Oct 07, 2022
Crossroads of Twilight
Posted by Robert Jordan

â Crossroads of Twilight ↠ Robert Jordan, Crossroads of Twilight, Robert Jordan, Crossroads of Twilight In the tenth book of The Wheel of Time from the New York Times bestselling author Robert Jordan the world and the characters stand at a crossroads and the world approaches twilight when the power of the Shadow grows stronger Fleeing from Ebou Dar with the kidnapped Daughter of the Nine Moons whom he is fated to marry Mat Cauthon learns that he can neither keep herIn t â Crossroads of Twilight ↠ Robert Jordan - Crossroads of Twilight, Crossroads of Twilight In the tenth book of The Wheel of Time from the New York Times bestselling author Robert Jordan the world and the characters stand at a crossroads and the world approaches twilight when the power

  • Title: Crossroads of Twilight
  • Author: Robert Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780312864590
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
â Crossroads of Twilight ↠ Robert Jordan, Crossroads of Twilight, Robert Jordan, Crossroads of Twilight In the tenth book of The Wheel of Time from the New York Times bestselling author Robert Jordan the world and the characters stand at a crossroads and the world approaches twilight when the power of the Shadow grows stronger Fleeing from Ebou Dar with the kidnapped Daughter of the Nine Moons whom he is fated to marry Mat Cauthon learns that he can neither keep herIn t

â Crossroads of Twilight ↠ Robert Jordan - Crossroads of Twilight, Crossroads of Twilight In the tenth book of The Wheel of Time from the New York Times bestselling author Robert Jordan the world and the characters stand at a crossroads and the world approaches twilight when the power


To help get you through a series that is always setting up future plot movement without a care for current pacing, I have invented the followingWheel of Time Drinking GameTake a drink whenever A character makes a comment generalizing the opposite sex Rand s wounds are described in detail A woman sniffs or smooths her clothing Perrin smells an emotion Good Two Rivers wool Min s clothing s boyish nature is emphasized in a description Someone plays with their weapon e.g easing it from its scabbard, [...]


ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Crossroads of Twilight was maddening I read it years ago and ended up giving up on The Wheel of Time after this book I tried again in my preparation for reading Memory of Light, and I just couldn t manage to do it again So, as with Winter s Heart, I cheated by reading many of the chapter summaries at Encyclopaedia WOT I skimmed the chapters involving Perrin s hunt for Faile because I remembered how slow, grueling, and painful they were when I read them the [...]


4.65 A buddy read with the WoT dedicates at BBB This is book 10 of the series and is probably the one with the least action and most politicking of them all As such, I am not surprised that it is the lowest rated of all the series, since it seems the majority of us are so addicted to the immediate gratification so prevalent in our society today, that anything which demands our brains to concentrate and actually work to figure things out instead of being spoon fed to us, we find boring and tediou [...]


We rode on the winds of the rising storm,We ran to the sounds of the thunder.We danced among the lightning bolts,and tore the world asunder.Is Crossroads of Twilight the weakest Wheel of Time book I ve read so far Probably.Is it still amazing Pfft, it s a Wheel of Time book Of course it is.In terms of plot development, this book has nothing to offer Absolutely nothing But the world and the characters are so fantastic I don t even mind And since for the first time, none of the protagonists act li [...]


This was definitely the slowest WoT book in the series Not a lot happened in the story arcs of the vast majority of the main characters As a result this was probably the least enjoyable of the WoT books so far Not to say it was bad Jordan is an excellent storyteller and I enjoyed the vast majority of the stuff we did get What did happen to our favourite characters Spoilers ahead Rand After the dramatic events of the last book he made only a fleeting appearance in this one and did little than tr [...]

Robin (Bridge Four)

Crossroads of Twilight has 846 pages271K words30 Chapters Prologue Epilogue22 Uniquie PoVs45 Individual PoVsAnd the plot arcs only moved forward 2 inches2 measly inches Even Snails be like Part of the issue is that the first 55 60% of this book is just about what everyone else was doing while Rand and Nynaeve were trying to cleanse Saidin.The Rundown Faile is still kidnapped by the Shido and Perrin is pretty much at the end of his tether trying to get her back.Everyone still thinks that Perrin h [...]


I will keep this short In this book, absolutely nothing happens There is no character development There is no plot Instead, the reader, who has so generously given Robert Jordan so much of his her money over the course of the series, is treated to descriptions of dresses of characters whom we don t care about and who have no actual bearing on the plot My advice to those slogging through this series Read the last ten pages of this book, and then continue on to Knife of Dreams, a flawed book, but [...]


