Jan 16, 2022
One Summer
Posted by JoAnn Ross

Free Download One Summer - by JoAnn Ross, One Summer, JoAnn Ross, One Summer When former U S Marine photojournalist Gabriel St James arrives in Shelter Bay to help out a fellow Marine the last thing he expects is to meet a woman like Charity A veterinarian with a past that would have defeated a less resilient woman Charity still possesses a heart as generous as her name She s known men like Gabe before but with a shared attraction impossibleWhen former U S Mar Free Download One Summer - by JoAnn Ross - One Summer, One Summer When former U S Marine photojournalist Gabriel St James arrives in Shelter Bay to help out a fellow Marine the last thing he expects is to meet a woman like Charity A veterinarian with a past that wo

  • Title: One Summer
  • Author: JoAnn Ross
  • ISBN: 9781101516621
  • Page: 494
  • Format: ebook
Free Download One Summer - by JoAnn Ross, One Summer, JoAnn Ross, One Summer When former U S Marine photojournalist Gabriel St James arrives in Shelter Bay to help out a fellow Marine the last thing he expects is to meet a woman like Charity A veterinarian with a past that would have defeated a less resilient woman Charity still possesses a heart as generous as her name She s known men like Gabe before but with a shared attraction impossibleWhen former U S Mar

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Free Download One Summer - by JoAnn Ross - One Summer, One Summer When former U S Marine photojournalist Gabriel St James arrives in Shelter Bay to help out a fellow Marine the last thing he expects is to meet a woman like Charity A veterinarian with a past that wo


I enjoyed another Shelter Bay story Charity meets Gabriel St James while he is taking wedding photographs at his buddy Cole s wedding, she finds him attractive but he s leaving.She later finds out through friends that Gabe is an ex marine award winning war photojournalist Charity moved to town almost two years ago after she called of her high profile wedding She has been busy setting up her veterinarian practice and shelter and is a pro in making people adopt pets She hasn t dated at all She com [...]


I really enjoyed returning to Shelter Bay What can I say, I love these small town romances, and Ross really excels are writing them.

Book Binge

I m such a ho for JoAnn Ross She s one who can go from the sweet, small town romance to the alpha military hero without blinking an eye I know that a lot of people didn t absolutely love her High Risk series, but I admit to lapping them up like a slobbering drunk.I have to say, though, I do love the way Ross writes small town Smart people, just a teeny tiny bit of the crazy in them, and lots of friendship and love to go around The secondary characters were terrific, adding all the support to the [...]

Lisa - (Aussie Girl)

3.5 stars.


I love Ross s older work but I think I ve just outgrown the small town kitsch she seems to be writing these days Still a fantastic author this book just didn t work for me.

Linda Smatzny

This is the story of Gabriel St John and Charity Tiernan Charity is the vet in the town of Shelter Bay and Gabe is in town for the wedding of a fellow Marine Gabe is a world class photojournalist who is traveling all the states to take pictures for a new book Gabe has shut himself off from people until he meets Charity who decides to take a chance on him Throw in some foster kids who need support and you have a feel good story with some humor The book was a quick easy read.

Julie Barrett

One Summer A Shelter Bay Novel by Joann RossCharity is starting over again after walking away from Ethan before they married She s a veterinarian in Shelter Bay, Oregon.Gabriel St James is back in town after going across the US taking pictures for a job He s traveled easily in the pull behind the truck mobile home He s a world famous photographer and also an ex Marine.There are other subplots with Charity s mother and others in town Also Johnny and his sister Angel who are once again at a foster [...]


Really great book As good as the first one in the series Now I can t wait for the next one This book as a little slower pass then the books I have been reading lately but one you get into it, the slower pace gives you time to get to know Gade and Charity They are great together and handle each other well I love that they call the rescued dog mutt almost the hole book I wanted that to be his name but they do name him close to the end They ending is heart warming and just fills you with the love t [...]

Garfield Whyte

Whether summer, spring or any season of the year, this is a nice, delightful read Makes you want to date all over, which shows how encapsulating the story is.


