Aug 18, 2022
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✓ Cathedral ´ Raymond Carver, Cathedral, Raymond Carver, Cathedral Raymond Carver s third collection of stories a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize including the canonical titular story about blindness and learning to enter the very different world of another These twelve stories mark a turning point in Carver s work and overflow with the danger excitement mystery and possibility of life Carver is a writer of astonishing compaRaymond Carver s third co ✓ Cathedral ´ Raymond Carver - Cathedral, Cathedral Raymond Carver s third collection of stories a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize including the canonical titular story about blindness and learning to enter the very different world of another These t

  • Title: Cathedral
  • Author: Raymond Carver
  • ISBN: 9780679723691
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
✓ Cathedral ´ Raymond Carver, Cathedral, Raymond Carver, Cathedral Raymond Carver s third collection of stories a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize including the canonical titular story about blindness and learning to enter the very different world of another These twelve stories mark a turning point in Carver s work and overflow with the danger excitement mystery and possibility of life Carver is a writer of astonishing compaRaymond Carver s third co

✓ Cathedral ´ Raymond Carver - Cathedral, Cathedral Raymond Carver s third collection of stories a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize including the canonical titular story about blindness and learning to enter the very different world of another These t

Luca Ambrosino

English Cathedral ItalianoThis collection of twelve stories by Raymond Carver is the perfect example of how to compromise the reader s frame of mind by talking about daily events Thanks also to a minimal prose, Carver has the great virtue of guessing than any other author that the everyday and the ordinary, such as a home accident, a watch robbery or even the death are the most familiar events that bind us to life The result is an emotional earthquake in the reader Among the twelve short novels [...]

Glenn Russell

American author Raymond Carver 1938 1988 master of the short storyA dozen Raymond Carver stories collected here as part of the 1980s Vintage Contemporaries series Since other reviewers have commented on all twelve, I ll share some short short cuts from the title story, my reflections on Carver doozy, a story I dearly love Here goes CATHEDRALThe Blind Man The narrator s wife is bringing her old friend, a blind man, home for a visit since the blind man made the trip to Connecticut to visit relativ [...]

Camille Stein

Cathedral Anne Manteleers graphic designer illustrator ow vtAbV J P and I are on the front porch at Frank Martin s drying out facility Like the rest of us at Frank Martin s, J P is first and foremost a drunk But he s also a chimney sweep It s his first time here, and he s scared I ve been here once before What s to say I m back My eyes were still closed I was in my house I knew that But I didn t feel like I was inside anything.Dreams, you know, are what you wake up from La maestr a de Raymond Ca [...]


I had no Idea who Raymond Carver was before I picked this collection of short stories Of course, I asked the great oracles of the Internet to feed me information about him, and they told me that Mr.Carver is one of the American literary gods who revived the dying short story literary form in the 80s My primary concern was for the short story medium that almost died in the 80s, and don t worry, I checked and they are thriving nowadays.As I read Carver s stories, I understood that he is a maestro [...]

Glenn Sumi

Raymond Carver is one of the most influential writers of the late 20th century, and this volume, published five years before his tragically early death at 50, has the feel of an American classic.It includes some of his most famous short stories Feathers, Chef s House, A Small, Good Thing, Vitamins, Where I m Calling From and the mysterious title tale I ve read and studied some of the stories before, but this was my first time reading the book cover to cover Here are a few observations 1 Boy do t [...]

Ahmad Sharabiani

Cathedral stories , Raymond Carver Cathedral is the third major press collection of short stories by American writer Raymond Carver, published in 1983.The collection contains the following stories Feathers , Chef s House , Preservation , The Compartment , A Small, Good Thing An extended version of his earlier short story The Bath Vitamins , Careful , Where I m Calling From , The Train , Fever , The Bridle , Cathedral Narrated by a man whose wife is old friends with a blind man, the story shows t [...]

Paul Bryant

Just another genius collection of laconic grimly funny or just grim short stories by Carver, like his other four My favourites Feathers A guy and his wife are invited for dinner at a workmate s house Bud and Olla have a peacock and a really ugly baby Even calling it ugly does it credit Preservation A guy loses his job and his life disintegrates The fridge breaks down His wife gets ready to go to an auction to buy a new one That s all, folks A Small Good Thing A boy is hit by a car and later dies [...]


Vite di chi deve ripartire Per parecchio tempo io e mia moglie ci amavamo pi di ogni altra cosa e pi di chiunque al mondo Compresi i bambini Pensavamo, anzi, eravamo convinti che saremmo invecchiati insieme Questa era la cosa pi triste di tutte qualsiasi cosa avrebbero fatto d ora in poi, l avrebbero fatta ciascuno per conto suo Istantanee di vita osservate dietro un vetro.Carver narra il quotidiano attraverso un linguaggio semplice e curato, capace di accarezzare come velluto e corrodere quanto [...]


