Oct 05, 2022
The Mirror & The Meretrix
Posted by Andrew D. Mellusco

[PDF] The Mirror & The Meretrix | by ☆ Andrew D. Mellusco, The Mirror & The Meretrix, Andrew D. Mellusco, The Mirror The Meretrix Red Riding Hood is charged with murder and only her childhood sweetheart the idealistic and roguish lawyer Elliot Blackstone can rescue her Joined by Blackstone Associates newest addition and fervently ambitious trainee Centaur Epona Brenwen he must uncover the plot behind Abigail Hood s incarceration before royal assassins Rose Red and Snow White silence herRed Ridi [PDF] The Mirror & The Meretrix | by ☆ Andrew D. Mellusco - The Mirror & The Meretrix, The Mirror The Meretrix Red Riding Hood is charged with murder and only her childhood sweetheart the idealistic and roguish lawyer Elliot Blackstone can rescue her Joined by Blackstone Associates newest addition and ferven

  • Title: The Mirror & The Meretrix
  • Author: Andrew D. Mellusco
  • ISBN: 1440434301
  • Page: 343
  • Format: ebook
[PDF] The Mirror & The Meretrix | by ☆ Andrew D. Mellusco, The Mirror & The Meretrix, Andrew D. Mellusco, The Mirror The Meretrix Red Riding Hood is charged with murder and only her childhood sweetheart the idealistic and roguish lawyer Elliot Blackstone can rescue her Joined by Blackstone Associates newest addition and fervently ambitious trainee Centaur Epona Brenwen he must uncover the plot behind Abigail Hood s incarceration before royal assassins Rose Red and Snow White silence herRed Ridi

[PDF] The Mirror & The Meretrix | by ☆ Andrew D. Mellusco - The Mirror & The Meretrix, The Mirror The Meretrix Red Riding Hood is charged with murder and only her childhood sweetheart the idealistic and roguish lawyer Elliot Blackstone can rescue her Joined by Blackstone Associates newest addition and ferven

Jeann (Happy Indulgence)

Hmm, where do I start with this novel My thoughts on this highly imaginative story are ambivalent Blackstone and Brenwen is a legal mystery with fairy tale characters at its core The strange blend of genres actually leads to an interesting fantasy story Elliot Blackstone is a drink loving, highly confident, womanising, half angelic lawyer, with the ever faithful legal trainee and centaur, Epona Brenwen at his side He s given a case that affects him to his very core Abigail Hood, his childhood sw [...]


Bloody Caelum Are you kidding me with that last line Yeah, I m hooked.Oh, where to begin I was sucked into the World Tree It has drama, suspense, romance, humor, great characters and The descriptions of the world are fabulous The courtrooms, the land, the bar, the 3,000 meter high library now that is a treat for any book lover to read about In this tremendously fractured fairy tale lawyers are definitely needed, it s a good thing they have Blackstone Associates The first chapter is a little ice [...]


If you want to see of my reviews, check out my blog Moosubi Reviews Disclaimer The fact that I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review has not affected my rating This review expresses my honest opinions.Rating Clarification 4.5 5 StarsThe first thing I have to say about this book is that I thought it was amazing However, I also have to say that this book isn t door everybody it s pretty information heavy, focuses a lot of legal issues, and contains some mature content [...]

Yzabel Ginsberg

Book read and reviewed for Read It Reap 75 in the Shut Up And Read group First, I must say that this novel was not devoid of imperfections I spotted a few recurrent glaring errors, of the kind that I unfortunately easily notice, as well as a couple of formatting problems missing ends of sentences However, what might have been a problem in another book wasn t one here In spite of those mistakes, I found the novel fascinating, devoured it in a blink, and couldn t stop myself It was sheer gluttony [...]


Wow I love the imagination in this book the twist on well known fairy tales The characters are real and relatable, changed from how we knew them but not so much that they are made unrecognizable, and all with their part to play It was like meeting them all over again The story line is full of suspense and the language is stunning However, I m wondering if there can be too many complex sentences, so that the effect of the amazing words are lost Haha The world that the story is set in is fascinati [...]

Kel (Faerie-bookworm)

Rating 4.5The first chapter made me laugh with how a child s story was told After that it was a little slow but I loved the world that Mellusco pulled me into I really want Elliot s office supplies, it was like the enchanted castle in The Beauty and the Beast, the supplies were alive in a sense and moved about on their own The characters were amazingly well thought up while using known Fairy Tale characters It was brilliant and I loved how I recognized names but had to meet them all over again.


