Oct 24, 2021
Posted by Mary Ting

[PDF] Crossroads | by ↠ Mary Ting, Crossroads, Mary Ting, Crossroads Gold Medal READERS FAVORITE AWARDS WINNER for Young Adult General Can two worlds collide in dreams Protecting her from the fallen was his duty Falling in love was never part of his plan Loving her was forbidden Being with her was all that mattered even if it meant he would be exiled for all eternity Claudia Emerson s life is about to change when her good frien Gold Medal READERS F [PDF] Crossroads | by ↠ Mary Ting - Crossroads, Crossroads Gold Medal READERS FAVORITE AWARDS WINNER for Young Adult General Can two worlds collide in dreams Protecting her from the fallen was his duty Falling in love was never part of his plan Loving he

  • Title: Crossroads
  • Author: Mary Ting
  • ISBN: 9781937085766
  • Page: 113
  • Format: ebook
[PDF] Crossroads | by ↠ Mary Ting, Crossroads, Mary Ting, Crossroads Gold Medal READERS FAVORITE AWARDS WINNER for Young Adult General Can two worlds collide in dreams Protecting her from the fallen was his duty Falling in love was never part of his plan Loving her was forbidden Being with her was all that mattered even if it meant he would be exiled for all eternity Claudia Emerson s life is about to change when her good frien Gold Medal READERS F

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[PDF] Crossroads | by ↠ Mary Ting - Crossroads, Crossroads Gold Medal READERS FAVORITE AWARDS WINNER for Young Adult General Can two worlds collide in dreams Protecting her from the fallen was his duty Falling in love was never part of his plan Loving he

Ben Alderson

4.5Yet again, another cracker by Mary Ting These books are brilliant, they always help me out of my reading slumps but then always seem to put me back in one I love angels and YA books so this was a brilliant combination of both This series really excites me I really liked Claudia and Michael s relationship, very flirty and innocent And it was truly loving reading their story, especially since I have started the Blessed Knights series which is about Claudia and Michaels kids LOVE IT


Wow I can t believe everyone is giving this book 5 s Maybe my expectations are too high for YA Was this written by a 16 year old I didn t feel the chemistry between the characters build at all The writing was so stiff and obvious it was distracting The dialog used was not at all how normal teens would talk and interact For example, does this sound like the response of a teen customer in a store to Claudia s best friend Patty after following Patty looking like a lost puppy while Patty helped her [...]

Shaeeza Haniff

Crossroads is a book that I think is the ultimate Young Adult book It is a book I would have my own 16 year old read It offers great romance and faith based living It follows a young girl raised by a single mom and a caring Gamma a name my kids also used who comes of age in the most remarkable way Filled with star crossed lovers, fantastical creatures, good friends, beautiful places and evil, this book is an easy read This easy to follow plot is full of twists, turns, surprises and battles which [...]

Shambhawi P.

DNF at 13 cause I love my brain cells Choppy writing Inconsistent reactions from the protagonist Stupid conversations And overuse of clich s Reading the paragraph about Claudia thinking how she fell for Michael at first sight despite him being a jerk should be a new form of torture Because THAT SHIT DID NOT MAKE ANY SENSE AND TRYING TO IMPRESS THEM WITH HER SUNDAY SCHOOL KNOWLEDGE Yes, Claudia dear, Angels have wings You can shut the fuck up now Oh and Michael with his I DON T WANT YOU HERE ATTI [...]

Jayde Scott

I read Crossroads in just two days because I couldn t put it down The plot is a new and unique one Claudia sees people in her dreams, beings who warn her to stay away Her friends calls to ask whether she s okay because, for a moment, they thought Claudia was dead But instead, it s someone else with the same name who dies the same way Claudia dreamed.At first, Claudia thinks everyone worrying is the result of her friend s death, but that soon turns enigmatic when the people around her become obse [...]

Haresh Daswani

Let me first start off with my difficulty This is my first romance novel, and I would stay away from romance novels and movies of such, unless my date promises to watch a horror movie with me, and let me drink the entire night until I get smashed, and yet she has to kiss me Even at that, I would still think twice about going to a romantic movie.Now that is out, I would like to say this for the book I actually enjoyed it I do admit there are parts I feel uncomfortable with, and mostly jealous abo [...]