What a fantastic read You do not want to miss this one.


I do love the way Ross writes small town Smart people, just a teeny tiny bit crazy, a crusty hero with a marshmallow center, and a competent, smart, sexy heroine Full review to come.


Author JoAnn RossFirst published 2011Length 389 pagesSetting Contemporary Shelter Bay, Oregon.Sex Explicit Infrequent.Hero Former Marine Photographer.Heroine Veterinarian.Trigger Stories of children in foster care, not having an easy time.Trigger Stories of mentally unwell mother abusing her children.Includes excerpt from On Lavender LaneIt was fine There was nothing particularly wrong with it but it also wasn t overly exciting It was a perfectly good read.It was one of those books that could ea [...]


Former Marine photojournalist Gabriel St James was in Shelter Bay, OR to take wedding pictures of fellow sniper scout Cole Douchett Gabe was out of the Marine s after taking pictures in Iraq and Afghanistan when he was diagnosed with PTSD and sent home He was an excellent photographer and had won a Pulitzer Prize He wasn t enjoying himself taking wedding photos and it was noticed by the town veterinarian He wasn t given her name but she mentioned to him that it was OK to enjoy himself Then she w [...]


This is a new author for me and I am now a fan The story is fun, interesting, romantic and is set in my home state Gabe is an ex Marine photojournalist and is in Shelter Bay taking pictures of his friend s wedding when he meets Charity When Gabe rescues a dog that had been thrown from a car, he heads to the nearest animal hospital Charity is the Vet there and ends up convincing Gabe to foster the dog.


She is a vet Rescue puppies Puppies and kids, gotta love it.

Monique Menard

Personally, I thought this book had been the best book I have ever read It got attached to this book right away, to the point where it was impossible to put down The character that I liked the most was the main character named Charity She s a Veterinarian that is single but very strong willed She has a big heart and has been through a lot She explains how hard she has to work to get her spot During this story she meets a young marine named Gabe and they automatically hit it off they start off as [...]


My review cross posted from Joyfully Reviewed joyfullyreviewed new rGabriel St James s life has been somewhat nomadic ever since leaving the Marines The handsome photographer travels the country, never staying in one place too long, never letting anything or anyone tie him down But all that changes when he comes to the small town of Shelter Bay, Oregon to take pictures at a friend s wedding Fate takes charge and sends Gabe into the path of veterinarian Charity Tiernan Sparks fly between Gabe and [...]

Lee Ann

Looking back at my reviews, I think this is the first 5 star rating I ve given one of JoAnn s books I love all her writing, but One Summer just hit all my soft spots and made me laugh and cryd get really hungry from all the cupcakes Ex Marine and photojournalist Gabriel St James is just in Shelter Bay as a favor to a friendwhy else would a notoriously reclusive guy famed for his photos of the horror of war agree to to take wedding pictures He s just stopping by, snapping a few pics, and getting [...]


One Summer by JoAnn RossContemporary Romance July 5th, 20114 starsCharity Tiernan left Chicago behind for cozy, sleepy Shelter Bay There she bought an old Victorian house and turned it into a shelter and animal clinic Working with animals and living a less stressful lifestyle, she is rethinking her dating policy when she meets the sexy, brooding Gabriel St James A Pulitzer winning photographer and an ex Marine, Gabriel resigned from the army to live an unplanned life Now he enjoys driving throug [...]


Shelter Bay 2Gabe came to Shelter Bay to take photos at Cole Douchett s wedding They were in the Marines together Gabe became famous for the photos he took during his deployments in war torn countries Now that he is out of the service, he is touring the US taking photos in every state.He meets a beautiful woman at the reception but doesn t get her name But he doesn t have time for women As he is heading out of town, a van throws a dog out and then drags it underneath the van for a bit Gabe rescu [...]

