Aug 18, 2022
The System of the World
Posted by Neal Stephenson

✓ The System of the World ↠ Neal Stephenson, The System of the World, Neal Stephenson, The System of the World The System of the World the third and concluding volume of Neal Stephenson s shelf bending Baroque Cycle Quicksilver and The Confusion brings the epic historical saga to its thrilling and truly awe inspiring conclusion Set in the early th century and featuring a diverse cast of characters that includes alchemists philosophers mathematicians spies thieves pirThe Sy ✓ The System of the World ↠ Neal Stephenson - The System of the World, The System of the World The System of the World the third and concluding volume of Neal Stephenson s shelf bending Baroque Cycle Quicksilver and The Confusion brings the epic historical saga to its thrilling and truly awe

  • Title: The System of the World
  • Author: Neal Stephenson
  • ISBN: 9780060750862
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
✓ The System of the World ↠ Neal Stephenson, The System of the World, Neal Stephenson, The System of the World The System of the World the third and concluding volume of Neal Stephenson s shelf bending Baroque Cycle Quicksilver and The Confusion brings the epic historical saga to its thrilling and truly awe inspiring conclusion Set in the early th century and featuring a diverse cast of characters that includes alchemists philosophers mathematicians spies thieves pirThe Sy

✓ The System of the World ↠ Neal Stephenson - The System of the World, The System of the World The System of the World the third and concluding volume of Neal Stephenson s shelf bending Baroque Cycle Quicksilver and The Confusion brings the epic historical saga to its thrilling and truly awe


Excerpt from the journal of Neal Stephenson So here I am, trying to wrap up the last book of the The Baroque Cycle This thing has gotten completely out of control I knew it d be huge when I planned it, but this story has sprawled everywhere What the hell was I thinking Any one of the story threads I ve had going could be a fair sized novel in itself Now I gotta gather them all up and try to come up with some kind of coherent ending I m not going to have a fan left if I don t wrap this up well.De [...]


Whew About 2,700 pages later, and thank heavens it wraps up beautifully, making the long trek well worth the effort Now that I ve reached the end, I realize fully how enjoyable the journey itself was.People often asked me what these books are about Er It s a story of alchemy human than chemical , economics, word origins, English history, history of science, philosophy, bravado, character and a little love Like all of Stephenson s work thus far, it is large and contains multitudes complicated re [...]


Sve to je zapo eto dvije ili pet knjiga unazad, ovdje je zaokru eno i privedeno kraju malo je vi e filozofije i metafizike, malo je ograni enija geografija, pa zato dajem etvorku Ali cijeli ciklus mi je petica, toliko detalja, toliko likova, toliko udubljivanja u duh vremenafantasti no


I am doing this as a review for the Baroque cycle altogether, so don t bother reading the reviews for the other two if you are reading this one.The Baroque cycle is a massive, epic, depressingly wide reaching body of creative work which, I believe, has made several well respected fantasy sci fi novelists give up and go home If it hasn t, it definitely should It s just so big And while there are a lot of authors who have written large things the Lord of the Rings, the Wheel of Time, a Song of Fir [...]

Laura LVD

Despu s de 6 a os, termin de leer esta trilog a complej sima e inclasificable donde hay personajes y sucesos de toda laya Por momentos se fue por las ramas, y no entend mucho hacia donde apuntaban todas esas tramas y subtramas Finalmente, despu s de lo que me parece una vida, lleg la conclusi n, m s que satisfactoria, de la saga Este ltimo tramo me pareci el mejor de los tres vol menes La lectura se me hizo lenta porque la verdad no es una obra que se pueda leer de un tir n Requiri de mi parte m [...]


Well, I m now officially depressed I finished reading the Baroque Cycle To say that I enjoyed reading the series would be to stretch the word enjoyed to the breaking point It would be rolling the word enjoyed off to the juicing room It would be hanging the word enjoyed until half dead, and then drawing and quartering the word enjoyed by four sturdy teams of horses, in the hopes that somewhere in the process enjoyed would choose to reveal the location of its ringleader, a much powerful verb, th [...]


finished the reread of System of the World and I won t add too much beyond what i wrote in 2008 when i first read the series less flamboyant and mostly following a 67 68 year old Daniel back in England for the momentous year 1714, but with lots of twists and turns and great appearances from Jack and Eliza review on first read 2008 Superb ending in all senses of the word to the Baroque trilogy and a must for people who love historical fiction a la Dumas or D Dunnett The light sf nal elements of t [...]


