Aug 18, 2022
Voices in Summer
Posted by Rosamunde Pilcher

☆ Voices in Summer ê Rosamunde Pilcher, Voices in Summer, Rosamunde Pilcher, Voices in Summer First published by Sphere transferred to Warner ☆ Voices in Summer ê Rosamunde Pilcher - Voices in Summer, Voices in Summer First published by Sphere transferred to Warner

  • Title: Voices in Summer
  • Author: Rosamunde Pilcher
  • ISBN: 9780751505719
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
☆ Voices in Summer ê Rosamunde Pilcher, Voices in Summer, Rosamunde Pilcher, Voices in Summer First published by Sphere transferred to Warner

☆ Voices in Summer ê Rosamunde Pilcher - Voices in Summer, Voices in Summer First published by Sphere transferred to Warner


What a refreshing read At this time of the year my choice of read is as important as my reading experience, and I really enjoy my light and breezy reads which reflect the holiday vibe This delivered in spades as I recalled my first book of this author, The Shell Seekers Images of Cornwell come to life, the ocean and the countryside This author has the knack of drawing you into her world Who would have thought England was so nice in the summer Characters were lovely, the storyline with a hint of [...]


Rosamunde Pilcher writes in a way that is so comfortable you feel you have come home after time away and your mother is catching you up on all the shenanigans of your sisters while you were gone She describes Cornwall, a world in which everyone gardens, lives comfortably, dips in the ocean, builds comfy fires in the evening, and knows the neighbors, and she does it in a way that makes you feel you belong to this place where you have never been.The weather was changing, the barometer dropping A w [...]


Rosamunde Pilcher s shorter books are like curling up on the couch with your favorite blanket A bit predictable maybe but you won t be disappointed, you know there will be a happy ending, and it won t take you forever to read it They are just comfort reads to me I gave this 4 stars because of this

Donna Mcnab

By the time I finished reading this book for a second time, I felt like I had enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Cornwall Rosamunde Pilcher had the ability, with all the details and great characters, of absorbing you right into the scene I particularly loved her bigger novels, Shell Seekers, Winter Solstice, Coming Home and September, but the earlier smaller books are also a treat to read and withstand subsequent readings beautifully.


Rosamunde Pilcher can write If you are headed to the beach or the pool this summer, consider tucking this little gem in your tote bag Pilcher s simple, yet elegant writing style makes for an easy and relaxing read Pilcher s beautiful descriptions will make you wish you were in Cornwall visiting the very gracious, Eve at Tremenheere, an Elizabethan manor The heroine of the story, Laura Haverstock, takes a detour from her original summer plans and discovers the delights of Tremenheere instead Ther [...]


Like Nicholas Sparks, Rosamunde Pilcher stories are all formed from a predetermined list of setting, character types, and events not a bad thing, as both authors success shows If you re still reading, here are the ingredients for any charming Rosamunde Pilcher story 1 Cornwall or Scotland, sometimes both 2 Female orphan at center of story, who has no money worries and neither does anyone else 3 Multiple generations, often bohemians among the younger folks 4 An impromptu house party at the modest [...]


A delightful little novel by a wonderful author about family, relationships, friendships, the making and breaking of them and second chances Set mostly in Pilcher s Cornwall, with her splendid descriptions, this is not a soppy or hot romance but a very pleasant, light and easy read.


Newlywed Laura Haverstock goes to Cornwall to convalesce after an operation She stays with her new husband s relatives while he is away fishing in Scotland Laura is Alec s second wife and has had trouble fitting in with his group of lifelong friends, feeling a little bit like the second Mrs deWinter As she regains her health she also strengthens her resolve to solve the problems in her marriage As usual, Rosamunde Pilcher draws her readers into her beautiful settings and into the lives of her ch [...]

Enchantressdebbicat ☮

Very enjoyable Review to follow.

Jamie Casey

This book is about Laura and Alec, a married couple very different in backgrounds Laura has some health problems and cannot go on an already planned trip with her husband So her husband takes the trip and takes Laura to his brothers home in Tremeheree Here Laura learns a great deal about herself and has the time of her life She learns she is stronger than she ever thought and how very much family and friends mean to one another.Noteworthy moments and quotes from the book The difficult we can do [...]