Warning Harsh review.I wanted so much to like this book I love the cover and the blurb seemed interesting enough, so I figured it wouldn t be bad considering all the stellar reviews on , too.Crossroads fell WAY short of my expectations I am entirely nonplussed by all the five star reviews on WHY Lots of things were illogical and unrealistic.The plot of the book might have been interesting enough to some, but many, many things made it impossible for me to like this book I have used things twice n [...]


Stop If your reading these reviews to decide whether to spend time with the book then just take my advice and don t No one stopped me from wasting valuable time on this book so I feel obliged to warn others My mother, after a few days worth of nagging, got me to read this book She emphasised on the plot and how brilliantly written it was I m going to assume she said all that as a joke, as I do not want to be related to her if she was being serious I don t even know where to start and I m afraid [...]


Wow This book is totally left open for much, much , which is exciting because I love books in a series I can t wait to see Claudia open up and blossom into the full being she can be I think there is way to Austin s story than is given in the book I see a great triangle brewing here If you remember, Gamma said she sent someone to watch over Claudia and Michael didn t know that I can not wait to learn about the Alkins, Michael s friends I want to know so much about their personalities and see h [...]


My goodness, this book was horrid I cannot understand why this book has so many five star reviews I have now vowed never to trust reviews again This book was absolutely horrible and annoying It was worse than Twilight which I thought was complete garbage Obviously this book was written for young adults, specifically idiotic and shallow teenage girls who live in a fantasy world of flowers and oh, so beautiful men I felt as if i were reading a book for really naive middle school girls I would have [...]

Jacquie Talento

One of the best reads of the year The author puts you in a place you see as true and neverending True love and romance and a must read for all ages You can believe that angels are real and watch over us all the time Wonderful story and can t wait for .


CrossroadsAuthor Mary TingReviewed by Fran LewisEmotions overtake you as your thoughts drift away from the present and you seem to be somewhere distant Michael stares at the image of Claudia somehow unaware of his presence yet somehow there s a connection Claudia seemed lost and disconnected from her surroundings Staring straight at him hoping she would see him but did not Michael was transfixed with her presence Half human and half angel and seeing him in her dreams was as if they were experien [...]

Stacey Kym

ARC kindly provided by Mary Ting in exchange for an honest review.Review Crossroads was a novel I had high expectations of I really looked forward to exploring this new world and the blurb had really enchanted me I couldn t wait to see what Mary Ting, the author, would make of her characters and world ever since she personally informed me that the first two chapters in the novel were actually based on real life dreams she had a while ago I felt that the novel was going to be stellar for sure So [...]

Cassie McCown

CrossroadsBy Mary TingISBN 9781937085766Published July 29, 2011 by World CastleAvailable Format Paperback, ebookMy Rating After the tragic death of her friend, Claudia begins dreaming about a beautiful, heaven like place She soon learns this place is all too real, this isn t the first time she s traveled there, and for some reason she is there when she, as a human, should not be Crossroads is an in between place where souls can go when they are between life and death, but Halo City is open only [...]


Claudia has been having strange dreams almost all her life She sees the same place every time, and sometimes she sees and talks to other people there When a friend of hers with the same name dies, Claudia sees this friend in her dreams She soon discovers that her dreams are taking her to a special place the Crossroads While there she interacts with Michael, who quickly informs her she doesn t belong and is not welcome at the Crossroads As Claudia learns about Michael and the Crossroads though, [...]


Crossroads is not your typical angel story I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I really loved it and I hope that the sequel is just as unique and captivating.Crossroads is a place between Heaven and Earth where people who are in comas or have had near death experiences go or at least they do when they are asleep Claudia has never had an experience like that but for some reason she can visit Crossroads I couldn t guess why she could visit Crossroads but it was explained eventually The ide [...]


Author Interview Signed book giveaway Open Internationally ends 11 2 11iamareadernotawriter.Currently there are a wide variety of young adult books that deal with angels I ve read a lot of them Crossroads is a welcome addition, especially for those looking for a different, unique twist on fallen angel guardian angel mythology.There are a few details in the story line I wish had been explained clearly, but overall I was satisfied The writing is descriptive and believable and the characters were [...]


