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✓ Juliet ↠ Anne Fortier, Juliet, Anne Fortier, Juliet Juliet y su hermana hu rfanas desde peque as se han criado con su t a en Virginia Cuando sta muere Juliet se ve obligada a viajar a Italia para saber qu se esconde tras la enigm tica herencia que ha recibido de ella Pronto descubre que en realidad es italiana y que adem s es descendiente de las personas en las que se inspir Shakespeare para escribir Romeo y JulieJuliet y su hermana hu ✓ Juliet ↠ Anne Fortier - Juliet, Juliet Juliet y su hermana hu rfanas desde peque as se han criado con su t a en Virginia Cuando sta muere Juliet se ve obligada a viajar a Italia para saber qu se esconde tras la enigm tica herencia que h

  • Title: Juliet
  • Author: Anne Fortier
  • ISBN: 9786070707278
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
✓ Juliet ↠ Anne Fortier, Juliet, Anne Fortier, Juliet Juliet y su hermana hu rfanas desde peque as se han criado con su t a en Virginia Cuando sta muere Juliet se ve obligada a viajar a Italia para saber qu se esconde tras la enigm tica herencia que ha recibido de ella Pronto descubre que en realidad es italiana y que adem s es descendiente de las personas en las que se inspir Shakespeare para escribir Romeo y JulieJuliet y su hermana hu

✓ Juliet ↠ Anne Fortier - Juliet, Juliet Juliet y su hermana hu rfanas desde peque as se han criado con su t a en Virginia Cuando sta muere Juliet se ve obligada a viajar a Italia para saber qu se esconde tras la enigm tica herencia que h

Anne Fortier

Is it wrong to list my own book here Probably But seriously, I love this story, and I can t tell you how hard it was for me to sign off on the manuscript and after three years of writing and editing move out of the lush, mysterious world of Siena Would I love to write a sequel You bet I would And maybe, God willing, one day I will.

Kelly (and the Book Boar)

Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum EDIT Because LOOK WHAT I GOT I won It s a major award Everything we say is a story But nothing we say is just a story What can I say about Juliet Well, yeah That sums it up pretty precisely Juliet begins with the MC Julie mourning the death of the aunt who raised her and the shocking discovery that said aunt left her estate to Julie s twin The only thing left to Julie A key to a safety deposit box in Siena, Italy Don t worry Julie s not a total butthole Sh [...]


I m in love with this book That s not an understatement, I would probably have picked it straight up and read it again but, I m so behind schedule that it wasn t an option although I might have to stick a post it on the front to remind myself in future I ve always been the stereotypical woman who has swooned appropriately at Romeo Juliet so I picked this book up thinking it would be a fun modern re write that I could forget about soon after Turns out though that this was so much it went beyond [...]


I saw great reviews about this book in several places, including at least two magazines So I gave it a go But now I m left with the confusion that comes when you don t like something that everyone else seems to love.The story follows the modern day ancestors of the real life Romeo and Juliet, who believe themselves to be victims of a curse that has plagued the families for 600 years, ever since Romeo and Juliet were not allowed to be together The book provides some insight into the historical fa [...]

Saleh MoonWalker

Onvan Juliet Nevisande Anne Fortier ISBN 345516109 ISBN13 9780345516107 Dar 447 Safhe Saal e Chap 2010


So, where to begin The first page is wonderfully crafted the first page I thought, wow, this is going to be really wonderful And I still love that first page, but the other 446 pages not so much I wanted to love all of it, I really did O, I am fortune s fool to have believed in you, first page There are two main stories running throughout the book The modern day one is about the search for a priceless treasure which will possibly lift the curse on the two houses, Shakespeare s Capulets and Monta [...]


Shakespeare bu kitab okusayd hi mutlu olmazd , nk kendi hikayesinden daha heyecanl , daha h z nl ve daha ger ek iydi Kitab n kapa n kapad mda, son 100 sayfada nefes almay unuttu umu fark ettim ve derin bir nefes ald m O kadar farkl o kadar heyecanl ve etkileyiciydi ki yorum yapmak bile ok zor geliyor ok fazla yorumunu g rmedi im bir kitapt Tamamen isminden etkilenip almak istedim Farkl bir hikaye kaca n , s rpriz yumurtam olaca n elime al nca hissetmi tim Ger ekten de yle oldu, Romeo ve Juliet i [...]


1.5 stars This book has garnered a lot of hype Many have called it a woman s DaVinci Code I can somewhat buy the comparison but only a little bit First of all, in DaVinci Code, the exposed secrets are much further reaching than the true story behind Romeo and Juliet Many complained about the terrible writing in DaVinci Code but, to be honest, the story was intriguing enough that I didn t notice it too much Such is not the case with Juliet First of all, the author uses had before everything had s [...]