Before I even start this review, I need to confess that I am a stickler for correct grammar, punctuation and spelling It would, however, do this book a great injustice for me to pick it apart based on what essentially is a codification of expression, so I won t It wouldn t be a fair or honest review either if I didn t critique the book just a little but I ll keep it brief The writing would have benefited from some fine tuning and, dare I say, a little less description at the start The first few [...]


This is the highest rating that I ve ever given a book that I was given to review from Read it and Reap via the Shut Up and Read group.I ve got to say, when I initially started the book, I didn t expect that I would turn out to like it so much I probably didn t give it a fair chance as I was very busy and was reading a few pages at a time this isn t a book where you can do this Because of the complexity you need to read it in large chunks to be able to follow what is going on I m a very quick re [...]

Sherry Fundin

Elliot was a lawyer for Blackstone and Brenwen and he was in court representing Jack Elliot portrayed Jack as being a moron, trading his prize bull for a handfull of magic beans He made it seem as if Jack was tricked into believing the castle belonged to him and it was an elaborate ruse by the harp, so it could escape When the goose jumped into Jack s arms as he was running for his life, it wasn t theft because Jack believed it was his If he was really stealing it for the golden eggs, then why d [...]

⚝Ŧáẅņá ⚝

Read as part of a read to review program, than you so much Andrew for offering the book The StoryAbigail Hood is going to stand trial for the murder of an unknown man Elliot Blackstone is a half angelic from the fallen half of the angels and he is one of the best young criminal lawyers out there The fallen half of the angels in this story are not bad or evil in any way, it s actually an interesting twist Elliot and Abigail knew each other as kids and Elliot is determined to find a way to save he [...]

Heather Boustead

Blackstone Brenwen The Mirror The MeretrixBy Andrew D MelluscoElliot Blackstone is an idealistic lawyer who is always taking on the unfortunate cases in his family s law firm Blackstone and Associates One day a case comes to his attention, his childhood sweetheart Abigail Hood, has been charged with murder can Elliot save Red Riding Hood With the help of his colleagues a sandman Vincent Traum the fire nymph Fury and his new prot g a centaur named Epona Brenwan they uncover a conspiracy unlike a [...]

K.D. Rose

What Happens When a Fire Nymph takes a Shower Blackstone and Brenwen The Mirror and the Meretrix answers questions you never thought to ask but will take delight in knowing, all the while leading you through a compelling mystery stocked with characters you never thought to imagine The book turns preconceptions topsy turvy and the reader never knows what manner of character may turn up next The author blends action and intellect to alchemical perfection, balancing psychological suspense and outri [...]

Suzanne Pringle

I had some trouble getting into the book At first it was very confusing to me I found some names hard to pronounce and places were hard to get to know The authors terms of ring years and hour turns were hard to get used to.Then the story started picking up I started to get used to the main characters Being a fairy tale fantasy the characters were fun to read about Dwarfs, angels, fire nymphs all wonderfully put together in this book Then the last 10 chapters when the mystery starts coming togeth [...]


It has been awhile since I have been totally enthralled with the imagination of an author, but this book surpasses that Elliot Blackstone is a very likeable, idealistic, young lawyer who is appointed to defend his childhood sweetheart Red Riding Abagail Hood in the murder of Hansel Thus begins an amazing story filled with fairy tale characters like you never immagined them With the help of his collegues, the newly graduated centaur Epona Brenwan, his friend and sandman Vincent and fire nymph Fur [...]

Lucy Barton

I have put my name forward to authors for a completely honest review of their books I normally read thrillers and action stories, of late I have been reading fantasy novels I did not think I would like them, but the imagination of this particular author has blown me away Strange lands, dwarf giants, magic mirrors, centaurs, fire nymphs and many Our hero, Elliot, a womanising drinker who you just can t help but like, all put together in this very entertaining book Once I got half way through I f [...]

Solitaire Parke

Blackstone Brenwen The Mirror The Meretrix by Andrew D Mellusco is an insanely fun romp, utilizing fairy tale characters and courtroom battles The plot is suitably complicated without causing too much brain strain, the characters are well thought out and likeable I won t go into the ending of this story due to spoiler alerts, but I can tell you that no one will be disappointed with this book, starting with the first page all the way through to the last This is definitely one of the best books I [...]


Who would have ever thought a book about law could be so much fun Throw in all your favorite fairy tale folk into the complex World Tree version of Crime Punishment and you get Blackstone Brenwen From the beginning Mellusco sucks you into this legal fable and refuses to let you go until the mystery is solved I can t remember the last time I had this much fun reading a modern fairy tale, let alone from an Indie author Keep a sharp eye on this one because he certainly has delights and surprises u [...]


