Oct 07, 2022
Posted by Cynthia Hand

[PDF] Download ↠ Hallowed : by Cynthia Hand, Hallowed, Cynthia Hand, Hallowed For months Clara Gardner trained to face the fire from her visions but she wasn t prepared for the choice she had to make that day And in the aftermath she discovered that nothing about being part angel is as straightforward as she thought Now torn between her love for Tucker and her complicated feelings about the roles she and Christian seem destined to play in a worlFor months Clara [PDF] Download ↠ Hallowed : by Cynthia Hand - Hallowed, Hallowed For months Clara Gardner trained to face the fire from her visions but she wasn t prepared for the choice she had to make that day And in the aftermath she discovered that nothing about being part a

  • Title: Hallowed
  • Author: Cynthia Hand
  • ISBN: 9780061996184
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover
[PDF] Download ↠ Hallowed : by Cynthia Hand, Hallowed, Cynthia Hand, Hallowed For months Clara Gardner trained to face the fire from her visions but she wasn t prepared for the choice she had to make that day And in the aftermath she discovered that nothing about being part angel is as straightforward as she thought Now torn between her love for Tucker and her complicated feelings about the roles she and Christian seem destined to play in a worlFor months Clara

[PDF] Download ↠ Hallowed : by Cynthia Hand - Hallowed, Hallowed For months Clara Gardner trained to face the fire from her visions but she wasn t prepared for the choice she had to make that day And in the aftermath she discovered that nothing about being part a

Wendy Darling

Our Cynthia Hand Interview, where she addresses many of the questions that arise from this series is here and here Enjoy There aren t words enough to express how gorgeous this book is Fans of the Unearthly who might have worried whether Cynthia Hand could deliver a second installment that would do justice to the story need worry no longer This sequel lives up to and exceeds every expectation I had for it, and I only wish I could hand this book to every single would be author who is even consider [...]

Steph Sinclair

Hallowed is out I can t wait to re read it Oh, Cynthia Hand, how could you do this to me I feel like this book should come with at least a warning Something along the lines of WARNING This book may cause readers massive amounts of fangirling fanboying Do not be alarmed if you encounter symptoms of swooning, emotional instability, and immediate depression after reading Yeah.e that s exactly what happened to me Many of you may remember that I expressed in my Unearthly review how I was initially re [...]


Okay, so y all know how much I loved Tucker, courtesy of my initial review And trust me, that was like, a lot So it s a HUGE DEAL that somehow Ms Hand s made me like Christian as well.I don t even know what to say about this, except DUDE, Ms Hand s writing is remarkable Seriously.Initial review I AM SERIOUSLY CRAVING SOME TUCKER allright, that makes me sound sort of stupid, but really, how could anyone not adore him I mean, come on swoon


I hate love triangles More than anything else in fiction, I really, really, REALLY hate love triangles More than the stalking and the insta love and fragile, insecure, yet perfect heroines I mean, at least with most insta love couples, once they re in love, they STAY in love So anyway, it s not that much of a surprise that Hallowed sort of killed my happy Unearthly buzz This book was nothing like what I expected it to be, and I can only rue the change Cynthia Hand did an amazing, wonderful thing [...]

Emily May

I am going to have to sadly admit that this series is not my cup of tea I tried to like Unearthly after reading all the rave reviews but found it only okay, it didn t blow my mind like I was so sure it would Hallowed was even less appealing to me, I read three chapters and even that was a struggle but now I do think I m starting to see why I think if I happened to meet Clara in real life, let s just say she enrolled at my university, we would be friendly to one another, perhaps mumble a polite g [...]


3.5 starsIt s a relief to know I won t regret all the hyping of Unearthly I ve done over the last year Even though I liked Hallowed less than its predecessor, the series is still going strong the way I see it Whatever was praiseworthy in the 1st book remains so in the 2nd the teen romances are still healthy I won t even bash the inevitable love triangle it is written well enough it is not perfect, but not unbearably annoying either , the heroines are strong and the heroes are kind and respectful [...]


Tucker I already miss you Yup, that about sums up this review


A review of this is now available on my blog as well Check it out.____________________Wow, I.Ms Hand, what have you done to me This book was such an emotional roller coaster, I can t even tell you.Clara Clara s honestly one of the YA heroines that I really love She s just so I don t know, there s something about her that just makes me love her When she complains about something, it never annoys me I kind of sympathize with her, you know There s just that likable ness in her that I can t really e [...]

