Oct 07, 2022
Danse Macabre
Posted by Stephen King

Danse Macabre Best Download || [Stephen King], Danse Macabre, Stephen King, Danse Macabre The author whose boundless imagination storytelling powers have redefined the horror genre from s Carrie to his newest epic reflects on the very nature of terror what scares us why in films both cheesy choice tv radio of course the horror novel past present Informal engaging tremendous fun tremendously informativThe author whose boundless imagination storytelling powers Danse Macabre Best Download || [Stephen King] - Danse Macabre, Danse Macabre The author whose boundless imagination storytelling powers have redefined the horror genre from s Carrie to his newest epic reflects on the very nature of terror what scares us why in films bot

  • Title: Danse Macabre
  • Author: Stephen King
  • ISBN: 9780425181607
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
Danse Macabre Best Download || [Stephen King], Danse Macabre, Stephen King, Danse Macabre The author whose boundless imagination storytelling powers have redefined the horror genre from s Carrie to his newest epic reflects on the very nature of terror what scares us why in films both cheesy choice tv radio of course the horror novel past present Informal engaging tremendous fun tremendously informativThe author whose boundless imagination storytelling powers

Danse Macabre Best Download || [Stephen King] - Danse Macabre, Danse Macabre The author whose boundless imagination storytelling powers have redefined the horror genre from s Carrie to his newest epic reflects on the very nature of terror what scares us why in films bot

Dan Schwent

Danse Macabre is Stephen King covering the horror genre, in TV, film, radio, and text, from roughly 1950 1980 I d been meaning to read this for a long time The Kindle price was the clincher.I don t really know what to say about this one It was pretty middle of the road Stephen King writes about three decades of the horror genre in various media I thought some of the subjects were interesting, namely the movies and the books, many of which I ll have my eye out for His insights on the nature of ho [...]


This is what my copy looks like after finishing There was so much inside that head that I just wanted to remember, or come back to, or just highlight I could have done all of that on my nook, and it would have been easier Simpler, less restricted as to what I could fit onto the post it, but I dunno This way just felt right to me There were a lot of references to books that I hadn t read yet, and these sections I tried to skim so that I could get the idea without the spoilers, but that wasn t alw [...]

Kyriakos Sorokkou

When the King of Horror writes about the Horror culture then it s a book bound to be perfect.Um,almostwell, it was, but now it s a bit outdated.King writes mainly about horror films and books from the 1950 s up to the 1970 sSince then it s been than thirty years and thousands of films and books were released and published since then so he talks about things in the past.With the books it s fine, because you can find all these books he recommends still available today The same can be said for fil [...]


A different read from what is normally expected from King, but enjoyable nonetheless His ideas about writing and also the mechanisms and origins of the horror genre I still think about this often when I am reading a horror story Now that I have read some of his influences like Blackwood and Lovecraft, I think I have a greater appreciation for Danse Macabre.


This is my favorite Stephen King book I ve read it considerably times than any of his other works I don t think it s any secret what makes this book so enjoyable it s really what makes all of his books work his storytelling power He has such a friendly, compelling narrative voice it s like he s casually sharing secrets with you, and you can t wait to hear what he has to say next It might help to enjoy DANSE MACABRE if you are a horror fiction film fanatic, but then again, it might just make you [...]

Alan Scott

This book is truly nothing than Stephen King riffing sloppily as hell about the horror genre There is no pretense of scholarship, and it has a folky tone which makes it quite easy to imagine what it must have been like back in the day when King got a twelve pack of beer in him, had smoked a joint, and done enough lines of coke to get him on a never ending jag about the deal with the genre to put it bluntly, its about as tight as the blob, it s rambling, and it s also somewhat amusing, for, afte [...]


When I first picked this up, I had seen the Johnny Depp adaptation of Secret Window , Secret Garden the movie cut out the last half of the title and, though the movie was far from excellent, I realized that there was to the horror genre and to Stephen King in particular than I had previously thought This book showed me the light.Since reading this treatise on the genre, I have started actively seeking out horror fiction than any other type of fiction and write almost exclusively in the genre T [...]