This book changed my life, sent me on my way to becoming a writer, and quite literally was the reason my girlfriend and I got together Yeah Soul mates Me and Carver.

Ilenia Zodiaco

C in questa raccolta qualcosa che sfugge a qualsiasi definizione Qualcosa che vi vestir di incertezza, che vi far sentire storpi e del tutto impreparati alla vita, dei principianti Eppure, meno soli In un cerchio di tristezze, al centro un fuoco.

David Schaafsma

After two collections of beautifully written, lean but grim and mercilessly sad working class stories, Carver lets the reins loose a bit in this 1983 collection, allowing some of the stories to expand just a bit, in various ways Almost all of the stories in Will You Please Be Quiet, Please 1976 and What We Talk About When We Talk About Love 1981 are about working class people on the edge of tragedy, or seen at the end of a slow tragic decline, though it s not classic tragedy, of a great man say, [...]

Chiara Sono sempre vissuta nel castello

Piccole poesie raccontate con un linguaggio essenziale, concreto, efficace Da leggere assolutamente I miei racconti preferiti sono stati una cosa piccola ma buona , cattedrale , Conservazione e la casa di Chef Penne La casa di chef Conservazione Lo scompartimento Una cosa piccola ma buona Vitamine Attento Da dove sto chiamando Il treno Febbre La briglia Cattedrale


Simboli inesauribili E solo che, sapete, quando si scrivono racconti, i nostri peggiori nemici siamo solo noi stessi, capite O siamo l che mettiamo cose di cui non c davvero bisogno, di cui il lettore pu fare benissimo a meno possiamo infatti presumere che il lettore riempia i nostri vuoti da solo oppure nascondiamo quel che conta sul serio Insomma, secondo me qui c gi tutto Da Il mestiere di scrivereTi racconta cose possibili e reali, Raymond Carver La sua voce cos intensa, autentica e specific [...]


A volte credo di dare troppa importanza a quello che leggo Non fraintendetemi, non sono certa di riuscire a spiegare al meglio quello che vorrei dire nella mia vita ho pochissimi punti fermi, ma una delle poche certezze, una delle poche cose su cui non ho mai avuto dubbi proprio l importanza che per me ha la letteratura, e non credo di voler cambiare questo fatto Quello che intendo dire qualcosa che probabilmente non riuscir a dire, e allora faccio un passo indietro e provo a ricominciare da un [...]

PGR Nair

The title Story cathedral is one of the best American stories of last century.The theme is the communication gap that isolates relationships The narrator drinks too much and seems unable to adequately communicate with his wife The wife has earlier tried to commit suicide because of loneliness Both the narrator and his wife are unable to effectively communicate with one another however, his wife communicates freely and well with the blind man The narrator is very resistant to getting to know this [...]


On finishing this magnficent collection, I am moved Carver is a gem The final story, in particular, strikes home, since I once spent many hours in College with a guy who was blind as a stone, sitting up late hours, also as in Cathedral , passing the hooch and talking about being blind and seeing and colors and sounds what a loss, Carver s early death Oh, what a lossI ve now read the three collections and the feeling of sadness that there s not another one just sort of smothers the heart well, I [...]


For reasons that become increasingly clear to me as I age, Raymond Carver will always be my short story God Having just put down Cathedral, I think I can put my finger on it a bit better than usual So grab a beer, put your feet up here s the ashtray I m gonna do a little bit of testifying.As much as I d like to be Rocketman, Alaric Darconville, or Ishmael, the fact of the matter is that I m nothing or less than a character in a Carver story I m a person unexceptional by almost every measure, go [...]


Per capire che atmosfera si respiri nei dodici racconti di Cattedrale basta cercare su Google Edward Hopper, e voil il gioco fatto Avevo gi parlato di atmosfera Hopperiana palpabile, in un altro romanzo americano, ma in Carver la cosa balza proprio all occhio.Io sono un amante delle edizioni illustrate, le illustrazioni mi piacciono da impazzire, perch mi fanno considerare le cose da un altro punto di vista Non influenzano la mia versione dei personaggi e degli ambienti ,che gi mi sono creata da [...]


Questa volta sapevo cosa aspettarmi, non stato come incontrarli una sera dopo cena e non sapersene staccare prima di averli letti tutti Di cosa parliamo quando parliamo d a Questa volta mi son preso tempo.Ci sono due condizioni per apprezzare Carver la prima il desiderio di realt Chiunque sia appassionato di fantasy, horror, fantascienza, pu lasciar perdere Carver racconta ci che vede I suoi personaggi non sono eroi, non sono psicopatici, non sono persone speciali, nella maggior parte dei casi s [...]

