Jan 19, 2022
Summer at Seaside Cove
Posted by Jacquie D'Alessandro

[PDF] Summer at Seaside Cove | by Æ Jacquie D'Alessandro, Summer at Seaside Cove, Jacquie D'Alessandro, Summer at Seaside Cove After Janie Newman s half sister Laurel steals her boyfriend Jamie leaves New York and the humiliation behind for the island of Seaside Cove North Carolina But the cozy cottage she booked turns out to be a rundown bungalow And she s not alone Her drama prone mother angst ridden niece and newly dumped Laurel all follow her down With a cottage this crowded will sheAfter Ja [PDF] Summer at Seaside Cove | by Æ Jacquie D'Alessandro - Summer at Seaside Cove, Summer at Seaside Cove After Janie Newman s half sister Laurel steals her boyfriend Jamie leaves New York and the humiliation behind for the island of Seaside Cove North Carolina But the cozy cottage she booked turns out

  • Title: Summer at Seaside Cove
  • Author: Jacquie D'Alessandro
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Summer at Seaside Cove | by Æ Jacquie D'Alessandro, Summer at Seaside Cove, Jacquie D'Alessandro, Summer at Seaside Cove After Janie Newman s half sister Laurel steals her boyfriend Jamie leaves New York and the humiliation behind for the island of Seaside Cove North Carolina But the cozy cottage she booked turns out to be a rundown bungalow And she s not alone Her drama prone mother angst ridden niece and newly dumped Laurel all follow her down With a cottage this crowded will sheAfter Ja

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[PDF] Summer at Seaside Cove | by Æ Jacquie D'Alessandro - Summer at Seaside Cove, Summer at Seaside Cove After Janie Newman s half sister Laurel steals her boyfriend Jamie leaves New York and the humiliation behind for the island of Seaside Cove North Carolina But the cozy cottage she booked turns out

Lady Lioness

After spending April reading the bulk of Kristen Ashley s work and May re reading Robin D Owens, I ve decided to spend June trying to mop up the RITA nominees Summer at Seaside Cove was nominated for best contemporary I thought it was okay, but nothing too earth shattering The jilted woman runs away to a cottage cabin by a body of water plot has been done before And One Last Thing by Molly Harper, in particular, springs to mind incidentally, this was also a nominee for a contemporary RITA in 201 [...]


Reviewed for heartsonfirereviews p 1301I laughed so many times during my reading adventure of this great book, that I lost count, what an amazing story.This is a must read for anyone looking for a feel good contemporary romance, caution Be prepared to laugh out loud with Summer at Seaside Cove Jacquie has a real winner with this book and its sequel coming out in 2012, her writing style is a breath of fresh air, and her story is solid and well told, with outstanding characters and witty dialogue [...]


I have never seen an author ignore her own subplots so much.She literally had the heroine move 700 miles away to get away from her crazy family, then had her mother follow her thereen we don t see the mother for over 100 pages The mother s boyfriend shows up and his big lines are do you need help with the luggage and at least your not a red sox fan then her niece shows up At least the niece occasionally shows up on the page.When the hero tells her his big secret she like the rest of us is like, [...]

Nancy H

This is a perfect beach, but also a perfect fall read or living room read or wherever you are read The outcome might be predictable, but the characters who intrude into Jamie s life are anything but predictable, especially the hot man her landlord from next door whom she is prepared to hate Throw in lots of family drama, courtesy of her mother, her mother s boyfriend, her beloved niece, and her detested sister, and you have a page turner well worth giving up sleep for


I really like the premise for this book, Jamie runs away from her life in New York after her sister steals her boyfriend She heads to a small seaside town in North Carolina I think it was North Carolina where she finds herself living in a rundown beach house There she encounters her next door neighbor landlord Nick and as you would expect the sparks fly.This book could have been much better if it focused on the central characters As it turned out, Jamie s mother, niece, sister and her mother s y [...]

Fira Rosli

I think I ll just stick with Alessadro s historical romance books rather then her contemporary ones Honestly, this book bored me to death and I read this in the bus en route to my work place It didn t sparkle any interest or whatsoever feelings that I have to feel when reading a romance book Lovely and adorable characters though but still the story plot was too boring and predictable for me I guess it s just me who s apparently not in the mood for a modern romance story after waiting for 3 buses [...]


Was reading merrily along and loving every word when suddenly about 2 3 way through I completely lost interest I was trying to put my finger on why and realized it was because the sexual tension was gone and the story meandered along While this isn t necessarily a bad thing, I was expecting something else to come along and it didn t.I ve read other by this author and enjoyed them I m sure I would have enjoyed the heck out of this one if only spoiler the hero and heroine kept banging heads rather [...]

