Aug 18, 2022
The Rules
Posted by Stacey Kade

Free Read The Rules - by Stacey Kade, The Rules, Stacey Kade, The Rules There is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN ISBN here Never trust anyone Remember they are always searching Don t get involved Keep your head down Don t fall in love Five simple rules Ariane Tucker has followed them since the night she escaped from the genetics lab where she was created the result of combining human and extraterrestrial DNA AriaThere is an alternate Free Read The Rules - by Stacey Kade - The Rules, The Rules There is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN ISBN here Never trust anyone Remember they are always searching Don t get involved Keep your head down Don t fall in love Five simple ru

  • Title: The Rules
  • Author: Stacey Kade
  • ISBN: 9781423153283
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Hardcover
Free Read The Rules - by Stacey Kade, The Rules, Stacey Kade, The Rules There is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN ISBN here Never trust anyone Remember they are always searching Don t get involved Keep your head down Don t fall in love Five simple rules Ariane Tucker has followed them since the night she escaped from the genetics lab where she was created the result of combining human and extraterrestrial DNA AriaThere is an alternate

Free Read The Rules - by Stacey Kade - The Rules, The Rules There is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN ISBN here Never trust anyone Remember they are always searching Don t get involved Keep your head down Don t fall in love Five simple ru

Wendy Darling

3.5 stars In a season crowded with all kinds of YA sci fi thrillers, The Rules offers an unusual heroine Ariane Tucker, a alien human hybrid girl who must hide among humans in order to avoid capture waits a beat Oh come on, you re going to have to just roll with this idea If you can accept the premise and a story that focuses on the characters than complex worldbuilding or non stop action, this is a fun, enjoyable science fiction thriller that reads very much like a paranormal story.The full te [...]

Stacia (the 2010 club)

Insert Random Political Name Here Eats Babies 3.25 stars Just a hunch on my part, but it would appear that this author has an axe to grind with conservatives after reading some of the snide commentary in The Rules Hey, I m all for everyone having the right to agree disagree with whatever s going on out in the real world, but I d rather not read about what s distasteful to an author in my books For a moment, I thought I was in the middle of campaign season and watching one of those Campaign Oppon [...]


Meet Ariane the alien hybrid that shares a similarity with my dear beloved friend, Carrie yes, the evil one This is one heck of a fun book Having been raised in a lab her whole life, Ariane now has to live among humans in high school how horrifying Instead of concentrating on the alien conspiracies or sci fi aspect, The Rules involves mostly a lot of high school drama where Ariane is trying hard to stay invisible, but a certain she person is making this incredibly hard After digesting this book [...]

Lisbeth Avery Domus Libri

Oh eurgh.While looking through the numerous reviews for THE RULES, I came about a review calling this THE HUNGER GAMES meets THE HOST I found this hard to believe since pretty much every book is marketed as THE HUNGER GAMES nowadays But, hey, she had to have come from somewhere right Yeah no Not at all I don t think I ll ever get how this is close to THE HUNGER GAMES, or THE HOST for that matter, unless they suddenly morphed into a teen drama sitcom contemporary with alien elements Ok, so I get [...]

Khanh (the meanie)

More high school teen drama than the anticipated bad ass alien sci fi I was expecting.Ariane was created in a lab, with a combination of human and alien DNA Her father is one of the scientists, and after a crisis of conscience, kidnaps and rescues Ariane where she was being kept as a lab rat They lead a quiet existence, doing the blending in thing quite well compared to some of the other books I ve read like the idiotic aliens in Lux, honestly Ariane doesn t look like a normal human being, but h [...]

Fafa's Book Corner

Fafa s Book Corner Wordpress Fafa s Book Corner Blogger I had first heard about this book back in 2013 I had finished reading the authors other series The Ghost and the Goth, and I was pretty excited that she was writing a new series Before the release date I went through some reviews According to the one that I read it said that our main character Ariane was a love sick puppy After that I lost interest Then a few months back I came across the book series again Deciding to give it a shot I added [...]


Not exactly what I had been expecting, but I was sucked into the story mainly because it kept me guessing from the beginning to end.So why four stars Well, if you were looking something of the sci fi dystopian genres, this wasn t exactly that Because the concept pretty much disappeared for a good chunk of this book Actually, let me back up My first thought after reading the prologue was, Oh crap, this sounds a lot like Beta A non human was created to replace a dead girl But then I realized that [...]

