Jan 28, 2022
Embrace My Reflection
Posted by T.A. Chase

[PDF] Embrace My Reflection | by ´ T.A. Chase, Embrace My Reflection, T.A. Chase, Embrace My Reflection Lucius Montagne and Ronnie Lake were best friends during high school and in those two years they fell in love But Lucius joined the army and left Ronnie behind to deal with the pain of being alone Now a decade later Ronnie works at Cindi s Cabaret in New Orleans as a female impersonator He s come to terms with the fact that he likes to dress in women s clothes as weLuciu [PDF] Embrace My Reflection | by ´ T.A. Chase - Embrace My Reflection, Embrace My Reflection Lucius Montagne and Ronnie Lake were best friends during high school and in those two years they fell in love But Lucius joined the army and left Ronnie behind to deal with the pain of being alone N

  • Title: Embrace My Reflection
  • Author: T.A. Chase
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  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Embrace My Reflection | by ´ T.A. Chase, Embrace My Reflection, T.A. Chase, Embrace My Reflection Lucius Montagne and Ronnie Lake were best friends during high school and in those two years they fell in love But Lucius joined the army and left Ronnie behind to deal with the pain of being alone Now a decade later Ronnie works at Cindi s Cabaret in New Orleans as a female impersonator He s come to terms with the fact that he likes to dress in women s clothes as weLuciu

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[PDF] Embrace My Reflection | by ´ T.A. Chase - Embrace My Reflection, Embrace My Reflection Lucius Montagne and Ronnie Lake were best friends during high school and in those two years they fell in love But Lucius joined the army and left Ronnie behind to deal with the pain of being alone N


Lucius Montagne and Ronnie Lake met in high school Ronnie was being bullied by a couple of homophobic twins and Lucius came to his rescue, solidifying an instant friendship, one that grew easily throughout those turbulent high school years.At 18 years old though, Lucius had signed up for the military, was shipping off to boot camp and leaving Ronnie and his love behind Not before spending one passionate night together, however A night that both men held close to their hearts for the next ten yea [...]

MsMiz (Tina)

Ronnie and Lucius are great together I really liked the fact that while they were apart for 10 years, they understood and were accepting of the experiences they each had while away There was no jealousy and getting upset, just a feeling that it was what was necessary to bring them together again.

Delane Davis

T.A Chase always delivers a wonderful story The one thing I love about Emrace My Reflection is the main characters Ronnie He is all man even while wearing silk and satin and strong enough to love himself even when those who should love him best turned their back The best part is the love was solid between Ronnie and Lucious despite the years apart and their coming together was beautiful Embrace My Reflection is a must read and will remain on my TBR list as they are characters I would love to rev [...]


I m not a big fan of this author but I wanted to read this story with a cross dressing MC Unfortunately I found the writing style bland The thoughts Lucius has about crossdressing sound like he s reading them from a politically correct flyer The preachy tone spoiled the story for me.


While I like T.A Chase s writing a few of her recent offerings have not been my favourites However, in my opinion, this book indicates to me anyway , that she s back I thought that the protagonists, although not perfect, were well drawn other than a few niggles, and the supporting characters were fully fleshed out In many books with cross dressers the characters are cardboard cut outs, but in Embrace My Reflection T.A Chase makes her cross dressing character three dimensional and sympathetic Ron [...]

Dee Wy

This was an extremely sweet story A friend of mine would call it sugar kink it was so sweet But Ronnie s character stole the show You ve got to love a guy who is happy to have a penis but when he wears his comfortable jeans puts them on with silk panties and high heels, lol.Ronnie and Lucius were best friends in high school and lost their virginity to each other the night before Lucius left town, and it s been ten years since they ve seen each other when the story begins The plot with the stalke [...]


A great cross dresser x cop childhood friends lovers reunited story Embrace My Reflection was very, very sweet, I had a silly grin on my face the whole time I spent reading it Both main and side characters felt real and three dimensional Plus points for author for providing some background and soul identity searching on the subject Exactly what I needed 3.5 stars also contains a scary stalker and some very hot loving


3.5 starsHaving a protagonist like Ronnie Lake is a breath of fresh air I love him uhm, her for embracing who he is Even if he must faces judgment from other people, it doesn t really put him down It is a lovely story and there is tenderness between the two of them that just makes it wonderful The scene where Lucius touches Ronnie s hair and notices how soft it is, is sweet.


This was a sweet and fun read Ronnie and Lucius met in high school and became best friend but life led them down separate paths 10 years later they meet up The relationship picks up from where it left off Just a nice sweet read I like books that show that just because a male character is effeminate or wears female clothes doesn t mean he s not a man or that he s not desirable.


I was a bit reluctant to read this book because of the cross dresser topic, although the reunion of childhood high school friends is my favorite sub genre I made a list for it I m glad I gave it a try It is one of the better books in MM romance.Ronnie and Lucius have been best friends during high school Upon graduation, Lucius enlisted in the Army and was sent to Afghanistan Iraq, while Ronnie stayed and work as a female impersonator They shared their first time the night before Lucius went to t [...]


If you like reading about a sexy man in lace panties, then this is the book for you Ronnie and Lucius were so sweet together it had me smiling a lot Even though they hadn t seen each other for 10 years, their reunion was pretty much angst free because this wasn t a case of unrequited love or unresolved hard feelings As young lovers in high school they found first time love together, and that love only seemed to deepen over the years that they were apart They both wanted to get out of the small t [...]