I don t even know how to begin to review this trilogy It s really all one novel, and so it might then be the longest novel I ve read.It has everything An around the world sea voyage The Barbary corsairs Love triumphing over death Women trimuphing over men The beginnings of the Enlightenment Battles The formation of the monetary system A duel with unconventional firearms Blackbeard Peter the Great And a gaggle of mathematicians.Extensively researched historical fiction, I ve been hard pressed to [...]

Nicholas Whyte

nhwvejournal 737376mlAny Man, when he shall have completed a Ta k, be it one which he has a signed to Him elf, or an Impo ition from ome external Party, may experience a certain Euphoria I write here of two such Ta ks which have been completed, videlicet, primo, the Exertions of Master STEPHENSON in writing the Series of Romances, commencing with Cryptonomicon and continued in Quick ilver, The Confu ion, and the Volume here under Con ideration and secundo, my own Expenditure of Time, Money, Ener [...]

Melissa Rudder

The final book in Neal Stephenson s The Baroque Cycle, The System of the World, did exactly what the conclusion of a long complex tale, inhabited by a lively cast of characters across five continents, should do it dazzled its reader with a seemingly unending parade of dramatic climaxes, facilitated by the carefully interwoven tales of seemingly disparate individuals.My usual complaint about Stephenson s detail driven writing does not apply to The System of the World Perhaps the first two install [...]


This series was an ambitious project on Stephenson s part, but I think he tried to do too much I liked the characters he created and found the plot interesting, however, the books are uneven in their pacing and sort of unfocused Sometimes it s a love story, sometimes it s an adventure, sometimes it s a mystery He does the love and adventure well, but really falls down on the mystery aspect It s as though he randomly decided to make things obscure for no real reason He also just takes too damn lo [...]


My favourite way of describing Neal Stephenson as an author is that his ambition vastly outstrips his talent and the Baroque Cycle is a good point in case, I think It is fairly obvious what he wanted to do here mainly because Pynchon already did it before him and it is even blatantly obvious that this is not the chef d oeuvre describing the emergence of an age and short circuiting that age with our present time that Stephenson wants it to be.The first novel, Quicksilver had three protagonists, [...]

Max Nemtsov

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In Quicksilver, the first book of the Baroque cycle, it isn t obvious where Stephenson is going That book is an enjoyable read, to be sure, but I never would have guessed Stephenson s ambition with these novels is to explain how the world we live today came about, where the scientific method rules rather than alchemy, and where money is completely interchangeable, and where financewell, perhaps that hasn t changed so much, but anyway, where the world we live in came from More than a simple histo [...]

Bookmarks Magazine

The conclusion to The Baroque Cycle is a veritable doorstop, but a doorstop perhaps worth its weight in 18th century gold coins


Unfortunately, the last volume of the series was also the most tedious and least interesting one It was a drudge to get through this one It also surpasses the other volumes in its tendentious interpretation of the historical struggles in England, and the liberties taken with certain characters Still, the writing is all right and the subjects interesting and inspiring enough, so my time wasn t entirely wasted.


Well, it only took me nine years, but I finished the Baroque Cycle And what a wild, crazy, breathtaking ride it has been, with Daniel Waterhouse at my side.This concluding book in the trilogy focused mostly on England and Daniel s relationship with Isaac Newton, counterfeit coins, politics, explosions, Infernal Machines, gold, science and Systems Of The World Not quite as crazy as the previous two, with a much tighter story, but still a wonderful ride in the past.


This is the third book in Neal Stephenson s Baroque Cycle well, the last three books, since Stephenson actually wrote eight books that made up the cycle which were then published to form a trilogy Here the majority of the action takes place in London, where virtually all of the protagonists we have been following end up bringing the story to a mighty conclusion.The basic plot is that of a murder mystery, but comprises many other components Daniel Waterhouse has completed his epic trip back acros [...]


The Baroque Cycle as a whole takes a great deal of time to read, and I think I ve come to somehow identify with the series as a result Now I find myself torn between an urge to share this series with everyone and to keep it to myself so that it s not cheapened by becoming a 30 second talk piece on The View apologies to The View I would also be pleased if these books were never turned into a film or television series, though I would of course have to see it if they were Although I am normally unc [...]


