Jan 16, 2022
Magic Under Glass
Posted by Jaclyn Dolamore

Magic Under Glass Best Read || [Jaclyn Dolamore], Magic Under Glass, Jaclyn Dolamore, Magic Under Glass Nimira is a music hall performer forced to dance for pennies to an audience of leering drunks When wealthy sorcerer Hollin Parry hires her to do a special act singing accompaniment to an exquisite piano playing automaton Nimira believes it is the start of a new life In Parry s world however buried secrets stir Unsettling below stairs rumours abound about ghosts aNimira is a m Magic Under Glass Best Read || [Jaclyn Dolamore] - Magic Under Glass, Magic Under Glass Nimira is a music hall performer forced to dance for pennies to an audience of leering drunks When wealthy sorcerer Hollin Parry hires her to do a special act singing accompaniment to an exquisite pia

  • Title: Magic Under Glass
  • Author: Jaclyn Dolamore
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Magic Under Glass Best Read || [Jaclyn Dolamore], Magic Under Glass, Jaclyn Dolamore, Magic Under Glass Nimira is a music hall performer forced to dance for pennies to an audience of leering drunks When wealthy sorcerer Hollin Parry hires her to do a special act singing accompaniment to an exquisite piano playing automaton Nimira believes it is the start of a new life In Parry s world however buried secrets stir Unsettling below stairs rumours abound about ghosts aNimira is a m

Magic Under Glass Best Read || [Jaclyn Dolamore] - Magic Under Glass, Magic Under Glass Nimira is a music hall performer forced to dance for pennies to an audience of leering drunks When wealthy sorcerer Hollin Parry hires her to do a special act singing accompaniment to an exquisite pia

Maggie Stiefvater

The audience didn t understand a word we sang They came to see our legs As the posters said TROUSER GIRLS FROM THE LAND OF TASSIM We were billed just underneath the acrobats and the trained dogs.So begins Magic Under Glass, a debut novel by Jaclyn Dola Bloomsbury, Dec 09 It follows Nimira, a music hall girl, a dark skinned oddity in light skinned Lorinar, as she leaves the security of the music hall for employment with the mysterious and dashing Hollins Parry Mr Parry wishes to retain her servic [...]


Since this book has been out a while now and some frequently asked questions pop up in reviews, I thought I d edit my review to answer a few here There will be a sequel It s called Magic Under Stone and it should be released in 2012 As far as I know, that book will complete the story A companion book same world, different characters and locale called Between the Sea and Sky will be released in 2011 The title Magic Under Glass refers to the fairies kept under glass which are also sort of a metaph [...]


I, like many people I imagine, first heard about Magic Under Glass after the less than publicity friendly but justifiable outrage over the whitewashing of the heroine on the first cover of the book Luckily, the publishers listened to the complaints and gave the book a lovely new cover with the appropriate cover model so remember good readers, public pressure does sometimes work But that unfortunate incident aside, this has been a book on my radar for a while after several excellent reviews and t [...]

Wendy Darling

3.5 stars.In many ways, this is an exquisite little fairy tale I loved the vividly imaginative concept of a young singer being asked to perform with a clockwork piano player, who may or may not be an enchanted prince The descriptive passages that show us the city, the cruelty of fairies being caught under glass, and Nimira s mother s embroidered costume are all enjoyably detailed, and I appreciated the unusual aspects of the infamous love triangle, particularly the fact that Hollins isn t made [...]


I can t believe I seriously considered not finishing this book That doesn t happen to me often, but in this case I already started disliking the main character, Nimira She came off as a little too entitled, but thankfully that isn t harped on too much and we get this truly moving story Nimira has moved away from her homeland to find her fortune through her talent on stage Unfortunately she hasn t had much success, until one day Hollin Parry comes to see the show and offers her a job Mr.Parry has [...]


So I m awfully late getting around to this one But I could just never find a copy and then with all the cover issues it was in and out of stock everywhere for what seemed like ages It sounded like a book I wanted to read right off the bat, despite the issues with cover and availability Finally my family took pity on me and gave it to me for my birthday awhile back And now that it s been nominated for the Cybils, I decided it was high time to find out what all the fuss was about MAGIC UNDER GLASS [...]


Heavily inspired by Jane Eyre, Magic Under Glass features a strong cast of characters in a vaguely defined world There are fairies, sort of, and an enchanted automaton, and a less than convincing romance So it could be better.The best thing, by far, is Nimira herself, the main character She s bright, generally clear thinking, bold, and talented I liked her quite a lot Her narration made a book that otherwise has very little going on a quick read.But the world building is really too vague Nimira [...]