Quattro sono i libri che durante la mia adolescenza mi hanno tenuto pi compagnia.Danse Macabre, L orrore soprannaturale in letteratura, Racconti fantastici del 900, Racconti fantastici dell Ottocento.Li ho letti e riletti e li ho usati come Vademecum per trovare altre letture, altri autori che poi sono finiti tra i miei preferiti.In epoca pre Google non sempre era facile, sopratutto quando si preferivano generi che sono sempre stati considerati sotto generi.Raramente i consigli di King, di Lovec [...]

Nandakishore Varma

This was a fun read an impressionistic literary journey through Steve s life and his experiences with horror I came to know about EC Comics through this book, and I recently located its most terrifying story as endorsed by King Foul Play online Made me sad that I was not born in America especially before the comics code was implemented.


This book is only my ramble through that world, through all the worlds of fantasy and horror that have delighted and terrified me.It s a dance And sometimes they turn off the lights in this ballroom But we ll dance anyway, you and I Even in the dark Especially in the dark May I have the pleasure Stephen KingI first read Danse Macabre when I was seventeen, and while I gobbled it up, there was a lot that just went right over my head unappreciated at the time Even though I was well on my way to bec [...]

Mike (the Paladin)

Probably my favorite King book It gives a lot of insight into Mr King himself as well as into what he thinks about the writing.Let me update and expand on this a little I found back when I read it that it gave me a lot of insight at least I think it did into Mr King Of course he may be chuckling at that and saying so you think You have fallen into my trap just a thought With biographical sketches, stories from life and tales of his own writing experience it s well worth the freight Also at the t [...]

Richard Jalbert

It s nice to see what putrified kindling helped build King s fire in the Horror Genre I am looking forward to reading some of the books he referenced, Jack Finney Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and The Third Level, Shirley Jackson The Haunting of Hill House, and Richard Matheson The Incredible Shrinking Man So many books ,so little time.


Stephen King gives us an insight into the world of horror, science fiction film and essential reading I love nearly all his fiction work and his non fiction novel On Writing was such a great insider view on his writing world This one is ramblings and at times became annoying yes he writes good stories but hearing one too many rambles on his view of film and fiction might not really be that captivating for other readers also He mentions the three important horror classics the vampire, the werewo [...]


Okay It s difficult to really review a book about the state of horror as a genre when that book was first written back in 1981 With that said, my real issues with the book are not really the book s outdatedness My big issue is that the book doesn t really seem to make a point and support it It s like getting high with one of your favorite writers and then just sitting and listening to him talk Some things that crossed my mind as I read this book 1 It s actually kind of cool to hear Stephen King [...]

Sherry (sethurner)

I was in a bookstore in Bangor, Maine looking at all the foreign editions of this book when a teenager mumbled that Danse Macabre is Stephen King s worst book I beg to differ This is a nonfiction analysis of the horror genre, both fiction and film, and it was really interesting to me In fact, I photocopied the suggested reading in the back of the book and worked my way through the lists it took about five years I m sure it s out of date, and that many of the titles he suggests are even harder to [...]

Nick Iuppa

Before King became a successful writer, he supported himself as a teacher including a stint at the University of Mane His book On Writing gives us a chance to understand what it would be like to have Mr King teach composition Dance Macabre gives us a pretty good understand of what one of his courses on the history of literature would be like, and, of course, this would be a course in the history of horror, Si Fi, and fantasy literature and we d have to expand our definition to include horror mov [...]

Stefan Yates

This book length essay on the horror genre turned out to be much entertaining than I expected Even when writing a nonfiction genre study, King cannot avoid being King His goofy sense of humor, absolute frankness, and the occasional crass comment made me feel like I was having a beer with the guy and discussing books than sitting in a lecture hall King fans who want to hear where he gets his inspirations from and what authors films he has taken enjoyment from will get a lot out of this book.A w [...]

Ben Loory

a really fun book even though it doesn t tell you anything new about horror i mean unless you ve never thought about horror at all king is just such a great storyteller, it s all the side tracks and footnotes and tossed off stuff which makes the book so interestingso i need to read some davis grubb gerald kersh and james herbertd i really need to finally see dementia 13 why haven t i seen that major failing


A terrific personal tour of the horror genre, by a master thereof I enjoyed the personal anecdotes interjected, and came away with a rawther lengthy list of books and movies I need to read watch Thank you, Stephen King, from one of your Constant Readers.