Baroque Summer 2011 finally ends In February 2012 It s probably best not to think of these books as three huge tomes, but instead like a longer series of eight normal sized novels which the three are divided up into, with the complication that nos 4 and 5 are told in parallel or like eight seasons of some well produced TV show I wish it had been eight volumes, actually I never would have been stupid enough to try reading an octology straight through Like anything that long, there were great stre [...]

Benjamin Thomas

After nearly three long years of reading these books by Neal Stephenson I have finally completed the final volume The System of the World contains the final three novels in his huge Baroque Cycle, a project read that I began back in 2008 This volume contains these three novels Solomon s Gold, Currency, and The System of the World All told there are nearly 3000 pages of historical fiction, historical fact, irreverent humor, and a bit of science fiction thrown in.I don t have too much to say about [...]


well, I like Neal, but like most of his stuff, all three books in this cycle could have used a better editor The mere fact that I read all 2736 pages is a testament to his story telling, but I mean come on at least 1432 pages detailed 18th century architecture and fashion That level of detail is endearing when he is talking code breaking or operating systems, but the discussion of periwigs lacks glamor.His characters on many levels are extremely profound and complex, except when it comes to thei [...]

Pete Marchetto

The temptation to two star this work out of spite was immense, but let s accept it for what it is A well written book by a brilliant writer which proves, nonetheless, disappointing.Stephenson as an excellent but disappointing writer has been the theme of my reviews since oh, so long ago, my darlings I began reading him first with the Cryptonomicon and then, in its immediate wake, or aftermath may here be a better word , headed down the difficult road of reading all three volumes of his Baroque C [...]


With this enormous volume, the Baroque Cycle comes to a close While there is the same kind of speeding up, adding new plot threads and jumping from one set piece action scene to another that is typical of Stephenson s endings, I thought he actually succeeded at tying everything up in this one I guess he can do that when he s got an entire epic length novel in which to end things, as opposed to the fifty pages or so he tends to devote to endings in his stand alone novels.In this volume, unlike it [...]


Of the many reasons I do not play chess, the main one is that I m lousy at strategy I struggle to think than one or two moves ahead, can t easily reposition pieces in my mind s eye, and am hapless when it comes to sniffing out and thwarting my opponent s battle plan I ve had similar troubles trying to follow and parse the machinations of Neal Stephenson s Baroque Cycle, the first two volumes of which I found to be dense, sprawling, and restrained in their capacity for illumination The System of [...]


ZOUNDS A 3rd Mountain of a Book to Read I have just Accomplished the Summit of the 2nd Mountain and I start with this 3rd Trek Am I Barking Mad If so, Put a Dog Collar on me, and I ll get a Rabies Shot I m off Ye Gods The things this man knows History, Philosophy, Alchemy Science, Currency, and the interweaving of these , just to name a few I fear the man has swallowed an Enclopedia, nay, a Library Hopefully this is the orifice through which it has been ingested for the knowledge this man gives [...]


This is the final book in the Baroque Cycle The Historical Fiction Epic about how the modern world was formed out of the 17th and early 18th century The stories weave together accounts of fictional characters with historical figures The narrative threads through historical events and provides interesting points of view.Certainly the epic is not the most historically accurate account of what happened But it gets the big idea of it all right, and it is terribly entertaining.This book tells the sto [...]


I finally finished the Baroque Cycle after what felt like several decades Throughout my struggle to finish the 2000 page trilogy I found myself continually wondering why I was still plowing through Yes, there were great characters, and yes, Stephenson has an amazing way with dialogue IMHO one of the best , and he has really captured a time period when natural philosophers and pirates were kings But his long winded passages often made me begin to skim not something I am proud of The vast list of [...]


I m already sure that I m going to die broke and living in a cardboard box, so I m giving free to all patrons a sure fire money spinning idea Well, maybe not, but if you could monetize this, the world would be a better place Here it is You know how, at , iTunes, or even here at , you have that function that says People who ordered this also liked So, what if you did that with fictional characters Then you could constantly have the pleasure of reading novels with main characters that you enjoy Is [...]

Steve Lew

I m writing one quick review for the whole baroque cycle and pasting it on all three books My five star reviews reflect the fact that I had a blast reading this stuff and was very sorry that it eventually ended I m going to mention a couple of flaws, but what I have to tell you is that these are great books and you should drop everything and read them Anyway, NS did a cubic shit ton of research to pull this off, and as you know he is a capable and thorough researcher I m sorry to say that he ove [...]

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