I keep saying that these have no action until the last 10% but this one missed the last 10% and has 0 action until the very last page.Let me save you some time Elayne is fussed over because she is pregnant Whines about Queen stuff Aviendha is also there Min strides around in her trousers and threatens Rand with a knife Rand does a whole lot of nothing except talk to voices in his head and drool over Min Egwene pushes around and reads some paper Some Aes Sedai in the hall are pretty Some are not [...]


I really need to mention the reason for my rating of the book it is a strange one The only reason I gave this book 3 stars and not 2 which it deserves is that I never reread the books I rate with 2 stars while I just finished rereading this one I mentioned 2 star rating as a big series fan.What exactly happened during 600 pages Absolutely nothing, that is what Another big part of the frustration comes from the fact that the previous book ended with a grand event which would surely change the hi [...]

Maria Dimitrova

Buddy Read with the awesome people of BBB Ten months ago I would have taken one look at this book, read a couple of chapters and promptly given up because basically nothing happens It s a testament to Mr Jordan s ability to spin a web of characters, events and places around the reader, that now after reading all the previous books in the series I didn t find this boring at all Slow and frustrating at times but not boring I remember bitching about books 1 3 with their slow build up and excessive [...]


Hmmm Well, the good news is it s not as bad as everyone says it is The bad news is it s not all that great either In quickly scanning the last 10 or so reviews of this book, the complaints pretty much boil down to it moves slowly and nothing happens I rather disagree with the latter The former, unfortunately, is pretty spot on The actual problem with this book, as I see it, is not that nothing happens see A Path of Daggers, which was great or that it moves slowly See The Fires of Heaven, which w [...]


Alright According to popular opinion, this is the worst book in the series And it kind of is It is not bad in the conventional way, it is just very very slow.Like literally nothing happened in this half length book But as a I explained earlier, I like slow Heck, I love slow, if it also includes insight into the characters minds and helps expand the scope of the series And these things were there.Okay, so this book was about Mat and Perrin, and Rand barely showed up Well, I don t like Perrin, not [...]

Eric Allen

Crossroads of TwilightBook 10 of the Wheel of TimeBy Robert JordanA Wheel of Time Retrospective by Eric AllenI love the Wheel of Time series It is, by far, and despite its flaws, my absolute favorite series of books Oh, there s plenty of people out there who can point out why this series is awful and has been dragged on far too long But you know what, I don t care To me, this series is great I thought it could do no wrong.And then Crossroads of Twilight came out.This is the series that really go [...]


I consider myself a patient reader when it comes to The Wheel of Time, but even I have trouble excusing Crossroads of Twilight, Book 10.To be honest, although I recently read Crossroads of Twilight, I can t remember what happens I actually found a summary on The current plot summary is worth reading if only because each entry reads Character continues To Do Ongoing Plotline.In short, not only is nothing resolved, but nothing happens.The best that can be said in defense of Crossroads of Twilight [...]


Na momente vrlo dosadna, na momente veoma zanimljiva Sve u svemu, Met i Egvena zahtevaju odmah nastavak u ruke.Prolupa u od ovog D ordana D

Mike (the Paladin)

IIIIIIEEEEEE A huge amount of this huge book take place simultaneously with Winter s Heart The key words in this volume are trying and continuing as everyone continues trying something or is continuing with something that never seems to get tied up We do get a slight move in one plot pointbut it only tangles it , doesn t move toward tying it up.At this point I could have cried This could have been one of the great Epic High Fantasy Series in the English Language Instead it turned into a slow mov [...]

Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads

Reviewed by Rabid ReadsNOTICE this reread is in preparation for finally biting the bullet and reading book 14 That means I HAVE NOT read book 14 yet Please be mindful of this in the comments, both for me and for others who may or may not have progressed past this point in the series Thank you.3.5 starsCROSSROADS OF TWILIGHT is notoriously many WoT fans least favorite book in series It s been years since I last read it, so I let all the negative hype get to me, and I started dreading my revisit, [...]


The Wheel of Time series represents, for me, the perfect example of a guilty pleasure in the world of fantasy.This series is not actually written very well Robert Jordan was not a very good wordsmith, and he really only knew how to say and describe things one way His characters are generally unbelievable, and have ridiculous dialogue The plot is tremendously predictable, and is heavily influenced close to the point of being unoriginal by the fantasy works that came before The whole story is much [...]

