Aug 18, 2022
The Divide
Posted by Nicholas Evans

The Divide Best Read || [Nicholas Evans], The Divide, Nicholas Evans, The Divide The Divide The Divide Best Read || [Nicholas Evans] - The Divide, The Divide The Divide

  • Title: The Divide
  • Author: Nicholas Evans
  • ISBN: 9780451219299
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
The Divide Best Read || [Nicholas Evans], The Divide, Nicholas Evans, The Divide The Divide

The Divide Best Read || [Nicholas Evans] - The Divide, The Divide The Divide


Some books grab you the moment you read the first page, but others, like this one, burn slowly but constantly until you don t even know how or where it grabbed you.This isn t a book that races, it is a book that meanders and flows At first, it might just seem about a simple family drama, a family splintering and breaking apart But it is so much then that It s about humans, about people and human nature and their deep, confused but complex emotions.I can t quite put my finger on what I liked abo [...]


For four anguished years Ben and Sarah Cooper s daughter, Abbie, has been on the run from the FBI, wanted for murder and acts of eco terrorism But when Abbie s body is found embedded in the ice of a remote mountain creek in Montana, the family s devastation deepens into mystery How did Abbie die And what was the trail of events that led this golden child of a loving family so tragically astray The Divide is a very well written novel with an engrossing and interesting plot The novel started off s [...]


I can not believe this guy is a popular writer Some people LOVE him It s a story about a family who has a missing daughter, and then you go back in time and read about the parents divorce because the dad cheated Read on to find the daughter became a dirty hippie, later morphing into some radical ELF earth liberation front personI don t know The only think I can say about the book is I finished it.The best line in the book which shocked me, made me laugh, and pissed me off all at the same time Tw [...]


I had never planned to read a Nicholas Evans book I saw the movie of The Horse Whisperer, and while I love all things Redford I ve had a crush on him since The Sting , I thought the story was only so so It all felt a little too Lifetime Movie for me But then, one day at school, I was alone in the teachers lounge, bored, and there it was, The Divide Someone had left it on the table, our universal sign for these cookies chips magazines books are fair game I will admit I was so desperate for someth [...]

Asghar Abbas

Lame Broke no new ground here Same themes and elements You d get bang for your buck reading Sidney Sheldon formulaic novels.


The Divide written by Nicholas Evans tells a story of the Coopers, an ideal and rich family who live in New York, US They have a good and decent life Unfortunately, a disaster is yet to come and ruin their stable lives Before the tragedy occurred, Ben had left his wife and started a new life which destroyed his daughter emotionally Abbie, Mr Cooper s daughter is wanted for murder and acts of eco terrorism After her body is found in the remote mountain creek, Ben as well as Sarah are completely d [...]


I just re read this for what must be the first time since I bought it, because I could not remember the story to save my life Bits and peices came back as I read, but this was almost like reading it for the first time I hadn t realized I didn t put his books on my read list either I am a big fan of Evans and wish he would write One thing that I came to realize is that my taste has evolved quite a bit since I had become a fan of his work I still enjoyed it, but I don t think I will add another r [...]


The Divide expresses divisions between people husband and wife, friends, parents and children, people fighting for heart felt causes and everyone else At the beginning of the story I felt connections to different people than I did at the end which is a very challenging and interesting technique that is hard to successfully do Enjoyed the storyline and enjoyed the interactions between the characters.


The family dynamics in this story make a compelling plot The audio version was read well.


I had started with this book supposing it to be a missing person forensic procedural, one of my favourite genres But soon I realized that the author stressed upon the personal lives and emotions of the people involved, rather than materials and methods I love reading about the way bodies are identified and how killers are found based on scientific evidence But this book was about what lead to the incident, and how various people involved faced it There was a myriad of emotions, family drama, t [...]


The Divide is about two men finding a body cased in ice while they were out skiing When the body is identified, it appears that the woman was wanted for murder.Let s get the negatives out of the way.I have to say that this story was a bit slow paced in the beginning I had a hard time wanting to read on because it bored me, but it really did pick up some suspense and encouraged me to read on half way through the book.Honestly I read this story for a book report, and my motivation to finish it was [...]


Raw human emotion Illustration of the betrayal and each of the Coopers are so realistic that I could barely managed to stop myself disliking liking them intensely Still, I cannot reconcile with Benjamin, who is so damned selfish in my opinion, despite him being forgiven by Sarah But then again, she is after all a weak woman And I can t bring myself to sympathize with those kind of people who always blame themselves and saying sorry and finding excuses for the husband s wrongdoings.I like how the [...]

Therese B

A great story about a family torn apart by the daughter s devotion to save the world of the rich and powerful that use their weath and power to distroy land for the mineral rights She gets involved with the wrong people in college who kill and set fires to prove their point The book tells of the mother and father who are falling out of love and their son who tried to love all his family It is a very involved story of characters and love Good reading and well written.

Jo Sansevero

This is a good story I like the way the characters were developed Focus on the problems that face todays families with the challenges of this modern world Addie gets caught up in the Environmental movement during her college years and this is a disasterous event for her family and friends I enjoyed reading about the ELF and the problems that idealistic organizations like that can reap on those they come in contact with I would recommend this book to any one.