Yay this book was truly beautiful I loved every character and I cannot deal with emotions So much happened that made me love it and I wist past it I cannot wait to read the next book


Magic Under Glass is magical and well, just AWESOME I loved this book I really enjoyed the characters, the relationship between Nimira and Erris, their friendship soon love was easy to see, and a joy to read Errishe s an interesting character, I found him to be kind of tortured, I mean he was trapped in a life like doll or automaton, cut off from the world Going through all that, he ended being sweet and honest I could see why Nimira falls for him Nimira is not your ordinary trouser girl she is [...]


I don t usually throw the words Spell binding , Luscious , or Amazing around lightly so when you see all three of them, plus many similar ones, in my review, you know you re in for one heck of a book First off, Magic Under Glass is a wonderful example of fantasy and fairy tale combined it reminds me of the early Disney movies, not because it s childish far from it but because of Jackie s ability to weave the story around the reader, completely emerging us into Nimira s world, and combining a gr [...]


Love the premise But that only makes the book disappointing This is no Night Circus a la Morgenstern with loving crafted moments you want to and get to dwell in with characters whose hearts you get to know blissfully well This is pseudo streampunk lite faries that seems as though it s trying to appeal to an emotionally older audience but is paced like it s for short attention span juvenile readers Friendships are cemented in a two minute interaction and True Love takes about 150 words I felt l [...]


An automaton that plays the piano, fairies, sorcerers and necromancers, and a trouser girl who sings on the stage Add a Jane Eyre style mysterious madwoman haunting the third floor of the manor, and you have a vaguely gothic steampunk historical fantasy with a dash of sweet romance Quite an interesting combination Some aspects were less developed than I would have liked, leaving me feeling detached from it all The world building, the characters, and how their relationships developed were all a b [...]


Nimira is a singer dancer what s known as a trouser girl trying to make her way in the world When a mysterious gentleman shows up at her act and offers her a job singing with his piano playing automaton, Nimira jumps at the chance With the salary he s offering, she ll be able to save some money to send home to her family which has fallen from grace and become impoverished There s one catch, however The other girls who have worked with the automaton claim that it s haunted Nimira, however, discov [...]

Kristen "Kirby"

EditedMagic Under Glass sounded excellent Nimira is a trouser girl that is, a girl who wears trousers while singing foreign tunes With women still engulfed in fabric from head to toe, and people blushing when the lace circling on a chair flips up to show a leg, you can understand why they were considered such a novelty Then comes Mr Hollin in all his flatness and top hat to stomp the story into the gravel until it could be considered bland, at best.Okay, so Nimira needs cash, right She doesn t w [...]


I was really disappointed with Magic Under Glass It had been on my wishlist for so long, and when I got a copy I was really eager to dive in.There was just so much I wanted to love an interesting, fantastical world filled with magic, faeries and complex social divisions Unfortunately, there is nothing here that is all that special The universe is basically Regency England with faery foreigners and a bit of magic thrown in for the hell of it.And the characters Extremely one dimensional Leading la [...]


Nimira is a trouser girl singing and dancing for her living in Lorimar when she is approached by powerful sorceror Hollin Parry Hollin wants to hire her to sing with the accompaniment of a life sized, piano playing automaton he owns His offer promises to change Nimira s life drastically for the better but there is a catch Every other woman he has hired has run away, terrified of the automaton, which they insist is alive Nimira takes the job, refusing to be afraid of an automaton, but when it com [...]


All right, set your phasers to stun, everyone I didn t like this book Spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk.I m feeling really let down that I didn t enjoy this book, actually I was so excited to see a copy available for the tour and I heard such great things from other reviewers And yes, for the first quarter of the book or so, I was hooked, and really enjoying the story I think my initial enjoyment of the book is one of the reasons the rest of it was such a huge letdown.My first issue is th [...]


One of the hardest parts of becoming a parent, in my opinion, is having to crystallize in words what it is that we believe, to articulate with precision that which we have only vaguely felt to be true before To have to look into the eyes of a child who trusts us and answer a question like, Why do we have war One thing that has become clear for me in the past few years is that I do not believe in Good Guys or Bad Guys We each of us make a thousand decisions every day that slowly shape us into the [...]