A fun read with interesting and amusing characters A mixture of Christian and pagan mythologies, and classic fairy tales, albeit twisted Set in the world tree version of the creation myth Peopled by angels, half angels, centaurs, nymphs, giants and other assorted creatures A magic mirror is stolen, a murder is committed to cover up the robbery, an innocent girl is accused of the murder The actual guilty party is a surprise, as is the real identity of the murder victim.Teaser Snow White and Rose [...]

Yvonne Clark

I loved this story Once I started reading, I couldn t stop The story had wonderfully developed characters who played out a story line that kept you guessing I ve never read a court story before, so this was a pleasant surprise I also loved the new twist on classic fairy tales It wasn t what I expected when I began to read it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can not wait for the next installment.


Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of reading this book Enjoyed the story immensely I have to say that it was much different then I had expected, at first I didn t think I would get into it, but it really did keep my attention all the way through I think it is a very unique story, I ve never read anything quite like it, and I ve read a lot of books Mr Mellusco is a very talented writer and I look foward to future installments.


A cleverly written book which becomes impossible to put down the further you read An intriguing plot which twists and turns and keeps you guessing right to the end Set in an unusual and fascinating, yet believable created world It will make you re think the fairy tales of your youth.Buy this book, your only regret will be having to wait for the next oneease, please Mr Mellusco give your fans the sequel


Blackstone Brenwen The Mirror the Meretrix by Andrew D Mellusco was a fun read Mellusco has turned childhood fairytales into grownup courtroom drama While I found this to be long on words, I was kept reading by the interesting and very detailed descriptions of the many characters I look forward to reading from this author.


Fantastic imagination


I was given a free ebook version of this for an honest review When I agreed to read this book to review it I will admit I didn t even look at the description When I opened it up, it was longer than I expected it to be I was ill so it took some time to read, but I am glad I did.I knew that it was a legal styled book that mixed it up with several fairy tales What I didn t know is that this book would pull together almost every magical beast I have any knowledge of and have them almost all equally [...]

Byron Wells

Note This review is my opinion, and it is skewed to my likes and preferences.I am rating this book 3.75 of 5.This book has every fairy tale you ve ever read and then some laced throughout its pages It was light hearted read.CharactersElliot Blackstone half angelic attorney and womanizer He is employed by Blackstone and Associates located in Tartarus.Epona Brenwen Elliot s trainee partner, a centaurAbigail Hood Red Riding Hood, the victim accused of the murder of Hansel, and former love of Elliot [...]


This book is set in a fantasy world, though one that you feel you could step right into and you wouldn t be lost The author never slips from the world his amazing imagination has created The minutest details have been thought of to keep the world completely believable, so, the simple game of rock, paper, scissors becomes stone, parchment, shears We are dizzyingly marched through a seemingly endless array of characters, many familiar from Fairytales and Myths, but with the authors unique take on [...]


The accused Red Riding Hood, the victim Hansel Also involved, 7 dwarf giants, the Queen, two assassins by the names of Snow White and Ruby Red and a magic mirror Blackstone Brenwen The Mirror The Meretrix is a legal thriller set in a land where fairy tales are real but happy ever afters are not guaranteed Elliot Blackstone a lawyer in his uncle s firm Blackstone Associates takes on the case of his childhood friend Abigail who is accused of the gruesome murder of Hansel Elliot is sure that Abigai [...]

Kendra Ardnek

For the most part, I really enjoyed it There were at least twenty Fairy Tales worked in They weren t completely true to the Fairy Tales, but they were usually clearly recognizable I even found Charles Perrault, a fairy tale writer, in there Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Snow White and Rose Red, and Jack and the Beanstalk were the most important and prominent, but I really enjoyed the scene where Elliot visits the tailor shops and meets The Brave Little Tailor and the [...]

Saisha Sandoz

i really liked this book I thought that the author does a wonderful job of putting a new twist on old charactors I enjoyed that i was caught off guard with his take on the various fairy tales in the book i had only two small complaints 1 there was way too much backstory I realize that this was necessary in order to understand the charactors, but it slowed me way down The parts of the book where there is action that effects the story i couldn t read fast enough, but the background stuff was reall [...]

Amanda Fanger

Imagine a world where all of your favorite fairy tales interact with each other and occasionally find themselves in need of legal representation In steps Blackstone and Associates BLACKSTONE BREWEN THE MIRROR THE MERETRIX was the first legal thriller I ve ever read, and I loved it What really drew me in was the promise of fairy tales as I d never experienced them before The book has got some great twists on favorite fairy tale classics as well as introduces some great leading characters There is [...]

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