Playlist Come On Everybody Eddie CochranThe Stranger Billy Joel La Traviata Giuseppe Verdi Chuck Berry Route 66 Little Richard Rip It Up With A Little Help From My Friends The BeatlesMarty Robbins El Paso Pink Peg Slacks Eddie CochranBack Door Man Howlin WolfRamones I m Affected Linda Ronstadt You re No Good Louie Louie The Kingsmen Little Deuce Coupe The Beach Boys Eric Clapton After Midnight Jimmy Hendrix Voodoo Child Janis Joplin Maybe Singin in the Rain Gene Kelly A bicycle built for two Elm [...]

Quentin Wallace

I put this one off literally for decades It was the only major Stephen King book I d never read Well now I have I kept putting this one off because it was non fiction and I was afraid I d find it dry AndI found it dry It just seemed a little plodding, although still entertaining.This is basically a long essay on horror focusing on the years 1950 1980 King covers all the mediums as in Radio, TV, movies and books It just seemed a little plodding to me as he gives an analysis on each notable work.T [...]

Aurora Dimitre

This is a re read, technically I think I ve actually even got the other edition marked as read on here, because I found this one in a thrift store and bought it because I m really bad at not buying every used Stephen King book I see, and thus we are here I adore this I really like King s nonfiction style of writing I mean, I love his regular prose, but I always love his introductions and such, and this is basically like a 400 page introduction So it s pretty cool for someone who likes horror as [...]

Wayne Barrett

Very well written, but the book was written 34 years ago so the subject matter concerning the horror genre is way outdated Much of the book is also an autobiography which is interesting but if you have read, On Writing , there s not much new here Unless you are an avid fan such as myself I wouldn t recommend the book.

Thomas Strömquist

The master of horror elaborates on horror what s not to love Oh, if you read non fiction and thought it was a scientific dissertation, well, it s not It s the master of horror elaborating on horror And the movie and books lists in the end are worth it in themselves.


A little dry at points, but very cool I downloaded a lot of old horror movies because of this book


Reading, and especially choosing what to read, has always been very mood and impulse driven for me I may wake up tomorrow with a craving for Rex Stout, but I may wake up the next day jonesing for Harlan Ellison The weather, how well I feel, and the music they are playing in the book store may all play a part when I look over and spot your novel A glimpse of Paul Newman as Harper may send me straight to Ross MacDonald An image of George Segal may send me to the Quiller novels of Adam Hall A copy [...]

Nicola Mansfield

I m re reading Stephen King s books in chronological order and this was the next book in line I can now tell exactly how old I was when I originally read his books because this was the first one I bought well was gifted brand new from the bookstore Every July my bday and Christmas my dad would give me any new Stephen King books that had come out as presents so I was 13 when I got this one I was really looking forward to this, King s first foray into non fiction, as my first read of it had been s [...]


Reviewed First at Brunner s BookshelfI really had no idea what to think of this book at first I want to read every book from Stephen king so this was on my list The reason I read this recently is for the simple reason that out of all the books I wanted to read this was the only one available at the library when I needed a book I have always wondered what movies King thinks are worth watching in the horror genre and what his favorite novels are so I was anxious to see what he had to say At the sa [...]

P. Aaron Potter

True Story from a Life in Books While working on my Master s degree at the University of Virginia, I took a class on fin de siecle literature Naturally, one evening, talk turned to the eruption of the gothic mode at the end of the 19th century As we discussed whether or not Oscar Wilde s fantasies could be considered properly gothic, I posited that the difference between, say, Wilde s Salome and a true gothic like Castle of Otranto was the locus of the horror Stephen King makes a distinction in [...]


Horror in real life is an emotion that one grapples with all alone It is a combat waged in the secret recesses of the heart I believe that we are all ultimately alone and that any deep and lasting human contact is nothing nor less than a necessary illusion but at least the feelings which we think of as positive and constructive are a reaching out, an effort to make contact and establish some sort of communication Feelings of love and kindness, the ability to care and empathize, are all we know [...]

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