Kristina Simon

I got this book years ago I don t know why it s taken me so long to take it off my shelf, but I m so glad I finally did It was excellent The dialogue is funny and incredibly entertaining The story as a whole was emotional and satisfying I ll be reading contemporaries from Ms D Alessandro as soon as one is published.

Rachel Rogers

Wasn t sure what to expect in this book but I m glad I gave it a try Fun, funny, quick read, some depth but not alot Just what I was looking for in a summer read An added bonus was discovering that there s a sequel another in the series.

Dark Faerie Tales

Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Jamie runs from her life in New York City and ends up in Seaside Cove, North Carolina only to have her family arrive on her front doorstep.Opening Sentence The decapitated, plastic pink flamingo, standing ass feathers deep in what looked like poison ivy, was Jamie Newman s first clue that doom had followed her from New York.The Review Contemporary romances should be a fine wine that you savor through out a meal but often than not you are served ch [...]


Thanks to Hils review at Impressions of a Reader, I gave Ms Alessandro s contemporary romance a try So very happy I did This was a lovely, witty romance with a heroine I could totally relate to and a hero that I adored The small coastal town adds just the right amount of sweetness without overwhelming the romance.Jamie Newman is running away But that s okay because she deserves to run and take shelter far away from pain and betrayal The only trouble is, she can t seem to shake her bad luck or he [...]


4.5 5 B Looking back at Summer at Seaside Cove, there s nothing about it that screams wowzer and yet, it turned out to be a great read I really can t say how much I enjoyed Summer at Seaside Cove A big part of it were the characters, especially Jamie and Nick They were interesting and likable characters whom you could relate to and I guess that s why they felt real I liked the fact that they got to know each other better, amending their first impressions, and appreciate each other before giving [...]


I was thrilled to see Jacquie D Alessandro going back to contemporaries, because I adore when she writes them Her characters are always down to earth and realistic, and the romances are sweet with a great touch of humor I was doubly excited that the Caf chose this book for the official discussion in June as well I could share my love of Jacquie D with my favorite peeps Jamie Newman has to get away from her problems She s managed her family s restaurant, Newman s, in NYC, all her adult life, but [...]


New York restaurant manager Jamie Newman rents a beach cottage for two months on Seaside Cove, NC after being cheated on by her boyfriend, with her half sister Jamie needs some time to herself to re evaluate her life When she arrives at the cozy beach side bungalow as it was advertised on the realtor s website, she is greeted by a decapitated pink flamingo surrounded by a weed strewn yard and a rundown, ramshackle house on stilts, which apparently has not been updated since 1972 As a storm arriv [...]

Once Upon a Twilight

Jamie felt that by putting 700 miles in between her life drama and the back staving half sister who stole her boyfriend , she could get away and have a chance to recover from the humiliation But her life was getting from bad to worse when she finds that her getaway rental cottage retreat is far from a retreat and like a nightmare She confronts Nick, the owner, only to find that she has trouble keeping her wits around the guy, and will have no choice but to tough it out for the 2 months that she [...]

Heidi Rice

Wow, just finished Nick and Jamie literally leap off the page at you when they re not steaming it up that is Particularly enjoyed their early encounters which were laugh out loud funny as well as being very Hot Just the sort of book I love with lots of sparkling dialogue, very funny internal thought even the dog s eye view was spot on a great setting suddenly have a desire to go to the little island of Seaside Cove and attend a clam festival not something I would have previously expected of myse [...]


When Jamie Newman s half sister steals her boyfriend, Jamie escapes the hustle and bustle of her busy New York life to take some time for herself for once Seaside Cove is supposed to be her sanctuary, but her charming cottage turns out to be a run down bungalow, her landlord Nick is an annoyingly sexy man with secrets, and now her troubles from back home are following her one by one This was a charming book with likable characters, hot sex scenes, and a clever sense of humor reminiscent of Jill [...]

Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)

So I ve read a few Jacquie D Alessandro stories before They ve been Harlequin Blaze books or short stories in other anthologies And even though they ve been short, I ve like her humor and her characters So when I was browsing the library and saw a full length contemporary romance I had to try it I m glad I did.Jamie Newman heads to a small NC beach town to get away from her problems and figure out where her life is going Unfortunately as everyone knows running away from your problems isn t so ea [...]