Sara Grochowski

Jaclyn Dola s debut novel is a quick and engaging read that left me me wanting Not only did the slim volume end much to quickly, Dola s unique plot line and characters stayed with me even after I finished the last line.First off, I m still a bit in awe of the cover art I thought it was gorgeous when I first saw it on Jackie s website and when I saw the arc, but it was nothing compared to the bound version when I saw it in the bookstore It definitely is eye catching I was intrigued by the mentio [...]


I first heard about this book in the context of the huge rigamarole over the cover The main character is from an India inspired fantasy nation, and her ethnicity is a huge part of the plot, yet this was the first cover, until the internet kicked up a fuss and the publisher fixed it It s sort of a steam clockpunk world, which interested me The main character, Nimira, is a singer who is hired to perform with a clockwork automaton pianist who minor spoiler for the first bit turns out to be an encha [...]


Well, I have to say that the plot and characters themselves were pretty good I liked the idea of a fairy prince, Erris, being imprisoned as an automan and the romance between himself and the main character, former trouser girl Nimira Yes, most of the characters were interestingd all the authors ideas were good ones,.ough they seemed incomplete.And before I get carried away, I have to give Jaclyn props, it is a good plot ButThe whole story seemed to be missing many details, everything was jumped [...]


There is the outline of an interesting novel here, but it s so brief and compressed that characters constantly act with no comprehensible motivation The Plot Must Go On, even if it requires characters to make snap judgements always correct , abruptly change their minds, and fall in love at first note To substitute for organic character development, the author inserts wild emotional outbursts, but despite fountains of tears I could never quite understand what all the crying was for I did like the [...]


The premise of this book was quite promising, and Dola s writing was very good However, I found myself deeply frustrated because the story lacked depth Events moved too quickly there was no building sense of dread, and I found myself unable to suspend my disbelief long enough to accept that the relationships among the characters developed as quickly as they did.There are some similarities here to Jane Eyre, but I think Dola missed the long building, slow burning, but incredibly intense relations [...]


TBR Reduce Challenge 11 2011 Alexa A truly touching romance, elegant writing and a remarkable cast of characters.Magic Under Glass is magical, unique, intriguing and beautifully done.I m looking forward to the sequel, I want of Nim and Erris


I expected to like this book .I was surprised that it took me several days to get into it and finish usually I finish a book in one day.However, I was not engrossed in this story.It makes me sad because I think that the author s concept and writing has potential But I found the writing to be mostly bland as well as the plot and the love story.I found this book on , and was very excited to read it because the plot sounded unique.The central character of an automaton reminded me a bit of Hugo Cabr [...]

Steph Su

With a premise like this one, one can have only high expectations for Jaclyn Dola s debut novel, MAGIC UNDER GLASS, and indeed, most of them are met in this sensuously written historical fantasy set in a magical and dangerous world.The writing in this book is exquisite Jaclyn Dola effortlessly captures readers attention with her unassuming descriptions of this fantastically different world Nimira s voice is appealingly innocent in this politically corrupt sphere, and yet we can also feel that sh [...]


I am almost feeling guilty about giving out so many 1 stars lately, but it says did not like it for a 1 star and I did not like it The best thing about this book is the description of it You actually get depth and excitement from the description So, just read that, and move along to something else.I guess it s hard to do a lot in a couple of hundred pages, so the author decided to cram a bunch of ideas in, and skip the development of characters and relationships These characters are as one dime [...]


Nimira is a long way from home having travelled over seas to make her fortune However a fortune never came and nether did the acclamations that she had hoped to receive Nimira was a singer and a dancer and had been promised to perform for the height of society, but instead she had ended up at the already full world of music hall performers.As a trouser girl Nimira s talents were wasted on leering drunks with only mere pennies for her trouble Although she would never admit it, she long dreams of [...]


First note The cover on the book I picked up is not the same as the one on and I much prefer the one I had Neither of them reflect the ethnicity Thai of the heroine though and that bugs meG is the story of a alternate world based on our world in the Edwardian time period with a touch of steampunk The heroine is an asianish girl never really stated, but her clothing, dancing, history are clearly of asian origin who was wealthy in her home country, but now works as a singing dancing entertainer at [...]

The Winter Rose

Sometimes a book just comes along which is just the right thing you needed to read at that moment in your life, and for me Magic Under Glass was the perfect book at the exact right time Set in an original fantasy world which is very reminiscient of Victorian England but if fairies, unicorns and magic existed , Magic Under Glass tells the tale about a young foreign girl named Nimira who works in a vaudevillian act, singing and dancing as a trouser girl A young magician hires her to accompany his [...]

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