Jun 19, 2021
Posted by Karen Kingsbury

Free Download Family - by Karen Kingsbury, Family, Karen Kingsbury, Family A Sensational TrialWhen Katy Hart travels to Los Angeles to testify against the knife wielding fan who tried to kill her she is hunted by paparazzi who quickly realize she is the mystery woman photographed with movie star Dayne Matthews Tension and pressure build to a dangerous level as Katy and Dayne seek private moments amidst the frenzy In the end Dayne s celebrityA Sensational TrialWh Free Download Family - by Karen Kingsbury - Family, Family A Sensational TrialWhen Katy Hart travels to Los Angeles to testify against the knife wielding fan who tried to kill her she is hunted by paparazzi who quickly realize she is the mystery woman photog

  • Title: Family
  • Author: Karen Kingsbury
  • ISBN: 9780842387460
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
Free Download Family - by Karen Kingsbury, Family, Karen Kingsbury, Family A Sensational TrialWhen Katy Hart travels to Los Angeles to testify against the knife wielding fan who tried to kill her she is hunted by paparazzi who quickly realize she is the mystery woman photographed with movie star Dayne Matthews Tension and pressure build to a dangerous level as Katy and Dayne seek private moments amidst the frenzy In the end Dayne s celebrityA Sensational TrialWh

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Free Download Family - by Karen Kingsbury - Family, Family A Sensational TrialWhen Katy Hart travels to Los Angeles to testify against the knife wielding fan who tried to kill her she is hunted by paparazzi who quickly realize she is the mystery woman photog

Tamara Tilley

After reading other reviews regarding FAMILY, and the Firstborn series as a whole, I would say I have to agree with some of the critical reviews regarding redundancy, exaggeration, and rehashing of the same scenes But because I wanted to continue with the series, and see where the Baxter family ends up before I move onto the Sunrise series, I had to learn to recognize the tells of Ms Kingsbury digressing into a reflective moment and condition myself to skim the large authorial or superfluous se [...]


This review may not be entirely fair because once again I was given this audiobook by someone else it turned out to be like the fourth in the series So I found that although I followed the story well enough I really didn t have much investment in the characters.Pretty standard romance plot between a hollywood movie star a regular person plus a trial involving a crazy stalker.Strong Christian theme too, which is certainly admirable, but personally as a Christian I find it a bit hard to swallow As [...]


While I recommend reading this book as part of the Baxter family saga, it wasn t my favorite in the series The paparazzi angle was crazy, overdone, and repetitive Some of it may have been realistic, but I felt like the book dwelt on it too much.I love the Baxter family their adventures though I really believe they are REAL

Reagan Soper

oh my yay so as I said in my last review, i take back any negative or remotely negative thing I have said about this book it ended with family and before I thought it wasn t going to happen well reagan, you were wrong and I m extremely happy that I was wrong and oh how could I forget DANYE AND KATY ARE ENGAGED oh the love I have for this series a definite recommend again, like the last book, 5 stars

Stephanie Dulac

i dont care what people say this book was amazing and i love her and her books this series is wonderful and i really cant wait to read forever


Honestly, I think Karen Kingsbury could have come up with a better title Sure, the Baxter series is all about family, but I guess what struck me the most about this book is not exactly family related.My favorite moment was when Dayne went on a 2 day vacation to the beach, and listed down what his priorities are, and then decides what he should do about it.Quite simple, right But who among us can really find time to do that Yes, we could initially book a flight, and spend a few hours if not minut [...]


Like the books, but the one thing that gets annoying is the style at the end of every chapter It is identical To the point where you almost know exactly what the last sentence is going to be before you read it It gets a little old But, I am enjoying the story.


Amazing ending I love this family Can t wait to start next one


I enjoy Karen Kingsbury s writing She s really able to bring the reader into the story and make them feel for the characters.


Loved the entire series about the Baxter family

Anne Marie

This book was primarily about Dayne Matthews and Katy Hart After what seemed like a very long, back and forth, what if, can never work, different lives excuse, continuous get used to it paparazzi chases, Dayne and Katy are engaged I was actually surprised when Dayne, out of the blue, came to Bloomington and surprised Katy with a ring, there was no hesitation to say yes after so many obstacles and excuses why being together couldn t work But anyway, other than knowing that Dayne and Katy will cer [...]


Family is the 4th book in the Baxter s Firstborn Series It is the 9th book in the Baxter series.Katy and Dayne are set to testify in the trial where a crazed fan tried to kill Katy and Dayne on a beach one night Dayne has done what he can to hide Katy s identity, but now that the hearing is here, they must release her name The tabloids go crazy and do their best to get pictures of Dayne and Katy together Katy and Dayne love each other but they just can t figure out how to be together with the pa [...]