Jonathan Terrington

Crossroads of Twilight is an ugly duckling in The Wheel of Time Parts of the book are chronologically set in the same time span as the previous book and other parts are set in the current time after the ninth book Adding to the unorthodox chronological timing of this book is the fact that, of all the books in this series, this book is a filler book That is not to say that nothing worth noting happens in this book view spoiler After all we see a lot of important character development, Egwene ends [...]


Honestly, I can t I can t I can t I can t.Do you know how to tell when you are seriously being f d up When you are reading one of Perrin s POVs and you NO JOKE start tearing up, not because you feel for his character or anything, but because you re so damn frustrated That was me I m so sad because I started this series, just thinking, just thinking that it might become my favorite series of all time Somehow, I still believe that OMG HOW DID YOU PEOPLE GO THROUGH THIS EVERY 2 YEARS I need a break [...]

Eon ♒Windrunner♒

This was one of the WoT entries that I found the least enjoyable of the bunch so much politics shudders , but it was still good Mat carried this one for me as his moments with Tuon were some of the best in the series and I am definitely looking forward to the last few books It can only pick up from here.


Crossroads of Twilight is the tenth book in The Wheel of Time I think what I liked best about this book was that all of the main characters stories were given at least a little page time Many, but not all, of the smaller subplots moved forward a tiny bit also It seemed like at least one major storyline was always left hanging in the last few books, and I wouldn t have been happy about letting any of the main stories sit on the back burner during this entire book, so I was happy to see them all r [...]


Honestly, I m not even mad, or annoyed I m so baffled by this book This 822 page book where NOTHING HAPPENS Full review later 1.5 stars


Basically the whole book was about very little but I am so invested in these characters now that I enjoyed it anyway You have to admire Jordan s skill In seven hundred pages we never find out if Rand cleansed the source or not at the end of the previous book That s how you make a story last through multiple huge volumes Excited to move on to the next one of those volumes right now

Joby Walker

Every would be author of epic fantasy or any long running series should be required to prior to being published document the failings of The Wheel of Time with particular focus on this book It is really hard to comprehend how in a nearly 700 page book not only nothing happens, but nothing happens to a bunch of people you don t care about Most of the book is the multitude of secondary threads reacting to the events at the conclusion of Winter s Heart Instead of reading the book, I d recommend tha [...]

Shobhit Sharad

It was almost a relief to read this book after hearing so much negative about it.I think this book solved its purpose The purpose of this book was to show how frustrated and annoyed everyone in this book is And that is what it does to you, and so you understand them better That it does it by incredibly tedious and long chapters, with almost nothing happening in them is what describes the story better.Perrin, Elayne and Mat are all waiting for their respective conclusions but there are so many pr [...]


Eziyet gibi bir okumayla daha kar n zday m Laf ok uzatmayaca m Bu kitab okuduktan sonra K n Y re i ne o kadar laf s yledi im i in pi man m Zaman ark n okuyanlar bilir Aes Sedailerin %95 ine g c k oluruz nsanlar bu kadar Aes Sedailere g c k iken 30 b l m n s z Son s z, yani toplamda 32 b l ml k bir kitab n 25 b l m n Aes Sedailere ay rmak niye Sonu olarak elim 11taba gitmiyor zg n m.

Nikola Pavlovic

Po meni najslabija knjiga u serijalu do sada Nekoliko politickih smicalica, par povucenih poteza i to je to Cak me ni sam kraj knjige nije odusevio kao sto je to obicno bivalo sa predhodnim delovima, jer Dzordan obicno povuce nekakav kolosalan potez na kraju knjige Suma sumarum drago mi je sto sam konacno zavrsio ovu knjigu Samo jos da dodam i navijacki poklic IDEMO DALJE D D


Executive Summary All of the slow books have been better on a reread Sadly this one might have actually been a bit worse It s not quite 1 star bad, but I m happy to be out the other side.Audiobook Michael Kramer and Kate Reading saved me from possibly never completing this book for my reread There is no way I d have gotten through the text again so quickly They do a fantastic job with the rather bland material they are given here.Full ReviewThis is the book I was dreading when I decided to do a [...]

Igor Ljubuncic

This isn t the worst book in the series without a reason Nothing much happens really, and the action has ground to a halt But it s not a jolly kind of a halt, sort of a large coal ferrying train has snagged a buffalo corpse or maybe it was alive at the time of collision , and now it s dragging it to a three mile stop, while leaving red skid marks on the rusted rails And the wheels are screeching And a blind albino boy is playing banjo on his porch, watching the whole thing.Perrin wants to save [...]

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