Aug 08, 2022
The Blackhouse
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☆ The Blackhouse ✓ PeterMay, The Blackhouse, PeterMay, The Blackhouse A brutal killing takes place on the Isle of Lewis Scotland a land of harsh beauty and inhabitants of deep rooted faith A MURDERDetective Inspector Fin Macleod is sent from Edinburgh to investigate For Lewis born Macleod the case represents a journey both home and into his past A SECRETSomething lurks within the close knit island community Something sinister A TRAPAs FA brutal kill ☆ The Blackhouse ✓ PeterMay - The Blackhouse, The Blackhouse A brutal killing takes place on the Isle of Lewis Scotland a land of harsh beauty and inhabitants of deep rooted faith A MURDERDetective Inspector Fin Macleod is sent from Edinburgh to investigate Fo

  • Title: The Blackhouse
  • Author: PeterMay
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition
☆ The Blackhouse ✓ PeterMay, The Blackhouse, PeterMay, The Blackhouse A brutal killing takes place on the Isle of Lewis Scotland a land of harsh beauty and inhabitants of deep rooted faith A MURDERDetective Inspector Fin Macleod is sent from Edinburgh to investigate For Lewis born Macleod the case represents a journey both home and into his past A SECRETSomething lurks within the close knit island community Something sinister A TRAPAs FA brutal kill

☆ The Blackhouse ✓ PeterMay - The Blackhouse, The Blackhouse A brutal killing takes place on the Isle of Lewis Scotland a land of harsh beauty and inhabitants of deep rooted faith A MURDERDetective Inspector Fin Macleod is sent from Edinburgh to investigate Fo

Jeffrey Keeten

Knew, too, that it wasn t just Mona he wanted to run away from It was everything Back to a place where life had once seemed simple A return to childhood, back to the womb How easy it was now to ignore the fact that he had spent most of his adult life avoiding just that Easy to forget that as a teenager nothing had seemed important to him than leaving Detective Fin Macleod is sent back to the place where he was bred, born, burnished, and raised as an orphan A murder has happened on the Isle of L [...]


We left on the midnight tide, diesel engines thudding as we slipped out into the bay from the relative shelter of the harbour, facing into the huge swell, waves breaking over the bow to pour in foaming rivers across the deck It seemed no time at all until the lights of Ness were swallowed by the night as we yawed and pitched into open seas beyond the Butt of Lewis The last thing to vanish was the comforting flash of the lighthouse on the clifftop at the Butt, and when that was gone there was onl [...]


This novel is the first of a trilogy the Lewis Trilogy The Isle of Lewis is the largest island in the outer Hebrides It is 683 square miles 1,770 square kilometres , has a population of less than 20,000, and was once part of The Norse Kingdom of Mann and the Isles.The story within this novel is simply amazing, and beautifully written Heart pounding moments of man against the elements and man against man There is a murder involved which draws our main character, CID Fin Macleod back to the island [...]

Andrew Smith

Having recently read and enjoyed Peter May s stand alone book Entry Island, I was urged by several of my friends to seek out his Lewis Trilogy I also recalled that a former colleague of mine someone who hardly ever picked up a book of any description had read this mini series and pronounced it the best thing I ve ever read Ok, it might have been the only thing he ever read, but all signs seemed to be pointing in the same direction.So I launched myself into this book with high hopes The early sec [...]

Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

There is something alluring at least for me with crime novels placed on islands, especially those far up in the north, with bad weather and people that have known each other for generations I mean it wouldn t be the same if it would be set on a Caribbean paradise, for instance, who would ever want to leave in the first place Too idyllic, I prefer these dark and rugged places with old secrets.Fin Macleod From the clan Macleod sorry I m a child of the 80s and I love the Highlander returns home to [...]


This book practically read itself it was so good We nearly had no lunch today because I could not find a place in the text where I wanted to stop I loved all the descriptions of the Hebrides, somewhere I have not been but would love to see one day The author manages to create the scene so well and it is a very fitting place to set this tale of mystery and murder.The main character, Fin, has returned to the village where he spent his childhood and periodically through the story we revisit those t [...]

Richard Derus

Rating 3 of five, but just barelyThe Publisher Says From acclaimed author and television dramatist Peter May comes the first book in the Lewis Trilogy a riveting mystery series set on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland s Outer Hebrides, a formidable and forbidding world where tradition rules and people adhere to ancient ways of life When a grisly murder occurs on the Isle of Lewis that has the hallmarks of a killing he s investigating on the mainland, Edinburgh detective and native islander Fin Macle [...]


