Aug 18, 2022
Scandalous Desires
Posted by Elizabeth Hoyt

[PDF] Scandalous Desires | by ✓ Elizabeth Hoyt, Scandalous Desires, Elizabeth Hoyt, Scandalous Desires Can a pirate learn that the only true treasure lies in a woman s heart Widowed Silence Hollingbrook is impoverished lovely and kind and nine months ago she made a horrible mistake She went to a river pirate for help in saving her husband and in the process made a bargain that cost her her marriage That night wounded her so terribly that she hides in the foundling homeCan a pir [PDF] Scandalous Desires | by ✓ Elizabeth Hoyt - Scandalous Desires, Scandalous Desires Can a pirate learn that the only true treasure lies in a woman s heart Widowed Silence Hollingbrook is impoverished lovely and kind and nine months ago she made a horrible mistake She went to a rive

  • Title: Scandalous Desires
  • Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Scandalous Desires | by ✓ Elizabeth Hoyt, Scandalous Desires, Elizabeth Hoyt, Scandalous Desires Can a pirate learn that the only true treasure lies in a woman s heart Widowed Silence Hollingbrook is impoverished lovely and kind and nine months ago she made a horrible mistake She went to a river pirate for help in saving her husband and in the process made a bargain that cost her her marriage That night wounded her so terribly that she hides in the foundling homeCan a pir

[PDF] Scandalous Desires | by ✓ Elizabeth Hoyt - Scandalous Desires, Scandalous Desires Can a pirate learn that the only true treasure lies in a woman s heart Widowed Silence Hollingbrook is impoverished lovely and kind and nine months ago she made a horrible mistake She went to a rive


5 stars Reread November 2015 Review edited November 24, 2015 That s me girl He brushed his lips over her forehead, breathing the words That s me love So much tension Banter Vulnerability Emotions Tenderness Sensuality Love.London, April 1738 The most notorious river pirate, Charming Mickey O Connor, has taken the widow, Silence Hollingbrook, and the little Mary Darling to his palace to protect them He fears that the villain, Charly Grady, the Vicar of Whitechapel, will harm them Fearless and rel [...]


This is a delightful free epilogue that s sure to please Maiden Lane fans, especially those who love swoonalicious Charming Mickey.Merged review 5 stars Historical Georgian RomanceWowjustWOW A mazing Brava Ms Hoyt, you have truly outdone yourself and exceeded expectations with this spectacular romance I wanted to write a full review, but life has been crazy and stressful this past week, leaving me with too little time and insufficient mental capacity So I ll just do a bit of gushing about this m [...]


This was exceptionally wonderful I LOVED IT Anyone who knows me knows that I m very picky when it comes to HR because it s typically miss than hit for me But Scandalous Desires absolutely obliterated all my high expectations Elizabeth Hoyt did this to me again She s a masterful storyteller, weaving her words into an unforgettable historical romance story I d read this book non stop for hours and savored every word on every single page of it I really love her writing style.In this book, we meet [...]


My favorite one of the series so far becauseSexy Pirate We met this sexy beast in book one and I ve been dying for this story Charming Micky, the notorious river pirate, sits upon a throne in a gold covered room filled with treasure and receives petitioners and others like a king Silence our girl , met up with him in book one after he had stolen her husband s ship s cargo He made a deal with her to give it back, and it ruined her life and marriage So, she s not in the pirate wenches fan club wit [...]

Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽

I went into this book thinking, Yay Micky the pirate s book I lurv him Then, as I was reading, the boredom set in.It hardly even seemed like there was much romance in this Well, I stopped at 41% I didn t feel there was any chemistry between Mick and Silence.Silence Wow Most boring leading lady EVER EVAH EVAH EVAH.I just wanted her to take Mary Darling and go back to the school I disliked the premise as well She has to stay in Micky s Palace because some bad guys are after him and will hurt her a [...]

Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣

How lovely was that A pirate obsessed with a young widow, takes his time for about a year to get the woman within his grasp There s just no resisting a bad boy with a secret heart of gold Lots of sex, lots of snarky banter you know a very relaxing read.And then, there s the prison sex scene view spoiler A blowjob Really After the guy had been staying in a prison cell for a month o.O I know people of that time and age weren t big on hygiene, but still A month hide spoiler That s why I take away a [...]

Juliana Philippa

4.5 stars Ever since my Elizabeth Hoyt obsession began this past summer I have been anxiously anticipating this book Mickey s character is one of my favorite types of heroes and I loved his pairing with Silence From the moment I learned of it, I was reminded of the Derek Craven Sara Fielding matchup in Lisa Kleypas Dreaming of You, which is one of my favorite HRs.Our Hero Mickey is so lovable and definitely one of my favorite heroes I think it s sometimes difficult to have villain turned hero ch [...]


