Jan 28, 2022
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Unlimited Gefangen - by Rebecca Lim, Gefangen, Rebecca Lim, Gefangen Mercy ist ein Engel ohne Fl gel Sie hat nicht einmal einen eigenen K rper Sie schl pft in das Bewusstsein anderer Menschen und bernimmt die Kontrolle ber deren Leben Souljacking hat Mercy dieses Ph nomen getauft dem sie selbst willenlos ausgeliefert ist Mercy hilft Ryan Daley seine entf hrte Schwester zu befreien Daf r muss sich Mercy als Solistin im SchulchoMercy ist ein Engel ohne Fl Unlimited Gefangen - by Rebecca Lim - Gefangen, Gefangen Mercy ist ein Engel ohne Fl gel Sie hat nicht einmal einen eigenen K rper Sie schl pft in das Bewusstsein anderer Menschen und bernimmt die Kontrolle ber deren Leben Souljacking hat Mercy dieses Ph no

  • Title: Gefangen
  • Author: Rebecca Lim
  • ISBN: 9783473400645
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
Unlimited Gefangen - by Rebecca Lim, Gefangen, Rebecca Lim, Gefangen Mercy ist ein Engel ohne Fl gel Sie hat nicht einmal einen eigenen K rper Sie schl pft in das Bewusstsein anderer Menschen und bernimmt die Kontrolle ber deren Leben Souljacking hat Mercy dieses Ph nomen getauft dem sie selbst willenlos ausgeliefert ist Mercy hilft Ryan Daley seine entf hrte Schwester zu befreien Daf r muss sich Mercy als Solistin im SchulchoMercy ist ein Engel ohne Fl

Unlimited Gefangen - by Rebecca Lim - Gefangen, Gefangen Mercy ist ein Engel ohne Fl gel Sie hat nicht einmal einen eigenen K rper Sie schl pft in das Bewusstsein anderer Menschen und bernimmt die Kontrolle ber deren Leben Souljacking hat Mercy dieses Ph no


I think maybe Jillian s got a point about these Australian authors Seriously, what are they putting in the water down there And where can I buy me some Australian author Rebecca Lim s novel Mercy is one of the interesting books I ve read this year And at a 111 books and counting, that s really saying something Complex, gripping and dark, this novel definitely marks another author to watch out for Mercy, as she calls herself, often finds herself in a new place, in a new life, in a new body, soul [...]

Wendy Darling

What if you were an angel in exilebut you had no memory of why you d fallen Mercy is a fallen angel who repeatedly wakes up in a new body following each time she s helped someone through a personal crisis She doesn t know why she s doomed to this existence, only that she must somehow try to better that person s life while she s there.This time, however, she wakes up as a foster child of a deeply troubled family, whose 18 year old daughter Lauren has been missing for two years The mystery unfolds [...]


I loved it At last, a book where the main FEMALE character is tough, strong willed and independent NOBODY messes with Mercy and gets away with it She can look after herself, thanks very much No spoilers here, but I felt like standing up and cheering when Mercy dishes out her own brand of justice at the end I was also kept guessing right up to the last moment as to who the baddie was.For those of you who are sick of vampires, werewolves and zombies but like the combination of angels tough ones , [...]

Jessica (Goldenfurpro)

This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic NerdWARNING Ranting AheadMY THOUGHTSI ve had this book on my TBR since what feels like forever I m sad to say that I am very disappointed and this book wasn t at all what I was expecting.This book focuses on Mercy, who never is in her own body She constantly occupies the space of a singer named Cameron Mercy doesn t remember who she is and even has trouble remember the previous girls she occupies, but a man appears in her dreams warning her of [...]


This is how this book made me feel Not like I ve read a ton of crappy books this year because I ve enjoyed most of the books I ve read, but this was pretty creative Different This is definitely one of my favorite books of the year I actually haven t read many angel novels, but this series I m definitely enjoying I downloaded this for my Kindle for PC But now I want the actual book for my collection Just too cool not to have in my bookshelves What I really liked about this book was the different [...]


3.5stars Aussie Book challenge 2011 1Soul jacking is something that is necessary rather then natural to Mercy See she s an on the run so to speak angel that has to hide in bodies till she can find herself and the boy who captures her dreams Luc.Till then however, Mercy has to live the lives of her host bodies but at least she tries to make some good out of them.This time Mercy has the body of Carmen, who is in a choir group which brings them to a town called Paradise A mystery unfolds and Mercy [...]


Mercy is a promising start of what is sure to be a captivating series This book was so different In a good way There are definitely elements of this story that I loved and other elements that I felt were lacking in one way or another.I loved the story of Mercy waking up in these various girls bodies and inhabiting them for short periods of time, not knowing exactly why she s there, but somewhat unseeingly helping them all the same She feels their presence within the host body, and she keeps thei [...]