Bleh Really predictable Juliet reincarnation genealogically speaking story Think Letters for Juliet movie mixed with The DeVinci Code and you get the picture.It started out strong with an interesting and sympathetic heroine But once the hero was introduced the dialogue got really, really corny Like roll my eyes corny And the heroine was TSTL in one of my pet peeve ways She d miss tons of tons of really obvious clues, and then think to herself, wow, I feel stupid It would have been so much easier [...]

Maria Bikaki

, 1340 retelling , , , , , , , , , , , .


Skimming through the comments of other GoodReads reviewers, I am definitely voicing a minority opinion when I fail to wax enthusiastic about this cute book And, I think that is my criticism of Fortier s re telling of Shakespeare s story she just strived too hard to make it readable and clever And, she ended up with cute What a shame.I hoped this would be an academic quest similar to A.S Byatt s Posession, and Fortier s concept for the novel could have led to a much interesting and sophisticated [...]


This book started out with a good hook the sad sack Julie is viciously cut out of her dead Aunt s will and her sister gets everything But Julie gets a key to a safety deposit box in Siena that will be in a completely obvious literal and metaphorical sense the key to her past I was with Fortier at this point I couldn t really get a handle on Julie yet as a character but there were still about 400 pages to go so I thought the book would get there That s where the problems for me started It seemed [...]


My challenge is making me feel guilty about all my unfinished books how will I ever reach 100 books this year if I keep giving up on what I m reading yet I ve decided that it really doesn t pay to listen to an audiobook if turning it on is increasingly serving as a cue to space out with my own slightly less predictable thoughts Because I just Can t Listen To this any .The rose on the cover of this book should have served as a cue that it wasn t for me, but it was available for free library downl [...]


I m so happy to be finished with this book it feels like I ve been reading it forever Unfortunately, my stash of books didn t last the whole vacation so I was forced to pick this one up for the lengthy flight from Los Angeles to Columbus.I always test books I buy by reading the first page and this book had the most outstanding first page out of all my options I breezed through the first part of the book and then it dragged.I tried reading one chapter a night Now, two weeks later, I finally force [...]

Shawn Rooney

Don t let the flower on the cover fool you This is a book that superficially will appeal to women Romeo and Juliet, forebidden love, etc , but I believe will be enoyed by anyone who liked The Divinci Code and has at least a passing interest in Shakespeare I thought that Fortier did a masterful job at weaving a most intriguing story through over six hundred years of Italian history and folklore A very entertaining, fast paced book and I would recommend it to anyone.


Kitab yar m b rakt m ama k t oldu undan de il tabii Rome ve Juliet i tahminimizden daha farkl ele al yor ve de i ik kurgusuyla okuyucuyu merakta b rak yor fakat Romeo karakterini genel olarak sevmedi imden her sayfada kitaptan so udum Rome ve Juliet in a k n sevenler, severek ve merakla okuyacakt r.


ok g zeldi, o kadar g zeldi ki g zelli i kalbimi k rd Romeo ve Juliet e neden bu kadar hayran oldu umu neden binlerce evirisini okudu umu bir kez daha hat rlad m Muhte emdi 3


MYSTERY ROMANCE HISTORICAL FICTION What s not to love It has everything It is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, so rich in history, and laced with mystery and action in every page, that it becomes reminiscent of The DaVinci Code This was a difficult book to put down and not devour in one sitting I struggled to slow my pace and savor each line and page from the very start Anne Fortier did a remarkable job in crafting this amazing book One could tell how much research was done to capture the old an [...]

Ana // TheBooktarian

2.5 starsSo many cliches and things I didn t enjoyed I m disappointed

Serhat Can Kacan

Romeo ve Juliet i in mutlu bir son olmayacakt Onlar n a k hikayesini trajediye eviren sadece edebi akrobasi de il, kat ger eklerdi Eskiden hikayelerinin, beraber g n bat m na do ru ilerleyerek bitece ine ve ifte intihar sahnesinin sadece tuhaf bir rtbas oldu una dair k k bir umudum varsa da art k bu umut d nya bar , beyaz midilliler ve borcumun tamamen silinmesiyle beraber dilek listemdeki bir maddeden fazlas de ildi sayfa 291 Kitab n kapa na ve arka kapak yaz s na bakt m ilk an, klasik bir Rome [...]


I really wonder at the person in our bookclub who chose this book And I wonder even at all those readers on GR who gave it than 2 than 3 stars Just goes to show mediocrity is alive and well.I try to be fair when I review and give stars for every book based on its context I would not, therefore, rate this silly book badly simply because it s not a Jane Austen or Ernest Hemingway one Even so, I struggled from the first page, had to fight not to skip the historical chapters, which read like chic [...]