Mickey, ye would charm the knickers off a nun LOL OK, being Irish, I have a bit of a problem with Irish characters and especially OTT Irish characters with OTT Irish accents WE DO NOT TALK LIKE FUCKING LEPRECHAUNS.But I sort of said to myself, he is based back in the 18th century so let s give him the benefit of the doubt.Charmin Mickey.He sure was charming I need to know that I m to you than a woman in your bed Oh God, he was so powerful She watched him Why must ye be the one that haunts me dr [...]


3.44 A buddy read with the fans of Historical Romance at the MacHalos We love us some Gentlemen Rogues


Elizabeth Hoyt books are my version of potato chips, I can t get or have enough of them Hoyt lives up to her great storytelling and the hype with Scandalous Desires.When we re first introduced to Silence Hollingbrook and Charming Mickey O Connor in the first of the Maiden Lane series, you know there s going to be sparks flying and do they ever between these two Mickey is no exception of the great heroes Hoyt has peened down before, he shows that monsters are not born, but are made, and it doesn [...]


Feb 2015 Did a buddy read with a friend and enjoyed just as much the 2nd time around.5 Stars I loved most everything about this book and Charming Mickey O Conner is a hero you ll not want to miss Thanks to my GR friends Shawna, Denise Lisa s review for bringing this amazing book to my attention This set me on course to read this series and it s one of the best I ve read this year.Due to so many great reviews already posted I think I ll just give a peek at a few remarkable attributes of our hero [...]


River pirate Mickey O Connor resurfaces in this story, this time when he s faced with a threat that affects Silence Hollingbrook, now widowed, and baby Mary Darling What follows puts them together for an extended time, revealing their true selves to one another I loved the dance Mickey and Silence orchestrated throughout the story, their witty dialogue eventually being replaced with honest and sincere revelations When I began the story, I was unsure if I could warm to Mickey so I was very please [...]

Robin (Bridge Four)

3.5 I love you with my Black Heart StarsWhen the end of the Wheel of Time gets you down it is time to binge read a lot of HR and smut Continuing on my journey to purge the book hangover of that series.This is a little bit like a beauty and the beast retelling in a lot of ways I was super excited for Chaming Mickey and then he started out as such a freaking asshole Like than the normal assholedness of most HR books But he is apparently really sexy.I wanted this story from the minute I ended the [...]


5 STARSWell this series just keeps getting better and better Elizabeth Hoyt has really captured my interest in these characters and the growing intrigue in St Giles is just too much to resist This story involves the recently widowed Silence Hollingbrook, and the notoriously arrogant and wicked pirate Charming Mickey O Connor The same ruthless man who only a year ago had cost her not only the love and respect of her dear husband, but also her entire reputation and good standing in the community W [...]


It was good, it was enjoyable, but it was not great.Setting Time Genre Georgian EnglandLength 393 pages Series Yes, and I have read several This would be my second favorite of the four I have read Sexy times Yes Slightly scandalous than your average historical romance, but nothing over the top Plan on reading by the author Hells to the yesses There are several in the series.Synopsis in one sentence or slightly Heroine is attached to the hero s child, hero kidnaps said child to bring said her [...]

Lisa Kay

a Wow Loved every word of it It is so neat when a book lives up to my hopes and desires Charming Mickey and Silence have had an unusual history in the Maiden Lane series, with plenty of aching hurt the kind that goes bone deep and it is so neat to see the fabulous Ms Hoyt pull this one off The pacing is spot on, the mystery palpable, and their HEA believable Amazing secondary characters too I really don t like it when an author uses the epilogue to set up the next volume nevertheless, after this [...]

Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover

I m seriously on a Elizabeth Hoyt obsession right now This woman can write no wrongs This book was amazing The last few chapters had me on the edge of my seat It s 1am and I could not put this book down until I finished it Mickey is in my top 5 favorite heros I loved how well written the story was The romance started from an unusual place, Silence hated Mickey at first, but it blossomed into something beautiful Hoyt sure knows how to write a character I loved seeing Mickey turn from sinner with [...]

☆★Tinja★✮ A Court of Pizza and Laziness

Pirate lord, Charming Mickey, take meeeeee cries


She, Silence Hollingbrook, meek widow of no particular means, had just faced down Charming Mickey O Connor, the most feared pirate in London.I was looking forward to this couple because of how good Silence and how bad Mickey was set up portrayed I m fond of supposed opposites like this, a la Devil in Winter Their portrayals ended up being a bit heavy handed than I like, though Silence became a bit annoying with her somewhat dry personality and Mickey started to wear thin with his continuous lou [...]