2.5 stars and I am pissed.This book could have been SO much better.Let s see the concept is interesting Mercy is an angel who, for reasons unknown, possesses bodies of women for purposes unknown That means that all of a sudden she wakes up in a body that is not hers and she has to live with that body for a certain period of time In this continuous process, she tries to get to Luc, a mysterious man who she seems to want to be with When we meet Mercy, she wakes up in the body of Carmen Zappacosta, [...]


MERCY Unfortunately I didn t enjoy this novel at all I found Lim s writing style to be quite clunky and the storyline was clich and unappealing The idea of Mercy being an exiled celestial has premise, especially with angels being the new vampires, but this fact seems to become lost in the story and besides vague mentions of dream like encounters with Luc and others, the reader is left confused than ever The start of the novel was baffling and the characters like Tiffany and the choirboys were s [...]

Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)

I really liked how fast paced this one was I also liked how the angel importance took a back seat and the mystery of her host s daughter s disappearance took over It was pretty predictable but nonetheless, I enjoyed it This was a great example of a YA book that doesn t have romance and is still strong to stand on its own I like that Mercy is preoccupied with helping the girls than anything else Glad that I have the next book since that ending was just too good On to the next book in the series


The opening paragraph was interesting enough It showed that the writing was clear and concise, but sadly, it was followed by this massive info dump on what the main character looks like, and it turns out that she s one of those I m pretty but I don t notice it characters, which makes me groan, since 90% of YA is filled with these characters Then, she goes on to describe who I can only assume is a potential love interest, because he has far too many far fetched descriptions like He is tall, broad [...]

Melissa (i swim for oceans)

Mercy s new body is as unfamiliar as the world around her, but it s the same as it s always been for her She doesn t quite remember her lives before, but in short instants, she ll have flashes of memories of a past she can t recall Her new body is a teenage girl with a voice so gorgeous it could make grown men cry, but she s your average, awkward teenager, attempting to meddle through this thing called life while on a music exchange program The family hosting her is struggling with their own los [...]

Wicked Lil Pixie (Natasha)

Mercy is a fallen angel, though she doesn t remember much of that time She did something bad enough to get herself kicked out she is now inhabiting host bodies with no idea why She can t even count the number of times she has woken up in a new body and started a new life But at night, her dreams of him always come, Luc is her beloved she is trying to find him but has no idea where to start.This new body is different, she wakes up as Carmen, a talented singer.Mercy Carmen meets Ryan starts to fee [...]


Mercy by Rebecca Lim is set in the fictional town of Paradise Rebecca s an Aussie author and while the book does have a bit of an Aussie feel to it, it s never acknowledged as being the country where the book is set.Mercy is a fallen angel She s been exiled from heaven due to an incident but she can t remember what happened Now she lives on Earth, inhabiting the bodies of humans, she never knows how long she ll be in one body She ll be living in them, controlling their speech and actions and the [...]


This might just be me but I truly love books that offer something convoluted where the main character is concerned Not convoluted as in perverse but convoluted as in richly complex where issues of identity are concerned This complexity inherent in the main character is one of the main reasons that I enjoyed Mistwood so much and it is also one of the main reasons I gave Mercy five stars There are two distinct personalities living in one body and though the human personality does not surface at an [...]

Tye Cattanach

I will be honest with you, I had low expectations of this book Sincere apologies to Rebecca Lim bear with me Having never read any of Rebecca s other novels, I had no clue what to expect from Mercy I had preconceived ideas of how this novel might read and evolve, those preconceived ideas coming largely from my exhaustion and frustration with all books that slot into the Supernatural Romance genre these days You all know my thoughts on the market saturation of this genre, so I will not regale you [...]


An extremely enjoyable read, at first I found this hard to get into but then my friend told me to keep reading and as I progressed I couldn t put this book down.Not your typical fallen angel on earth novel that I ve been accustomed to reading, Mercy is a book shrouded in mystery with just the right touch of romance that left me wanting for SPOILERS Even though it s established that Mercy is an angel exiled from heaven as the blurb told me , her past memories and form are so enigmatic I was left [...]

usagi ☆ミ

This book s blurb grabbed me as soon I found it on a few months ago, so I knew I just had to read it Thankfully, netgalley to the rescue once again An e galley fell into my lap, and so I happily dug in.From the first page, this book sunk its claws in and never once let go Lim has an extraordinary talent of retelling the oldest of tales and making them new again Girls getting kidnapped combined with an amnesiac angel in a pseudo war with archangels and her lover, Lucifer All of this rewiring of t [...]