Favorite Quotes Love is everything when you find it It can take you places and makes you feel like you ve never felt it before It makes you strong, and at the same time vulnerable because you give all of yourself completely Crossroads is a pretty cool story about a girl like any other with fears, goals and with friends and family that supports her in any imaginable way Like any other ordinary girl she falls in love but Claudia is a special girl who falls in Love with an Angel, her gurdian angel [...]


First and for most I must say thank you to Mary Ting for sending my daughter this book YOU SPOIL HER She loves it Thanks for making her feel special, she really needed it This is my daughters FAVORITE book, we read it together, so we are writing the review together It was so refreshing to read a YA not full of smut I never had to skip anything or blushed as my daughter was reading it PURE DELIGHT We were hooked from the first page There was always something going on Full of action, romance that [...]

Barbara Kent

This book was absolutely amazing I read it in half a day, it was just impossible to put down All through out the book, I felt like I was right there experiencing everything with Claudia From her sadness over her friends death to the adrenaline rushes that came with the fights with the fallen angels to her falling in love It felt so real I honestly cried at the second funeral trying not to spoil anything for those who haven t read it yet I cannot wait for the next book This book is defiantly one [...]

Janice Leung

If you are expecting a book with a suspenseful storyline, then it might be best if you avoid this book Crossroad is a book of 100% Damsel in Distress Knight In Shining Armour Book Claudia is a girl who keeps getting hunted by the Fallen Demon and Michael, her assigned Guardian Angel is always there to rescue here This book is basically hunted rescue action So if you absolutely hate damsel in distress books, then don t pick up this one.


This book is a really good one I love how the story unrolls It have some good surprices along the way Things you may not espect The love part of the story is so sweet and romantic The way they fight for their love no mather what is wonderfulOverall i think this book can work itself onto being one of my favorites I can t wait for the second one The sneek peaks that the author gives are so teasing that i can t wait to get my hands on the next one

Kitty Bowers

This book makes you feel wonderful in love, excited happy,sad and whant to live within the pages no matter your age crossroads will fill your heart and leave you wanting .I would love to see this become a movie or movies because the angel and demons fight would be amazing.And Michael will be the new heartthrob I m sure.Thankyou mMary Ting your wonderful keep them coming a fan Kitty Bowers

Ms. MiLo

I LOVE THIS BOOK I finished reading in 2.5 days and I can t hardly wait for the sequel This book will keep you guessing and fall in love all over again If you like reading about angels this should be your next book to read Mary Ting is a brilliant writter You definitely won t want to miss out on this book

Sakina (Y.L.) Angel

Had very high expectations so was sad to find this very disappointing and completely misrepresented by the reviews here Found the writing style juvenile, the plot contrived, and the dialogue unrealistic.


What an amazing storye angles were breathtaking and the adventure was exciting Claudia for sure is one lucky girl, and to fall in love with an angel is even better This book was a for sure page turner and I cant wait to get the next


Looks like I ve been missing out, by what I have read in reviews Mary Ting writes an intriguing book Sure hope to win this one

Dale Ibitz

Claudia Emerson, who has just turned 18, keeps dreaming of a place where heavenly bodies literally, this place is draped with drop dead gorgeous men and women reside These life like dreams turn out to be the real thing, as Claudia is drawn over and over to a place called the Crossroads, a place between the living and dead, heaven and earth Here she meets an angel, Michael, who s at first rude, but then grows on Claudia when he becomes her guardian angel.I was eager to start this book based upon [...]


After vampires, zombies and post apocalyptic scenarios nephilim and the heavenly beings seem to be heavy on the teen book scene So I present before you all Crossed by Mary Ting.Here is the summary of the book Claudia Emerson has a good friend who shares the same first name and last name That friend unfortunately dies in a tragic accident during homecoming dance Claudia is distraught at the loss of her friend, but is even disturbed by her dreams, which seem to take her to another place called Cr [...]

Jessica Galczynski

This book is most definitely a MUST READ If you don t have it you need to go buy it right away You can buy it on her website marytingcrossroads I absolutely ADORE this book and it will for sure have tons of wear and tear from my reading it over and over Okay now usually in my book reviews I do put some spoilers here and there, and some than others, but with this one I m gonna try not to That way when you read the book you can enjoy the fact of not really knowing what s gonna happen next It s so [...]

  • [PDF] Crossroads | by ↠ Mary Ting
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