Carol *Young at Heart Oldie*

This book far exceeded my expectations Great story and the Charming Mickey Silence love scenes are so HOT The identity of the Ghost of St Giles is revealed as well My guess was way out Altogether, this will probably be the best book of the year for me.My Charming MickeyMy SilenceFULL REVIEWWhen I discovered that the publishing date for SCANDALOUS DESIRES, the third book in Elizabeth Hoyt s Maiden Lane series, had been brought forward to October 18, I was jumping with joy, so eager was I to the r [...]


Although I was possibly expecting a little from the actual story, overall Scandalous Desires is worthy of all the high ratings and accolades The plot, the characters, the writing were all as you would expect from Elizabeth Hoyt, one of the top writers of historical romance.There were a few plot holes, and towards the end of the story the baby, Mary Darling Silence s ward seemed to disappear Which is a shame since she really was as central to the plot as Silence, our heroine.And now for the real [...]


What the actual fuck I m forcing myself to keep going with this The hero Mickey is anything but with an ego so big I m surprised he can walk and chunks of the plot seem forced.Edit I m at page 145, this is the first time I ve disliked a book so much I felt the need to review May the force be with me.Edit2 p.161 Okay that was the strangest self pleasuring scene I ve ever readd then she watched him Am I reading the same book as everyone here Edit3 predictable in that the pirate guy is somehow rede [...]


He was a pirate, after all, and what he took he held and she was his now whether she knew it yet or not.River pirate Mickey O Connor grew up on the streets on St Giles, London s slums Everything that he has survived during his terrible childhood has made him merciless in his pursuit of wealth and power Never would he want for anything again And then he is approached by the na ve and innocent Silence Hollingbrook, the wife of the captain whose cargo he just stole, who wants him to give it back in [...]

Mandi Schreiner

I have fallen in love with a pirate.We have seen glimpses of Charming Mickey O Connor throughout the first two books of Elizabeth Hoyt s Maiden Lane series And we have, of course, witnessed Silence Hollingbrook sacrifice herself to Mickey for one night to save her husband from charges he stole cargo from one of Mickey s ships On that fateful night, Mickey didn t touch Silence, but when she returned home to her husband, all trust was lost, and he soon died.Now Silence, who with her brother Winter [...]

Jess the Romanceaholic

This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date October 18, 2011 Available Now Publisher Hachette Book GroupImprint ForeverAuthor s Website elizabethhoyt My Source for This Book ARC Gift from the PublisherPart of a Series Yes, Book 3, Maiden Lane seriesSeries Best Read In Order YesSteam Level Steamy SPOILER WARNING Official Blurb and Review both contain spoilers for previous novels in the series Silence Hollingbrook is a virtuous woman with a st [...]

Laurie Garrison

Freaking awesome and the best book yet I couldn t believe the depth that Hoyt dug into in writing Mickey s past, it was sad but yet you couldn t help but admire how he came through it You get an in depth story, action, emotions and secrets The thing you ll have to wait on is the sex action because Silence is a strong in not obeying Mickey ever again but when it happens you get hit with a Bam LOL.Please don t miss this book because you have to find out who the Ghost of St Giles is Oh yeah, the ca [...]


Elizabeth Hoyt has written the must read historical romance of the year Scandalous Desires Maiden Lane 3 is beyond perfect from beginning to end Scandalous Desire will most likely end up being counted as one of my all time favorite romances because Elizabeth makes the relationship between the hero and heroine work so well when it shouldn t Charming Mickey O Connor will become a much beloved hero, so much so that he s on par with Derek Craven from Lisa Kleypas s classic novel, Dreaming of You And [...]


I didn t realize Scandalous Desires was the third book in a series until I was nearly finished with it With that said, I thought it stood alone quite well and I never felt lost or smothered by an info dump I may have had a deeper understanding of certain events had I read the previous two books but I wouldn t say it was necessary to read them in order to enjoy Scandalous Desire.Mickey O Connor is the most feared pirate in all the land He steals, he ruins the lives of greedy men and sometimes dec [...]


I should have written my review for this a week ago but I am in a bit of a review writing slump I did rather enjoy this one This Maiden Lane series has been pretty amazing thus far With each installment we get intriguing characters and enticing plots that I am enthralled with And once again I find myself tempted to say this is my favorite but I will hold that thought for now In Scandalous Desires we are blessed with the presence of Charming Mickey O Connor and Silence Hollingbrook I so enjoyed t [...]


4 4.5 stars This was a reeeeeally strong story for me with great development and lots of juicy anticipation since they waited quite a while for Hoyt s standards to get on with the sexytimes However, something was lacking to make it that full 5 stars Note On reflection, I think that something was for the heroine to be a strong enough counterpart to the enthralling pirate hero Regardless, this one is the best of the series thus far, and I m absolutely thrilled to have had TWO super duper great rea [...]

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