Detective Sergeant Fin Macleod wasn t impressed when he was told he had to go to the Isle of Lewis to investigate a grisly murder that had similarities to an Edinburgh murder he was currently investigating Fin came from the island and hadn t returned for eighteen years he had no desire to return There were too many memories most of them bad With Detective Constable George Gunn as his driver and assistant while on the island, Fin found the hostile and reticent nature of the locals hadn t changed [...]


Fin is an Edinburgh detective who returns to the Lewis Island community of his origins in the Outer Hebrides because of the similar MO of a new murder to one he is working on A man is found hung with his bowels sliced open It turns out that the victim was the chief bully and nemesis from his childhood His search for suspects among his many enemies forces him to deal with many painful memories from his youth, including his own failures with his first love who is now married to his former best fri [...]


If you like mysteries set in remote locations in the United Kingdom, brooding weather, a tortured detective, a hostile boss, family secrets and some gritty forensic scenes, then, like me, you ll love this book.The remote location is the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Hebrides and the weather is obligingly nasty Fin Macleod was born and raised on the island, but left as soon as he could and has returned only once in eighteen years, for a family funeral But now he s been assigned to work a murder c [...]

Paula Kalin

The Blackhouse is the first of a trilogy written by Peter May which won The Barry Award in 2013 Set in the harsh northern region of the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, the author masterfully describes the Gaelic culture and terrain so well that you feel you are there Detective Inspector Fin Macleod returns to his childhood home to investigate a murder very similar to one he is working on in Edinburgh The victim is a bully from his past that brings back many unpleasant memories some remembered and som [...]

Stuart Goodwin

Having finished a rather weighty feminist tome I felt the need for something lighter, pacier and so turned to the Black House I discovered this book in a Charity Shop in Lichfield and bought it mainly because of the location, the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides You see, I have worked as a Mountain Guide for Walkabout Scotland on and off since 2006, walking, or working on, many of the Isles including Skye, Mull and Iona Lewis I have not been to so the book was meant to plug the gap However in [...]


The Blackhouse is not so much a police procedural as it is a revisiting of DI Fin Macleod s past when he is sent to the Isle of Lewis by the powers that be to establish whether a murder committed on that island is linked to another previous one in Edinburgh.A blackhouse as per.Emotionally Fin is not in a good place when he sets off to tackle this task I leave the circumstances for you to read , and now he has to face a place and people he has long since left behind Fin has to come to terms not o [...]


With its evil lies within tag on the cover and the hunter becomes the hunted in the blurb, this book sounded right up my street, and I loved the beginning of it The creepy remote Scottish island setting, early gruesome murder and gorily detailed post mortem reminded me of the excellent Written in Bone by Simon Beckett, and I was excited to have found another great mystery thriller author Sadly though, he peaked at this point The rest of the book fizzled out into a nothingness with far too much b [...]


I am slightly late ahem in discovering The Lewis Trilogy, to my shame This is the first book in the series following Fin Macleod, set in the north of Scotland It is a murder mystery, as much as it is a human interest story Fin s past is as absorbing, as the hunt for the killer.Fin Macleod goes back to the Isle of Lewis, when a murder there bears a striking similarity to his current case in Edinburgh Fin is forced to confront the many people he left behind and to face memories We follow the prese [...]


Book ReviewCategorized as mystery novel, Peter May s The Blackhouse 1 in The Lewis Trilogy could just as easily fall within a coming of age mystery novel, or fall within what I call the ethno mystery genre Take Krueger s Ordinary Grace, a brilliant stand alone novel about a story of the murder of a beautiful young woman in 1961 Minnesota The seed that drives the entire novel is this crime but Kreuger, a master craftsman of the novel, invites us to scrutinize the consequences of being unjustly re [...]


Fin McLeod, a detective in Edinburgh has been sent to the Hebridean island of Lewis to investigate a brutal murder that resembles one he has been investigating in Edinburgh Fin himself was raised on Lewis and has many memories he hasn t revisited since he left to go to University However, when he discovers that the murdered man is an old schoolyard foe, he is drawn back into his old world as he investigates past friends and faces up to old events.Peter May has an excellent ability to draw fine c [...]