For anyone who saw it on a bookshelf in a library or a book store, picked it up, read the back cover and put it down again because it seemed so Un Nicholas Evanish, you made a serious mistake I d just read Horse Whisperer by this author earlier and this tale just showed me that Evans is not a typical drama storyteller He can spin an incredibly moving story from our everyday lives and leave us gasping for .

Petrina Wetzel

An amazing book about how lives can be changed so dramatically by a change and the emotional impact of close family relationships torn apart The complex, multi dimensional characters are weaved into this story with a dynamic but sensitive view of reactions from a range of perspectives Refreshingly honest sometimes brutal but a book that I couldn t put down Excellent story with a raw reality.


This was probably the saddest book I read all year It s amazing how the decision by one person to end a marriage could have such tragic and life altering consequences for so many people This poor family My heart just ached for all of them A good reminder of the truth that every decision you make has consequence and affects than just you.


The story was well written and portrayed life in a most realistic way It was sometimes difficult to read the book because the pain discussed was so real The ultimate solutions for the characters are not the same as those I would have chosen, but it is helpful to be aware of what different world views will bring about in the decisions people make.


Another good book by Nicholas Evans I didn t get into the book immediately, however towards the middle I was really drawn in and couldn t wait to see where the story would go It s a mystery about what happened to a young girl whose body was found, basically the story begins with that but then takes us back to several years before so we can see what led up to that point Suspenseful

Sheila Myers

The Divide has a few subplots driving the action I had to ask myself if all of these things could happen within the same family and decided the answer was yes and so the overall story was believable The characters are well developed and seem like real people.

Kaylee Irwin

The Divide, in my opinion, is a great book It starts out by stating what happened in the end, and then the events that led up to it The storyline wasn t very interesting until about halfway through the book Once I got into it, I struggled with putting it down This book has hurt, heartbreak, love, laughter, sadness, and much , allowing you to feel what the characters feel The book revolves around a family, the Coopers Two skiers find Abbie Cooper frozen in the ice Everything else in the book show [...]


He disfrutado las 447 paginas completa y deliciosamente Que maravilla de Libro, de Historia, de Personajes No pense que disfrutaria y sentiria esta lectura como lo hice, pero el caso este que este es un libro con tantas historias y tantos contrastes que me dejaron gratamente impresionada el autor supo manejar de manera magistral cada uno de los roles en el libro, entrelazando varios relatos en una trama fascinante Los temas que se abarca toda la narraci n son variopintos, el autor enfoca desde l [...]


The Divide by Nicholas EvansFor those not familiar with Nicholas Evans, he is author of The Horse Whisperer.The problems which evolve into the lives of the characters in The Divide are substantial At times it was so poignant I just had to stop reading, close my eyes and say a prayer for all those families out there who are experiencing similar problems.Like The Horse Whisperer, Evans seems to have a way to grab a hold of the reader, and even though you know things are probably going to get worse [...]


Although set mostly in around New York City, there are, as in Evans s earlier book, The Horse Whisperer, loving descriptions of the Western landscape An upper middle class family the father an architect, the mother a bookstore owner, teenaged son daughter vacation four consecutive summers on a dude ranch in Montana The daughter falls in love with the Western landscape gets involved with the son of a rancher whose land is being despoiled by a gas company She decides to study environmental studies [...]


The Divide is the story of a family that is split by the decision of the father husband to leave his family, and by the drift of the eldest daughter into terrorist groups.This story is quite different from the previous books by Evans It doesn t have much to do with animals, and it goes a lot deeper into the differences between men and women, human relations and how people and a family can drift apart It is quite tragic and Evans depicts a harsh reality for his characters.I thought this story was [...]


3 stelle e mezzoEvans sempre Evans, ormai quasi una garanzia.Questa storia per molto pi triste e cupa delle precedenti, una storia complessa, che in realt mi ha lasciato anche un po perplessa, ma che mi ha trascinato subito in un vortice di emozioni diverse.Due ex coniugi dovranno affrontare il dramma pi orribile di tutti la morte della loro figlia Con immensa maestria, l autore, ci porter a ripercorrere la vita di Ben e Sarah, della loro separazione e del perch Abbie si era data alla fuga.Since [...]


This book was excellent, as are all of the Nicholas Evans books I have read so far.The story starts with a body of a young girl discovered, but it is not a murder mystery, instead of tracking the killer if there was one we learn all about the family and their problems, and how the young girls life changed so much and eventually led to her death Evans deals with each individual family members feeling, like he is that person and makes a really interesting, believable family There isn t much action [...]


My mom actually gave me this book I actually really enjoyed it It was a good summer read Events that happened in the first chapter made you want to read the whole book to find out what happened Any book that is just amazing to me Another thing that I really enjoyed about this book was the writing duh , I think Nicholas Evans did a fantastic job describing people and places I want to see this made into a movie one day Maybe I should go into screenwriting.


I quite enjoyed this story about a family whose lives are torn apart by several events the divorce of Benjamin and Sarah, and their daughter s descent into the world of eco terrorism The characters are very real and you can sympathize with each of their plights and challenges Sarah was a bit annoying though Good story telling that kept you guessing right to the end A quick, engaging read.


Read and gab book club book A little unsure of a book by the author of The Horse Whisperer but actually liked it The story was unique enough and the style was fast paced enough to keep me guessing and interested, respectively Enjoyed that a large portion of the book took place around my neck of the woods, Montana and the Rocky Mountains Overall, enjoyed it.

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