Romancing the Book

Reviewed by AubreyReview originally posted at Romancing the BookOne Summer is the second novel in JoAnn Ross Shelter Bay series Gabe, is an ex Marine who is now a photojournalist He is in Shelter Bay to shoot the wedding of his fellow Marine He never intends to meet a woman let alone fall in love with one Charity, is a newcomer to Shelter Bay She left her ex fianc at the alter and moved across the country to start a new life.Neither one is really open to love but sometimes you have to open yours [...]


Creo que jam s hab a le do un libro tan bueno como One Summer el personaje que la autora la da a Charity Caridad en espa ol es un personaje femenino completamente diferente al que leemos en dem s historias es fuerte, independiente y feliz A pesar de haber tenido un pasado lejos de ser el mejor pasado, Charity sigue sonriendo y haciendo lo que ama Gabriel, por otra parte, es un polo opuesto a ella, tiene dificultad creando lazos personales dando resultado a su negaci n por sentir algo m s por Cha [...]


This was a light, very sweet contemporary romance I ve really enjoyed the Shelter Bay series from the beginning and even if you have not started from the beginning, you can read this on its own you ll just want some character background by reading the others in the series.One Summer is the story of Marine photojournalist Gabriel who is traveling the United States to capture the US thru his camera lens While on a stop in Shelter Bay to help out a friend he meets local veterinarian Charity Even th [...]


This was actually my third time reading this novel, though it s been almost 3 years since the last time I liked it even better than I remembered it Charity is a strong, independent woman with her own home and veterinary practice in Shelter Bay Gabe arrives in town for his friend s wedding and ends up staying a little longer than expected He blames it on the abandoned dog he rescues but everyone else in town can see it has to do with the sexy vet than the furry dog But as in the real world, life [...]


This is the second book in the Shelter Bay series and I loved it The first one was almost too tame and lazily written nothing real emotional or romantic about it other than Sax s charm It almost seems like a different JoAnn Ross wrote this book The first book had very tame dialogue and maybe one short sex scene This book had sexy dialogue, hot romance and even some rough language I was hooked on the characters in this book from the beginning Charity and Gabe were written so well I m a sucker for [...]

Susannah Carleton

A wonderful, heart tugging story of two people Charity Tiernan and Gabriel St James with failed relationships in their past and no real model of what normal family life is, who meet at a wedding, are attracted to each other, and decide to have a no strings attached affair while he is in town Although the relationship has a built in expiration date, the best laid plans often go astray as theirs do when they fall in love Add in two foster children, a brother and sister who have not lived together [...]


The first part of this novel left me confused, I had to double check this was Joann Ross There was a burst of characters, all very interesting, but I couldn t quite fit them in the story.Once Gabe and Charity were introduced, it became clear.The interactions of the dogs, and the children, and the heartbreaking story of Johnny and Angel quickly made up for a slow start, at least for me The romance between Charity and Gabe seemed very real Who doesn t think at one time or another you can do a no [...]


Gabriel, or Gabe as he liked to be called, St James was a photojournalist that specialized in war pictures but here he was taking wedding pictures like a hundred other photographers but he was only doing it because the Groom was his best friend He just wanted to get this job over with and on his way up the coast to Washington State He was traveling all over the country taking pictures for his agent and his new book until he met Charity Tiernan, the local vet Everything about this summer was now [...]


Such a good story Charity is a veterinarian that picked up and moved to Oregon after nearly leaving her groom at the alter Shelter Bay was the only place that felt like home while she moved around with her mother from husband to husband Gabe was a quiet ex marine photographer taking pictures at a friend s wedding when they met He rescued a tiny dog thrown out of a moving vehicle with the help of Charity They worked together at a summer camp that reunited siblings separated by the foster care sys [...]


I really liked this entry into the Shelter Bay series, but then I like Ross work in general There was a lot going on in this book, especially with the secondary characters and soem definite set up for the next 2 books at least I liked that, becuase this series is as much about the setting and the small town community as the characters, However, people who like the bulk of the focus to be on the h h may be a little disappointed.I would have liked to see a little of the development of the relatio [...]

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