Contemporary romance, which isn t JDA s usual She does a darn good job for a Regency romance chick A reread for me Loved Nick Jamie Godiva Cupcake were suitably cute Loved Godiva s thoughts The romance was sweet not at all rushed The problems were solved after a lot of effort on both sides The H h s dilemma was resolved without a lot of stupidity.The villainess was in reality just someone who did a thoughtless, stupid thing She begged forgiveness for it When I originally reviewed this for , I ca [...]

Barb in Maryland

Nothing spectacular going on here just a nice, sometimes sweet romance Jamie has fled NYC to coastal NC for the summer to try and put her life together She s rented a beach cottage in the Outer Banks very fictional community of Seaside Cove Her hunky next door neighbor, Nick, is also her landlord He s rather mysterious, but turns out to be a cool guy Their relationship starts off prickly, and then slowly develops into a really hawt summer romance There s the requisite number of quirky secondary [...]


Nick and Jamie Jamie takes a vacation from her family and family business restaurant in NY to Florida for 2 months The rented house is run down, and Nick Trent in the next house is the owner of the rental house Jamie wanted to get away from her troubles Her boyfriend left Jamie for her older step sister, but her Mom, niece, and Lauren step sister who slept with Jamie s boyfriend all follow her to Florida Cute story, warm hotness, not too exciting story no murder or mistery OK and cute read Wante [...]

Ann Lorz

I was really excited about reading this book It sounded so good I ve been into contemporary romance lately and I added this story to the list The problem for me was this book took forever to get anywhere It was boring It wasn t that I didn t like either Jamie or Nick I think that if the book moved better and faster it would have been a good story Instead by the end, I didn t care any If you into books that are slower paced I think you d like this But for us that want to be sitting at the edge o [...]


Enjoyable read Story of Jamie, manager of family restaurant in New York City who goes to Seaside Cove, North Carolina to get away from family and responsibilities after a particularly bad breakup with a man There she meets a man, Nick, her landlord, makes lots of new friends and gets involved in the local community Then mayhem ensues when her family follows her 1 by 1 There is going to be a followup book, definitely putting on my list.


So this book was a book club selection Not a bad book at all but it wasn t the best book in my opinion It is about Janie and her summer away from life and all of its dramas She goes to Seaside Cove to finally get an over due break only to have things not turn out how she expected The writing in the book was okay at times I felt like it just dragged out I really enjoyed the story but in the end it was really kind of predictable.


Cute, easy, summer reading I read it over the course of a few days, so it wasn t really compelling but it made for a decent fun read I m of a fan of intense dramatic thriller romance contemporaries, but I d probably give it 2 and a half stars Took a while to get going but there was some good chemistry between the leads Don t think I d read it again but I might read the next one in the series if that makes any sense


Set in South Carolina on a small island, there s a sense of community There s also an hysterical cast of characters Jamie and Nick along with a cat named Cupcake, a dog named Godiva, a ramshackle beach house with a decapitated lawn flamingo out front, a cougar mother with her boyfriend and a niece There s also an Italian Jewish restaurant Oy Vey Mama Mia with owners who are adorable and provide wise advice It s a beach pool read that s an enjoyable and a little steamy story.


I love this book The chemistry between Jamie and Nick is hot and the way they are fighting it is so funny I can t stop laughing the conversations between the two of them are hilarious I can t say it enough, I love this book, the main characters are a perfect counter balance to each other The background characters are just as funny and their stories are just as interesting I would highly recommend this book for a fun time.


This was a cute, fun read Heroine has temporarily abandoned her job to sort out her life, and winds up in a rental that s falling down around her ears which sparks a prickly relationship with the hero, her landlord And then her life follows her to North Carolina I couldn t figure out where along the east coast this was for the longest, but finally, late in the story, I stumbled across it First one family member shows up, then well, read it It s a good read.

Jude Bown

Love Jacquie s work Very clever and funny Jacquie s brilliance is in her great love scenesextremely sensual without great detail This was a dutiful daughter story which could have resulted in extreme angst from weighty family issues She beautifully balanced the underlying struggles with the anticipated hope of a joy filled life for the heroine Totally loved the quirky community folk I do love me some quirk

Evie Owens

This book was highly recommended to me by a good friend so I bought it immediately And I did enjoy it It was light but also emotional, two of my favorite things in contemporary romance It wasn t quite the keeper for me, that it was for my friend, but I was glad I read it and am interested in the next book in the series.

  • [PDF] Summer at Seaside Cove | by Æ Jacquie D'Alessandro
    247 Jacquie D'Alessandro
Summer at Seaside Cove