An older booky by Rosamunde Pilcher They are most always a smooth read which this one was I must read in the summertime as the title suggests.


Love Rosamunde Pilcher


Enjoyed and Rosamunde s books are easy to read with a lovely story line and message I reread this book First time I read was in April 1992 Reread in 2010 Enjoyed as much the second time.


Rosamunde Pilcher s Voices in Summer is a truly beautiful book to behold and read I loved every word on every page Pilcher has an uncanny way of making her readers feel as if they are living amongst her characters, curling up with them in comfy chairs, picnicking with them on a rocky shore, having tea in their kitchens with water poured from kettles heated on an old Aga The characters were so well described and fleshed out All were interesting and lovable in some way The story was set in London [...]


Every time I think I ve read all there is to read from prolific writer Rosamude Pilcher, I stumble across another gem.Set primarily in sun soaked Cornwall, Voices in Summer is an easy, breezy, undemanding read Short, by Pilcher s standards, this delightful story adheres to the author s reliable pattern that of rich, multi layered characters woven together with an interesting, but relatively unimportant plot To me, its the characters who carry the weight of the tale in a Rosamude Pilcher book.The [...]


I admit that I read this book in less than 24 hours I love Rosamunde Pilcher books She is such a romantic There was a bit of letter writing with oddly matching letters accusing different people of being with other partners in this novel that brought to mind another of her books that I read some time ago For a minute I even thought I was rereading the same book That book was about a bereft, special woman This was reminiscent of that story This letter writer was someone not as easily suspect Laura [...]


I think I read most of Pilcher s books years ago, but this escaped my notice until now It isn t as good or substantial as her later, longer novels, but still a good read Laura, who feels uncomfortable with her new husband s former circle of friends, is glad to defer a fishing trip to Scotland which has been one of Alec s traditions with these couples for years However, her reason for not going is because she is recuperating from surgery, and needs a place to stay while Alec is gone Alec drives h [...]

Lydia Bailey

The first page of any Rosamunde Pilcher is akin to settling yourself into the comfiest of arm chairs Her writing is so very readable, especially if you love Cornwall, I was hooked after one paragraph This was a quickie, read in two sessions with Pilcher s characterisations at their best and Cornwall coming to life through her descriptions The whodunnit aspect was slightly irritating though,with a predictable outcome, but otherwise a relaxing, thoroughly enjoyable, light read.


A new bride, who is the 2nd wife of an older man, has surgery done and cannot travel with her husband on his vacation in Scotland She goes to recuperate at the home of her husband s uncle in Cornwall She has much time to think, and observe those around her She comes to some new discoveries about herself and those around her Pilcher s characters are always very English, very proper, and not ones to create waves.


The most beautifully written book I have ever read however the story line was slightly slow Had it been badly written it would have only got 3 stars but the quality of writing upped it to 4 Good summer book, would recommend as a holiday read.


This book almost earned 4 stars from me because it was such a lovely, enjoyable read While it wasn t a page turner, it was a nice book to relax with that provided a little break from a stressful day I recommend this story to anyone who wants a chick lit without the silliness.


A light and pleasant read Not a favorite necessarily but enjoyable nonetheless.


Beautifully written by one of my favorite authors, but not quite as impressive as most of her novels, and pretty predictable Still, worth reading for sure.

Michelle Beese

Rosamunde Pilcher is a great story teller and has a way of making her characters come alive Delightful tale, and she kept me guessing for a while

Carol C

Pilcher s books are usually easy, enjoyable reads They take me to my happy place This one was no exception.


An easy, interesting read Again, what Rosamunde Pilcher does so well is write characters that are believable You get immersed in their world.

J.F. Elferdink

This is a sweet, summertime read meaning that it s fairly light reading Pilcher s characters are the whole show here and they are good people to meet


Liked the way she handled older characters.

Susan Hale

Good story about a newlywed in Cornwall Gentle story of family and love.


This is a truly great book I loved the easy style of the writing which Rosamunde Pilcher always uses makes you want to travel to Cornwall and enjoy that summer sunshine A great book for relaxing with a feel good story.Full review here stephanellibookreviews.wordpr

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