentient nonetheless.Quentin P is like any one of us in that sense, at least.Zombie is a diary of sorts The owner writer of this diary is Quentin P who frequently refers to himself by initials alone, and to others solely by initials or in special cases cutesy nicknames Those not aware of t [...]


This book came to mind today as I was browsing a discussion thread titled, Do you have to like the narrator to enjoy the book Quentin, the decidedly unlikeable narrator of Oates 1995 novel Zombie, kidnaps young men, holds them captive in his house, and then applies an icepick to their brains in his quest to create the perfect zombie love slave He isn t particularly adept with the pick Young men die horribly, and there is a great deal of ugly, violent rape and worse Quentin also seems to love bab [...]

Mientras Leo

Incre ble la capacidad de Oates para penetrar en una mente y contar la historia sin perder un pice de la calidad que le caracterizaentremontonesdelibros

Sue Dix

I am afraid of Joyce Carol Oates How did she ever think to write such a disturbing story It s as if we were watching the most frightening Criminal Minds episode exclusively from the point of view of the obviously deranged stalker serial killer rapist and could not turn off the television I am still shivering And yet, I really liked this book.

Patrick Kelly

Not the JCO I remember Meet Quentin a violent serial rapist killer and pedophile Oates places the reader inside the mind of a social deviant, but succeeds only insofar as she shocks These moments are daring enough to outweigh sudden, dramatic shifts in tone and style, which the narrative occasionally suffers from switching from pedantic, broken English to deep, allegorical, highly poetic aphorism The latter would feel compelling and authentic if it didn t arrive at such odds with the rest of th [...]


This was a real page turner for me, a single afternoon read It s written in a diary style from the point of view of a very believable childlike predator I read a lot of true crime and consider myself well versed in criminal psychology, and I thought that the restraint practiced by the author in terms of only recording things from the sophomoric emotional state of a stunted and sad murderer was remarkable Well executed work that I will enjoy using as a basis for the author s other creations.Fans [...]


This is perhaps as disturbing as it gets, while still actually being published by a publisher Zombie is somewhat reminiscent of The Collector both in regards to the high quality quirky writing and the theme, but without the pretense of civilization and decency The psycho point of view is just so Perfect And having just read one other Oates book before I really had no idea she was an author capable of writing something like this.

Leo Robertson

Lol the title cleverly references how the author wrote this on autopilot.


Eh Decent read told from the perspective of a serial killer Author uses caps a lot to underscore certain points or words, gets annoying after awhile.


, , , 3 Aldapuerta


I feel like I need to take a shower after finishing this book Or several showers.Joyce Carol Oates seems to really like to do this thing in her work where she fictionalizes big news stories or real people s lives and works them into a novel Some of her most popular and acclaimed books fall into this category, like Black Water and Blonde In Zombie, we are introduced to Quentin P an obvious stand in for serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, this short novel s narrator who is obsessed with cre [...]


This book made me angry I understand that Joyce Carol Oates writes books that make you feel like you need a shower, and I was cool with that I expected it even What I didn t expect was for this to be written like drivel An excerpt Twelve years old in seventh grade now I was wearing glasses long armed skinny hair sprouting under my arms at my groin their eyes sliding onto me even the teachers in gym class I refused to go through the shower refused to go naked moving through them their cocks glist [...]


Rating 3.5 of 5Sad, disgusting, horrific exactly what one would imagine the mind of a serial killer to be I didn t realize beforehand that Zombie was inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer, but I figured it out after Quentin P shared his fantasy about the creation of a living zombie The narrative was entirely stream of consciousness from Quentin s perspective, which was super creepy, and it definitely felt like I was reading a real journal Oates fully immersed herself in the mindset of a killer, so much so [...]


Tough read.For such a short book this took a bit to read as I could only read it in parcels.It is not because it is not a good book, it is The book is simply a rough ride.Stark, bleak, devoid of life You will feel empty after reading this empty as Q_P Herein lies the genius of the novel.Quentin Q_P is a serial killer I am not giving anything away by telling you this It is presented from the start.You are invited into the mind of this monster What you will find there isch of nothing.The Id in its [...]

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