Kat Kennedy

This galley was provided to me by the publishers via netgalley.This review can also be found on my blog, Cuddlebuggery3.5 StarsHallowed is a difficult book to rate because it s not going to appeal to everyone If you re the kind of person who needs fast paced adventure then you re better off picking up something else Hallowed is very much focused on relationships, self growth and destiny.It continues its themes with purpose, faith and trust these themes are extended here and well constructed Clar [...]


Really good but depressing Not quite as good as the first so I m still between a 4 and 5 Tucker is so hot I don t understand why a few jumped to Christian s side in this book I thought he was a bit of a D Bag and I really wanted Tucker to hit him I ll need a little digesting and to calm down before I can write my review I know it s been months and I still haven t written anything but I think Asher Paranormal Indulgence summed up my feelings well with her drawing She said I could share so this is [...]

Jillian -always aspiring-

Oh, Cynthiayou must have taken your kid gloves off after Unearthly since you really managed to deliver a beating with Hallowed If a plot twist wasn t clubbing me in the head, the emotions of the characters were punching me in the stomach The experience left me feeling rather drained and a bit bruisedbut it was worth it.Clara Gardner, an angel blood by birth, thought that her heavenly purpose had died away with the last embers of a wildfirebut she is far from done with visions telling of things t [...]


My gosh What an outstanding sequel This broke my heart kept me captivated, also, swoon Full review to come.Review When HarperCollins released Hallowed on netgalley, it seemed all my reading buddies stopped whatever they were reading and charged straight into book two After Unearthly was so universally loved by hard core critics, fans of YA paranormal and non fans of YA paranormal, aka me Hallowed was an insanely anticipated released Guys, it delivers It is a compelling and unputdownable read tha [...]


I had a whole bunch of worried speculations going into this book a whole bunch of thoughts like, if this happens then I m out And they basically all came true But she made me like it.How did she do that I m still not quite sure Even now, I can think of several problems that I have with this book, and yet my major feeling upon reaching the last page was, that was pretty good And I find myself right back here, in the place where I am filled with worried speculation this time for book three I m chi [...]


This series is what every other angel book wishes it could grow up to be.Hallowed is middle book at its very best.Out of all the paranormal creatures in YA, angels get by far the worst treatment Three of the worst YA series all feature angels, and until Unearthly, I thought perhaps it was impossible to write a decent angel book But Unearthly was not decent IT WAS AMAZING That delicious, slow build romance between Clara and Tucker A strong, likeable heroine with a realistic voice A vivid, gorgeou [...]

Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead

On tonight s episode of As the Angel s fly aka as part 2 of the Unearthly series , we have lovely Clara.I refuse to call this a book It sure didn t feel like one What happened in part 2 of the Unearthly series, is one of my biggest pet peeves When authors, knowing they will write books in the series, write incomplete stories, with no real climax and definitely no real resolutions Yes, I hear you Why read books in a series then If I want resolutions, read stand alone books right My answere I ve [...]


With Hallowed, just like with Unearthly, I find myself closing the book with a huge flashing question mark on top of my head The general feeling is that yes, I did enjoy the book, but my mind is spinning so hard with questions and doubts that I m really having a hard time savoring the good nuances of the story I m bugged Some of the questions that I was left with after Unearthly have undeniably been answered but many have joined the group of the unanswered ones In Hallowed we find Clara dealing [...]


Oh boy, what a ride.Reading this book felt like flying with the wings wide open not that I know how does that feel, but I can only imagine I ve been falling in love again with these characters, I ve gasped at every surprise, I ve smiled and I ve even cried, I ve felt Clara s insecurities and frustrations, and her need to be happy, to find her purpose and make it all right again, also her need to find her own path, to make her own decisions How much of it is just purpose and how much of it is her [...]

Lauren Lee

Before Reading I was confused at the end of unearthly Did Christian and Clara leave And why can t they come back And whats the whole deal with Christian being all angel like I NEED ANSWERS.She better not fall for Christian But if a love triangle comes into play then I m team Tucker, just saying.After Reading Finally I hate it when I have to wait for books to come out Now, about Hallowed.I liked it, I did Hand has a nice, easy writing style that is pleasant to read but isn t too juvenile I like t [...]

Sofii♡ (A Book. A Thought.)