The Blackhouse is book one of the Lewis Trilogy Detective Fin Macleod was suffering from grief after his son died when his boss dispatched him to the Isle of Lewis after a murder took place that represented one of his cases However, this was not an easy assignment for Detective Fin Macleod because he was going home The readers of Blackhouse will follow the twist and turns into Detective Fin Macleod investigation.Reading The Blackhouse allowed me to fill in parts of the story of The Lewis Man tha [...]


This is the first book I ve read by Peter May and I m looking forward to the next May writes with a dramatic flair, probably left over from his fifteen years of writing scripts for television Much of this book reads like a TV drama and, somewhat surprisingly, it really works Be warned that The Blackhouse is not fully a crime drama or police procedural like I, for one, was expecting That disappointed me a little initially but I found that the story of Fin s past on the island was worth sacrificin [...]


Different from the usual crime novel in its careful attention to character I liked how the natural environment of Lewis in itself becomes a character by virtue of some excellent descriptive writing In the end though, it all became a bit much of a muchness the pace slowed to a stodgy crawl as May padded it out to as close to 400 pages as possible can you hear the marketers whips cracking and I was skipping vast chunks just to get it over with Never a good sign.


The One Sentence Summary An Edinburgh detective is called to investigate a murder in his childhood home on the Isle of Lewis and in doing so, has to confront his past.The Meat and Potatoes Detective Fin Macleod hasn t been back to the Isle of Lewis, where he was raised, in years But when the mutilated body of a murder victim is found there, bearing the same post mortem injuries as a case he s investigating in Edinburgh, he s sent back to investigate any possible connections The Lewis victim was [...]


Detective Fin Macleod is coming off a difficult time in his personal life when he is told by his boss that he must travel back to a place he has avoided for years, the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides, the island of his birth and where he grew up He is being sent to assess whether a local murder may, in fact, be related to one that has been committed in Edinburgh where he has been on the force for some 16 years They both bear marked similarities.The Blackhouse is a mystery police procedural but is [...]


The Black House by Peter May is a 2011 Quercus publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review The Isle of Lewis is a place Fin Macleod thought he would never have to visit again But, as fate would have it a murder has been committed on the Isle of Lewis that bears a remarkable similarity to a murder case Fin is working on in Edinburgh So, he is told to he must check out this latest murder to see if the crimes could be related Fin ge [...]


Sto tremando per il freddo intenso, il vento impetuoso mi stordisce e mi fa perdere l equilibrio, la pioggia forte, battente a fasci orizzontali, ormai ha intriso i miei vestiti e, sotto, la mia pelle bagnata si sta raggrinzendo, mentre il mare, l oceano, urla tutta la sua rabbia con voce possente e vomita la sua schiuma sugli scogli e milioni di sule e procellarie volteggiano ad ali spiegate, enormi, urlando il loro disprezzo e la loro paura.Wow Empatia fisica estremaVabb , torniamo alla realt [...]


Bleak but effective Tightly written Scottish noir.


First of all can I just say how extremely relieved I am I had to read this book for school, to me it seemed like the most interesting and bearable on the reading list, it s definitely not something I d casually pick up randomly, but this turned out to be very good I enjoyed it a lot than I expected I was so worried I was going to find it horrible and had made a terrible decision, but I actually liked it I am so very happy This was definitely a worthwhile read The Blackhouse was an immensely int [...]

Nicko D

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There is a strong pull for me by mysteries that take place on Islands look at Ann Cleeves Quartet although the next two have not yet been obtained by me, making it a sextet.Anyhow a policeman in Glasgow investigating a murder, recovering from a devastating loss and a dying marriage gets send to the Northern Isles to solve a similar murder he has been investigating The island he gets send to is his place of birth While we discover the the island through the experience of the main character Finlay [...]


I hadn t read Peter May before Now I know I ll read everything that he s written This is the first in a project trilogy featuring Scottish detective Fin MacLeod Fin is a police detective in Edinburgh who has been investigating a series of grisly murders When a similar murder turns up in remote Lewis Island, in the Outer Hebrides, Fin is sent The local detective isn t particularly happy to have an outside coming in However, Fin is even unhappy because he was born and raised on this island and ha [...]


Haven t read this author before and didn t know quite where to start but I did like the synopsis offered for this novel This is a mystery police procedural set on the bleak Isle of Lewis The highlights of this novel were the rugged descriptions of the bleak landscape and the sea Also appreciated the descriptions of the hardy people who made up the tight knit community Enjoyed the characterisation and liked the delivery and style of this novel However the mystery component fell a bit flat in some [...]

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