Oct 07, 2022
Peter's Chair
Posted by Ezra Jack Keats

Free Download Peter's Chair - by Ezra Jack Keats, Peter's Chair, Ezra Jack Keats, Peter s Chair When Peter finds out that his blue furniture is being painted pink for his new baby sister he takes the last unpainted item a chair and runs away Free Download Peter's Chair - by Ezra Jack Keats - Peter's Chair, Peter s Chair When Peter finds out that his blue furniture is being painted pink for his new baby sister he takes the last unpainted item a chair and runs away

  • Title: Peter's Chair
  • Author: Ezra Jack Keats
  • ISBN: 9781931016070
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
Free Download Peter's Chair - by Ezra Jack Keats, Peter's Chair, Ezra Jack Keats, Peter s Chair When Peter finds out that his blue furniture is being painted pink for his new baby sister he takes the last unpainted item a chair and runs away

Free Download Peter's Chair - by Ezra Jack Keats - Peter's Chair, Peter s Chair When Peter finds out that his blue furniture is being painted pink for his new baby sister he takes the last unpainted item a chair and runs away

Jermeria Daniel

I would use this book for students who may have a sibling on the way This is a great book yo use to prepare children for the arrival of another baby therefore creating a text to self connection.


I love Keats illustrations in this one It s a gentle story about a young boy who is jealous of his baby sister getting all his old baby things, until his old toddler s chair helps him realize an important truth.

Ken Moten

With all the events of the last few months, I nearly overlooked the fact that this year is the 100th birthday anniversary of one of America s greatest children s authors Ezra Jack Keats This book is one of the many of his that I read in my early elementary school days This books plot is to show young kids with younger siblings that they will be required to pass on some of their baby items to them Keats stalwart protagonist, Peter, has to learn, this lesson concerning his infant sister the story [...]

Emily Holter

I really enjoyed the book, Peter s Chair by Ezra Jack Keats The story starts out with a little boy, maybe around the age of four, playing inside his house with his blocks When his blocks crash down and make a noise, his mother reminds him to play quietly because they have a new baby in the house His mother and father are using all of Peter s old things, such as a crib, cradle, and high chair Peter becomes jealous and upset that his new, little sister is receiving his old things and his parents a [...]


First class presentation, this is.


Peter s Chair by Ezra Jack Keats demostrates the importance of learning to share and helps children realize that, as they get older, they will not be able to do the same things as before This story is about a little boy whose family is about to welcome a brand new baby girl as a result of this, they are painting all of Peter s baby things pink Well, naturally, he starts to feel left out, like all his baby things are being taken away from him for the new baby So, he decides to save the one thing [...]

Shahina Khanom

I really enjoyed reading this book as it teaches children about different concepts in life such a sharing, changes of getting older and also growing up Peter s parents are about to welcome a new addition to their family a baby girl and start to paint all of Peter s baby furniture pink He starts to get upset because he feels all his baby things are being taken away but doesn t realise he no longer needs them any because he is growing up He saves one item, his chair, but eventually when the family [...]


Peter s Chair is an amusing book about young boy that has difficulty coping with the idea of having a new sibling His parents keep painting his old belongings pink and giving it to his younger sister Susie However, Peter devises a plan to hide his old toddler chair, which his parents have not yet seen Towards the end of the book, Peter realises that he is too big for his things and comes round to the idea of his sister having them This is a wonderful book for explaining to young children the con [...]

Asalyn Holliday

Like Love You Forever I think this book would be good for learning about growing up and adapting to change I think this book is very easy to relate to and is very relevant to the lives of many students mainly those who are getting used to having a new sibling This book would be great for making personal connections and learning to express feelings an appropriate and constructive way.


Peter comes to terms with his baby sister Even though my son is mostly used to his sister, I still think these sorts of books help him understand that having a sister is something that little boys all over the world have to deal with.

Ebony Hargett

Great book for students with younger siblings I enjoyed reading this book because it is easy to relate to It focuses on growing up, getting angry, dealing with frustration and sharing with a baby sister Cute illustrations also Great flow of events in the story.