Our purpose on this earth is not one single event, an accomplishment we can check off a list There is no test No passing or failing There s only us, each moment shaping who we are, into what we will become I loved this book, I enjoyed it much than the first one, and although at first I was somewhat heavy, on the other hand its content is very interesting.And even though I have many questions, I think it answered a few at this timeI remember the first book although it was a beautiful and light r [...]


WARNING SPOILERS abound Actual rating 2.5 starsAhhh.is book is like marmite, you either love it or you don t Unfortunately for me, I don t like marmite Give me nutella any day.After reading the first book, I thought I ll give this one a try and figure out what I m missing Especially since everywhere I turn, all I see are great reviews After reading the first few chapters, there was a glimmer of hope but then it all went downhill from there.SPOILERS COMING UP The first book had some semblance of [...]


After greatly enjoying Unearthly, I was really excited to be able to get an early copy of this sequel I was not disappointed with it It was very much a middle book, but one of the best I ve ever read.Hallowed gets us reacquainted with Clara, Tucker, Christian and, with a important part in this sequel, Carla s brother Jeffrey as well as her mother, Maggie As in Unearthly, each and every one of the characters have substance, including natural dialogue and palpable emotions And emotions, Hallowed [...]


I m trying out this new thing where I leave out rants in my reviews So far, I m managing Here it goes Hallowed was up to par with Unearthly anyway that I m willing to oversee the character flaws, undesired story scenes and overflowing emotional drama Like the way Clara s dad just popped out of NOWHERE That was really, I mean reaalllyy emotional and satisfying and surprise worthy But not to Clara, apparently Can t help it, it s just weird that after seventeen years of not showing up, there were n [...]


Don t read this if you haven t read Unearthly This was such an emotional book for me I loved it even than the first book, which is something I find in trilogies, a lot of the time the second book suffers from second book syndrome where it feels like filler No real great answers or movement in plot from the first book Not so in this case Yes, we are left with questions but so many things were revealed A couple revelations made my jaw drop open We start right where Unearthly left off, after the [...]

Amber Robertson

Hallowed is the second book in the Unearthly series It s definitely a book which suffers from middle book syndrome in my opinion It was slow and honestly just lead up for the finale Obviously, things to happen but view spoiler Clara s mum dying was a cop out in order to get rid of the parental elements of the story hide spoiler I m really bad at reviewing series, especially the middle book I ve rewritten this review hundreds of time A lot happens but also nothing happens, it s very confusing Non [...]


Expected Publication Date January 17th 20123.5 starsHallowed was kindly provided to me by Netgalley for HarperCollins.Interested in of my reviews Visit my blog When I requested Hallowed on Netgalley I was dumb and didn t realize that this was the 2nd in a series Since I was already approved I decidedly to immediately read Unearthly so that I could dive right into Hallowed that was the plan if I liked it Well I did I really really liked Unearthly and I wasn t actually expecting to not a diehard [...]


Hallowed begins with Clara moaning that she failed her purpose even though she has no ides what her purpose was, only that it involved the sexy, mysterious Christian She s very much in love with Tucker, but is still keeping things from him for his own protection Christian since finding out Clara was the girl from his vision, is now cozying up to her, naturally this confuses our already confused heroine I m not happy that Christian is now all over Clara when he had little interest in her before a [...]


Hallowed was one of my most anticipated reads this year Somehow, it didn t live up to my expectations, and I ve spend this past week mulling over my conflicted feelings for this novel Have you ever wanted to break up with someone and not really known why Just had a nagging feeling that it s not meant to be When you finally do it, you find yourself using that tired old, It s not you, it s me line, meaning it wholeheartedly while hating yourself a little bit because you know how insincere it sound [...]


Actual Rating 4.5 starsThere s something hauntingly beautiful and deeply lingering about this trilogy It s not something I am able to easily put my finger on, but between Hand s dazzling writing style, the wonderfully developed characters and relationships, and the often creepy and incredibly interesting plot and admittedly predictable mystery alongside them, there is something irrevocably gorgeous about this novel It s no huge secret that most people, including me, have started this trilogy to [...]


My reaction to this book is fittingly sombre than my reaction to Unearthly I almost wish it came with a warning for how emotional this was going to be Read enough YA and you become conditioned, most times, to expect okay to fun books But its the likes of Marchetta, for myself anyway, and with books like Jellicoe Road, that I keep taking the plunge, flipping the covers hoping that the story contained in them is something worthwhile Which is why it surprised the hell out of me when I was left fee [...]

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