Michelle Arrow

After reading this book, I have come to realize that getting book recommendations from people shouldn t be 100% trusted.One of the reasons that I picked up this book was because someone at my local library recommended it to me, having me be a YA reader I read the summary, trusted her word, and took it out, despite the fact that it kind of reminded me of David Levithan s Every Day And there you have it, I didn t like this book at all I am my worst enemy that much I ve figured out The concept and [...]


This review is also published at living for books After waking to the sound of someone shouting, Mercy realises that she is on a bus bound for a small and quiet town called Paradise Self named, main character Mercy is an angel that has been exiled from heaven for reasons she can t remember Every time she wakes in a body of a complete stranger, barely remembering any previous memories The unfortunate host person this time is Carmen Zappacosta, a girl that is near the end of high school, yet looks [...]


original post hereMercy is an intriguing story of a spirit who assumes different identity at any given time She has no control over when it will happen, who will she become, and has no idea why it is happening to her All she knows is that somehow, her name is Mercy and she dreams of reuniting once again with her immortal beloved, Lucifer.The story starts with Mercy waking up in a new body named Carmen, and is on the way to a small town, Paradise As she tries to make her life as Carmen work, she [...]

Donna Book Passion for Life

Posted on bookpassionforlife Mercy is the first book in an new angel series by author Rebecca Lim.This story follows Mercy, who wakes up on a school bus in another girls body Mercy calls herself a soul snatcher as she inhabits another person s body until she figures out her mission on earth As Carmen, Mercy stays with a host family as a part of a choir and soon finds out that their daughter Lauren, has been missing for almost 2 years Realising what her mission is, Mercy begins to help Ryan to so [...]


I loved this book I read it before my teenage son, who was a bit apprehensive that it was targeted to girls, but my rave reviews encouraged him to read it too He also loved it and is now really keen for the sequel to come out The book is beautifully written with spare but carefully written and thoughtful language The author also manages to capture the teenage girl lexicon without it feeling forced or unnatural, which is no mean feat.There are two story lines running throughout the book Mercy s o [...]


I found Mercy both intriguing and unique Granted, I d never read paranormal or angel teen fiction before, but since I read this book I ve read or rather, I ve tried to read several other such books This was my favorite, and the only one which compelled me to actually finish the accompanying series.It s not just a fallen angel story It s better Just read it I think you ll understand.Questions to consider Do we fall in love with a person based on how we see them or on who they are If the conscious [...]


When reading this book, I was confused Very confused In the book, Mercy doesn t know anything about herself or why her soul jumps from body to body, but that just makes it all confusing to the readers Some mysterious lover of her s, Luc who she can only see in dreams, is supposedly the love of her life Yet when she talks to him in her dreams which only happened like twice in the entire book yet the summary makes it seem like he should be in the entire book there is no real connection or even ex [...]

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner

Meh Mercy wasn t for me I don t know what it is This Mercy chick just got on my nerves a lot So,she lives in the body of Carmen isn t that freaky enough I mean you snatch someone else s body shivers with these people who s daughter is gone missing two years ago And she likes the brother Ryan I did NOT get why does she like him or he likes her There were no cute scenes,just a bunch of choir sessions,Ryan and Mercy finding out where the missing sister is Boring,if you ask me Um,yeah,I almost forgo [...]


Oooh, you know that when you are an angel and pick the wrong side you are going to have to pay for it somehow Mercy is constantly changing into other peoples bodies People who are in desperate need of some kind of divine intervention Mercy knows she s being punished for somethinge just can t remember what it is I really liked this book I enjoyed reading how Mercy would end up in someone new and have to figure out how to help that person Mercy is a strong female character which I always like to r [...]


Holy blindside, people, this book was so much better than I thought it would be Previous angel books at least, I think this is an angel book haven t lived up to expectations so I wasn t expecting much, but Rebecca Lim has BLOWN ME AWAY.I can t get over the ending Huge cliffhanger I must have the second book IMMEDIATELY At least we don t have to wait a year to read it only a couple months But still WANT Read this Especially if you ve been disappointed in angel books before.

Marianne Curley

Mysterious beginnings is different to others in this genre, it read like a thriller, with hints of greater things to come for Mercy Beautifully and intelligently written, I could not wait to begin Book 2, Exile.

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Originally featured on yareadsIn amongst the growing number of young adult novels based around angels particularly the exiled kind, comes Mercy by Rebecca Lim When there are quite a few books based on a similar topic, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, or in this case, the bookshelf.Mercy combines the concept of exiled angels with a forbidden and intriguing romance and adds a twist a mysterious kidnapping.When Mercy in the form of an angelic soul wakes up on a school bus, now bound in a [...]

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