Taryn Spearey

That was another amazing Book In this one, Dayne keeps having conflicting thoughts about whether or not to involve the Baxter in the spotlight or not He doesn t want to subject them to that kind of life, and the same goes for Katy.Throughout the book, Dayne Katy are constantly running for the paparazzi no matter where they are They want to be together so much, but don t know how to make it work.Dayne s sister, Ashley, wants him to come to the family gathering, and meet the other siblings, as she [...]


I would have given this book 5 stars had it not been for all the annoying EXTREME modesty from Katie I rolled my eyes several times and wanted to just skim through those parts and in my head I kept thinking.e u seriousjust freaking face those annoying paparazzi and quit running because u are too afraid of what OTHERS think about u Who cares what OTHERS think or feel It s your life, you and God know the truth SO LIVE IT Anyway the book could have really done without all that annoyance However the [...]


Great story I love this series can t wait to read the next book in the series Love this author

Robyn Schlichter

I love the story and so exciting to see the relationships developing I can t put them down


5starsYet another great story from Karen Kingsbury as we get an update from Dayne and the Baxter family I loved it


A long read with a predictable ending.

Celia Lytle

This is a great book


I liked the direction this book took the characters Somewhat repetitive, but that makes for an easy read Hoping for a bit depth in the final one of the series.


Awesome Needed a few tissues for the end.

Rebecca Ray

It is time for a trial The crazed attacker that Katy Hart and Dayne Matthews faced months earlier has finally gone on trial Katy has went to Los Angeles for the trial and longs to spend just a little time alone with the newly reformed Dayne, but every time they try to get alone or even just spend time together, the clicking of cameras follows them The paparazzi again John Baxter has finally made contact with his son Dayne, but will the rest of the family ever know about him This is the question [...]


I m reading this series largely to fill some holes that I had in my knowledge of the Baxters from the Bailey Flanigan series I couldn t figure out why Dayne is a Baxter when his last name is Matthews While the books are entertaining, I really feel as though 3 and this one could have been combined into 1 book I found myself skipping large parts of it to get to the meat But publishing is a business like any other, and I think what all the Baxter books did for Christian publishing in general was a [...]

Randy Tramp

The BookA star witness at the assault trial of Margie Madden, Katy is thrown into the world of paparazzi Katy Hart finds the world of fame, along with her relationship with movie star Dayne Matthews is a world she could only dream of, not live in Dayne finds a new life in Jesus Christ and seeks to live that heavenly life He falls in love with Katy and wants to protect her and his new found family from the much public world of hungry for knowledge fans.He is torn between the two worlds.My Thought [...]


So much happened in this book The trial is happening and Katy gets a taste of how crazy and even dangerous Dayne s world is After a near accident, it seems like they can never be together Meanwhile, while Dayne and John are talking, Dayne still is uneasy about meeting the rest of the family Ashley eventually finds out just who exactly her brother is and calls him She invites him to their family picnic Dayne talks to Bob Asher who encourages Dayne to take a few days somewhere private and make a l [...]

Laura Beasley

Another great book in the series In this book John finds and meets his son Dayne Matthews Ashley learns the truth also and wants him to come to the 4th of July family picnic Katy goes out to California for the trial against the woman who tried to kill her and Dayne They want some time alone but the paparazzi will not leave them alone They are almost killed trying to get away from them and Katy realizes she can not live this kind of life She goes home after the trial and tries to forget Dayne but [...]

Shelly Ann

I was disappointed in this book I felt there were two many story linesgong on I did not finish it either I skimmed through the last hundredpages to see if it was worth finishing I usually finish all of KarenKingsbury books But this one, was to confusing I loved the romance betweenKaty and Dayne I would have loved to see developing story with thefamily getting to know their, brother they have never met before I thoughtit was great up to that point I lost interest during the chase of photographer [...]

Nancy Brady

2 stars actuallyis is the first Karen Kingsbury novel that I have read It is part of a series and one of the later ones at that so my review is tainted by the fact that the previous stories of the characters are difficult to assess Basically it is a romance between two actor friends, one famous and the object of the paparazzi, the other a small town girl, who are involved in a trial because of an attack by a rabid fan The other part of the novel is that of a family, an adopted son who has learne [...]


Dayne and Katy are trying to find a way to be together Dayne has such a crazy life in Hollywood with fans and paparrazi following his every move They are in Hollywood for the trial of the crazy fan who tried to kill them They can not seem to get a moment to themselves Ashley is leraning about her older brother and helping her siblings learn the truth Dayne is starting to rethink his relationship with God and what is really important in his life It was a good book that was full of excitement.

Nancy Kroneberger

I found myself hesitating to begin, continue, and finish this book I was NOT drawn into the plot, characters, etc it seemed unrelateable to me Some of this may be because I was jumping in at book 4 of a series of 5 books Problems seemed very drawn out and repeated resolution was too long in coming Hinted of romance without being sexual or graphic I think that reading the entire series might help to understand a complete picture of the whole family, but because of all of the above, I don t care [...]

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