Sweet romance, though perhaps leaning too far toward saccharine I liked that Ronnie was so comfortable with himself, and that Lucius accepted him for who he was with no issues I did not like the writing though, and I had an issue with a major plot point Ronnie and Lucius had not spoken for 10 years after Lucius joined the army I don t get why they couldn t have stayed in contact Lucius joined in the era of DADT, but they could have hidden their relationship, or at least stayed friends They didn [...]

Karen K

I m a big fan of T.A Chase and I really enjoyed this book Lucius and Ronnie are great characters and I love that they have a history together Ronnie is a strong, emotional man who just happen to feel comfortable dressing as a woman and he does it with style and grace, together with Lucius they are a fantastic couple My only issues with this book is that it seemed to move very fast and the dialogue was a little stiff maybe part of that is the shorter length of the book Still a really good read, [...]


I actually really enjoyed this book There was no real character development, but I truly appreciated its originality I ll definitely be reading by this author.


Flat and one dimensional characters.


All tell, no show storyline was much better than the writing.


This was a sweet and fun read I loved Ronnie He s absolutely gorgeous and Lucius sounds yum I d love to read about these two That s really my only complaintI want

Lexi Ander

I love first love stories Loved, loved Ronnie and Lucious together The ending was strung out a little long for me but I loved everything else.


Synopsis Lucius and Ronnie were friends in high school, but Lucius joined the army and left Ronnie behind Years later, Ronnie is a female impersonator and Lucius is a police officer who comes looking for him when he finds out where Ronnie is Lucius finds out that Ronnie has a stalker, and does whatever he can to protect Ronnie.What I liked I liked that fact that Lucius loved Ronnie, just Ronnie, not Ronnie the gay guy I also liked the fact that Ronnie was comfortable with who he was and wasn t g [...]


This was a great story about relationships and reconnecting and is of the focus than the situation to first get them together As usual with one of TA s books, I connected with the main characters on an emotional level, which is what hooked me in the first TA Chase book I read The secondary characters are people you want to know about and hope to see books that will give you about them and thankfully, later this year, a sequel is coming out so it will be interesting to see how the main charac [...]


T.A Chase is back on her game with Embrace My Reflection I was ready to abandon her as an automatic buy after recent efforts for example, Shades of Dreams was woeful compared to some of her other works Female impersonator, Ronnie Veronica Lake, and New Orleans detective, Lucius Montagne, make a great couple There are some good secondary characters as well and the plot makes sense.I also loved the cover, but since Ronnie is described as beautiful, blonde, and blue eyed , who is that drag queen on [...]

Rachel Emily

I think someone else said the same thing already, but it seems like TA Chase is back on track with this one I was kinda disappointed with a couple of previous releases, but I really, really enjoyed this story I loved the characters and how sweet it was, Ronnie especially I really liked that they didn t angst over the 10 year separation, but both realized they needed that time to become the men they are in the present Really enjoyed it, this has everything I love about a TA Chase written story.

Dallie P

Loved the premise, but the dialogue was laughable and there was zero development I couldn t stop rolling my eyes through the whole thing I loved Ronnie and that he was happy with who he was, but the ugly part just kind of ruined it for me, since she destroyed everything she had built up about his character being content with who he was Add another nine chapters to this story and I think it would have been good, but it was just too fast paced.


I enjoy the theme of cross dressing Men in satin and lace Yum One of my favourite M M Romance characters ever is an effeminate man Unfortunately, this book didn t quite do it for me I just didn t feel the connection between Lucius and Ronnie we were told about their love and connection but it wasn t made tangible for me, perhaps because I found some of the dialogue to be stilted or overblown.


Three stars for the story one star for the sweetness that shines on all pages into dialogues between all protagonist.Brave, bold and proud by themselves are the friends by Cindi s Cabaret Ronnie is little one, piece of cake , he is good and innocent and love silk and lace Lucius , though at the beginning I not liked him, is a character strong but that love Ronnie tenderly, so this book is a enjoy reading.


I really wanted to love this book, but it felt seriously rushed, from beginning to end I was just barely getting to know the MC s who skipped through the re introduction like it had been a couple of months that had almost been planned , when the suspense action went into overdrive The rescue, while I was glad no one got to traumatized, almost seemed to happen too fast.Hopefully, the second book will be better I do still intend to read it.


Kind of a 3.5 for me I enjoyed the main characters And the supporting characters as well I wish that the story had been longer with suspense on the crime front I would have also like to see Lucius take Ronnie out on that date, out in public, and prove than just say that he was okay with Ronnie being a cross dresser Not that I doubted it, it s just that I felt this story could easily be a 5 with expansion.


I love both of these characters How Ronnie Veronica waited 10 years for Lucius to come back to him How Lucius knew from high school that he loved Ronnie Such a sweet story of acceptance and love The stalker thing was ok and the secondary characters were awesome Would like read a little of their story.

Brenda Maldonado

I really wanted to love this book, but somehow it fell flat for me Ronnie and Lucius didn t quite have the depth of characterization that I would have liked I LOVE stories that feature characters that are cross dressers, but prefer if cross dressing does not define the character In this case, I felt that Ronnie was mostly defined by his cross dressing and not much else.

Vfields Don't touch my happy!

Subject matter was a 5 for me because there should be mention of cross dressing men The MCs were right for each other I just wish we had spent time with these two before they reunited It would have given them a well rounded development.

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