Norah Una Sumner

That was, in fact, my life A whole series of reasonable lies Once in a while,I like the synopsis of a certain book with bad ratings,so I say Fuck it and read the book anyway.Sometimes it turns out that the reviews were right,but sometimes,like this time,it turns out that the book is actually really good and interesting.I really enjoyed reading this.I loved both point of views,which doesn t happen so often,and I really liked our two main characters.The story is so interesting,full of new twists a [...]


BookNook Young Adult book reviews4.5 StarsThe Rules reads surprisingly like a contemporary book, and that s one of the things that made me love it so much Although it does have sci fi elements, they don t dominate the story at all It s about evil corporations, first loves, tender and hesitant romance, high school drama, and bullies, all with a small sci fi twist.The story is told from alternating points of view Ariane s and Zane s I didn t expect to get a glimpse into both characters minds, so [...]

Abida's Book Adventures

Surprisingly I didn t give this book a 2 or 1 star, like I thought I would I gave it a 3.5 It wasn t perfect or horrible The book had great story line, but one thing that got on my nerves was the amount paragraphs and writing the author used to fill up the pages Like I understand that detail and background information in a book is super important but that doesn t mean that we need pages fill of it Another thing was the how slow the book went and, then at the very end the book suddenly everything [...]


A lot of the time, reading a book is all expectations and it goes both ways In this case, I really liked The Rules, but probably not for the reasons you d expect, so as a word of warning, I think anyone picking this up expecting a science fiction thriller will be sorely disappointed because it s actually mostly a high school revenge plot That said, I recently wrote in another review that I d pay good money to an author who can genuinely surprise me, and well, Stacey Kade surprised me So because [...]


This book exceeds my expectation There is nothing I want to change about this book since everything is just perfect One thing though, I don t know why the series is called Project Paper Doll.Both Zane and Adriane stole my heart I loved Adriane s sense of humor and her inability to just stand by and watch when seeing someone being abused She was cool like that As for Zane, I LOVED him I guess I enjoyed Zane s POV better than Andiane s, even both POVs were awesome in their own way.When I first beg [...]

Jessi (Novel Heartbeat)

I don t really know what I was expecting going into this one But I was pleasantly surprised I honestly didn t think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did First of all, it wasn t as much about alien experimentation as much as it was a vengeance campaign against the high school mean girl That s what about 70% of this book consisted of Not that that s a bad thing Kade s writing style was fantastic and very engaging Despite my aversion to high school drama stories, I found myself way invested in [...]


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Amber Argyle

Hunger Games meets The Host Review posted on amberargyleThe Rules by Stacey Kade captured me so completely, so perfectly, that I responded in the only way possible turn back to the beginning and start again.Readers read because they love it There s a journey, an adventure waiting for us between the pages of a book Simply put, some adventures are better then others But for those of us who read a lot, it becomes harder and harder to find something truly great Something that rises above average and [...]


Escaping the GenTex Labs GTX , home to the Paper Dolls project where Ariane Tucker was created as a half human, half alien hybrid her only source of survival, with the help of her adopted father, depends on blending in with the humans and following 5 simple rules But after a cruel joke that gets under Ariane skin, she snaps and loses control and get the unwanted attention of Zane Bradshaw Zane, the police chief s son and one of the popular boys at school, starts to see Ariane in a different way [...]


More of my reviews Reading 24x7Okay,I ll be honest I had some major expectations from this book, and maybe that s why I didn t find it as awesome as I hoped I would However, I loved the concept The Roswell incident has always been something I ve been curious and intrigued about, so imagine my surprise when this book turned out to be based on that only That was one reason I got immediately attracted to this book.The concept was compelling and the way the story started off was awesome I could feel [...]


3.5 stars Source I own a copy of this book 17 year old Ariane is not 100% human Instead she s a hybrid part human, part alien, and she s constantly hiding from the lab that she escaped from.Ariane lives by a set of rules that stop her from being discovered and taken back to the lab, but one girl pushes all her buttons in totally the wrong way, and Ariane can t help but lose control around Rachel and unleash her alien powers.Is a plan to get revenge on Rachel really a good idea And is pretending [...]