Mevsim Yenice

Carver yle usta bir yk c ki, anlatma bi imini, hakk nda konu tu u eye d n t rmeyi ba ar yor Hem de hi fark ettirmeden yap yor bunu Bir manada form, i erikten ayirt edilmez hale geliyor Kitaba ad n veren Katedral ad ndaki yk insan k skand racak cinsten T yler, Katedral ve K k yi Bir ey benim favorilerim oldu Kitap boyunca alttan alta nedense hep cocuk sahibi olan ciftlerin evliliginin ve aralarindaki askin bitttigini vermis Carver Bir niyeti olsa gerek ya da meselesi Gun icinde dunyadan kopmak, b [...]


This is the collection where Carver shakes off the label of minimalist.His previous editor, Gordon Lish, was known for paring Carver s stories down to the bone But in this collection, free from Lish s pencil, he is able to be expansive The stories still concern average shmoes living clumsy lives, but now Carver gives himself the space for incident More emotional nuance Not only that, but he s funnier, and he was fairly funny to begin with.I read a volume of his poems recently Like these storie [...]


On Christmas Eve, 1989, I sat in my room as snow fell outside I was 20 years old That night, I read this book cover to cover I didn t mean to Carver s voice and characters just grabbed hold of me and wouldn t let go It s one of the few books I ve ever read in one sitting These characters, I found, weren t like made up people from most other fiction I d read up to that time They were my friends, neighbors, coworkers and to some extent, me Upon completing Cathedral, I was certain of three things 1 [...]


Cada cuento de este libro es una caricia de una mano fr a.


C tutta l anima dell America degli anni 60 in questa splendida raccolta di racconti di Raymond Carver, il mio primo incontro con questo autore, che mi ha fatto perdutamente innamorare di lui Un tuffo nell esistenza delle gente comune, della gente di tutti i giorni, con le sue aspirazioni, le sue ambizioni, i suoi incidenti di percorso, le sue routine, le sue incomprensioni, i suoi fallimenti e le sue frustrazioni Appena ho iniziato a leggere Cattedrale ho subito intuito di avere fra le mani un l [...]


Nella speranza che non mi sia sfuggito qualche codicillo locale per il quale sono previste pene corporali per chi non fa scintille per Carver, mi ritiro umilmente e in buon ordine a riflettere sul suo non minimalismo, sul non essenzialismo, sul sottrazionismo, sul linearismo, sul lirismo della porta accanto, su come sia facile e comodo preferire gli epigoni a lui dopo di lui, ch se non ci fosse stato lui non ci sarebbe nessuno adesso da preferirgli e cose cos.

Momina Masood

Our Favorite Faded FantasiesCarver winds and unwinds the silken threads which hold us together, our essential vulnerability as human beings, our failures, our disappointments What I have loved about this set of stories is their tenderness and silence Men and women are explored in a discreet, subtle writing style that is very effective It implies and leaves much to the imagination but in a way that is not cerebral at all rather the things Carver leaves unsaid are those we understand to the bone, [...]


Cathedral is a collection of short stories by Raymond Carver Each story explores everyday moments in humanity, as well as common issues like relationships and alcoholism Carver s writing style is minimalist, so there are no moments of long description of setting or characters Carver focuses on plot and themes, and each story ends with a slight cliffhanger, leaving it up to the reader to decide what happens.I read this book for my Contemporary American Literature class, and I loved it All the sto [...]


After years of being told that Raymond Carver was the epitome of quality short story writing I finally read one of his books I m all in favour of sparse, concise prose that describe the minutiae of everyday life if it offers reveals the extraordinary within the ordinary With many of the stories in Cathedral I kept thinking, And I did not feel that Carver s subtle observations amounted to any great insight The only story that lingers in my mind is A Small, Good Thing in which a couple whose child [...]

Trevor Frazier

Perfection Every story in this collection is gold Raymond Carver is on another level when it comes to writing stories that encapsulate real life and real people, especially the ones who are so often skipped over in literature There is darkness here, but also hope Out of the three collections of Carver s I have read, this one had the most redemption My favorites A Small, Good Thing I don t often cry, while reading or any other time really, but by the end of this story I had shed a few tears The r [...]


C un racconto abbastanza celebre di Raymond Carver che d il titolo a una sua raccolta anche questa abbastanza celebre, Cattedrale in questo racconto, il narratore parla di un incontro a casa sua con un vecchio amico di sua moglie Questo amico cieco dalla nascita e dopo alcuni convenevoli, presentazioni e quant altro, il narratore inizia a studiarlo come se fosse non un semplice cieco, ma un problema scientifico, un bel grattacapo Era un tizio che non conoscevo affatto, e il fatto che fosse cieco [...]

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