Berfin Kanat

Karanl k l m de il, potansiyeldi L tuf saatinde tekrar do acak ve imdiye kadar asla hayal edemedi im bir hayata uyanacakt m 3.5Romeo ve Juliet in bu versiyonunu sevdim Kitap benim i in ilk 150 sayfadan sonra a ld Merak uyand ran bir olay rg s var Bunun yan nda yazar nemli bilgilerin o unu aceleyle anlatm Romeo ve Juliet e yak an bir dram yaratsa atmosfer daha iyi olabilirmi 555 sayfa az de il fakat o u eskiden ya ananlar zmekle ge iyor Bu sahneler daralt l p, g n m zde ya ayan ift n plana kart l [...]

Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

I really enjoyed this book Swept me up into star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet s life and made it very real to me.

Füsun (Fbibliotheca)

Kollar na yerle mi ken, Ger ekten lanetlere inan yor musun diye f s ldad m aka ma do ru, L tuflara inan yorum, diye yan t verdi Her lanete kar l k bir l tuf oldu una inan yorum.Daha nce hi Romeo ve Juliet zerine bir ey okumad m Sheakspeare den bile okumad m.Neden bilmiyorum ama ne zaman okumay d nsem akl ma hep bir kli e olarak dizilerde veya baz gen lik kitaplar nda yer almas gelir.Hani esas karakterlerimizin bir araya gelmesi i in d zenlenen tiyatro sahneleri vard r ya.Mutlaka Romeo ve Juliet [...]


I think I was 13 years old when I finally read Romeo and Juliet I had an awful English teacher, we were all forced to pair up to read the play aloud, every class a new Romeo and Juliet were selected for the roles, and for some reason the woman had the insufferable need to make Romeo and Juliet kiss on every necessary scene.I m pretty sure that should ve been taken up with the principle by someone.Inappropriate teacher aside, I never liked the story I found it overly dramatic and, in the end, com [...]


Brilliant book Its nothing like what i was expecting It has this old Shakespearean feel to it,and there s mystery,secrets,old stories come to life,romance,laughter and lots lots lots of surprises It truly enchanted me D Julie is such a great character,i could relate to her I loved Alesandro and her sister and Umberto and just every single character had his own wonderful side 3This book traveled me to Italy.d since i ve been to Siena i can verify for its magic The scenery and the story that Anne [...]

Anna Casanovas

Una novela rom ntica que compagina con habilidad la supuesta historia de los verdaderos Romeo y Julieta del pasado incluidas las distintas versiones que inspiraron a Shakespeare con un argumento actual que abarca desde una historia de amor hasta una trama con toques de misterio La historia contempor nea ocupa el grueso de la novela y est narrada en primera persona, mientras que los cap tulos de Romeo y Julieta en tercera, haciendo el salto entre cap tulos e historias m s f cil y gil Las descripc [...]

Nihan E.

ki g l ve d man aile maddi karlar i in bar anla mas yapmaya karar verir Ve bu bar anla mas g nahs z insanlar n felaketine yol a ar nk g c eline ge irmi bir k t l k var ise sonucu sava da olsa bar da, kaybeden hep masumlar olur.Bu hikayenin kaybedenleri de Romeo ve Juliet tir.Ve y zy llar sonra hayata g zlerini a m akrabalar da ayn laneti payla acakt r Tek fark, g n m z Juliet inin hem kadere hem de Shakespeare e kar koymaya al mas d r.Kitab ok be endim, baz yerlerinde daha g zel yaz labilirmi de [...]


S zc kleri e ip b kme yetene i Shakespeare in yan na yakla amasa da eh yani yazar birka akrobatik hareket denemi ve fena durmam Hayal g c de ok hareketli Kurguda mutlaka mant k hatalar vard r ama kendimi kapt rmadan ikinci kez okursam fark edebilirim imdilik sadece keyfime bakt m Atmosfer beni ekti ki bu her romanda olmaz Kal n romanlar n beni hi korkutmamas n n sebeplerinden biri bu i te Genelde beni i lerine ekiyorlar ya da ben o konuda ansl y m Beni hayal k r kl na u ratmad lar hen z Sayfa sa [...]


PePe Pero QU ACABO DE LEER Dios, no puedo, no s por donde empezar Le Romeo y Julieta hace un mont n de a os, me lo mandaron leer para el instituto y recuerdo haberlo devorado, me lo llevaba a todas partes para continuar leyendo Pero admito que no me acuerdo mucho, s lo cosas puntuales y, eso junto que el libro que tengo es una edici n adaptada para que lo entendi ramos mejor, pues El caso es que recuerdo que me gust Esperaba que Juliet me gustase, pero esto No me lo imaginaba ni por asomo Desde [...]

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