I started off not having a clue about this book I didn t really know what in the world it would be about or what the Paper Doll Project was All I knew was the rules printed on the back of the book jacket I will also confess to being a MAJOR cover snob and if I hadn t agreed to read this with some of my GoodReads friends, I never would have picked this book up because I HATE the cover But that s not the Author s fault and I am SO GLAD I did the buddy read The book started off kind of bland, but o [...]

Jenni Arndt

I ve never been a big fan of sci fi, I have to admit that up front When I look back at movies that I have watched and liked in the genre it s so the ones that come across as predominantly horror than sci fi There s something about other beings living out there somewhere that absolutely frightens me Then when you add in the fact that they are possibly much advanced than us and could be lurking in places we don t know, yikes What I am trying to say is that I am fascinated at the idea of aliens [...]


This review and others are posted at Read, Rinse, Repeat.The Rules has pretty much everything this sci fi fan could want A human extra terrestrial hybrid Check The hybrid, named Ariane, was locked in a top secret government laboratory and subjected to inhumane experiments Check Ariane breaks out and now must attempt to blend into society to avoid detection and capture Check.Ariane s attempt at a normal life begins at home with the laboratory s security guard who helped her escape He poses as her [...]

Damaris (GoodChoiceReading)

So good One thing I love the most about Stacey Kade s writing is that she can create characters that seem very believable, and that readers can relate to in one way or another I am a huge fan of her GHOST AND THE GOTH series because of this and she pulls it off again in The Rules Ariane isn t exactly human and she knows it She s been trying to live a normal life as a human for years She has it all down pat and follows every rule that her father gives her She s been off the radar for a long time, [...]


Originally posted at OMFG BooksWell, that was intense I wasn t quite sure what to expect from The Rules All I knew was that I loved the cover and the concept I don t read many alien y novels so I thought why not There were two main characters and we got to see both of their POVs Ariane and Zane Ariane is the alien human hybrid in hiding from the government and Zane is just a human boy going about his life Sort of Ariane, though having been in the Outside as she calls it for years, is still very [...]


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Selena Yukino (The Lioness: hear me roar)

Rating before reread 5 starsRating after reread 5 stars2 17 17 Rereading to finally finish the trilogy that has quite literally haunted me for years Finally Honestly, I ve been thinking about this series ever since I read The Rules years ago, and I just can t seem to forget how much I enjoyed it when I first read it Even so, I put off reading the rest of the trilogy for the longest time.but not today I m going to finally finish this trilogy.2 17 17 Finished with reread Afterthoughts even better [...]


This one was okay not amazing but not bad.I didn t think anything stood out The love was a little close to instant love Ariane didn t sell me on her uniqueness or her selflessness She s fiery and fierce but only in ways that made her feel very squeaky clean and not necessarily added depth or personality to her.Rachel was way over the top and Zane.well, Zane was a little too good to be true It was okay I might keep going on the series.

Nasty Lady MJ

To see full review visit Howdy YAL Aliens.It s the one PNR YA tropes I never get tired of I think because there are so many ways you can go with it Honestly, I m usually not a hard core sci fi fan for the most part It s true I like watching the occasional movie about aliens taking over the world and that I like to read about aliens and watch Ancient Aliens on TV, butokay, I m obsessed.But aliens in YA Sort of mixed.Sure there s the Lux series which I liked used to love up to the last installment [...]

LilyCat (Agent of SHIELD)-- on hiatus :(

Sorry I haven t been reviewing or anything lately I ve been really busy, so I don t have a lot of time to check.The Gist Ariane, an experimental hybrid between human and alien genetic material, follows The Rules, restrictions to keep her head down, at great personal cost, because if the lab she escaped from recaptures her, she ll be forced to use her powers to kill for the highest bidder She struggles to regain her telekinetic powers, which she lost in a traumatic test in the lab, and hatches a [...]


Giveaway on my blog Ends 4 21 fwiwreviews 2013 04 reThere are NO spoilers for The Rules in this review but I do refer to a few things that are already in the summary that may be spoilery if you do not read book summaries.Ariane, an alien human hybrid, needs to lay low in order to stay safe Following her adoptive father s rules has always protected her from discovery but she can t stand to watch her one and only friend subjected to the cruel pranks of the resident high school mean girl, Rachel Bu [...]


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