Genre Realistic FictionAwards N ASummary This is about a boy who had just recently become an older brother He sees his parents taking his things and making them suitable for the baby sister, which causes him to become jealous He thought he would run off with a chair before his parents painted it pink for sister, bu he found out it was too small In the end he tell s his parents that they should pain the chair pink for his little sister Prompt Questions Why do you think everything is being painte [...]

Andria Davis

This book is about a little boy named Peter who has a baby sister and gets jealous because his parents are painting all of his baby stuff pink so he tries to run away with his chair and then realizes he is too big for it.I like this book a lot This book would be good to read with a student who is having a hard time adjusting to a new baby in their house or just to have in your reading corner Traditional Lit

Jo Oehrlein

Good book for a big brother or big sister of a baby or one on the way.Peter is jealous as he sees all his old stuff his bed, his high chair get repurposed for his new little sister He decides to grab his chair before she can take it and run away He makes it to the sidewalk outside He realizes he can no longer sit in his chair because he s too big He sneaks back in the house, tricks his mother, and suggests prepping his old chair for his sister.

Jingyu Yuan

This book is talking about a boy named Peter and his family just got a new born baby named Susie He was playing with his toys and made some noise and his mother called him to stop because the baby still in the house And he found out that his crib and high chair were painted in pink because these are going to be his sister s Then he took his chair and the dog he kept ran away from his home After he got outside and he tried to sit in the chair but he couldn t because the chair is too small for him [...]


Peter has a new little sister His parents use his old crib and other things for his sister, painting them pink He is worried his little chair will succumb to the same fate, so he takes his chair and he andhis dog Willie run away all the way to outside his house His parents are understanding, and then Peter realizes he doesn t even fit into his chair any He has to make a decision.


Peter discovers that his old crib is being painted pink for his new baby sister Susie, and his high chair is about to be painted pink as well Peter decides to take his chair, and along with his dog Willie run away from home When he realizes that he has outgrown his chair, he offers to help his dad paint the chair pink for his sister.


A boy has a new little sister His parents have been painting his old baby furniture pink to use with his new sister Peter s not happy about the baby getting his old furniture, so he takes a chair that is still blue He runs away with the chair, but ends up changing his mind A good story for youngsters that will be getting a new little brother or sister.

Zoe Supina

Didn t quite understand the point of this story I suppose it s to help children cope with the idea of getting a new baby sibling, but even that I think it did a poor job with The illustrations are great but the story is just odd and enforces societal gender roles.

Kris Dersch

Peter s back, and he s going to be a big brother Great story for kids going through this transition, or really any kids How did he make these books so timeless I think that s an unanswerable question.


This book would be great to share with kids who have our will have younger siblings The artwork is so beautiful and unique The story shares that sometimes it takes others a little while longer to come to the same conclusion as the rest of us.

Hannah Groeschen

I liked this story because I felt like it did a good job of portraying the feelings of an older sibling who feels like they re being replaced by the newest addition to the family I liked the illustrations in this book because they of a style of pictures that I had never encountered before.

Laura G

Another great book portraying the transitions that older siblings go through when a baby comes into the family Makes me think of King Baby and Julius Baby of the World, to name a couple.


Peter s trick was very cool It could make a parent think that their somewhere else but their actually in another place.


Wonderful for teaching children how to share with a new sibling.

Rae B.

Requested at bedtime when we had it home from the library always a good sign My toddler particularly liked seeing recognizing Willie in the pictures with Peter.

lola Franco

I love this book The emotions are real The jealousy of the older child rings especially true I think it s a great book for a new older sibling.


A simple story about new siblings and growing older.


It s hard to share even when you realize you ve outgrown your old favorites

Britney Forbes

This story is about a young boy named Peter who is about to gain a new addition to the family, a baby sister but he isn t very happy about the changes that are already being made Peter struggles with sharing his old baby toys and things, but by the end, peter learns to love the new baby and becomes very excited having a little sister to love This story will help creat an additional learning and sharing opportunity about families for children to share about their baby brothers and sisters

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